Conditions for Breaking a House Rental Agreement

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					                            Reservation & Vacation Rental Agreement

This is a Vacation Rental Agreement; the rights and obligations of the parties to this agreement are defined by law. Your signature on
this agreement is evidence of your acceptance of the agreement, and of y our intent to use this property as a Vacation Rental and not as
a permanent or primary residence.

         Property Address:                                                         Mail Deposit to:
         60 Lane 124B                                                              Castle One Realty, Inc.
         Big Turkey Lake                                                           131 W. Ensley Avenue
         Lagrange , IN 46761                                                       Auburn, IN 46706



         City/State/Zip:___________________________________________ _______________________

         Home Phone:____________________________                Cell Phone:__________________________


Rental Period:
This lease shall commence at 4:00 p.m. on the _______ day of ______________, _______(the “Check-In Time”) and shall terminate at
12:00 p.m. on the ____ day of ___________, 2010,(the “Check Out Time”), unless terminated at a earlier date in accordance with the
provisions of this lease dealing with default.

Owner will use its commercially reasonable efforts to have the Rental property ready for occupancy by the Tenant at Check-In Time. If
Tenant is delayed for any reason and is unable to take possession at the agreed Check-In Time, Tenant is responsible for notifying the
owner of such delay so that special arrangements can be made for the Tenant to pick up the keys.

At Check-In Time, the Tenant will be issued (1) set(s) of keys for the Rental Property. Tenant must sign for all of these items and is
responsible for the cost of replacement, and for the cost of re-keying and/or replacement of locks in the event that any keys are lost,
misplaced or not returned.

The Tenant shall pay the Owner total rent in the sum of as described in lower section, which includes all normal utilities, plus a security
deposit of $200.00, which will be refunded providing no damage is done to the Rental Property or its contents and everything must be
left as it was at Check-In Time. A $30.00 service fee will be charged for any returned checks.

Rent must be paid as follows: One-half at time Reservation and Rental agreement are turned in, the remaining balance due at least 14
days prior to arrival.

         Refundable Security Deposit                                              $200.00
         Rental Fees:                                                             March 1- Sept 10th:
                                                                                  $95.00 Weekdays per night X_______= $_______
                                                                                  $175.00 Weekends per night X_______= $_______
                                                                                  $700.00 Week = $_________
                                                                                  Sept 10th- Dec 31st
                                                                                  $85.00 Weekdays per night X_______=$_______
                                                                                  $125.00 Weekends per night X______=$_______
                                                                                  $600.00 Week=$________

Security Deposit:
The $200.00security deposit will be held in a non-interest bearing account. It is the obligation of the Tenant to surrender the Rental
Property in good clean condition by the time specified, except for reasonable wear and tear. Tenant shall pay for any damage to the
Rental Property caused during his/her possession, or for any cleaning required by Tenant’s failure to vacate the Rental Prope rty in a
clean condition. The security deposit will be returned by regular mail to Tenant within 2 weeks following Tenant’s vacating the Ren tal
Property, minus the costs to repair or replace any damage or loss to the Rental Property or the contents thereof, and any oth er charges
and expenses for which Tenant is responsible pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. The Owner may retain the deposit for v iolation
of the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

Final Cleaning:
At the end of the rental term, the Tenant shall remove all Tenant property, and leave the premises in good condition.

There shall be no subletting of the premises.

If you cancel your confirmed reservation and the unit is not re-rented for the canceled period you shall forfeit your advance rent
payment. If you have paid in full and the unit is not re-rented you shall forfeit all money prepaid. If the unit is re-rented all prepaid
rent/deposits shall be refunded less a $100.00 cancellation fee.

All “NORMAL” utilities are included. Exceptions are long distance phone charges.

There shall be no pets allowed unless otherwise agreed by the Owner in writing.

No Smoking is allowed inside the house whatsoever…anyone breaking this agreement shall automatically loose their $200.00 deposit.

The Tenant must supervise Guest(s) while on the premises. Tenant and their guests agree not to violate the quiet enjoyment o f the
surrounding neighbors and to respect their privacy and property. Maximum agreed occupancy of (6) must not be exceeded.

Tenant Responsibilities:
All occupants are required to treat the property and contents with due care, and to perform “Normal” household duties that in clude,
but are not limited to: Cleaning of dishes; Garbage removal, etc., Notification to Owner of any damages or problems with the property,
Locking of all windows and doors when leaving the house.

Hold Harmless and Indemnity:
Owner of rental property shall not be liable for any damages and/or injury to Tenant and/or their guest(s), or their personal property
due to Tenant’s acts, actions or neglect. Tenant agrees to hold Owner harmless against any claim for damage and/or injury du e to
Tenant’s act or neglect.

Risk of Loss:
Owner shall not be liable for any loss by reason of damage, theft, or otherwise to the contents, belongings, and personal effects of the
Tenant or their family, guests or visitors, or for damage or injury to Tenant or their family, guest or visitors.

Weather Conditions/Acts of God:
Owner is not responsible for any weather condition or acts of God or nature that happens during Tenant’s stay on premises. T here will
be no refunds due to inclement weather, including tornadoes. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended. In the unlikely event that
state or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation that included the Property, the Tenant shall comply with the evacuation order.

Unforeseen Conditions:
In the event that the owner is unable to deliver said Property to Tena nt under this lease agreement prior to occupancy Tenant hereby
agrees that Owners sole liability as a result of any of these conditions is the full refund of all rent paid by Tenant. Purs uant to the terms
of this lease, Tenant expressly acknowledges that in no event shall Owner be held liable for any consequential or secondary damages.
Tenant is advised to take out travel cancellation insurance.

NO Amenities are guaranteed. There will be no refunds for the malfunction of any equipment includin g but not limited to TV          ,
appliances, power outage and telephone service. Every effort has been made to ensure all equipment is in working order. Ple ase report
any inoperative equipment to us promptly. Agent and /or subcontractors may enter premises during reasonable hours to perform

Tenants acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for the safety of themselves, their guests and their children particularly
with respect to the lake, stairs and deck. Tenant acknowledges and agrees to hold owner harmless from any injuries to them or their
guests. It s is understood that there is no lifeguard and that supervision and personal safety is the tenant’s sole responsi bility.
______________ (Tenant Initials)

The Laws of the State of Indiana shall apply to all terms under this agreement. It is expressly agreed and understood that this is a
vacation rental. The owner is not a tour operator and in no case does the law of tourism apply.

If any clause or term in this lease is found to be contrary to law, the remainder of the Lease shall remain in full force.

Breach of Agreement:
Failure to comply with any of the foregoing clause shall subject you to immediate removal and forfeiture of all rental paymen ts and
security deposits.

I hereby certify that I have read the above agreements and will comply with them during the course of this tenancy.

Tenant Name (print)_______________________________________________

Tenant Signature________________________________________________ _                             Date:______________________

Circle Payment Method:                Cashiers Check               Money Order                 Cash

Credit Card Number:_________________________ Master Card Visa Discover (Cirlce Type) Expiration Date____

Please list all occupants name and age.

_______________________________________                  ______________________________________
Occupant 1                                               Occupant 2

_______________________________________                  ______________________________________
Occupant 3                                               Occupant 4

_______________________________________                  ______________________________________
Occupant 5                                               Occupant 6

                                            FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
  Rent Right (___)           Homeaway (___)    Confirmation Email (__)           Calendar (__)

  Deposit Transfer (__)               Down Pymt. (____________)          Final Pymt. Reminder (__)

  Final Pymt. (_______________)             Checking instructions (__)   Dep. Return (____________)


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