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									                     Tutorial Software Skills Builder
            Using Desktop Publishing to Create a Web Page

In this activity, you will create a web page. Follow the directions below to complete the

   1. Open up your desktop publishing software.
   2. Review the web page design templates and select one.
   3. Insert the following text information:

   4. Insert one or two graphics or photos and arrange them so that they are visually
   5. Save your document under a file name that will be easy to remember.
   6. NOTE: Hyperlinks are usually created by the software to help individuals
       navigate through the web site. You can add additional hyperlinks to any text,
       image, or object. Adding hyperlinks to existing web pages on the Internet is as
       easy as creating a hyperlink to another page or object.
   7. Before you publish your web site, view your site through the “web page preview”
                                   Extension Activity

Web pages can be used for many things. Having just completed your own web page, this
activity will allow you to build upon your web page skills and create a suggested reading
resource page for your students. The suggested reading resource page will provide
addition hyperlinks, reference material, books, etc. that may be beneficial to your
students throughout the year. Create an example of how you would like your suggested
reading resource page to look in desktop publishing and print it out.

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