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					    ASIS –Private Security Services Council
Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                                          January 2009

                             Vice-Chairman’s                       INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                                                                       1   Vice - Chairman’s Corner
                             Christina Duffey, CPP
                                Vice-Chairperson                       2   PSSC Accomplishments
                            Private Security Services
                                                                       3   How Much Security is Enough?
                                                                       4   The Security Officer Who Changed History
 Private Security Service Council
 Council Vice-Chair Report
 Private Security Service Council
 COUNCIL VICE-CHAIR REPORT                                             Private Security Service Council
                                                                       2009 MEMBERSHIP REPORT
 As 200 8 co mes to an e nd, the Private Secu rity Service s           ********************************************
 Council (PSSC) reflects on its many accomplishments this              Dana Adams, CPP
 year. With the council’s growth to 25 active members, we              Neal Alexander
 added several distinguished security ex perts to our roster           Dennis Blass, CPP
 of which brin g a variety of experien ce and edu cation to            Bruce Brownyard
 our projects. This will surely go down as one of the most             Steven Bucklin
 active memb ership recruiti ng years for the Cou ncil which           Sandra Davies
 is now represented with 14 CPP s and 1 PSP along with                 Geoffrey Davis
 additional international members taking their place o n the           Rocco DeFelice, CPP
 Council. With the laun ching of this ve ry newsletter this            Lisa Dolan, CPP
 year, we have spent much time re-focusing on the Council              Christina Duffey, CPP
 membership criteria, in cluding th e implem entation of               Jason Hamilton, CPP
 membership agre         ements outlini   ng pa    rticipation         Donald Jordan, CPP
 commitments, involvement on coun cil committees and the               Gary Kuty
 advancement of our missi on to be an active and e xpert               Michael Lehner
 group of i ndividuals th at are loo ked to        by ASIS             Rick Massimei
 International’s me mbers as subject matter expe rts in all            Kimberly Matich
 private secu rity matters. Thro ugh o ur Coun cil Bro chure,          Jim O'Neill, CPP
 which shows each mem ber’s biography, you will see the                Mark Porterfield, CPP
 wealth of     knowledge of     our disti nguished Council             Timothy Pritchard, CPP
 members who will continue to tackled many important                   Vincent Ruffolo
 projects in 2009 and beyond.                                          Jim Sellers, CPP
                                                                       James Taff, CPP
                                                                       Ned Treanor, CPP
                                                                       Edinen Usoroh, CPP
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                                                      Newsletter   1
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Our continued participation on the Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guidelines review committee
this year h as allo wed for us to br ing con structive feedba ck o n the Guidel ines that imp act ou r indu stry’s
businesses greatly. We al so began work on seeking funding for the Security Officer T ask Analysis which will
help identify the necessary information on giving important and continued feedback on the Guidelines. We also
began an important process of presenting a national award for consideration by the Board of Directors that has
the de sired outcome to recognize se curity p rofessionals on a nation al lev el that ma ke si gnificant and
outstanding contributions to the industry by either daily or significant contributions. This Award will be named in
honor of Ral ph Day, CPP, a long ti me member of the PSSC and a recognized                 security ex pert who has
dedicated his life to the professionalism of the security industry.

Going into th e Ne w Yea r, the Cou ncil has developed seve ral n ew committee s that will in clude Legi slative,
Historian, and ASIS Liaison whi ch we believe will help serve the general memb ership with access to
information and resources critical to advancing our profession. Our winter meeting will be held in Napa Valley,
California on February 13 where the council will continue the many projects on our agenda. Our Council will
see ne w le adership with Sandi Davies co ntinuing a s Chairperson in 2 009, Gary Kuty mov ing into th e Vice-
Chairperson role and Lisa Dolan, CPP taking on the Secretary responsibilities. We wish you much success and
prosperity in the coming year.

Happy New Year!
Christina Duffey, CPP
Private Security Services Council

     Private Security Service Council
     Achievements/Accomplishments                              PSSC Council Vision and Mission
    Produced FIRST/INAUGRAL Council
    Produced COUNCIL brochure which
     highlighted all Members of the Council along
     with our GOALS and OBJECTIVES.
    Researched and developed an AWARD for
     consideration for ASIS INTERNATIONAL.
           Ralph Day Security Officer of the Year
    Researched and developed a Proposal
     for consideration to the ASIS FOUNDATION
     on a project to do a SECURITY OFFICER
    Developed a Sub Committee which assisted in
     the ASIS INTERNATIONAL PSO Guidelines
     REVIEW COMMITTEE. Provided input to this
     and was involved in the telephone conference
    Increased Council size by 100% originally 12
     Members and now have 26 with a waiting list.
    Participated in the 2008 ASIS International
     Seminar and Convention in the following
           Booth
           Network Luncheon
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                                                  Newsletter    2
                                                                      How Much Security is enough?
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 Developed a policy regarding MEMBERSHIP to                 Property owners a nd security m anagers ofte n
  the Council in terms of Council size and                   struggle with the question, “How much security is
  structure.                                                 enough?” Mo st prope rty owne rs want to do th e
             Developed a Council VOLUNTEER                  right thing but must m ake trade offs between
       COMMITMENT policy.                                    security an d other d emands o n their resources.
             Developed a Council VOLUNTEER                  The courts h ave not provided m uch g uidance i n
       CRITERIA policy.                                      this matter leaving property owners confused and
             Developed a variety of form letters to         worse, exposed. Changes are in th e wind, in fact
       better communicate with the following:                the chan ges have fo r t he mo st p art already
                   1. Inquirie s                             occurred a nd w e are s imply w aiting to s ee th eir
                   2. Welcome to the Council                 impact.
                   3. Thank you for serving the
              Council                                        Ready acce ss to information a nd publi shed
                   4. Requesting resignation from            standards m ay not dire ctly answer th e que stion
              Council                                        “how much security” but they most certainly clarify
                   5. Thank you for stopping at              the issue of what is not enoug h. By staying
              our BOOTH at ANNUAL                            aware of the information in the public domain and
                                CONVENTION.                  standards p ublished by ASIS          International,
 Developed a complete ORGANIZATIONAL                        property owners and security managers can ta ke
   CHART matrix of Council                                   reasonable steps to keep others from harm.
 Developed eight SUB COMMITTEES
          1. Membership                                      A recent headline in ASIS’s Security Management
          2. Legi slative                                    Weekly may be a harbin ger of thing s to come.
          3. Ne wsletter                                     The headline, from the Miami He rald News re ad,
          4. ASIS Liaison                                    “$8 million awarded in a North Mi ami Beach
          5. Public Relations                                shooting death.” Th e award followed a weeklong
          6. Seminar/Education and Training                  civil trial in Miami-Dade Ci    rcuit Court. T    he
          7. Histo rian                                      lawyers fo r the family argued th at the pro perty
          8. Special Projects and Awards                     owners faile d to provide adequate security at an
           Appointed SUB COMMITTEE                          apartment co mplex. Attorneys for th e pro perty
              CHAIRS.                                        owner denied wron gdoing. Nothi ng really n ew
           Hosted a COUNCIL meeting in                      here. Wh at is ne w is the plaintiff’s lawyers were
              Naples, Florida in Spring of 2008.             able to pro duce p olice records indi cating that
           Hosted a COUNCIL meeting in                      there had been 24 burglaries, nine assaults, three
              Puerto Rico in June 2008.                      shootings an d two ro bberies at the apartm ent
           Hosted a COUNCIL meeting in                      complex between 2002 and 2006. Herein lies the
              Atlanta in September 2008.                     problem, and perhaps the beginning of a solution.
           Hosted a MONTHLY telephone
              conference with Council.                       The plaintiff’s attorneys were abl e to get spe cific
           Plans to HOST a MONTHLY                          information concerning crime at th e add ress
              meeting in NAPA VALLEY in                      where the incid ent occu rred. This provide          d
              February 2009.                                 evidence of f oreseeability unde r p remises liability
                                                             law. Premi se liability is an area of law that holds
                                                             property o wners responsible for i ncidents that
                                                             occur on their property due to unsafe conditions.

                                                             Foreseeability is a legal th eory that holds property
                                                             owners responsible if th e o wner has re ason to
                                                             anticipate a criminal a ct and fails to exerci    se
                                                             reasonable care to guard against the risk of harm.
                                                             In the days before th e p roliferation of databa ses
                                                             getting this level of data was often not possible or
                                                             difficult at best.

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                                                Newsletter    3
                                        The Security Officer Who Changed History

The role of a s ecurity officer i n today’s society is freq uently tenuous at be st. Not quite p olice officers, the me n and women
serving in th e private s ecurity i ndustry o perate in a large gray are a. T hey ar e resp onsible for pr otecting b oth hum an an d
physical assets, but possess limited powers to insure the adequacy of such protection.

Couple this with the fact that securit y officers are often the focus of humor (the John Candy movie "Armed and Dangerous"
immediately c omes to min d) and b ad press (Oklahoma City bomber T im McVeig h at one p oint worked in th e se curity
industry), and those in the profession may be left wondering if the job they are doing is worthwhile. I can assure you that it
is. And while s ome ma y be s keptical, per haps the stor y of F rank W ills will ch ange your pers pective of both the s ecurity
officer’s role and importance in society.

On the night of June 16, 1 972, Frank Wills arrived at work to begin his midnight shift in the bu ilding complex where he was
a sec urity offic er. After lo gging in, W ills began his first sch eduled b uilding tour. S hortly thereafter, h e discovered tha t th e
locks of t wo doors on the si xth and eighth floors had been tampered with. They were taped and stuffed with paper so t hey
would rema in open without u sing a k ey. W ills remov ed th e tape a nd paper an d n otified his imme diate sup ervisor of the
discovery. He was advis ed to check the lo cks on the other fl oors as well. If the y were found to be taped, somet hing
suspicious was obviously afoot; if not, then perhaps the tapings were the forgotten remnants of maintenance personnel who
had been working in the area at some other point in the day.

Approximately an hour and a half later, Wills was on the eighth floor and discovered that the door lock he originally found to
be tampered with was no w retaped. Wills decided to call th e security officer from the pre vious shift to ascertain if he h ad
observed any taped doors while on tour. The officer said that he had not.

Wills onc e ag ain notifi ed h is supervisor a nd shortl y t hereafter, local p olice were s ummoned to th e sce ne. Upo n arriv al, a
brief discussion took place between the police and security and then Wills, three policeman and two other security officers
took the stairwell to the eighth floor. A cursory search of the eighth floor yielded nothing. The men then went downstairs and
searched the seventh floor, but once again with negative results. On the sixth floor, however, their luck would change.

As the police and security officers entered the offices on the sixth floor they found five men hiding behind desks there. What
seemed strang e at the time was that the men were wearing bus iness suits and rub ber gloves. T hey were subse quently
arrested and taken to jail.

Now this may seem like an interesting story about a security officer who did his job well and as a result, was instrumental in
the capture of five burglars. But the ramifications of Wills’s actions would change the course of history in the United States.
You see, i n 1972 Frank Wills worked at the Watergate co mplex in Washington, DC, and the bur glars were found hiding in
the offices of the Democratic National Committee. Over the next two years, investigations conducted by both the authorities
and press would follow a twisted trail that led from the burglars right to the door step of the President of the United States.
So devastating was Wills’s discovery that on August 9, 1974 the thirty seventh president, Richard M. N ixon, resigned from

Wills would have a sm all brush with fame after the Waterg ate fallout that included playing himself in the 1976 movie, "All
The President’s Men." When he died in 2000 from brain cancer, at the age of 52 in Augusta, Georgia, his picture appeared
in T ime magazine’s Mi lestones section. W ills was descr ibed as the "k een e yed form er W atergate security guard who
discovered the break-in that led to Richard Nixon’s resignation."

The private se curity in dustry is ever-c hanging and ev olving. Ne w technologies su pplant the old with such increasing
frequency and stunning diversity that ke eping up with changes is often a mind numbing task. But the fact remains th at the
individual s ecurity officer has bee n, an d will contin ue to be for the for eseeable f uture, an i ntegral a nd critical part of this
evolution. Effe ctive asset pr otection c annot be accom plished without motivated, well train ed sec urity officers being a
functional part of the overall strategy.

From a security officer’s p erspective, per haps ans wering pho nes in co ntrol centers, attemptin g to assist sometimes irate,
ungrateful customers with problems and walking building tours may not seem like worthwhile endeavors. But they are, in
fact, necessary. Your work does make a difference. One need look no further than the example of Frank Wills,
a security off icer who dilig ently we nt a bout p erforming hi s duties one lon ely midnight shift and chan ged the
course of history.

(Note: Regarding the above descriptions of Frank Wills’s actions taken during the night of the Watergate break-in: Portions
were d erived from the bo ok, "Sile nt Cou p: T he Removal of a President," b y Len Co lodny a nd R obert Gettlin. St Martin ’s
Press, 1991.)

About the author: Eric Harne, CPP is a security consultant specializing in communications. He can be reached

                                                            Newsletter     4
                                                                 More g uidelines a nd sta ndards a re i n the wo rks.
    continued from page 3
                                                                 ASIS International’ s guid elines a nd standards vetting
   Today, alm ost eve rything that      happens i s              process insure that tho se who follow these works are
   recorded and stored in an easy to a ccess data                exercising a reasonable effort to prote ct othe rs f rom
   base. The only trick is finding the database that             harm.
   holds the d ata and tha t is seld om difficult.
   Computer appli cations can so rt through                      Property owners and security managers will p robably
   enormous a mounts of d ata and tell u s exa ctly              continue to strug gle with the questio n, “Ho w mu ch
   how many, how far, and how long; and do it in a               security is enough?” Awareness of the data available
   matter of minutes if not seconds. This changes                to the public and adhe rence to guid elines pu blished
   the principle problem of foreseeability from                  by organi zations such as ASIS International provid e
   evidence coll ection to evi dence inte rpretation,            an answer that is both reasonable and defendable.
   which will probably always lie within in the
   purview of a jury.                                            Dennis Blass, CPP, PSP, CFE
                                                                 Corporate Director of Quality Assurance
  Another a sset in the hands of plaintiffs is the               Security Engineers, Inc.
= internet. If one were to Go ogle “p remise           
  liability” on December 2, 2008 at approximately
  noon, Google would return 1,430,000 hits. This
  tool enable s victims to locate othe rs who can
  provide evidence of fo reseeability. It also
  provides i nformation o n the la w, common
  defenses used by p roperty owners, and as well
  as fa      ctual circum   stances     surrounding
  successful cases.

   There a re also advertisements of at torneys
   specializing i n such litigati on as well as victims
   using the internet to search for other victims.
   Property owners and security managers can get
   this inform ation as e asily as pote ntial plaintiffs.
   They ne ed o nly to loo k. On ce a pro blem i s
   identified it is usually si mple to co rrect. The
   courts do not requi re pe rfect security, only a
   reasonable effort to protect others from harm.
   Laws, sta ndards, guidelines a nd i ndustry best
   practices ar e a lso pr oviding p roperty o wners
   with informa tion that helps to answer th            e
   question, how much security is enough.

   ASIS International h as for several years
   published g uidelines on private secu rity officer
   selection a nd traini ng, informatio n asset
   protection, qualifications of chief    security
   officers, pre     -employment ba       ckground
   screening, workplace viol ence prevent ion and
   response, re sponse to Homel and S ecurity’s
   threat advisory system, and business continuity.

                                                      PSSC Newsletter 5

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