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									The Arizona Association of

   Spring/Summer 2005 Update

  Forms are revised and in the field
  Samples and tools available at See For REALTORS,
  Buyer Contingency Addendum not completed
   yet, but is expected sometime later this
  ZipForm updates are due now, and downloads
   of new/revised forms are available.
Housing Programs Update
  New Housing Needs Network has formed; first
   meeting is in June 2005; the Network is
   comprised of members of almost all Arizona
   local Associations.
  HomeWords, a financial literacy and
   homeownership course for high school
   students, is in development for release to high
   school teachers for the 2005-06 school year.
   Watch for details and contact AAR if you know
   of teachers who want to use such a course or if
   you want to volunteer to help in the classroom.
Professional Standards

  First quarter statistics of AAR cases can
   be found on, under
   For REALTORS®, Ethics and Arbitration.
  Cases filed are up from a year ago,
   efforts to mediate both arbitration and
   ethics matters have been successful;
   ombudsmen activities are increasing.
  In 2005, there are 130 members of the
   AAR Professional Standards Committee
   representing 21 local associations.
International Activities

  CIPS designation courses being planned
   (look for dates soon at
  List of interpreters and translators
   available on AAR’s and IREC’s websites.
  Tips on customs and other international
   real estate practices available to IREC
   members. IREC Member applications at
Diversity Grant program available

  Local associations may apply for $1000
   grants for their diversity programs.
  Possibilities
      Scholarship programs
      Diversity classes or events

      Diversity plan development

      Outreach activities

      More
Professional Development

 Education Outreach Program
  Classes have been held in Green Valley
   and Sedona with classes scheduled at
   SEVRAR, Casa Grande, Flagstaff and
   Scottsdale in June.
  AAR covers most of the expenses and
   charges a minimal registration fee to
Partners Conference – Sept. 14

 Open to REALTORS®, lenders and
   title/escrow representatives discuss the
  Attendees leave the program with a better
   understanding of each partner’s role, duties
   and interpretations of the contract.
 Comment from a past participant:
  "Great seminar. Wonderful to mix the three
   key ingredients for a successful real estate
   transaction. We can all learn from each
GRI Update

  GRI brochure being updated to provide overall
   information about the program and its
  GRI posters that can be hung in association
   and firm offices are being developed
  Did you know that…
        The GRI program is the only state specific risk
         reduction designation program offered through
Profiles of the GRI Student

 Years in real estate:
  32% less than 1 year
  39% 1- 3 years
  12% 4-6 years
  6% 7-10 years
  11% over 10 years

 (taken from attendees January –April 2005)
Intro to CCIM Classes
  Offered by AAR around the state this year.
  Students are introduced to each phase of
   investment analysis, from selecting a property
   to estimating annual revenues, and apply
   these skills through real-world case studies.
  Students leave the course with the ability to
   see how these concepts impact on a
   commercial property's performance.
  The next class is scheduled in Sedona for
   June 13-14. Tim Hatlestad is the instructor.
What’s going on with Operations?

    AAR is continuing to work on leasing out all of
     its available space.
    The Arizona Commercial Information Exchange
     is being promoting and data is being populated.
    Investments per the approved revised AAR
     investment policy are underway.
    A work group to look at future application of
     Quality of Life focus for the Association through
     a possible Pro Arizona effort is being formed
Governmental Activities
  REALTOR® Town Hall sessions and 2006
   Legislative Policy development planning is
   underway. (See calendar for dates.)
  A review of the FPC and Congressional
   contact/visits is in process.
  2005 Legislative Session information on
   key issues is being prepared. Look for it
   soon in the ARD and online. .
  Don’t forget to register with NAR’s Call
   Center (the NAR goal is 50%).
Information Management Activities

   Released the 8-page introduction to the
   New Residential Purchase Contract and
   sent to every member in Arizona.
  AAR has several thousand extra copies
   available for local associations and firms
   for free (contact Diane Cole at (602) 248-
   7787 or
Technology and Public Relations

  In April, held the successful Technology
   Forum on the topic "The Paperless
   Office: From Fiction to Fact."
  Worked with the Phoenix Association
   and the Phoenix fire department to
   publicize their joint pool safety initiative.
  Coordinating consumer-oriented
   interviews by AAR leadership on TV
   channels 3 and 15.
Workplace Study
 This study will include:
  Envisioning and exploring what the real estate
   ‘Workspace’ might be in the future.
  A wide range of ideas, such as the possible
   convergence of online transaction platforms,
   electronic contracts, outside data, and Multiple
   Listing Services
  Other value-added functions that might be part
   of an online real estate Workspace
  Views from the varied perspectives of agent,
   broker, association, MLS, and client, including,
   broker/agent, agent/agent, and
   association/agent communication systems.
More on the Workplace Study
  This first session will be facilitated by Mr.
   Richard Mendenhall, CCIM, a past President
   of NAR and a person considered to be highly
  AAR's intent is not to solve the equation in this
   first all-day session, but to identify the
   stakeholders, issues, and objectives that need
   to be considered from each of their
   perspectives in order to envision the ideal
   Workspace for the Best Prepared Real Estate
   Practitioner with the Highest Standards.
Upcoming Events
 7 The Immigration Puzzle, an Arizona International
     Real Estate Council event
 9 Education Outreach Casa Grande
 10 Education Outreach SEVRAR
 13-14 - Education Outreach Flagstaff
 13-14 – CCIM Intro - Sedona
 21 Education Outreach Scottsdale
 4 REALTOR® Town Hall, Tucson
 11 REALTOR® Town Hall, Phoenix
 25 REALTOR® Town Hall, Flagstaff
Upcoming Events

 13-15 Governor’s Affordable Housing
       Forum, Carefree
 14    Industry Partners Conference,
       Orange Tree Golf Resort,
 22    Legislative Policy Delegate Body
       Session (location TBA)
Upcoming Events

 26-31 NAR Conference/Expo, San

 9-10 Leadership
      Conference/Inaugural, Black
      Canyon Conference
How to Get Involved

 Work Group selections for 2006 will begin in
   late summer and early fall in 2005
 How to get involved?
  Talk to others who are involved
  Talk to your local leaders and staff
  Speak up at meetings/classes
AAR Member Profile

  Describes AAR group functions
  Requests your areas of interest
  Profile is found at:
  Fill one out today and fax it to:
Questions on any of these
programs or services?
   Contact AAR at 602-248-7787, 1-
   800-426-7274 or

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