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									                                                                    I N S I D E                           M A I N E                         A U D U B O N

                                      Thank You                                the Campaign to Protect Maine’s Future

                                                                               We are proud to thank by name the many donors who made this $7 million campaign such a success.
                                                                               Their generous gifts are helping us engage more people in the important work of conserving
                                                                               Maine’s wildlife and wildlife habitat.

 UNRESTRICTED                         UNDER $10,000                            Mr. and Mrs. William Vanderburg                 Elizabeth Spangler Evans, in                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Graves, Jr.              David M. Garry, in memory of
 CONTRIBUTIONS                        Anonymous (7)                            Mary Lynn and Lynn Vernon                         memory of Betty Evans from                    Carolyn and Frank Hatch                           Mary E. Johansen
 $500,000+                            Hugh Aaron and Ann M.                    Lise Wallace and Elliot Wallace                   Bill, Betsy and Kit                           John and Kathryn Hunt                           Joe Kindred and Ann-Dee Burnham
 Anonymous (2)                          Stein-Aaron                            Candace and Edward Walworth                     G. J. Farren, DMD, PC                           Mr. John Johansen, in memory of                 Leslie Mansfield and Bill Mansfield
 $250,000+                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M.                   Hartley and Benson Webster                      David and Dee Gautschi                            Mary E. Johansen                              Kathleen C. Potrepka
 John T. Gorman                         Armstrong, Sr.                          (thru Hartley D. Webster                       Jamie L. Gordon                                 David and Sandra Junkin                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shapiro
 Leon and Lisa Gorman                 The Estate of Evelyn W. Bennett           Charitable Fund)                               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guaraldo                    David Klinger                                   Kenneth S. Spirer and Dr. Joan
 Christopher Harte and Katherine      Catherine D. Brown                       Mrs. Norman I. Whiting                          Dwayne and Donna Hall                           Dr. Stephen W. Kress and Ms.                      Leitzer
   Stoddard Pope                      Bob and Jean Cash                        Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Williams                   Maxine and Eddie Harrow                           Elissa Wolfson                                Katherine N. Wheeler
 L.L. Bean, Inc.                      Daniel and Patricia Chase                                                                Tarsha and Craig Hastings                       Mr. and Mrs. James E. Malia, in                 BORESTONE MOUNTAIN
 Spicewood Fund of the Maine          Mary P. Chatfield                                                                        Barbara Hildreth                                  memory of Mary E. Johansen                    AUDUBON SANCTUARY
   Community Foundation               Cornerstone Financial Planning                                                           Holland and Foley Architects                    Rosanne Manus                                   $100,000+
                                                                               FIELDS POND AUDUBON CENTER
 Anna Marie and John E. Thron         Mr. and Mrs. James S. Cumming                                                            Leslie J. Hudson and John M.                    Chris and Brenda Massoneau                      The Lennox Foundation
                                      Michael and Christine Curci              $500,000+                                         Halloran                                      Mary Carol Massonneau
 $100,000+                                                                     The Estate of Kenneth C. Lovejoy                                                                                                                $50,000+
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Dennison                                                         Sandra Imondi                                   Rob Massoneau
 Anonymous (1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Estate of Susannah Hart
                                      Mrs. Emerson H. Drake                    $100,000+                                       Bobby and Sandy Ives                            Mrs. Phoebe Milliken
 Austin Community Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dillman
                                      Mr. George H. Elliott and Ms.            James. W. Hinds                                 Mrs. Sally C. Jacobs                            Mr. and Mrs. Duryea Morton
 Robert and Amy S. Campbell
                                        Gail Downs                             The Mimi Foundation and Dead                    Ms. Sharon Jackiw
 The Estate of Eleanor W. Christie
                                      Richard F. Foss                            River Company                                 Patricia Judd and Family
 The Estate of John W. Hyatt
                                      Mrs. Carol Fritz                         Elizabeth C. and Richard J. Warren              Ms. Mary F. Kellogg and Dr.                                          “Maine Audubon sets the standard for
 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Kilbreth III
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Gamage               $20,000+                                          Walter J. Jakubas
 The Lennox Foundation
                                      Phyllis Gardiner and Robert L.           Bangor Savings Bank Foundation                  Roger J.H. King and Laurie E.                        courageous and effective leadership in support
 Mrs. Elmina B. Sewall
                                        Johnston                               Gifts in memory of Warren “J.P.”                  Hicks
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stockman, Jr.
                                      Mr. Robert W. Gardner                      Nestler from his family and                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Knight                                    of Maine’s remarkable outdoor heritage.”
 Mr. Edward M. Woodin
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gilmore                 friends:                                      Carol Logie
 $50,000+                             Katie M. Greenman                                                                        Nancy M. MacKnight
                                                                                    Julie and Sandy Ervin
 Anonymous (2)                        Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Grunwald                The Fanning Family                         Margaret and John Manter                                                  — Leon Gorman, Chairman L.L.Bean, Inc.
 Robert & Patricia Bauman Family      Anne C. and Gunnar Hagstrom                                                              Ms. Roberta M. Marsh
                                                                                    Andrew Nestler Family
   Foundation                         Ms. Leslie Hallock and Mr. Joe                                                           Ms. Barbara P. Martin
                                                                                    Joan Woodcock Nestler
 The Estate of Edwin F. Gamble          Hahn                                                                                   Cherie Mason                                    David and Cynthia Morton                        $25,000+
                                                                                    Mr. Peter Nestler
 Daniel W. Hildreth                   Ms. Hilary Hayes                                                                         Mrs. Peter H. Mason                             Mr. and Mrs. Duryea Morton, in                  Robert T. & Margaret C. Moore
                                                                                    Ms. Susan B. Nestler and Mr.
 The Estate of Marion F. Huber        Jean C. Hayes                                                                            John and Leigh McCarthy                           memory of Mary E. Johansen                       Memorial Trust
                                                                                      David S. Ewell
 Sherry F. Huber                      Don and Joyce Henckler                                                                   Ashley and Aaron Megquier                       Mr. and Mrs. Duryea Morton, in                  UNDER $10,000
                                                                                    Mr. Steven Nestler
 Margot and Roger Milliken, Jr.       Ellen C. Hopkins                                                                         Robert Milardo and Renate Klein                   memory of Mary H. Sargent                     Katharine M. Wolff
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William D.
 Jenny Scheu and John Ryan            Jonathan Hopps and Victoria                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Moore,                  Christen A. Pechman
                                                                                      Kietzman                                                                                                                                 ADDITIONAL GIFTS-IN-KIND
 The Estate of Elizabeth B.             Dietel-Hopps                                                                             in memory of Richard Moore                    Matthew and Angela Pechman
                                                                                    Penobscot Valley Chapter of                                                                                                                Gagne & Son
   Woodwell                           Thomas H. Hughes                                                                         Libby P. Norton                                 Mr. and Mrs. Allan Quant
                                                                                      Maine Audubon                                                                                                                            G.M. Libby & Sons Masonry Inc.
 Wright-Ryan Construction, Inc.       David and Sarah Hyde                                                                     Fritz and Caroline Oldenburg                    Cathy Reggio
                                                                                    Emily W. and John M.                                                                                                                       E.L. MIKSI Inc.
 $25,000+                             Ms. Laura Jackson                               Templeton                                Ms. Kathryn J. Olmstead                         Carl and Janis Reggio                           Portland Pipe Line Corporation
 Anonymous (3)                        Kevin Jordan and David Crowley                Ms. Elizabeth C. Woodcock                  Dr. Janet E. Ordway                             Cheryl Reggio                                   George and Sue Sergeant
 Davis Conservation Foundation        Sally A. Jordan                               Mr. John A. Woodcock, Jr.                  Sue and Bucky Owen                              George and Trish Reggio                         Sheldon Slate Products Company, Inc.
 Ian and Lisa Gamble                  Barbara K. Kinder                                                                        Thomas H. Palmer, M.D.                          Lou and Ruth Reggio                             John Tatko, Jr.
 In memory of George M. Hyde          Mr. and Mrs. William King, Jr.                                                           Buffy Parker and Spiros Polemis                 Louis C. Reggio
                                                                               Anonymous (1)                                                                                                                                   MAINE AUDUBON EMPLOYEES:
   from Jane P. Hyde and their        Lucy and Bill LaCasse                                                                    Mr. Dennis Payeur                               Anne Hallowell Reich and Peter
   children: Rebecca H. Gowdy,                                                 UNDER $10,000                                                                                                                                   We are pleased to note that virtually
                                      Kirk Little                                                                              Mrs. Cynthia W. Pelliccia                         Reich
   Susan H. Wall, and Andrew P.                                                Anonymous (3)                                                                                                                                   100% of staff contributed to the
                                      Mahoosuc Guide Service                                                                   Mr. Wayne B. Persons                            George and Linda Rongner
   Hyde                                                                        David and Simone Ahlborn, in                                                                                                                    campaign.
                                      Catherine M. Marden                                                                      Marilynn Petit                                  Sandra and Gary Ruggiero, in
 Adam D. Lee                                                                     honor of Sharon Jackiw                                                                                                                        Anonymous (2)
                                      Mr. James F. Maurer                                                                      Jean Farrington and Jim Peary                     memory of Robert van der
 Lee Auto Malls                                                                Joan and Richard Andren                                                                                                                         Seth T. Benz
                                      The Family Maurer                                                                        John and Marisue Pickering                        Stricht
 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Nolan, Jr.                                               Lori Austin                                                                                                                                     Robert Bryan
                                      Peter Milliken and Linzee Weld                                                           Katherine E. Pfeiffer, in memory                L. Manlius Sargent, Jr., in
 Jeffrey Norris and Laura Newman                                               Mrs. Margaret M. Baillie                                                                                                                        Jennifer Burns and Doug Gray
                                      Jay Moody                                                                                  of Betty Evans from Bill, Betsy                 memory of his wife, Mary H.
 Karl Turner and Susannah Swihart                                              Bangor Nature Club                                                                                                                              Aram J. K. Calhoun and Malcolm
                                      Mrs. Suzanne D. Moran                                                                      and Kit                                         Sargent
                                                                               Robert and Ellen Beekman                                                                                                                           L. Hunter
 $10,000+                             Anne and Ben Niles                                                                       Henrietta Poons                                 Bill Shepherd
                                                                               Carolyn and Roger Bennatti, in                                                                                                                  Kevin Carley and Ellen Grant
 Anonymous (1)                        Judith Nisbett                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rich                       John and Peggy Sherman
                                                                                 memory of Hilly Reid                                                                                                                          Barbara Charry and Iver McLeod
 Dan and Joan Amory                   Don E. Oakes                                                                             Dwight Rideout                                  Stuart and Melissa Strahl
                                                                               Bill and Barbara Bentley                                                                                                                        Dean and Sue Cilley
 Ms. Beth N. Ahearn and Mr.           Mr. Carl W. Polson                                                                       Ann K. Schonberger                              Michael S. Teer
                                                                               Lynn and Charles Biebel                                                                                                                         Andrew L. Colvin
   Chris O’Neil                       Mr. William O. Prescott                                                                  Phyllis Scribner                                Rick and Karen Thom
                                                                               Wilma Bradford                                                                                                                                  Gina and Paul Correia
 Kevin Carley and Ellen Grant         Ginny Remeika                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Bryce E. Smith                     Dan and Karyn Townsend
                                                                               Mr. Charles F. Bragg, II                                                                                                                        Jennifer Cutshall
                                                                                                                               Mike Temple, Inc.                               Anne and Frank Tracy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Laura M. Duffy
                                                                                                                               Edward and Deborah Thompson                     Robert P. van der Stricht
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Megan J. B. Elliott
                                                                                                                               Ms. Shirley M. Tie                              Joseph Van Os
                 “I’m proud of the work Maine Audubon has done to identify and                                                 Clinton B. Townsend                             Bernard and Miriam Webber
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mr. Glenn Evans and Ms.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Marianne Warner
                                                                                                                               Mary Anne Turowski and Jesse                    Mrs. Robert W. Wilson
  conserve wild lands, to encourage sustainable forest practices on large and                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Peter A. Fafoutas
                                                                                                                                 Parks                                         $100,000+                                       Susan Gallo
                                                                                                                               Jake Ward                                       Mr. and Mrs. Alexander K. Buck
               small woodlands, and to support economically healthy and diverse                                                                                                                                                Bill and Lindsay Hancock
                                                                                                                               Ella Gardner Waitt                                Jr. from the Buck Family Fund                 Margi Huber and Bob Bittenbender
                                                                                                                               Jake Ward                                         of the Maine Community
   communities throughout Maine. It’s an intelligent approach that I believe is                                                                                                                                                Eric Hynes
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Bradford S. Wellman                  Foundation                                    Jody Jones and Jack Witham
                                                                                                                               Karen A. Welmas, in honor of                    Bob and Betta Ehrenfeld                         Ginger L. Jones
      essential to balance environmental conservation and economic growth.”                                                      Sharon Jackiw                                 Daniel and Suzanne Goldenson                    Susy Kist
                                                                                                                               Bob and Minnie White                              (gift of land to Todd Audubon                 Mr. Anthony Liss and Ms. Susan
                                            — Sherry Huber, executive director, Maine TREE Foundation                          Ms. Francine Wickes                               Sanctuary)                                       Schubel
                                                                                                                               George and Nancy Wood                           $50,000+                                        Linda Ledoux
                                                                                                                               David A. and Michaela S.P. Zelz                 Chris and Ellie Speh from the
                                                                               Hope A. Brogunier                                                                                                                               Karen Lin
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.H.            Retina Center of Maine                                                                   HOG ISLAND AUDUBON CENTER                         MANAPA Fund of the Maine
                                                                               William Clapp Bullock, Jr.                                                                                                                      Elena Lippolis
   Dodge                              Joan W. Rice                                                                             $200,000+                                         Community Foundation
                                                                                 Family Foundation, in honor of                                                                                                                Judy Kellogg Markowsky
 Caroline and David Fisher Fund       Patricia F. Sanborn                                                                      A special initiative to launch the
                                                                                 Wilma Bradford                                                                                $25,000+                                        William D. Maynard
   of the Maine Community             Sandy and Honor Sage                                                                     Hog Island capital campaign hon-
                                                                               Ms. Elizabeth Burroughs                                                                         Roz Allen and Paul Landry from                  Kathy Mills
   Foundation                         Edward F. Saxby, Jr., Esq.                                                               ored the legacy of “Former Direc-
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John H. Burton                                                                       the Rosamond W. Allen                         Ruth Perry
 Gro Flatebo and Kent W.              Seaman Goes Family Foundation                                                            tors” with a $200,000+ gift. Friends
                                                                               Ms. Desiree Butterfield                                                                           Charitable Fund of the Boston                 Lori Pruzansky
   Wommack                            Lynne Seeley                                                                             and family made gifts:
                                                                               Mrs. Susan Carlisle                                                                               Foundation                                    Robert “Bos” Savage
 Fore River Foundation, in            George and Sue Sergeant                                                                  In memory of Carl C. and
                                                                               Martha Daniels                                                                                  Irving Foundation                               J. Seymour
   memory of Kate Davis Quesada       Mrs. Ruth Sergeson                                                                         Harriet Buccheister
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dearborn                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Morse                     Linda Shary and Jeff Logan
 Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hatch, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Skaggs                                                              In memory of B. Bartram
                                                                               Christina Diebold                                                                               Doug and Betsy Phillips                         David and Sarrah Stankiewicz
 Karen Herold and Mark Isaacson       Jeffrey Sosnaud and Jean                                                                   Cadbury and in honor of
                                                                               Eva K. and John B. Dimond                                                                       $10,000+                                        Sally Stockwell and Robert
 John P.M. Higgins and Nancy M.         Curran, M.D.                                                                             Virginia Cadbury
                                                                               Penny Dolley                                                                                    Mr. Samuel Plimpton and Dr.                        Crawford
   Chatfield                          Richard A. and Alice Spencer                                                             In honor of Duryea and Peggy
                                                                               Ms. Louine E. Dow                                                                                 Wendy Shattuck from the                       Kathy Surgi
 The Hudson Foundation                Kenneth S. Spirer and Dr. Joan                                                             Morton
                                                                               Downeast Chapter of Maine                                                                         Shattuck Fund of the Boston                   Carroll Tiernan
 G. G. Monks Foundation                 Leitzer                                                                                Anonymous (1)
                                                                                 Audubon                                                                                         Foundation                                    Elyse C. Tipton
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Lee          Spruce Fund of the Maine                                                                 Jef and Susanne Boeke
                                                                               Sandi and Bob Duchesne                                                                          Michael and Margie Shannon                      Zane Twining Baker
 Maine Community Foundation             Community Foundation                                                                   Richard and Carla Brundrett
                                                                               Harold Dudley Charitable Trust                                                                                                                  Rebecca Wilson
 Peter and Alice Rand                 Pamela A. Taylor                                                                         Cadbury-Borror Fund                             UNDER $10,000
                                                                                 Fund of the Maine Community                                                                                                                   Linda Woodard
 Elmina B. Sewall Foundation          Dr. Philip P. Thompson, Jr.                                                              Mrs. B. Bartram (Virginia) Cadbury              Anonymous (1)
                                                                                 Foundation                                                                                                                                    Kara Wooldrik
 Susan Schraft, M.D. and Richard      Sally S. Tongren and Hale N.                                                             Margaret S. Cadbury
                                        Tongren                                Jean M. Durham
   S. Berne                                                                    Ellsworth Garden Club                           Roland C. Clement                               Please see page 2 to learn what this historic
 Phil Steele and Francesca            The Estate of Louise M. Towns                                                            Betsy Reggio Davis
                                                                               Epstein Commercial Real Estate
   Galluccio-Steele                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Traphagen
                                                                               Mr. William Evans, in memory of                 Mr. Leverett B. Davis, Sr.                      campaign has accomplished.
 Ellen Van Pelt Wells                 Rosalie B. Treworgy                                                                      Edward S. Gilman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DIANE CASEY

                                      Warren M. Turner                           Betty Evans from Bill, Betsy
 Mr. and Mrs. Lyndel J. Wishcamper                                               and Kit                                       Laura B. Gowen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Names in italic are deceased.
                                                          Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this donor list which is current as of August 20, 2008. Please contact the Development Department at (207) 781-2330 ext. 275 about any errors or omissions.

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