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HUD > Federal Housing Administration

   Federal Housing                                                  Print Friendly Version

Administration                                                  Making Home Affordable
Staff Photo
FHA Commissioner
David Stevens speaks about FHA and his

Staff Photo
The FHA Section 242 Hospital Insurance
program assists large urban hospitals as well as
rural critical care centers such as the Rio
Grande Medical Center in Del Norte, Colorado,
                                                            Help for America's
a town of 1,709 located in south central

                                                    HUD Implementation of the
                                                          Recovery Act
Staff Photo                                                  HUD.GOV/Recovery
The homebuying process can seem complicated,
but if you take things step-by-step, you will
soon be holding the keys to your own home.
                                                           Federal Housing
                                                   Insuring More Than 38 Million
                                                   Mortgages Since 1934
Staff Photo

The Minimum Property Standards (MPS)
establish certain minimum standards for
buildings constructed under HUD housing            Developing
programs.                                          Viable

Staff Photo                                        Equal Housing
The Neighbor Next Door initiatives are a           Opportunities
collection of FHA's home sales programs            for All
designed to help communities and promote
homeownership.                                         Ensuring safe, decent,
                                                       and affordable housing
Overview                                         Helping to make
The Federal Housing Administration,              housing a reality
generally known as "FHA", is the largest         for millions of low
                                                 and moderate-
government insurer of mortgages in the           income
world. A part of the United States               households across
Department of Housing and Urban                  America
Development (HUD), FHA provides
mortgage insurance on single-family,
multifamily, manufactured homes and                          HUD.GOV/Open
hospital loans made by FHA-approved
lenders throughout the United States and its
territories. While borrowers must meet
certain requirements established by FHA to
qualify for the insurance, lenders bear less
risk because FHA will pay the lender if a
homeowner defaults on his or her loan. FHA
has insured over 38 million home mortgages
and 47,205 multifamily project mortgages
since 1934. Currently, FHA has 6.7 million
insured single-family mortgages and 13,000
insured multifamily projects in its portfolio.
Clearly, FHA provides a huge economic
boost to the country in the form of home
and community development, particularly in
today's challenging financial climate.

I Want to               In Focus

  Buy a Home                     HUD
  Avoid Foreclosure        Proposes To
  Talk to a Housing        Strengthen FHA
Counselor                  Lender
  File a Fair Housing      Indemnification
Discrimination             Process
Complaint                  FHA Launches
  Access Mortgagee         Short Refi
Letters                    Opportunity for
  Access HUDCLIPS          Underwater
  Access Online FHA        Homeowners
Handbooks 4155.1 &
4155.2                     FHA's Mortgagee
  Search for an FHA-       Review Board
approved Lender            Takes Action
                           Against Hundreds
  Search for FHA-       of Lenders
approved                FHA Announces
condominiums            First Look Initiative
  Ask FHA a Question    to Help
Resources               Communities
Contacts                Neighborhoods
  FHA Resource          Hard-Hit by
  Center                Foreclosure
  HUD National          Statement by HUD
  Servicing Center,     Secretary Shaun
  helping FHA           Donovan on House
  homeowners work       Passage of H.R.
  with lenders to       5072
  find creative               FHA's Final
  solutions to avoid    Rule Strengthening
  foreclosure           Risk Management
  HUD                         From the
  Homeownership         Desk of the
  Centers               Commissioner
Social Media            Archives
  HUD/FHA on            Implementing
  Facebook              RESPA's new
  HUD/FHA on            rules. Watch the
  Twitter               Webcast
Audience Groups         Meet FHA
  Appraisers            Commissioner
  Agencies           Programs
                        Section 203(b)
                        Mortgage Product
  Inspectors            Mortgage Program
  Lenders               (EEM)
  Nonprofits            FHA Refunds
  Real Estate           Healthcare
  Brokers (REO)         Facilities
  Servicing Lenders     Additional Program
  (Single Family,       Descriptions
  Title II)
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