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									                                    PINEBROOK TERRACE
                                     Board Meeting Meeting
                                         June 30, 2008
• Call Meeting to Order

   Present: Beverly – President
            Gerardo – Vice President
            Carrielyn – Treasurer
            Karen McDonald – Property Manager

• Approval of Minutes from last meeting
  Gerardo Motioned for the minutes of May 2008 be accepted. Carrielyn Seconded.

• Treasurer’s Report –
  Checking 44,949.08 Savings 31656.05 Total Assets 76,605.13

• Association Managers Report
  1. Update on maintenance orders/owner letters
     A. KC Landscaping is up for renewal. Total cost of monthly upkeep is 455.00 + tax.
        Gerardo motioned and Carrielyn seconded to renew the contract.
     B. Also follow up on homeowner refusing to allow a contractor to review the tile
        placement of her bathroom window to make sure work was performed correctly to
        prevent any damage to the outside wall. Homeowner refused entry. Attorney to follow

• Old Business
  1. Follow up on homeowner’s shower repair
     Letter to homeowner for tile under window in bathroom to be inspected.
     Home owner has still no responded to inspection of tile work on bathroom window sill
     being completed. Registered letter returned to ATC. Will inspect during dryer
     vent/chimney cleaning. Homeowner failed to open door for inspection. What next?
     See above comment in Association Managers Report

• New Business
  1. Board member resignation
     We are still looking for a new secretary. If you are interested please attend the next board
     meeting held the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

   2. Chimney/Dryer Vent report (will be done at next meeting)
      Report from Dryer Vent/Chimney not turned in yet. Will review at next board meeting.
   3. Garage Sale/Dumpster Days. When???
      August 23rd. Carrielyn will organize and get info out to homeowners. Garage sale will
      follow with pot luck afterwards. The board will furnish hot dogs and all condiments and
      buns. Bring your special dish and lets enjoy an evening to get to know one another. A
      dumpster will also be on sight from the 22-25. Please remember that no illegal items will
      be allowed in the dumpster. If you put something illegal in there, it will be HOA dues that
      has to pay to properly dispose of.

   4. Playground equipment
      Many issues of the slide being broken and the structure rocking back and forth when in use.
      Karen from ATC will contact Rainbow, the maker of the swing set to come out and re-
      evaluate the structure and correct anything that is broken.

• Next Meeting
  July 15, 2008

• Q/A Time for guests

• Board Session of Fines/Delinquencies (Board Members Only)

• Adjourn Meeting

   Minutes Submitted by:
   Beverly-President Pinebrook HOA
   Pending review and approval from Board.

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