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									Unit Author
First and Last Name          Sean Caonguyen
School District              Los Angeles Unified School District
School Name                  Theodore Roosevelt High School
School City, State           Los Angeles, CA
Unit Overview
Unit Title
Geometry Family Feud
Unit Summary
Students will participate in a hands-on activity playing a game that mimics a game show called “Family
Feud” whose questions have been modified to help students review for their chapter exam on triangles
and congruence. Lesson will also introduce science and technology majors at the university level.
Subject Area
Triangles and Congruence
Grade Level
9th, 10th, and 11th grade geometry students
Approximate Time Needed
30 minutes
Unit Foundation
Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks
California Geometry Content Standards:
   5.0 – Students prove that triangles are congruent, and they are able to use the concept of
    corresponding parts of congruent triangles.
   8.0 – Students know, derive, and solve problems involving the perimeter, area, and surface area of
    common geometric figures.
   10.0 – Student compute areas of parallelograms.
   12.0 – Students find and use measures of sides of triangles and polygons to classify figures and solve
   13.0 – Students prove relationships between angles by using properties of complementary,
    supplementary, vertical, and exterior angles
Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes
To prepare the student’s for their chapter 5 exam on triangles and congruence in fulfillment of the
California Geometry Standards. In addition, student will have a greater understanding of science and
technological fields of a university education and learning to work as a team to earn extra credit points.
Assessment Plan
Assessment Summary
Students are asked to answer a 5 minute survey containing 3 questions:
       Did you like the activity? Why or why not?
       Was the activity challenging? Why or why not?
       Do you think the activity will help you improve your grade in the class? Why or why not?
Unit Details
Prerequisite Skills
Algebra I and knowledge of geometry material up to chapter 5.
Instructional Procedures
      There will be two technology families in the classroom (such as Biochemistry vs. Bioinformatics by
       preference or dividing the room in half).
      One member from each family will face off at the front of the class to see which family will gain
       control of the next three questions. They will greet each other with a handshake before the
       question is displayed on the projector and read.
      Both players will have to try and solve the answer on the board (showing their work) as fast as
       they can individually and then, hit the buzzer. Whoever buzzes in first with the correct answer will
       earn 2 points for their family and has the control option to play the next three questions or pass
       it on to the other family.
      If neither player gives a valid answer, the next member of each family gets a chance to answer,
       with the control option again going to the family that buzzes in first with the correct answer.

   Round of Three Questions:
      The next six members of the selected family will pair up and have to answer the next three
       questions on the board, one pair at a time. Each pair will answer one question (Two members per
      Each question is worth 2 points that gets put into a jackpot if answered correctly.
      If all three pairs of the family correctly answer all three questions, they take the jackpot and earn
       6 points for their family. HOWEVER, if any of the pairs miss any of the three questions, the other
       family, as a whole group, has a chance to steal the jackpot points for that round of three
       consecutive questions by answering any of the missed question(s) correctly.
      If the stealing family answers the missed-question incorrectly, the jackpot points go to the
       original family with the three pairs.

Next question continues with the next member of each family facing off again.

Materials and Resources Required For Unit
Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)
   Camera                          Laser Disk                   VCR
   Computer(s)                     Printer                      Video Camera
   Digital Camera                  Projection System            Video Conferencing Equip.
   DVD Player                      Scanner                      Other - Speakers
   Internet Connection             Television
Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)
   Database/Spreadsheet            Image Processing             Web Page Development
   Desktop Publishing              Internet Web Browser         Word Processing
   E-mail Software                 Multimedia                   Other - MS Powerpoint
   Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

Supplies                 Mouse presenter to be used as a buzzer device and laser pointer

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