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					Welcome to PowerPoint 2003
Using Templates

• To use a slide template, just go to
  Format >> Slide Design.
• Many design templates will appear
  in the right pane.
• This template (“chalk”) is from
  Design Templates on Microsoft
  Office Online.
Adding New Slides

• To add a new slide, go to Insert >>
  New Slide
• If you need a different layout for the
  new slide, go to Format >> Slide
  Layout. You can choose your
  layout from the pane on the right.
Custom Animation

• Go to Slide Show >> Custom
• In the Custom Animation pane, click
  Add Effect.
• Choose Entrance >> More Effects
  (this will show you the entire list of
  fun effects).
Custom Animation

• This text is entering with the Thread
• It is set to enter on a mouse click
  instead of automatically
Custom Animation

• If you want animation to be
  automatic, change the Start option
  under Modify Effect (in the Custom
  Animation pane).
• These animations are set to occur
  after the previous action.
• The speed is set at Fast.
Custom Animation

• To slow down animation, change
  the Speed option under Modify
• To change the amount of time
  between automatic animation, click
  the drop-down arrow next to the
  animation (in the Custom Animation
  pane) and choose Timing.
Custom Animation

• PowerPoint 2003 has the added
  feature of animations for exit and
• It also has Motion Paths – free
  hand animation of objects!

         can’t sit still!!
            Hi! Later!!
       I See YaI’m here!!
Inserting Movies

• To Insert movie clips, go to Insert
  >> Movies and Sounds.
• From the clip organizer, just drag
  and drop.
  Inserting Movies
• You can also
  insert a saved
  movie clip
  (movie from file).
• PowerPoint
  will ask you if
  you want it to
   You can even add formatting just like still images.
Slide Transition

• To create slide transitions, go to
  Slide Show >> Slide Transition.
• Choose options for animation,
  speed, sound, and advancing.
Slide Transition

• You can choose to apply a
  transition to all slides or just one.
• Transitions affect the entrance of
  the slide.
Adding Sound
• To add sound to a slide, go to Insert >>
  Movies and Sounds.
• You can set the timing on sounds from
  Custom Animation.
• By the way, the little speaker symbol
  for the sound can be placed off of the
  page so it doesn’t show in the
Adding Sound

• To add music in the background of
  several slides, go to custom
  animation and Effect Options.
• This one is set to stop after 5 slides.

Adding Sound

Adding Sound

Adding Sound

Adding Sound

Adding Sound

• You can also add sound effects by
  going to Slide Show >> Action
• You can choose actions on a
  mouse click or just a mouse-over.
Editing Graphics

• PowerPoint will edit most clip art.
• Insert clip art and use the Picture
  Toolbar to edit the pic.
Editing Graphics

• If you want to save an image or
  picture, you can choose to Save As
  a .jpg (better for photos) or .gif
  (better for clip art).
• It will ask you if you want to save all
  slides or just one, so you can edit
  and save more than one pic at a
Setting up a show

• To set up a PowerPoint show for a
  specific audience, go to Slide Show
  >> Set Up Show.
• Options like screen size, looping,
  what slides to include, and control
  of advancement can let you tailor a
  single file for several shows.
Saving Your Presentation
• Save as a Presentation (.ppt) first – this
  is the file that you can edit easily.
• Save as a PowerPoint Show (.pps) for
  viewing only.
• Save as a Web Site (.htm or .html) to
  add your slides to the web. NOTE: most
  of the animation and transitions won’t
  work. NOTE2: You must keep the web
  page folder with the web page or your
  page won’t work!!!

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