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					The Gingerbread Man.
           Suggested Activities
Read the story.
Reread and get students to join in the chorus.
Use the character hand puppets to sequence the story.
Give character hand puppets out to the students and they                                 have
to take the part when it comes up in the story.
Retell the story using Australian animals.
List the animals and talk about male/female, babies and the sound they make.
Cook gingerbread and write/draw a procedure.

Pictures and labels for the hand puppets are on the last page.
To make character hand puppets go to
Click on Activities
Scroll down to Masks.
Click on the “The Gingerbread Baby” and print off in PDF a coloured copy of the cat, the dog,
the fox and the Gingerbread Man.
Go back to “The Hat” and print off in PDF, the horse in colour.
You may have to go to clip art to make the boys and girls.

To make the little old woman and the cow go to
Click on Nursery Rhymes
Then The Gingerbread Man.
Scroll down to Gingerbread Man Feltboard Fun.
Scroll down to Templates and print off one colour copy of each to be made into a
sequencing/recount set of cards-(demonstrated below.) The little old man is a bit scary!
Then get someone to help you enlarge the template of the little old woman and the cow to A4
each print in colour. These can be added into the character handpuppets from the janbrett site.
If you can’t, feel free to email me on

While you are in this site you could print off the pages below if you want to.
                                       “Gingerbread Man Colouring Pages”
                                       “Gingerbread Man Mini Books”
                                       “Gingerbread Man Poem” I saved to a WORD document, put
on a gingerbreadman border, placed in some clipart printed it on to A3 and laminated it for group
                                       “Gingerbread Man Thematic Unit” Takes you to “kidzone”
where you will find a 5 day lesson plan with printable sheets. This is where you find the Glyph
worksheets. You can just click on Printables and not have to go through whole unit.

To make the little old man go to
Under “LOOK” click on Mrs Wishy Washy.
Scroll to “Mrs Wishy Washy Themed Magnet Pages”
Select Mr Wishy Washy.
Enlarge him to an A4 and print off a colour copy.
Cut him out and paste him onto thin black cardboard using a gluestick.
Cut around shape leaving a few mm as an outline and allowing a ruler width handle for
If you want to paste on their names you will find them and photographs of the puppets when
you scroll down these pages.

**While you are in print off a coloured copy of each page for “Mrs
Wishy Washy Themed Magnet Pages”. Enlarge each picture to A4 and print off a copy-get
someone to help you enlarge them. If you can’t, please email me at
Then have a look through all of the “Mrs Wishy Washy” worksheets and print off those that you
think are suitable for your class.

*Complete Gingerbread Man “Glyph?” If you are a boy/girl colour the eyes blue/red. If you
have blue/brown eyes colour the buttons green/yellow.
To download the glyph worksheets
Google Select “Gingerbread Man maths activities”.
You can arrive here by clicking on “Gingerbread Man Thematic Units” in
Click on Stories and Props
Then Classic tales Patterns
To make sequencing cards
Print off a copy of the book in colour. Students can sequence the pages.
To make it more difficult cut out pictures and text separately, laminate and
use for sequencing, retell and recount of the story, matching the text to the
There are other fairy stories available.
Scroll down to “Search the Sparklebox” and type in “The Gingerbread Man”
 and “How to Make Gingerbread.” (Use for sequencing and Procedure.)
Otherwise click on “Literacy” and go to “Fairytales.”


*Google and print off “The Gingerbread Man” to maybe sequence
and match.

Just Google “The Gingerbread Man” and you will find other sites.
How to make:

               A Gingerbread Man
4 cups (500 grams) plain flour
1 teaspoon bi-carbonate of soda
Pinch of salt
2 teaspoons ground ginger
½ teaspoon cinnamon
Sift these ingredients together.

125 grams butter or margarine
1 cup (155 grams) brown sugar
1 cup (310 grams) of golden syrup
Melt these ingredients together

Allow the mixture to cool slightly,
Pour over dry ingredients.
Mix to a firm dough, using milk if necessary.
Wrap in plastic.
Chill for 30 minutes, at least.

Roll out thinly on a floured surface.

Cut into shapes.

Bake in moderately slow oven for 10 – 15 minutes, on greased slide or baking

Allow to cool slightly.
Place on wire racks to cool completely.
Store in an airtight container.
 Hand puppet names from Page 1

the Gingerbread Man
the little old lady
the boys and girls
the little old man
the dog
the cat
the cow
the horse
the fox
General Overview: The Gingerbread Man

Students listen to the text “The Gingerbread Man” joining in the familiar
Sequencing pictures and captions are used to consolidate the story and
reinforce new vocabulary.
Dramatization is used to encourage oral participation.
Written exercises are planned to revise verbs, data collection and maths

   Resources                            Learning Strategies & Activities
                     CONTROLLED: Listening Activity
Text: The              Introduce the story “The Gingerbread Man.” Show the students a biscuit
Gingerbread Man         Gingerbread Man, smell the powdered ginger spice and maybe have
                        some root ginger.
                       Read and discuss the story with the students joining in the familiar parts.
Sequencing A4          Students dramatize the story using the Kizclub character cards.
picture flashcards

Sequencing            Give each student some A4 sequencing cards and they talk to each other
captions.               and place them in correct order.
                      Give each student some Topmarks picture cards and they sequence
                        themselves. Then give out the sentence caption cards to match the pictures
Sequencing              OR just give the caption cards to the students to discuss and sequence.
                      Give students the sentence cards to sequence.
                      Students read The Gingerbread Man BLM (from enchantedlearning) which
Topmarks website        has text and pictures inserted instead of words.
                      Glyph Activity: Lesson 1: Students are given the data on the glyph page
                        and a picture of the gingerbread man. They write their name on the BACK
Hand puppets            of the sheet. They have to colour the glyph according to their data eg. If
                        you are a boy, colour his buttons blue. If you are a girl, colour his buttons
                        pink. etc Students complete colouring the data.
The Gingerbread         Lesson 2: When finished the teacher randomly hands out the sheet to the
Man story which         students so that they do not get their own. They have to read back the
has pictures            information gathered from their glyph.
inserted where the      Lesson 3: Students have to write down the information they have gained on
words shoul be          a BLM eg. The person who owns this gingerbread man is a boy. He has
from                    brown eyes.etc.
www.enchantedlea        Lesson 4: The students then read their data gathering to the other students site          and when they recognise themselves they claim their original coloured
                        gingerbread man.

Computer             INDEPENDENT:
PUBLISHER             Past Tense: Students complete a close passage inserting the past tense of
                        the verb into the spaces.
                      Gingerbread House: Maths Coordinates. The students follow the directions
                        of coordinate points to colour to form the Gingerbread Man’s house.

                     Dawne Furze
General Overview: The Gingerbread Man.

Procedure: Sequence procedure cards from
Cooking Activity: Follow the procedure to make gingerbread.
Procedural Recount: Use the procedure text to rewrite as a procedural recount for
another audience.

    Resources                             Learning Strategies & Activities

Text: The                CONTROLLED:
Gingerbread Man            Introduce the Sparklebox Recipe procedure cards on “How to Make a
                            Gingerbread Man.”
                           Introduce the Sparklebox picture cards on cooking and utensils eg
                            sieve, wooden spoon, measuring cups, grater, whisk, beaters etc
Recipe and
sequencing cards for       Students and teacher proceed to cook the gingerbread man.
cooking gingerbread
and utensils and
cooking flashcards all   GUIDED:
from                      Students discuss the procedure they followed to make the gingerbread        man and point out that a procedure is a DOING activity so that the
                            verbs are the main words and should be used first.
Ingredients for           Brainstorm the appropriate language- first, next, then, finally etc
cooking gingerbread       Students and teacher write a joint construction procedure.

or WORD for students        Using PUBLISHER or WORD, the students write a Procedural Recount in
to complete a                the form of a letter to a friend, parent or teacher to explain how they
procedure text.              made the gingerbread OR
                            Students write a procedure.
                            Students use clipart or Google Images to illustrate their work.
                            Edit and print in colour.

                         Dawne Furze
Once upon a time there (be) ________ a little old woman

and a little old man. They (live) __________ all alone in a

little old house. They (feel) ___________ lonely. So one day,

the little old woman (make) _____________ a little boy out

of gingerbread. When the little old woman (decorate)

_________________ her gingerbread man, she (put) _____

him in the oven. Some time later, she (open) ___________the

oven door but the gingerbread man (jump)

______________ out and (run) ________ away. The

old woman and the old man (run) _________ after him But

they (could not)_________________________ catch him. The

gingerbread man (run) ___________ faster than them and

he (laugh) __________________ and (shout) ___________,

“Run, (run) _______, as fast as you (can) _________.

You (can not) ___________ catch me. I (be) ______ the

gingerbread man.”

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