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					Cape Coral Caloosa Chapter #1170
Cape Coral, Florida
239-339-8055 (message line)

    Volume 64, No. 36                                                           October 2008

         r         “Making IT Easy…..”
  (Information Technology: File Protection, Networking,
          Voice over Internet Protocol, etc….)

  Speaker: Martin Haas, Owner & President of Entech Computer
          along with Jake Spanberger, co-Owner and VP
                       and Brian Hornberger
                                               Wednesday, October 15th 2008
                                                          Gulf Coast Village
                                                              1333 Santa Barbara Blvd
                                                                5:30 pm Networking
                                                              6:15 pm Program Begins

                                                   Member Spotlight Speaker: Renee
                                                     Binns “Human Trafficking”

                                                              Dinner cost: $18.00
                                                          50/50 Tickets are 3 for $2.00

                         *** Please note reservation policy ***
               CALL Dona Kriete at 768-4552 no later than Saturday, October 11       ...

ATTENTION! Dinner reservations are called in to Gulf Coast early –Standing List Members who do
 not call to cancel by Saturday will be charged the full amount – Attending without a reservation will
cost an additional $5. - Members are responsible for the cost of dinner for guest’s who fail to attend.
 Alissa Downing
Vice President
 Jami DiMaria
                                                  From the President . . .
  Angela Puzio
  Debbie Cullen
                         I am giving anyone who reads this a heads up for our
Women of the Year
                         “Tid Bits” of the month. What was your dream job
 Debbie Cullen
                         as a little girl? That will be the basic question to go
STANDING                 along with your introduction at the next meeting.
COMMITTEES               However, this question brings up the point that we
   Available Position    should all remember what are passions are in life and
  Judy Bowler            what makes us happy. We should try to focus on them.
   Tracy Vandlandshoot
                         Life can get so hectic with work, kids, family, friends,
                         organizations, and the list goes on, but by focusing on
   Dona Kriete
   768-4552              what we enjoy about each of these moments/tasks we
Newsletter               can remember why we do what we do When women
   Debbie Cullen
                         are brought together we can accomplish amazing
   Junia Hudson
   542-5347              things. I think that is why when time or resources are
 Business Associate
   Available Position    strapped we keep coming back and working together on
Special Events
   Chelly Jospeh
                         projects with ABWA. Thank you for all who are and
  Christine Wright
                         have been so involved. And please, remember, to
SW Florida Council
   Terri Morrison        always have fun.

FUND RAISING                                      Yours truly,

Home for Holidays
  Donna Maul                                      Alissa Downing
                                                  ABWA Cape Coral Caloosa Chapter
ABWA                                              President
                                                    ~ BOARD MEETINGS ~
Chapter                                        Held on the first Wednesday of each month
Website                                                   Place: 426 SE 22nd St
                                                             Time: 7:00 p.m.
http://abwacapecoralc                                                  Bring your ideas!!
Chapter News & Updates. . .
Member Spotlight Speakers . . . . . The Program Committee is looking for YOU!                There is an opportunity at each meeting
for a lucky Chapter Member to speak for 5 minutes about anything they like. It’s a great chance to practice our public speaking skills in
a comfortable environment. Contact Judy Bowler at 549-2822. Judy graciously accepted the position as Program Chair. If anyone
has any suggestions please let her know.

2008 Home for the Holidays . . . . .

*** Next Holiday House meeting at Taylor Morrison Model at 7pm Wed 10/8 ***
                         ALL CHAIRS MUST ATTEND!!!
 Needed……Donations for the silent auction.
 Please ask at restaurants, hairdressers, nail techs and any business you visit for a donation. There are intro letters
 sent by email that can be used if needed. If they want to be noted in the program books, the donations must be in by
 the end of September. If gift certificates are given, please ask for the expiration date to be a year, Nov 2009 but no
 sooner than July 2009, if possible. This gives the winners time to utilize the certificate. Once you have a donation,
 please email Donna ASAP. ( Thanks for all help and support. Looking forward to a fun filled
 and successful event. Any questions or volunteers call Donna Maul 281-0716

National Conference . . .Watch for ’Top Ten’ Christine Wright’s and ‘Woman of the Year’ Debbie Cullen’s full report in next
months newsletter.

Guest Coupons…….an exciting new way to welcome your guest…
                            The SW Florida Council ABWA will meet on
                                 October 18th at 9:00 a.m.
         at the Lee County Public Works Building, 1500 Monroe Street, Downtown Fort Myers

   Voting for the 2009 Board for the Council will take place at this meting, as well as review of the
     Council Woman of the Year applications. The Woman of the Year will then be determined.

                                                                           Everyone is encouraged to attend……

                              This Month’s Member Spotlight . . .

                                                                       Deb Cullen

My life started in a very rural town in upstate New York. An area where the closest house was a mile
away and kids without shoes in the summer was a common sight. At seven years old I told my parents
that I would be going into the Navy when I graduated high school. Like all parents they took every
word from a seven year old with a grain of salt. But shortly after graduation I was heading to Orlando
for Boot camp. Military life agreed with me and I had a lot of fun and made a lot of wonderful life-long
friends. My tour ended with the delivery of a little package on April fool’s day 1980—my beautiful
little boy “Jeremiah” was born at the Newport Naval Hospital. For the next two years I was lucky to
stay home and take care of my family but the third year was a bit more challenging. Divorce was upon
me, and the responsibilities of being a single-mom I was off to work at my local bank. Within several
years I had held many job titles: teller, mortgage processor, credit manager, foreclosure specialist,
etc….Life was good…new husband….new house….they were called the “Go Go 80’s”….But then the
90’s came….three bank mergers later I made the decision to leave banking and go into Municipal work.
I was the Financial Administrator for a Police Department of over 100 officers. Great job! Low stress!
8am to 4pm. Good friends! But I still didn’t feel satisfied. I sat myself down and asked
myself….”Life is too short! What is it you really want?” Immediately the enduring vision of becoming
a real estate professional came to mind. Going into business for myself had never been an option before
because of other financial obligation. But here it was…a fabulous opportunity. I took the next year and
saved ever penny I could, studied every book I could get my hands on, attended every class I saw, and
found wonderful supportive organizations like ABWA. Fourteen months later I was a licensed Realtor
and I have never looked back. Life is not a dress rehearsal and my long term goal is to slide into those
pearly gates all sweaty and scuffed up saying “Thank you Lord….that was a great ride”

It is with sadness to report that Golda Broughton had passed. Golda was a LONG time member of Royal Palms
Chapter and would have been active in Palms of Edisonia had her health permitted. Golda was a bull dog that
never gave up and had a beautiful outlook on life. There will be no service in Fort Myers. Should you want to
send a card, please send it to Jewell Williams 17456 Overhill Drive Apt. D Fort Myers, FL 33908
                                                ABWA CAPE CORAL CALOOSA CHAPTER
                                                        STANDING RULES

1)   Members (including standing list members) not canceling dinner reservations for themselves or their guests by 8pm the Saturday preceding the
     meeting will be billed for the dinners. Members will be billed for any ABWA function for which they have made a reservation (for themselves or
     guests) and do not attend. Five dollars ($5) extra will be charged at the door for anyone who has not made a reservation.

2)   In the event of the death of a member, a donation of $50 will be made to the charity of estate’s choice.

3)   The Woman of the Year shall represent the Chapter at the ABWA National Convention. If the WOY is unable to attend, the President shall be the
     representative; if she is unable to attend, an alternate delegate shall be selected. The amount paid to each representative/delegate is determined by
     the financial condition of the treasury and will be voted on by the membership.

4)   Money shall be allocated to the Chapter members attending Spring/National Conference. The amount paid to each representative/delegate is
     determined by the financial condition of the treasury and will be voted on by the membership.

5)   The out-going President shall be presented with the past President’s pin on installation night.

6)   Chapter members achieving perfect attendance shall be announced in our September Newsletter. Chapter members can make up a missed
     meeting by attending any ABWA Chapter meeting, Board meeting, or any official ABWA function within the Chapters fiscal year. Attendance must
     be documented in writing and submitted to the Membership Chair.

7)   Elections will be held during the May Chapter meeting and new officers will assume their duties effective August 1st.

8)   A proposed budget will be presented to the members at the October Chapter meeting.

9)   Standing Rules will be reviewed by the Board annually at the October Board meeting and presented at the October Chapter meeting.

10) The Fundraising Chairperson, of any event, may spend up to $100 without the approval of the Board (and/or membership). Any purchase between
    $100 and $500 must have the approval of the Board. Any purchases in excess of $500 must have Chapter membership approval. With exception:
    The Holiday House Chairperson may spend up to $500 per vendor without the approval of the Board (and/or membership). Anything over $500
    must have the approval of the Board.

11) Nominations for Chapter Woman of the Year will be accepted from all active members. The Woman of the Year committee will be chaired by the
    current and previous year WOY who will prepare the criteria used for the nominee selection. Membership will carry out a secret ballot vote during
    the February meeting.

12) The Business Associate of the Year selection committee will be chaired by the nominator(s) of the previous year’s winning Business Associate.
    Business Associate of the Year will be presented at the June meeting.

13) Guest Speakers and Scholarship Recipients will not be responsible for dinner costs. All guests of speakers, scholarship recipients, and members
    will pay for their dinners.

14) Chapter dues of $25 are due February 1st. New members joining on or before August 1st will be billed $30 for local dues and name badge. New
    members joining after August 1st will be billed $20 for dues and badge.

15) A Chapter Audit will be completed between the July and August meeting and is the responsibility of the outgoing President and will be presented to
    the membership at the August meeting.

16) The Chapter has adopted the ABWA Proud Code of Conduct as follows, which shall be included in the Chapter’s standing rules and published in the

                                                           ABW A CODE OF CONDUCT
Ethical dilemmas occur as a result of values in conflict. It is important that the values of the American Business Women’s Association are communicated
to all members, and so chapter leaders are asked not only to communicate but also to embrace, support, reinforce and uphold ABWA’s Proud Code of

ABWA’s Proud Code of Conduct was developed as a means of guiding all members in making ethical decisions. The broad statements of the code of
conduct that are listed below are not expected to cover all conduct for all situations, however. This is why the Proud Code of Conduct was created as a
living and fluid code.

                                                    ABW A’S PROUD CODE OF CONDUCT
1. All members will serve as goodwill ambassadors for the American Business Women’s Association.

2. Members will not allow their personal beliefs and convictions to interfere with the representation of ABWA’s mission.

3. Members will always treat their member colleagues, guests, vendors and sponsors with honesty, respect, fairness, integrity, responsibility, kindness,
and in good faith.

4. Members will maintain compliance with ABWA National, Chapter & Express Network Bylaws.

5. Members will not use their personal power to advance their personal interests.

6. Members will strive for excellence in their professions by maintaining and enhancing their own business knowledge and skills, and by encouraging the
professional development of other members.

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