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									What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
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Staff Education now it is going to be removed
The good reputation the institution has and the professionalism
My direct work environment
An Exciting setting and mission and history.An important role to play in Lebanon and the world
The academic environment the quality of colleagues and students
Team work
Children education
Technical working
Job security
Good environment and great students
AUB environment multiethnic
Challenging tasks
Students success
The most satisfying working at AUB the team work also the way of managements
It provides stability for me and my family
Environment and professionalism
My teaching
Take my salary in the end of the month
The physical atmosphere in campus that provides serenity
Free education for family
They do not encourage any employee to put himself at risks
To be always in progress
Employee respect
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
The cooperation of company with employees
Availability of opportunities
Students and faculty environment lively interesting and hopeful
Team work stability Academic environment
Most satisfying working at AUB the climate in General
It is my opinion however,that AUB becomes a part of me which I am proud of this part
Team work
The most satisfying in AUB is the liberty to do the job any way I want
Working with professional people
The job is secure and good point on the CV with some experience
Being a member of AUB community
NO comments
The most satisfied thing working at AUB is the support from Ms.Mouro during the war me and my family I want to thank her
 on be half of my family for her kind heart really I am proud working at AUB
The education we get are the most satisfying things
AUB reputation
interaction with student
The weather is nice and cafeteria food good for the prices
Beauty of the campus
friendly enviroment,opportunities to learn,available resources,great working environment physical and mental
Training development opportunities multidisciplinary care giving
NO comments
Appreciation of various stakeholders
Challenging job belonging to a big reputable organization
Interaction with students and colleagues
secure environment
Educational benefit for children employee
Better information and personal knowledge
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
benefit pay experience
Job security
Stability and secure working respect
The most satisfying is the work schedule
The student and the series of speakers who come to campus
AUB is a special and well organized as a place to work for
Team work Team work
The professional and the team cooperation in your environment
It is very satisfying to work at an establishment that believes and encourage freedom of thought and experience
Good academic environment and research possibility
in principle nothing so far
Time of work 8 per day
Degree of overall job security
The most satisfying working area at AUB is Family Medicine
Health insurance plan and education
Rules and regulations
Being able to teach students to be good engineers
Experience prestige salary security
Rewards from superiors
Experience security
Good salary
Stability and secure working respect
Team work and climate
Team work
Having the opportunity to improve the dept and upgrade the knowledge of people working although with a lots of limitations
Improvement of knowledge
Degree of overall job security at AUB
Change and development
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
Work environment benefits
Its reputation
Time management
Cooperation with the employees my job is interesting and I am used to AUB way of life and communication channels
It is old and well known hospital
Updating knowledge and services
Intellectual environment
Diverse experience in working for a large organization Stability
Team work
Atmosphere at my dept.
Management benefits
Getting experience
The general conditions and climate
The benefit of HIP and NSSF
Team work in my unit ER
Team work in my unit ER
Team work
Team work
Working 5 days a week
Work conditions and coordination
Team work, benefits
The general conditions the planning and the benefits
Continuing education ,promotion
unit climate
Our future not in danger and the relation between AUB and employees has got respect
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
Freedom in work
General environment to being close to educated people
Working with students
AUB campus is beautiful
All the people are equal
HIP Nssf
The work environment
The atmosphere that encourages me to do my best work
Safety in the job
The challenging issues you face every day
The campus is beautiful ,the atmosphere is intellectual and I feel that there is joy and happiness in student and staff
Team coordination professionalism of the people I am working with
Atmosphere and job security
Educational benefit for children
Encourage new ideas and innovation in procedures
Being in a secure and pleasant working atmosphere
AUB itself as an atmosphere setting and organization
Professionalism training courses up to date
Respect to employees
AUB provides its employees with an atmosphere that encourages them to work as a team
The work environment is very professional
The general conditions
It is just the name of AUB nothing else
Having 2 days as week end
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
The appreciation of my direct supervisor faculty for a well done job
Working in AUB give you the safety
It is sad to say the physical working environment
Job stability
When the weather is nice
My job is interesting and unique
Academic environment
Working with a high level educated person with respect
AUB as an environment and as educational level
Medical staff
The beautiful campus the well organized management
Academic freedom
Nice people in my dept. from supervisor to colleagues
Employees respect friendly atmosphere and the continuous implementation of new technologies that give motivation to work.
We always look forward to improve our services
Climate and some benefits like children education
The fairness of the pay
That I am a port of a big family where I spend time more than my home
The campus
The culture,professionalism,respect security
The environment the campus the overall organization
The physical environment
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
It is reputation
Educational benefits
Being at AUB
Benefits package, Rewards and appreciation
Security ,medical insurance ,people
The stability of the institution
In general I am satisfied with my work circumstances
A fast download connection
The quality of our faculty
The respectful atmosphere in general and the benefits
Campus environment
Continuous learning
The prestige in being an employee @ AUB
Security in the job
Working with my students ,working with some colleagues
Gain more knowledge and reputation
Wok environment among employees ,job security
The senses of achievement and high standards and friendliness of many
It is really nice working at AUB such known and famous institution I am proud being working at AUB
Team work
The physical work environment, Facilities
Campus environment
The name AUB
Job security
Organization, high quality of management
All benefits are satisfying at AUB
The reputation
What do you find most satisfying working at AUB
AUB is updated
Atmosphere and team work
Great situation, safety to the future
The feeling of security and stability that it convey
To follow my work 100%
I am proud and satisfied in working at AUB in general
Keep staff upto date
I am proud that I am working at AUB
Security job and the ability to transfer to another dept.
The security of AUB and it is reputation in the region
The relation between my direct manager and me
Job description
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
No comment
The general blaming environment ; managers who like suck ups.Insensitivity to staff needs we don't always need money
As an RN the amount of work and the time I give to nursing no return for it neither financially nor psychologically
The communication between the administration and employee
The amount of paper work we have to do
Benefit and rewards
Dean level incompetence and lack of concern for its employees the sense that wasta keeps this in place .
The lack of printers and good computers in offices labs Cleanliness of bathrooms is a problem
Salary lack of training general management
no bonus, HIP back
Benefits and rewards
Lack of communication with other faculties
Quality of work tasks are not challenging
Lack of security for professors and resources
The least satisfying at AUB training for AUB employees
When you see some managers or employee dose not appreciate AUB or using AUB for his personal benefits
Concern about the financial situation
Job security
Continuing education conditions are not satisfy at all plus low salaries
Team work Noisy office
The lack of opportunities to advance in career
Salary scale and equality with AUB itself
Too much paper work
AUB must take care to the staff
salaries for new employees
The team work between managements and employees
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
Lack of initiative forward thinking opportunities for input to wides university issues still too much wasta
No answer
I can get this part out of my system which unfortunately obstacles my future
The opposite formula of team work
The least satisfying in AUB is the long office jobs for on simple thing percheasing or requested
The overall duty schedule
No motivation NO Improvement, No Good Salaries
Some unprofessional manners and ways in work
NO comments
I do not find any least satisfying at AUB
The teamwork the duties evening day or double or low staffing
my supervisor is friendly and helpful for persons who like only
Succession planning
Salaries promotions
Teaching load of professional rank promotion genitors
Dealing with AUB students
The burocracy no chance of employment for people without a university degree even if they have the necessary experience
Benefit pays rewards
NO comments
Unfairness and subjectivity in some cases lack of transparency
facilities are not always available or up to date not everything is secure available for us to use to facilitate our work
Job security training and development
retirement benefit salaries
bureaucracy politics
Payment reward & recognition
Too many policies, lot of pressures on employees
Low salary
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
salary promotion
Discrimination and unfair treatment
The fairness of the pay I get for the work I do
Dean Bittar he is missing FAS by not promoting our best faculty
The scale of grades that is stagnant the survey done 2000 & 2003 was not developed to translate our needs so what about this one
My salaries
Fairness objectively of performance appraisal process
Lack of trust between management and employee
AUBMC doesn't encourage promotion most rewards are given to people who show off with managers .
You do not progress we pay for health
Salary benefits promotions
The employment and promotion procedures
The general right of employees are not reserved
The general right of employees are not kept well
Salaries promotions
Rapid frequent change of policies procedures work style also paper work .
Fairness in payment
Stress at job due to extensive policies and procedures which limit employees ability to work comfortable
The salary
Benefit reward planning and development
Salary benefits decreasing no future planning no development
Pay benefits and rewards
Benefits and rewards
AUB total benefits package
Pay and rewards
I am not satisfied with payment
The salary
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
Respect towards employees
Unfairness of my pay and promotion after 21 years of dedication loyalty and always trying to give excellent services .
The pay I get is not enough according to the stress and load patient iam facing
Evaluation of teaching
No training no advancement
Payment reward & recognition
Unhealthy team spirit
Benefits and rewards
Training and development and appraisal of salary
Payroll and educational offer
Salaries promotions
Promotion is quiet limited
Increase salary decrease stress
House keeping issues
Job security training and development
Salary evening duty
My job and my social degree plus the name of AUB not fair against the employees out of AUB
Long term benefits changes in policies
Paper work
Favoritism job insecurity
The pay
The burocracy
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
Getting funds to conduct research
Benefit and rewards
Policies and procedure which limit our scope and practice especially as nurse
not all get the chance of promotion
The salary increase basic salary 30000 per year you really shameful
I feel that the salary are extremely unmatching to the work done
Crowded office small office 3 people in it ,low salary
The discrimination between senior staff and other staff in all means
Supervisor treatment and rewards
There is no flexible time in attendance
The inflexible timing and rewards of extra work alone and longer schedule
Very low salaries
More pay that is linked to performance appraisal I feel stuck at my place
The salary the grade and the job benefits
wages and salaries not the future benefits under grade 12
Grade of employees
The shift of HIP to Mednet is the worst thing AUB did to the employees
The salaries and now the HIP moving to Mednet
The degree of salaries of employees are not related to the educational degree
Salaries and wages
Too many rules and regulations ,low salaries
Everything is dissatisfying
The long schedule till 5pm
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
Unfairness ,insufficiency
Promotions and salaries increases
Wasta rules everything is here
There is too much turnover among employees faculty it is disruptive and prevents building a strong program
Some policies that make no sense and do not get changed
Our salaries
HIP mednet plan
Increase our knowledge
Location of our offices
Benefits and clear job description lack of
Lack of strategic decision making, Lack of accountability and discipline of poor performance
The new program of HIP
Lack of motivation ,training , development
Selfishness, low communication
Benefits and retirement plan for newly employed
Benefits and pay
Pay environment office location stationary
Parking I still park outside campus
Not find the right people in the right place
HIP system ,salaries
Too long of a list to print out
The channel of the communication are not well
The cancellation of the 4%
There is no team work
Absence of performance appraisal process, Absence of training ,development and accountability
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
The slow increase in salary
Lack of coordination between faculty and staff
My salary, retirement plan
Faculty leadership
Continuing education program 60% -40%
HIP and salary
Job security ,retirement plans
Absence of team spirit
I could not find any
Salary environment of work
The salary and the grade
Too much paper work
The salary and the grading system
No possibility of job advancement and appreciation
Salary and grade
I work in the operating room and I find that this OR needs to be redecorated
The absense of a retirement plan other than the NSSF one
To be promoted and take the benefits like others
PN's do not get their own meal ticket
Salary and grade
What do you find Least satisfying working at AUB
No team work ,no communication ,lack of social life ,low salaries .
Better salary ,grade
The realation between the manager not the direct manager
Stress and amount paid
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
No comment
Benefit for working mothers especially day care and family allowance and full schooling coverage
To promote effectively without any preferences and to treat people equally
Insist less on paper work be more flexible with this issue and instead of spending the time writing notes, spending more time w patients.
Maintain more flexible benefits packages
Hire deans on the basics of merit understand the importance of attracting and retaining employee
The lack of printers and good computers in offices labs Cleanliness of bathrooms is a problem
upraise salaries according to the general economics situation to treat the employee as a human not as a number or a machine
Improvement toward her employee
See my work = my salary
↑My salary
Reconsider the pay with our performance
Create a warm and friend environment staff room
Use the capabilities of AUB employee by involving in strategy and planning
I want to take day duty and weekend off
long tierm security
Fairness of the pay I get for the work I do
Some employee must be changed
Better recruitment
Training workshop encourage team work
Improve job security
Better salaries, cover more the tuition for continuing education to encourage employee with low salaries to continue their education
allow to take more than 9 credits per year
Increase my salary I have too many responsibilities
answer at email ,increase salary plus upgrading Thank you
Be really transparent in its management and line up to its mission
Audit and align salaries with in AUB as well as match the salary to the responsibilities
and productivity of the employee rather than though connections and wasta
Up dating rewards and benefits package as needed
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
If AUB can to add high cost of living on the basic salary
Looking after the employees needs
Give employees what they deserve of cooperation and help always
Salary Adjustment
More transparency flexibility let people in their job make decision that effect them
To make our leadership believe in AUB proudness and to keep our proudness in AUB
First of all there was 4% each year raising our salary so now there is a very complicated evaluation form which make things herds
AUB should think about recruiting young people and enhance the salaries off the below grade 12 employee.
Work on Motivating your staff work on training and developing your staff appreciate your staff work on job promotions
Work on motiviation,fairly appreciate your staff work on job promotions developing and training staff
Enhance praise and appreciate
NO comments
What AUB doing is very satisfying to me
No comment
Stop heads of dept.from dealing with employee according to their gender and religion
Listen to employees complaints because the boss is not always right .
Tell me what where will I be 5 years /10 years from now
Communication should be improved between middle and senior management
Increase pay and better plan of reward and recognition
By increasing salaries by promotions and rewards to good job
Better communication between administration and faculty
Too long to write here
reduce teaching load and services to the university
Improving physical conditions of biology dept.Thank you
Provide a career in the research assistant line make it more secure give more pay for work done plus adjust salaries
Better benefits package and better pay match to responsibilities better staffing on floors .
No comments
Develop a channel of communication that transmit all plans policies etc in a transparent manner
Provide us with all the facilities we need to make our work less stressful and complicated
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
Provide us with all the facilities we need to make our work less stressful and complicated
Allocate more money for training resources development in our department
Increase pay provide job security
AUBMC individuals and stress on paper work
reevaluate job responsibilities grades degrees
establish 360 performance appraisal make increase more dependant on PA
Promote more reward and recognition Annual increase in payment
Satisfy their employee
Understand employee and support especially when they are new employees
Open the door that the employees evaluate each other in each department
More benefits
More rewards and benefits
Increasing the salary ,benefits
Be fair with employees
Better salaries
Fire Dean Bittar ,Give faculty tenure
My satisfaction as an employee is to look more at the benefit and helping the employee to give more than he can do
Degree of overall job security at AUB
relocate our offices from the subbasement
increase salary
Improve benefit and retirement package
Increase salary be fair when someone is promoted be happy and not try to destroy the person
In other hospitals the RNS are in 1st class and they do not pay any fee per month for insurance the hospitalization and the
medication are for free .
Continuing education for Master degree and with financial support
Relieves stress in working and increase the salary
What I really want is to be paid well compatible with the responsibility I hold
What I really want is to be paid well compatible with the responsibility I hold
Improve benefit
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
Continuous education promotion
Reduce number of policies and procedures and limit them to important issues
Fairness in the pay reward benefit recognition
Review the salaries and policies
Improve points 83 and 84 ,give more authority to middle management
Decrease bureaucracy
Update benefits package and degree to which we are paid according responsibilities
↑pay and reward that is really reinforcing
Increase our salary
Change my salary according to my education and experience
Increase salaries be more fair respect us more
Fairness to deal with all employees in the same manners according to their education abilities and loyalty and
not according to other criteria related to unknown reasons depending on your direct supervisor
Increasing salaries
Increase the benefit money for critical area
Increase the benefit & payment salary parking …
Improve teaching evaluation methods
Raise my salary Grade send me to training
Raise of salary Training
Treating employees as humans
Increase salary
Raise salary according top performance
Increase Salary and benefits
Listen to us as employee ,study each case by case
Pay more according to our stressful work
Take into consideration the years of experience of old staff
reduce the working hrs
Decrease stress of work
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
Upgrading promotion increase in salary giving annual 4% to basic salary
Increase in the salary and hire people more and decrease the number of patients each nurse takes care, also hire people to
cover for shifts like Christmas and new year and pay them extra for working and pay them extra for working on such holidays
Increase salary, less evening duty
As every year you should rebuild a direct relation between employees and the head of management
Stop changing policies to the disadvantage of the employee
None technical support
Instate a transparent system of evaluation show respect for employees and provide a reasonable measure of job security
Increase the pay
Day care for children
Increase the salary
Parking Salary increase more benefits
Change leadership including president deans and ups
Give me challenging work with real chances for progress and growth
better salary
A continues training and development
Respond to nursing problems as efficiently
Let PA determine really salary increase and promotion
Really my biggest disappointment is the financial aspect I would feel my job is much more fair
Less crowded office for more space privacy and concentration increase the salaries of research assistants or consider overtime hours.
Increase training programs and courses
To limit the discrimination
Respect to employees and their work when they do well Appreciation of good work instead of discouraging people.
To increase the vacation days and enable more flexible time for managers they can stay for long hours after 5 if the time is flexible.
Make a balance between the evaluation of performance and the pay make long schedules more flexible .
Day care for our children
We are seeking a better management and dealing with all employees fairly as each others.
better salary
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
to attend more training courses conferences
More training computer more pay
Increase the salaries
Get back the HIP program as soon as possible
Increase salary and grade
Increase the salaries
More regular training and bonuses
Increase salaries and benefits
Increase salary
New promotion criteria for employees other than transferring to another department and flexibility to do so in the same department .
AUB could raise the salary for the satisfaction of it is employees
Change promotion policies
Improve the HIP package Mednet is a disaster
Increase Salary and benefits
Respect training program benefits and reward
Respond to my individual training needs and facilitate educational opportunities
More fairness less double standards more encouragement for new blood
Increase salaries based on responsibilities and work performance find a way for promotion within the department itself.
Institute tenure ,institute regular mentoring review and feedback job performance
Vest contract employees in retirement benefits after five years of service particularly in HIP
Improve health services and additional training courses
To share all ideas and not the way of take it or leave it
Sociable support and Aid in cost living
AUB as AUB is most satisfactory
Enhance more research
Improve benefits package provide better job description for each and every position, pay more attention to employees suggestions
at all levels
Hold all staff accountable to their work & decisions & take strict disciplinary measures against poor performance & uncooperative staff.
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
That feel us the peace of tomorrow
Invite all management to meet on a dinner at a well known restaurant during Christmas
Improve the financial compensation
Run it as if it belongs to yourself
Reconsider and adjust benefit HIP retirement plans considering that they are not fairly provided by the government
I am like a fish and AUB is the sea
More stability when it comes to benefits and rewards (summer schedule ,etc…)
Be fair in benefits and salaries between below management and above management unfairness
Debate between employees and management weekly meeting with director
Enlarge parking build a restaurant for the lower campus
Increase the income of employees, Participate their employees in informal gatherings and activities for
 example an annual dinner at the end of the year as thank you to the employees.
Increase salary in a way to fit the country economy inflation
Appreciation for our work higher salaries possible bonuses etc.
Adjust salary
The salary must be increase and to take the grade into consideration
Reconsidering the family benefits and fairness towards the financial status in contrast with my responsibilities.
Give more incentives for continuous education,e-learning,training and development locally and abroad.
Involve the faculty more in decision making
Increase my salary ,keep all the benefits and if possible ,increase the education allowances example to add book allowance for children.
Train the heads of depts. how to communicate politely with employees not to discriminate and to apply policies and procedures
equally on all employees.
Increasing the the benefits on school tuition
More cooperation between department and sections that have similar aims on campus.
4% salary increase every year ,Enhance promotion in nursing
Increase benefits schools to all free
More pay to match responsibilities, more clarity about retirement benefits especially medical benefits
To show some respect for all the work we do
Improve HIP and salary
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
Better benefits plans and other benefits plans
Pay more allow parking permit access thru all gates as before
Enhance the location of our work it is depressing
Salary raise, salary
Changing management style ,be fair
Increase my salary and grade according to my effort
Pay overtime,weekends,holidays
Give me the grade that I deserve because I have been working for the last 10 years in the same level and same encouragement
By adjusting salaries
By adjusting salaries
By placing the proper person in the proper place and that person should be honest and clean
to become more close to employee
Just keep on going I love AUB
To give us what everybody is as a position not to eat authority in my job because will be as a child in front your supervisor
Thanks for these questions of survey
Be more fair in the pay I get for the work I do
More contact with other dept.
To maintain a leadership role in consistently providing excellent Accessible & comprehensive health services to the people of lebanon
Upgrading system ,bonus of experience every 5 years ,closed area benefits ,insurance enhancement.
Increase salaries ,create challenging opportunities
Upgrading system ,bonus of experience every 5 years ,closed area benefits ,insurance enhancement.
Up grading system,bonus every 5 years
Work on getting donations for the medical center so as to make our lives easier
To be more understanding with the old employees please please
To be more fair and take the staff opinion before it descide to take an action that deals directly with the staff
Better evaluation for academic
Salary adj,Merits
What could AUB do to enhance your satisfaction as an employee?
Increasing my salary as an employee
Pay more

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