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									                                                                          Registered Charity N. 1089167
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It can be daunting when you are faced with the prospect of raising the required
funds to volunteer for WYCE. However, with proper planning, fundraising can be a lot
of fun! Start by considering your position in the workplace or community and plan the
best way to fundraise.

Friends and family are always a good place to start and can help by giving you
support and ideas. Innovative and creative fundraising ideas can give you the
leverage to approach larger audiences. Publicity is very important as it gets your
message over to more people.


Think about what you are trying to achieve. How much money are you trying to
raise? What are your motives for doing this project? What does it take to be a good
fundraiser? You need persistence, enthusiasm, confidence, organisation and
imagination. Most importantly, give yourself TIME.


   -   Friends and family
   -   Your company: Speak to your employer and see if they will match what you
       raise in sponsorship
   -   Local businesses and contacts
   -   Grants and Trusts (be selective with these otherwise you will spend more
       money in contacting then than you will receive in grants!)
   -   General public through a media campaign


Writing letters
    - Whether you are writing to local businesses, grant making trusts, friends and
    - Write to local organisations, not head offices/national headquarters
    - Do your research: write to a specific individual (call to find out their name). Do
        NOT send photocopies or letters to ‘Whom it may concern’.
    - If possible, personalise your letters: i.e. my cousin John Smith suggested that I
        write to you.
    - Highlight project goals and what you are hoping to gain from taking part in
        the project.
    - State what other fundraising activities you have lined up.
    - Maximum two pages long
    - Enclose general WYCE info (we can supply this information to you)
    - Make it know that ALL donations are gratefully received, however small
                                                                          Registered Charity N. 1089167
                                                                             and Gambian NGO A78

   -   If you are writing to a company, bear in mind that they might be able to help
       providing goods, as opposed to finances.
   -   Follow up the letter with a phone call
   -   If successful and have a positive response, don’t forget to say ‘Thank you’!

Sponsored Events
The first few pledges on the form will dictate what everyone gives so make sure you
give the form to your most generous friends and relatives first! Carry sponsorship forms
with you at all time – one for larger amounts, and one for smaller amounts.
    - Sporting events: marathons, funs runs, walks, cycle rides, sponsored swims,
         bungee jumps, parachute jumps, sponsored rows etc
    - How about volunteering your time to do local charity work?
Other Events
    - Talks and Presentations
             o Old schools
             o Universities
             o Round Tables
             o Rotary Clubs
             o Lions Clubs
A lot of these clubs/organisations will make a donation if you are willing to come and
speak about your project on your return.

   -   Quiz evening for family and friends
   -   BBQ
   -   Fancy dress events
   -   Wine tasting evenings
   -   Car boot sales
   -   House parties
   -   Car Cleaning service
   -   Auctions and Raffles

Journalists are always looking for good stories. However, newspapers often receive
hundreds of letters and press releases every week so make sure your letter stands out:
use an interesting headline, include details of sponsored events you are taking part in
and always include your name and contact details. It is often worth following up your
letter with a phone call. Local media are more likely to be interested in your story
than national papers.

   -   Find out names of relevant reporters
   -   What makes your story is unique?
   -   Make sure there is a theme – eg.: a day in the life of a WYCE volunteer,
       conservation awareness. Local angle is good.
   -   WHO to contact? Local papers and magazines, newsletters, websites,
       professional/trade/employer publications, alumni publications.
                                                                          Registered Charity N. 1089167
                                                                             and Gambian NGO A78


Bear in mind that some fundraising exercises will need a license or permission from the
relevant person so it’s always worth checking beforehand!

For example:
Raffles: you must always state the price of the tickets, no discounts are allowed on
tickets and tickets can only be sold on the night of the event.

Lottery: must be registered with the Gaming Board and have strict guidelines

Liquor Licensing Laws: you must have a license if you wish to sell alcohol at an event.

Public Entertainment Licenses: If two or more people are performing you will need a
license. Most public buildings like church halls or community centre already have
these. However, if you want to hold something like a barn dance in a farmer’s barn,
you must apply for a Temporary Public Entertainment Licence from your local

(You local library will have copies of all these)
   - Fundraising for Dummies by John Mutz and Katherine Murray
   - The Complete Fundraising Handbook by Nina Botting
   - The Complete Guide to Fundraising by P&P Sterett
   - Directory of Grant Making Trusts. Eds: Anne Villmur & Elinor Denman
   - The Directory of Voluntary Organisations

  - (Round Table in Britain and Ireland)
                                                                          Registered Charity N. 1089167
                                                                             and Gambian NGO A78


A:   abseil; adopt a scientist; art exhibition; athletics; auction; aerobics

B:   balloon race; BBQ; beer race; billiards; blind date competition;
     book sale; ‘Burns Night’; bungee jump

C:   cabaret; car boot sale; carnival; carol singing; casino; charity lunch;
     concert; competitions; car-washing; cycle rides

D:   dinner/dance; Disco; dog-walking; dress-down days; donkey races

E:   Easter Ball; exhibitions

F:   fayre; fancy dress; fashion show; festival; fete; film showing;
     flower show; flying; football

G:   games evening; gardening; Gladiators; golf competitions; Guy Fawkes

H:   hair shave; hill walking; honesty box

I:   Indie night; It’s a Knockout; Italian evening

J:   jazz evening; jogging (sponsored)

K:   karaoke evening; karate marathon; kidnap and ransom;
     knobbly knees contest; knit-in

L:   Ladies’ night; lawn-moving; let-them-eat-cake; long distance horse ride;

M:   marathon dance; market stall; Morris dancing; masquerade ball;
     mystery tour

N:   name a tree; national days; nature walk; New Year’s Resolution;
     Novelty event (Pudding Race?)

O:   odd jobs; one price stall; orienteering; onion peeling competition

P:   painting competition; pantomime; party; pet show; pub quiz; pram race;
     pile of pennies; parachute jumps

Q:   quizz evening

R:   Race night; raft race; rally; record swap; raves; running race

S:   scavenger hunt; shoe shine; skittles; sponsored stop smoking,
     instrument playing, singing, silence etc.; swim with sharks!
                                                                         Registered Charity N. 1089167
                                                                            and Gambian NGO A78

T:     tennis tournament; treasure hunt; trekking; tug-of-war

U:     underwear party; uniform - free day

V:     Valentine’s message; vegetable - eating competition

W:     walking; wishing-wells; word search; sponsored weight-loss

X:     Xmas Ball; Xmas Draw; Xmas sales; xylophone playing competition

Y:     yachting; yoga

Z:     zoo trip

     Enjoy your ‘Fun-draising’ event! We hope it will bring you the Sponsorship you
          need…..but mostly, we hope you have LOADS of FUN too!!…Enjoy!!!
                                      Good Luck!!

PLEASE let us know how you get on with YOUR Fund-raising idea ……which was YOUR
best idea?? Did you do something which is NOT on this list? …. if so, would you be
happy to add it to this list so that others may also share your ideas??

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