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									                                                                                                    March 2010

                       REALTOR® INSIGHT

Nearly 200 Ohio REALTORS®, including 8 members of the Firelands Association of REALTORS®, gathered for the
Ohio Association of REALTORS® Legislative Conference to discuss issues affecting Ohio’s property owners and to
meet with legislators to review issues of local concern. The Conference was March 2-3 at the Columbus Renaissance

The Honorable Thomas Moyer, Chief Justice, Ohio Supreme Court, served as the Conference’s opening keynote

Those who attended the two-day conference and pictured above from the left were Scott Biechele, Vacationland Realty,
Inc.; Leonard Partin, Jack Bradley Realty; Jeff Berquist, President, Stadtmiller Realty; Tammy Steinle, Wendt Key
Team Realty; Ruth DeHenning, CEO; State Representative Dennis Murray; Glenda Ward, Jack Bradley Realty and
Leonard Partin, Jack Bradley Realty. Absent from the picture was District 2 Senator Mark Wagoner, who did attend a
dinner meeting with the group from Firelands.
                                                                                                  REALTOR® INSIGHT

REALTOR® Insight                    OBJECTIVE                                NEW MEMBERS

                                    FAR’s REALTOR® Insight is pub-           Martin V. Carlysle, RE/MAX Quality Realty,
The REALTOR® Insight is the offi-   lished by and for the education infor-
                                                                             Sandusky, OH
cial publication of the Firelands   mation and benefit of its members        Tarina Oglesby, Stadtmiller Realty, Sandusky,
Association of REALTORS®, 2710      and devoted to news of the real es-      OH
Campbell Street, Sandusky, OH       tate industry and other related and      David Tully, Stadtmiller Realty, Sandusky, OH
44870.                              allied interest.
                                                                             Dawn Ousley, Danhoff Donnamiller Realty,
The Firelands Association serves                                             LLC, Willard, OH
five counties:                      Advertisements of general interest
                                    are accepted, but in no way should be    New MLS Office
Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky       construed as an endorsement by the
and Seneca.                         Firelands Association of REAL-           Daniel J. DiSalle, DiSalle Real Estate Co., Mau-
                                                                             mee, OH
                                    TORS®. FAR makes every effort to
                                    ensure the accuracy of the informa-      MLS Salesperson
OFFICERS                            tion published but assumes no re-
                                                                             Ann Mahon, DiSalle Real Estate Co., Maumee,
Jeff Berquist, President            sponsibility for damages due to er-      OH
                                    rors or omissions.
Donna Schoonmaker, Vice Presi-
dent                                All copies for publication should be
David Biechele, 2010 Treasurer      sent to the Editor by the 20th of each
                                    month, rates available upon request.
Ruth DeHenning, CEO
                                    All copies submitted are subject to
                                    editing at the Editors discretion.
Dianne Level, 2010                  Executive Officer/Publisher
Tony Leber, Affiliate               Ruth DeHenning RCE
                                    E-mail: Rdehenning@aol.com
Sara Wingart. 2012
Anthony Taylor, 2012                MLS Administrator
                                    Linda James
Norma Schaechterle, 2012            E-mail: Linda@faor.com
Tammy Steinle, 2010
                                    Admin. Assistant/Web Admin.
Scott Biechele, 2012
                                    Connie Knerr
Joanne Berardi, 2012                E-mail: Connie@faor.com
Leonard Partin, Past President

                                                           Billing Changes

                             We began billing the Special Assessments in quarterly installments in March. Of-
                             fices will be billed $66 per agent due April 1st.

                             In June 2010, you will be billed for $65 (1/2 yr) Participation Fee. This will be due
                             by July 1st. Your MLS Participation will not be due again until July 1, 2011.
        Mark Your Calendars

                March 2010
18                               CE—9 AM—3:30 PM, REALTOR® Hall

23        Member Services Committee Meeting, 1:30 PM, REALTOR® Hall

23                 RPAC Committee Meeting, 2:30 PM, REALTOR® Hall

25                          Directors Meeting, 9:30 AM, REALTOR® Hall

25      Community Service Committee Meeting, 1:00 PM, REALTOR® Hall

31                             CE– 10 AM—2:30 PM, REALTOR ® Hall

                 April 2010
2                             Good Friday, Board Office will close at Noon

6                                 CE, 9 AM—3:30 PM, REALTOR® Hall

10-11                               REALTOR® Nationwide Open House

14                            REP Luncheon—More details available soon

16-20                                 AE National Meetings—Quebec City

29                               CE—9 AM—2:30 PM, REALTOR® Hall

                 May 2010
5                REP—All Area Auditors, 9 AM Breakfast at Board Office,

10-15                                          Washington, D.C. Meetings

18                             Affiliate Appreciation BBQ, Shaffoe Shelter

20                                                         RPAC Auction

22-29                                              Resort Properties Week

23-25                                    Spring Meetings—Hilton, Easton

31                                   Memorial Day—Board Office Closed
                                                                                                              REALTOR® INSIGHT

                                                                                     5 reasons to hold an Open

                                                                                     1. The odds are low but sometimes
                                                                                        open houses lead to a sale.
                                                                                     2. Home sellers like them. They
                                                                                        like seeing their real estate profes-
                                                                                        sional working hard for them.
                                                                                     3. Visitor feedback is good for sell-
                                                                                     4. Other real estate practitioners tour
                                                                                        open houses and they sometimes
                                                                                        produce sales.
                                                                                     5. Open houses engage people, in-
                                                                                        cluding friends and neighbors
                                                                                        who might bring in a buyer.

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                                                                                 common sense lenders focused on doing
                                                                                  what is best for our customers and our
                                                                                 •   Conventional
                                                                                 •   FHA

   Teresa Joseph           Tony Leber, AVP,              Cheryl DeVore
                                                                                 •   First Time Home Buyers
AVP, Mortgage Lending   Mortgage Banking Officer     Mortgage Banking Officer    •   Ohio Housing
    419-483-7340            Sandusky Office        Catawba Office 419-797-7340
                             419-621-7340                                        •   Welcome Home Program

                                                    The committees have been busy
        Mark Your Calendars…
                                                  meeting getting their agendas ready
         April 10 & 11,2010                       for this years events.

                                                    The Member Services Committee
       Showcase your listings prior to the tax
       credit expiring in this Nationwide         has decided to change their Affiliate
       Open House Weekend.                        Tribute Breakfast to a new Affiliate
       Invite your buyers to “look for the blue   BBQ and Picnic Supper in the new
       balloons” the weekend of April 10-11!      Shaffoe Shelter on May 18th. The
       Tell them to look for the blue REAL-
       TOR balloons on yard signs that week-
                                                  special surprise of the evening will
       end—OAR will be shipping balloons          be the world famous “ Berardi
       to local Boards/Associations in mid-       French Fries.”
       March that REALTORS can pick up
       for free and display on their signs to
       indicate the home is OPEN!                   RPAC has set the date for their
                                                  Live and Silent Auctions Fund
       This event is timed to help you get
       more inventory under contract BE-          Raiser for May 20th. It’s always a
       FORE the tax credit expires on April       good season, to support RPAC.
                                                    We have lots of CE hours sched-
                                                  uled for April and May. If you need
                                                  hours or not, these sessions are full
                                                  of good information, nothing wrong
                                                  with taking classes, just to learn

                                                    Don’t forget the “Grand Open-
                                                  ing” of the Shaffoe Shelter on July
                                                  20th, we will be hosting an Erie
        Update your winter listing
                                                  County Chamber of Commerce
         photos with fresh Spring                 Business After Hours.

           Condolences to the
           families of

           Carol Houlett,, Bolte Real

           H. Howard Printy, father
           of Sally Routh of Cold-
           well Banker Routh Realty
                                                         MLS NEWS
           Jane Rhoad, Former REAL
           TOR®, March 2010             Idea Lab:
                                            Rapattoni launched a new online community for
                                        MLS staff members. Rapattoni customers will have
           Becky Olrick, wife of Ron    the ability to contribute, discuss, track and even vote
           Olrick                       on ideas for the Rapattoni system. Staffers are also
                                        able to search through ideas submitted by other cus-
                                        tomers, add feedback through comments, and give
                                        “kudos” to ideas they like. The more “kudos” given
                                        to an idea, the higher that idea will rise on the Idea
                                        Lab’s list. The top ideas will be visible with a sin-
                                        gle click and will be used by Rapattoni management
                                        team to help guide the future of the Rapattoni MLS
                                        software. So if you have any ideas or suggestions
                                        you would like added, please email or fax your ideas
                                        to the Board Office.

                                        Condo Listings:
                                            When you enter a Condo listing, the PROPERTY
                                        SUBTYPE should be CONDOMINIUM. Property
                                        Subtype is a REQUIRED field, BUT you should not
                                        use both of the property subtype fields.
                                            A lot of agents have complained when searching
                                        for a condo, that residential house listings also show
                                        up. This is because when a Condo listing is entered,
                                        the agent/office assistant is entering in the Property
                                        Subtype 1) condominium and in Property Subtype
                                        2) residential house (or vise versa).
                                            This will also hold true to MOBILE HOMES and
                                        BOATHOUSES. So unless you want your
                                        CONDO, MOBILE HOME or BOATHOUSE to
                                        show up in both searches, PLEASE do not use both
                                        of the Property Subtypes.

                           Ottawa County
                           Charitable Trust
                   The Trustees of the Trust met at Mon Ami
                   on Friday, March 5th for their annual face to
                   face meeting. Those present were: Glenda
                   Ward, Jeff Morgan, Marti Redmond, Judy
                   Twarek, Bernie Hammer and Ruth DeHen-
                   ning, CEO. Deanna Johnson was absent.

                   Two Trustees terms were ending, a motion
                   was made, seconded and passed to appoint
                   Glenda Ward and Jeff Morgan each to 3
                   year terms.

                   They have received scholarship applications
                   from Port Clinton and Danbury High
                   Schools, they are checking with Oak Harbor
                   to see if their applications have been com-
                   pleted. They will review the applications
                   and then decide which students (1 from each
                   school) will receive the Annual $1.000

                   There being no further business the meeting
                   was adjourned.
              REALTOR® INSIGHT

   REP Schedule 2010

March 10th—Big Brothers/Big Sis-
ters with Amy Roldan. Sandusky
Yacht Club $15. Buffet/Lunch

April 14th—Artisans Tour, Lunch-
eon—More details available soon.

May 5th—Auditors Panel….HOW
much is my house worth? Auditors
from all of our counties. Breakfast
Meeting, 9 a.m. at the Board Office.

July 14th—Christmas in July, Peg
Blanton’s cottage Pot Luck Dinner.

Oct. 28th—Charity Auction/Italian
Cook-Off, Board Office Dinner, 5:00

                                            Chamber of Commerce
                                            Business After Hours—
                                        Grand Opening of Shaffoe Shelter

                                           July 20th 5:15 to 7:00 p.m. -
                                            Hug Your REALTOR Week
                                We will be hosting a business after hours to introduce our New Shaffoe
                               Shelter and also provide tours of our current facility. Many different com-
      mittees, members and friends will be asked to help in this event. We will have fun, food and
      prizes for all in attendance. How about a nice big sign (since it is National Hug somebody week)
      HUG YOUR REALTOR…? Sound interesting.

        Keep your calendar open for the evening of July 20th. We will have a D.J. along with some
      home grown entertainment. Do you have a talent you would like to show off? Call or email
      Ruth at the board office.


                     Month                       Average Sales Price   Number of Sales
            Jan. 1, 2009—Jan. 31, 2009                 $97,487               89

            Jan. 1, 2010—Jan 31, 2010                 $117,309              103

      So far 30 boards in Ohio are participating in the
      Nationwide Open House event!

      Here is the list:

      1.    Ashland Board of REALTORS®
      2.    Ashtabula County Board of REALTORS®
      3.    Athens County Board of REALTORS®
      4.    Beaver Creek Area Association of REALTORS®
      5.    Belmont County Board of REALTORS®
      6.    Bucyrus Board of REALTORS®
      7.    Cambridge Board of REALTORS®
      8.    Cincinnati Board of REALTORS®
      9.    Cleveland Area Board of REALTORS®
      10.   Columbus Board of REALTORS®
      11.   Darke County Board Association of REALTORS®
      12.   Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®
      13.   Firelands Association of REALTORS®
      14.   Galion Board of REALTORS®
      15.   Greater Portsmouth Area Board of REALTORS®
      16.   Hamilton Fairfield Oxford Board of REALTORS®
      17.   Heartland Board of REALTORS®
      18.   Lake & Geauga Area Board of REALTORS®
      19.   Lancaster Board of REALTORS®
      20.   Licking County Board of REALTORS®
      21.   Marietta Board of REALTORS®
      22.   Northwestern Ohio Board of REALTORS®
      23.   Marion Board of REALTORS®
      24.   Portage County Association of REALTORS®
      25.   Stark County Association of REALTORS®
      26.   Steubenville Area Board of REALTORS®
      27.   Toledo Board of REALTORS®
      28.   Warren Area Board of REALTORS®
      29.   Wayne-Homes Association of REALTORS®
      30.   Youngstown Columbiana Association of REAL-

FAR Profiles—Joe Hayberger
                    Joseph A. Hayberger was born in Lorain, Ohio under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. He is a
                    REALTOR® with Strayer Group. His family members include his wife Kathy, sons
                    Troy (wife-Kerry-Madison and Hannah) and Trevor (wife Wendy—Hunter, Mason and

                    Joe knew he wanted to be a REALTOR® when his fascination with older homes led to a
                    desire to begin a new career. Fate, divine intervention, pushed him into being an Educa-
                    tor, however, he chose to be a REALTOR®. He has been very blessed to enjoy the bene-
                    fits of both careers.

Joe got his license back in the old days. Not exactly sure when, 1976. When he is not working he enjoys
movies, music, dancing, sports (playing and watching) and time with the family and grandkids. What sur-
prises people most about me is that despite bad knees, he can still play a very good game of basketball. His
pet peeve is being caught by the trains on Venice Road! The last book he read was Becoming an Invitational
Leader: A New Approach to Professional and Personal Success. Most people don’t know that he is shy, if
you believe that then he has a bridge to Canada he would like to sell you!

His next personal goal he is working on is an on-going occurrence….continue to learn and get better. Joe
feels the three words that best describe him are Inquisitive, Listener and Forthright. If he were not working
now, he would be taking a long overdue vacation. His favorite restaurant is a tough choice since he has
three—Better Half, Jolly Doughnuts and Port Sandusky.

Joe feels the benefits of his membership in FAR is the opportunity to network with all in order to become
better in all aspects of real estate.

Firelands Association of REALTORS®
2710 Campbell Street
Sandusky, OH 44870

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