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									                Vol. 31, No. 2       Friday, May 2, 2008          Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado 81235                    U.S.P.S. No. 436-630

Town Trustees Debate Future                                                                                           Project Success...
Operation of OHVs in Lake City
 Following the outcome of the April 1 municipal          operating in Lake City. The town currently has no
election, which posed a question on the use of off-      ordinances relating to the use of OHVs, relying on
highway vehicles (OHVs) in town limits, trustees         Colorado state law which prohibits OHVs on all
discussed the future of the vehicles in their April 16   public roadways in the state.
meeting.                                                   “An ordinance would firmly set in place the voters’
   The ballot question, which asked voters whether       wishes for no OHVs in town,” VonRiesen said. “It
the town trustees should consider allowing OHVs to       could be modeled after the ordinance used in the
operate on town streets, was voted down almost two       Town of Silverton.”
to one, with 118 votes against and 65 for allowing         “I think we have had problems with state statues
OHVs.                                                    being enforced last summer,” VonRiesen continued.
  The April 1 ballot was the third in 12 years with a    “We are under contract with the sheriff to enforce
question on allowing OHVs in town. Previous ballot       municipal ordinances. I think this is a good idea.”
questions, in elections in 1996 and 2004, had similar      VonRiesen distributed a copy of the Silverton
outcomes, with the majority of residents voting not      ordinance prohibiting OHVs to use as a blueprint for
to allow the off-road vehicles. The 2008 election had    a similar Lake City ordinance. Iiams voiced his
the widest margin of no to yes votes of all three        support for VonRiesen’s position, stating he is in
elections.                                               favor of an ordinance prohibiting OHVs. “It would
  During their Wednesday evening meeting, trustees       fit the town’s agreement with the sheriff to enforce
discussed potential actions the town could take          municipal ordinances.”
based on the election outcome. Mayor Larry Iiams           Newly elected trustee Pete Aldred countered Von
opened the discussion with his take, “We have a two      Riesen’s position, stating, “I don’t see any benefit in
to one vote that electors are against OHVs on our        an ordinance of this type. I prefer a more proactive,
town streets. Three times of saying no is enough.”       positive approach. Why do we need to go down that
  “Where do we go from here?” Iiams queried the          path when state statutes are already in place? We
board.                                                   need a more broader approach.”
  Audience member Greg Ochocki asked the board to          Aldred recalled the fact licensed OHVs are allowed
revisit a suggestion from last fall that the town        to operate in Lake City and told the board, “We need
provide an OHV parking area at the edge of town on       to figure out how to allow licensed OHVs to operate
County Road 20, on Henson Creek road. Currently          in town.”                                                       Lake City Community School students
an OHV staging area is provided by the county              Aldred’s comments referred to a 2004 Seventh              displayed an array of interesting creative
farther up CR 20, approximately one-half mile from       Judicial District Court ruling which allowed OHVs to        projects during the school’s annual project fair
town limits.                                             operate within the district if they are licensed as         display on April 24. Tanishia Mullen dressed the
  Ochocki suggested moving the parking area closer       vehicles from their home states. Currently 19 states        part of Sacajawea for her project on the Lewis
to the business district as one way the town could       license OHVs as automobiles, which must operate             and Clark translator and guide.
make OHV riders feel welcome. He said the parking        under traffic laws. The ruling was based on                                 -- photo courtesy Ruthanne File
site could contain signs and information from local      Colorado’s Interstate Compact Agreement, which
businesses, as well as a clear map directing people      allows licensed vehicles from other states to be
downtown. Trustee Henry Woods added the board            recognized as vehicles in Colorado. The ruling,
had already considered creating such a parking area      which Hinsdale County Sheriff Ron Bruce says is
next to the “Pumphouse Park” at the end of First and     binding in Lake City, only relates to areas within the
Bluff Streets.
  Trustee Roger VonRiesen said he would support a
                                                         Seventh Judicial District, in which Lake City is
                                                                                                                   DIRT Grant to
municipal ordinance that would prohibit OHVs from                                               continued page 2

                                                                                                                   Promote Historic
                                                                                                                   Property Ownership
                                                                                                                     Lake City Downtown Improvement and
                                                                                                                   Revitalization District (DIRT) has received a $1,500
                                                                                                                   National Trust for Historic Preservation grant
                                                                                                                   through the Hart Family Fund for Small Towns to
                                                                                                                   create an informational piece for potential and
                                                                                                                   existing historic property owners in Lake City.
                                                                                                                     Community partners include the Town of Lake
                                                                                                                   City, Hinsdale County, Hinsdale County Historical
                                                                                                                   Society, and local realty companies.
                                                                                                                     Only one of five projects selected nationwide, the
                                                                                                                   piece will describe the emotional, financial and
                                                                                                                   historicall benefits of preserving historic structures in
                                                                                                                   Lake City, according to DIRT Executive Director
                                                                                                                   Kristie Borchers.
                                                                                                                     “The information packet will describe the many
                                                                                                                   financial benefits to owning historic property in Lake
                                                                                                                   City and Hinsdale County,” Borchers said, “as well
                                                                                                                   as the guidelines for historic buildings set forth by
                                                                                                                   the Town of Lake City.”
                                                                                                                     At this time, no such publication exists that brings
                                                                                                                   all the current information together on the benefits of
                                                                                                                   purchasing or owning historic property that is
                                                                                                                   specific to the Lake City area, Borchers said.
      Lake City Community Health Fair provided low-cost and free health screenings to 279 people on                  Local realtors will distribute the guide to
   Saturday, April 26, at Lake City School. More than 50 volunteers helped with the event, including EMT           prospective property buyers, enabling them to
   Jerry Sharpe and other phlebotomists in the blood draw room (above). The annual health fair is sponsored        demonstrate the benefits of owning historic
   by Hinsdale Health Organization.                                                                                properties. Financial benefits include federal and
                                                                             -- photo courtesy Ray Blaum           state tax credits, low-income loans and other
                                                                                                                   financial incentives.
SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 2

Town OHVs,                                                    the future.” He suggested the town create guidelines
                                                              for the licensed OHVs allowed in town.
                                                                Sheriff Bruce said he believed the town must
                                                              follow the court’s ruling to recognize OHVs as
                                                                                                                         we can regulate the operation of the licensed OHVs
                                                                                                                         in any way.”

                                                                                                                           In other town business, trustees approved
continued from page 1                                         vehicles if they are licensed in their home state. He
                                                              added that the court ruling makes for a “unique
                                                                                                                         spending $16,380 on dust control for Lake City’s dirt
                                                                                                                         roads. The town will once again use X-Henson, a
                                                              situation” in Lake City. “We need the state to craft       plant-based product from EnviroTech Services Inc.,
                                                              legislation to make this work,” Bruce said. “Right         based in Greeley, Colorado.
 Aldred went on to say the town should “Get in front          now it is a mess.”                                          The town started using X-Henson last year, after
of this thing and manage it. For those OHVs that can            Sheriff Bruce said if Colorado chooses to license        using a variety of dust control measures and
operate here now and those that may be able to in             OHVs, then municipalities could make their own             products. According to EnviroTech, the product
                                                              laws regarding the vehicles.                               binds base materials together “while maintaining a
                                                                Bruce stated he would follow the direction of the        road surface that is flexible and water resistant.
                                                              trustees, stating “I will not cross wires with the board     Mayor Iiams called the product, “the greenest
                                                              again.” He told the board Colorado State Patrol will       product we can find out there.” The cost for the
                                                              ticket any OHV operating on a state highway,               application has not changed from 2007, and the

  Letters...                                                  whether the vehicle is licensed or not. On town
                                                              streets, Bruce said he gives a warning to unlicensed
                                                              OHV riders. If the same rider is contacted a second
                                                                                                                         product will be applied in the same amounts as last
                                                                                                                         summer, either .25 or .5 gallons per square yard, for a
                                                                                                                         total of 19,500 gallons. Application will take place in
                                                              time, a ticket is written. Licensed OHVs are               mid-June.
                                                              permitted to operate.                                        The trustees’ quick adoption of the X-Henson
                                                                Trustee Schuyler Denham said he did not feel the         proposal is a dramatic departure from dust control
Dear Grant,                                                   town should take the time to craft an ordinance that       discussions from years past, which often continued
  On April 6 I participated in a ski-a-thon fundraiser        would eventually be “unenforceable.” Woods said he         for weeks with emotional input from board members
for the Crested Butte Ski Club. I made 56 runs and            did not feel the town needed to craft an ordinance         and the public. Magnesium Chloride, used for dust
raised $425.80 for my ski team.                               prohibiting OHVs “right now.”                              control by the town for a number of years, was
   I want to recognize and thank all of the individuals         Audience member Mary Carkin questioned                   increasingly considered environmentally damaging.
and businesses who chose to support me in this                whether the court ruling would affect a municipal             In an effort to move away from the use of
event: Elaine (Oma) and Jerry (Gamper) Gray, Robert           ordinance prohibiting OHVs in Lake City.                   Magnesium Chloride, the town has used a mix of
(Grandpa) and Carolyn (Mimi) Hooper, Michelle and               The board decided to table the OHV discussion to a       Mag and Lignon Sulfate, a vegetable oil product,
Dan Murphy/Team Murphy Real Estate, Rosemary                  future meeting and invite town attorney Mike               street watering and – for three years – nothing.
Gentry, Linda Matthews/Back Country Navigator,                Schottlekottee to attend the meeting. “Mike can give         Woods said he is happy the town is no longer using
Russ Brown, Kathy Kent/Timberline Craftsman, Jud              his opinion on an ordinance vs. the court ruling,”         Magnesium Chloride, but added the expense of X-
and Marian Hollingsworth/Blue Spruce Building                 Town Manager Michelle Pierce said, “and tell us if         Henson is holding the town back from moving
Materials, Hinsdale County Title Co., Judy Gray,                                                                         forward with street surfacing, part of the town’s ten
John Jessee/Elkhorn Liquors, Sportsman’s Texaco,                                                                         year street master plan. “The money should be spent
Kerry Carl, Linda Ragle, Laurie Vierheller, John                                                                         elsewhere,” he said.
Benvenuto/Silver Spur, Keith and Nancy
Chambers/Country Store, Mandy Caldon/Sweet                      Time to come out of hibernation!                           Iiams countered, saying he believes the money is
                                                                                                                         well spent and that dust control is a health and safety
Peas, Craig Blakemore, Ron Bruce, Henry
Woods/Native Sun Construction, and Ray Blaum.
                                                                             Spring has sprung,                          issue. “We are going to continue to treat our roads
                                                                                                                         until we have more paved streets, which we are
  This past ski season I was a first year J4 racer,                             Or so they say.                          moving forward on.”
training in Crested Butte every Saturday and Sunday,
and traveling to Crested Butte, Purgatory,                               Get ready for the summer,
Powderhorn, Ski Cooper, and Loveland where I
raced in slalom, GS, and superG races.                            Join the AEROBICS class today!
  I love to ski, and I love to race! Your generosity
helps make it possible for me to participate as a                          M-W-F • 4:30 - 5:30 pm
member of this ski team, and I am very grateful!                        Pioneer Jubileers Womens Club
                                                Thank you!                         Questions?
                                         Solon Hooper-Gray
                                                 Lake City
                                                                         Call Public Health, 944-0321

                                                               2008 Third Street Boardwalk Project                            School Corner
                                                                It’s the boardwalk season in downtown Lake City,
                                                              and Third Street is bustling with activity as materials
                                                              are being staged for the bank and Silver Spur
   The Lake City SILVER WORLD (U.S.P.S. No. 436-630)
                                                              boardwalks. The boardwalk boys will be seen with
                                                              tape measures and notepads doing their planning.
                                                                Thanks to Roger VonRiesen for making a routing
                                                                                                                                       U 12 Team
                Published weekly on Fridays                   jig which Russ Brown and Alan Moore will use for
        $30 a year in Hinsdale & Gunnison Counties,
    $40 a year elsewhere by Silver World Publishing Co.,
                                                              the 125 plaque spaces. All the treated wood is being
                                                              air dried for two weeks and materials will be moved
                                                                                                                              1 and 3 pm in Montrose
    P.O. Box 100, Lake City, Colo. 81235 (970) 944-2515       courtesy of Blue Spruce. The path from the bank to
     Second Class Postage paid at Lake City, Colorado
           e-mail address:
                     FAX: 970-944-7009
                                                              the Armory is already installed. Kristie Borchers is
                                                              the woman behind the scenes who coordinates all the
                                                              details for a smooth-running project.
                                                                                                                              DC fundraiser
    POSTMASTER: Send address changes to SILVER WORLD
          P.O. BOX 100, LAKE CITY, COLO. 81235
                                                                 New sponsors for the Silver Spur section are David
                                                              Zirkle, Linda Henderson, Don and Norma Muncy,
                                                                                                                               Car Wash!
                                                              Edmond and Carol Wiczynski and Gene Brown of
                                                              WEBCO. Only 55 feet are left to sponsor and those
                                                                                                                                       Sat, May 10
       LAKE CITY AND HINSDALE COUNTY, COLORADO                will go quickly. This may be the last sponsored
                                                              boardwalks for a while, so don’t miss your chance.
                                                                                                                                       11 am - 2 pm
       Editor & Publisher Grant E. Houston
             Production Coordinator/
                                                                 Sponsored by Lake City DIRT Inc. 944-3478
                                                                                   Project Manager -
                                                                                                                                        Toy Wash
            Staff Writer - Sandy Hines                                                 Russ Brown 944-5009
                                                                                               Lake City Community School
            Bookkeeper - Alicia Bailey

 Signed articles and letters are the responsibility of the
 author and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
  the editor. Letters to the editor should be no longer
    than 800 words and will be edited at the editorʼs
   discretion for length. Letters should be pertinent to
                    community issues.

                                                                                                       Lake City School Students present a

                            2008                 2008
                                                                                                Poetry Performance
                      Best Real Estate
                                           Best Information
                                               Graphic                                  Thursday, May 8, Black Crooke Theatre. Free.
                                                                                  Local students will present their own poetry from workshops with
                                                                                           artist-in-residence Rosemerry Trommer. 7 pm.
                          2008                   2008
                                                                                                    Free & Fun. Everyone Welcome.
                       Best Special        Best Real Estate
                         Section            Advertisement
                                                                                  You can find a complete calendar online at
                                                                                                                         SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 3

                                                                                                                  time - is a tempting invitation to bears. A mother
                                                      DOW Says                                                    bear that eats trash teaches her offspring to do the
                                                                                                                     On the other hand, if a bear wanders through a

    Obituaries...                                     Colorado Bears                                              community and does not find anything to eat, it will
                                                                                                                  keep moving and go back out of town looking for
                                                                                                                  natural foods such as seeds, insects, edible plants,

                                                      Now Out of                                                  nuts, or berries.
                                                                                                                     Changing human behavior and removing common
                                                                                                                  attractants discourages bear visits that put both
                                                                                                                  humans and bears at risk.
Dorothy Monnet                                        Hibernation                                                    The DOW encourages residents to make property
                                                                                                                  "bear-resistant" by cleaning or removing any items a
                                                                                                                  bear might consider potential food sources.
  ... 75-year old Oklahoma City                         Mid-April, 2 a.m. -- A woman hears a loud noise             * Keep garbage in airtight containers inside a
                                                      and looks out the window to see a black bear sniffing       garage or storage area.
woman owned Wade’s Addition                           around her trash can. She secured the lid on the can          * Clean trash cans with ammonia to reduce odors
                                                      with a bungee cord. She watches as the bear lifts the       that attract bears.
seasonal home.                                        can and throws it. The lid flies off and the bear has         * Place garbage for pickup outside just before
                                                      found something to eat.                                     collection and not the night before.
  Long-time Lake City seasonal resident Dorothy          It's that time of year when Colorado's bears               * Use a bear-proof can or dumpster - if not
Bainbridge Monnet died in Oklahoma City,              emerge from hibernation. Male bears come out first.         available, ask your trash-removal company for
Oklahoma, on Monday, April 21, 2008, after            Depending on the weather and elevation, they start          options.
battling cancer for several months. She was 75        coming out in early to mid-April. If they don't find          * Take down bird feeders when bears are active. If a
years old.                                            green grass or new plant growth to eat, they might          bear finds a birdfeeder, it will look around the
  Mrs. Monnet and her husband, J. Charles             go back into the den. Females with cubs come out            neighborhood for other easy food within reach.
Monnet, own a spacious hillside home                  later, but they will all be out by May.                       * Do not leave pet food or dishes outdoors at night.
overlooking Wade’s Addition in south Lake City.          Every year, the Colorado Division of Wildlife            Store pet food inside in airtight containers.
The residence was originally built as a chalet        (DOW) receives phone calls from residents                     * Clean outdoor grills after each use. The smell of
hotel by the Jones                                    concerned about bears visiting their property. It ran       grease can attract bears, even when no food is
family in the                                         through my yard! It knocked over my trash! It was           present.
1960s, and during                                     on my deck! The stories usually end with a question,          * Never intentionally feed bears to attract them for
the Monnets’                                          "What should I do about it?"                                viewing. It is illegal to feed bears in Colorado.
multi-decade                                             In communities located in bear country, residents          Remember, "A fed bear is a dead bear." By making
ownership served                                      often have conflicting views about what to do. Most         food available to a bear, even a single time, teaches
as Charles and                                        people say, "learn to live with them," but some want        the bear to associate humans with food. Once a bear
Dorothy’s                                             bears moved "back where they belong."                       learns this association, it can become a returning
summer                                                   A hundred years ago, there were places in                nuisance and wildlife officers must destroy the bear.
residence, as well                                    Colorado where bears could live without coming in            An ounce of prevention is truly worth 200 pounds of
as the                                                contact with people, but today there are few places         cure.
headquarters for                                      left in bear habitat where people haven't built
frequent winter                                       subdivisions, campgrounds, or summer homes.
gatherings of                                            Given a choice, bears would just as soon avoid
family and                                            people, but there are not many far-away places to
friends.                                              move bears "back where they belong" anymore.
  The Monnets                                         Bears are territorial. Sometimes, bears return to
were active in the                                    where they were captured within days.
Lake City                                                As a result, the one of the best options left today is
                         Dorothy Jean Monnet
community,                                            for people to take precautions and learn to co-exist
including the 4-                                      with bears, and other wildlife.
wheelers jeep                                            To keep bears out of trash cans, garages and                               “Local agent for all
club, Lake City Community Arts Center, and
other area organizations.
                                                      homes, people should reduce the chance that bears
                                                      find easy food by removing attractants. Once a bear
                                                                                                                                      your insurance
  Born in Oklahoma City July 7, 1932, Dorothy         finds food in a location, it becomes programmed to                                 needs”
Jean Bainbridge was the adopted daughter of           continue looking for food in similar places. If that
Roger and Chloe Bainbridge. It was while
                                                                                                                                              Home - Auto
                                                      location is near people, the desire for easy food will
attending Oklahoma City’s Classen High School         replace its fear of humans.                                                            Rental Property
that Dorothy met her future husband, J. Charles          In all likelihood, the bear that was determined to         Laura Sharpe           Tenants - Business
Monnet. The couple married in 1953.                   get inside the trash can found food in a similar trash        Your agent in           ATV - RV - Boat
                                 continued page 6     can before. Leaving garbage out overnight - even one            Lake City.
                                                                                                                                              Builder’s Risk
                                                                                                                                           Umbrella Coverage

James P. Casey                                                 le Count
                                                                       y                                           Broadaxe Business Center, Suite 300

                                                        Hinsdac Health
                                                                                                                   Contact Laura Sharpe at 944-8000
  ... father of local woman, 79,                                                                                   
loved oceanside, mountain                                Publi                                                       Fax: 944-8015 •

  James P. Casey, 79, died in Tillamook, Oregon,
on February 26, 2008, following a battle with                                                                             P.O. Box 280, Lake City, CO 81235
                                                                                                                        (970) 944-8100 • (970) 944-2277 fax
cancer. James was born April 28, 1928, in Boston,                                                            •
Massachusetts, to Charles and Anna (Brown)
Casey. He served honorably in the U.S. Navy and                                                                        Ce le b r at ing O ur 3 0 th Ye a r!
then earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from
Brown University.
  He and Shirley Reidy married in 1952. He
worked as a mechanical engineer and manager in
Vermont, Michigan, California, and Oregon, first
retiring in 1995. After moving to Oceanside,
along the Oregon coast, he then served as a small
                                   continued page 6

                                                                                                                                    ON THE RIVER!
                                                                                                                     Located just South of Lake City on 1.26 acres.
                                                                                                                       This four bedroom, three bath home has a
                                                                                                                    wonderful open floor plan, lots of storage, wood
                                                                                                                    burning stove, hot tub and plenty of windows to
                                                                                                                    enjoy the excellent views of the Lake Fork of the
                                                                                                                         Gunnison River and Crystal Peak. Most
                                                                                                                        furnishings and an '81 Jeep Wagoneer are
                                                                                                                                  included in the price.
       Jim and Shirley Casey on a visit to
            American Basin in 2003.                                                                                                 $549,000
SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 4

                                                 LOCAL ITEMS
  Diane Bruce, owner/broker at United Country Blue
Moose Realty in Lake City, recently received the                      Wee Care in Lake City
Master Salesman Award based on the firm’s real                      Director      Ruthanne
estate sales in 2007. Sales Associate Dave Roberts was              Hake recently accepted
also honored as a recipient of the Pinnacle Club                    a $1,000 donation for
Award for his individual sales accomplishments last                 the child care center
year.                                                               from      Miners    and
  Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, United Country                Merchants          Bank
Realty was established in 1925 to serve the rural real              president Paula Davis.
estate market. The company now encompasses more                     The bank’s money will
than 700 offices throughout the nation.                             be used for operational
                                                                    expenses at the local
  Friends were concerned earlier this week after it                 child care center.
was learned that local girl Willow Wagner was                             Child care staff
injured by an automobile while riding her bicycle in                member Sara McCamey
Gunnison. Willow’s injuries will require several                    joined Hake for the
months’ recuperation following surgery which is                     walk to the bank, with
scheduled in coming days. Local pals who have                       Wee Care kids Johnny
known Willow since childhood wish her a speedy                      O’Hare, Titus Logan,
recovery and hope she’s soon out and about again.                   Jack Doughty and Lane
                                                                    Mitchell riding along in
  Several interesting construction projects in the                  the center’s six-place
offing, including excavation which has taken place                  stroller.
on the southeast corner of Gunnison Avenue and 8th
Streets for recreation director Ben Hake. Sheltered
beneath two towering spruce trees, the location of
Ben’s new house is the site of the old Hunt-
McCloughan house. The old Hunt house was a
sizeable, board-and-bat sided residence with large
brick fireplaces on each gable end of the main house.            the south of Hinsdale County Museum. A ribbon-             Similar state-funded structural assessment grants
The old structure started out as a boarding house for            cutting for the new display building is planned          were received for work on the Hough Block and
the Ocean Wave Smelter in 1877 and was later the                 Thursday, July 24, in conjunction with a visit to Lake   Community Presbyterian Church. The Debs school,
residence of succeeding generations of the pioneer               City from the Colorado Horseless Carriage Club           Hinsdale County’s sole remaining rural one-room
Hunt family, beginning with brickmason J.A. Hunt                 featuring over 40 pre-1916 automobiles.                  school, was built by Walt Coors in 1926 and
and later his daughter, Pearl Hunt McCloughan,                     Up at Lake San Cristobal, Byrne Smith is busily        continued in operation for education purposes until
prior to being razed in 1974.                                    elevating the two-story bungalow house which             1951. The school was named to the National Register
  Just up Gunnison Avenue, Bruce Vierheller has                  formerly belonged to his mother, the late Montana        of Historic Places in 2005.
now enclosed his newest speculative venture, a two-              French Smith. Byrne is working with Allen Brown to
story frame residence with neat bay window which                 install a cement foundation under the building, in         SILVER WORLD Editor Grant Houston returned to
promises to be an ornament to Lake City’s northern               the course of work uncovering the penciled signature     Lake City on Monday afternoon this week following
suburbs.                                                         of Ernie Masten and the date 1941. After construction    a two-week car jaunt which took him on a leisurely
  Mike Schell of Coal Creek Construction is also                 in the 1940s, the bungalow served as ground-floor        trip through the Pacific northwest. He and an old
preparing to break ground on Hinsdale County                     residence for Montana Smith, while the upstairs was      friend, Russell Gammon, traveled up the California
Historical Society’s new transportation building to              equipped as a four-bedroom, one bathroom rental.         coast from San Francisco to the redwoods, stopping
                                                                                                                          off along the route in coastal Oregon before
                                                                   Hinsdale County has received a $9,500 structural       continuing on to Seattle, Washington, and on up to

           New Rental                                            assessment grant from the Colorado Historic Fund to      Vancouver, British Columbia. In Seattle, Grant visited
                                                                 determine the condition of the single-room, cinder       briefly with Leslie Vogel whose mother, Bernice

                                                                 block school house at Debs in Hinsdale County’s          Rawson, is an old-time Lake City girl. Leslie plans a
                                                                 South End. The money will employ Durango,                visit in Lake City later this summer.
                                                                 Colorado, architect Michael Bell to assess the             Grant returned home via Silver Star, Montana,
   with Lakeview Property Management Inc.                        structure and determine structural repairs which will    where he and Russ spent an enjoyable week with
                                                                 be made. It is probable that future work on the          Grant’s father and step-mother, Jim and Susan
                      Serenity Valley                            building will be funded in part through additional       Houston. The elder Houston is the donor of a rare
                      Vacation Home                              funds which the county will seek from the State          Newhouse bear trap which has been given to
                     (3BR/ 2 1/2 Bath)                           Historic Fund.                                           Hinsdale County Museum; the trap was effectively
                                                                                                                          used for decades on the old McDonough Ranch on
                                                                                                                          the Cochetopa, during that time fatally ensnaring
                                          Ox Yoke Duples                                                                  one of this region’s last Grizzly bears.
  Ox Yoke Cabin 7                             9 & 10
   (2BR/ 1 Bath)                         (2-Efficency W/ Bath)     Mothers Day is May 11                                    Announcement at hand for commencement
                                                                                                                          exercises at Western State College, Gunnison, on
          For more information: 970-944-2401                          Greeting Cards • Stationary • Candles               Saturday, May 10. Among the well known grad
                                                                                   crossing the stage and receiving their diploma will be
                                                                              Humming Bird Gifts                          a Lake City school alum, Gwenivere Nelson, whose
                                                                                                                          public school career started in Lake City. Gwen went
                                                                         Timberline Craftsman                             on to graduate from high school in Fort Collins and
                                                                                                                          is now completing her college education. SILVER
                                                                                                    Introducing           WORLD stands in a long line of local pals extending
                                                                                                                            A tip of the hat to busy busy businesswoman and
                                                                                                    Reed                  DIRT Pres Marian Kainer Hollingsworth for her 59th
                                                                                                                          birthday on Friday, May 2; May 2 also adds a year
                                                                                                   Diffusers              and brings congratulations to Sally Vickers David’s
                                                                                                  - a new way to          youngest son, John David, who is 44 years old.
                                                                                                fragrance without         Former Lake City resident Martha Hemphill and the
                                                                                                                          Maurer twins -- Lisa Cameron and Kim Spirek -- are
                                                                                                     flames...            recalled for their 45th birthdays on Saturday, May 3.
                                                                                                    Natural wood            June Persons, 54, and Rob Fries have birthdays on
                                                                                                                          May 4, followed Monday, May 5, by birthdays for
            “Sunset on the Reef”                                                                 spindles in nature’s     Melody Heaton, 20, and Karen Kainer Dain. Matt
   Once a year I get in a seascape mood and remember                                                 many scents          Ingram, 42, Kayla Chambers, 9, and R.E. and
 my days in the ocean in Hawaii. Free diving on the reef                                           sage, cashmere,        Rebecca’s son, Ian William Hall, 5, add a year on
 for shells was a favorite hobby of mine.                                   fireside, honeysuckle & more.                 May 6. May 7 counts River Wade Moreland, 15,
   The Silver Street Garden sponsored by this gallery and                                                                 former resident Larry Stukey, and Peter Matthew
 Betty Houston is being expanded to 105’. Thanks to Dr.                Also candles with crackling wicks                  Main, 24, with Thursday, May 8 birthdays for Ball
 Durmon for helping till the plot. A new addition to 3rd                                                                  Flats artist Bob Hines, 82, Tiffany Hall, 29, Margie
 Street Gardens is Inn at the Lake. The first hummer                MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL                                   Frieze Crews, 58, and Moscow, Idaho, resident Rev.
 showed up at the gallery on April 25, three days earlier
 than the last three years.                                          20% off on all Woodwick                              Norman Fowler, 49.
   223 N. Silver St.                970-944-5009                         Open Friday - Monday, 12-4 • 944-2334
                                                                                                                     SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 5

                                                            storage shelters.

Historians Intrigued                                          Though easily accessible and
                                                            surrounded by light scatters of chert
                                                            flakes, some large rock vaults in the Lake
                                                                                                                                           Italian immigrants
                                                                                                                                         building the Lake

by Purpose of                                               Fork Valley are located on dry benches,
                                                            not on heavily used terraces with ready
                                                            supplies of fresh water. Rather than
                                                                                                                                         City branch of the
                                                                                                                                         Denver & Rio Grande
                                                                                                                                         Railroad in the 1880s
                                                            choose open sites, placing them instead                                      are the suspected
Mysterious Vaults                                           in lower traffic areas could have
                                                            decreased the chances that other visitors
                                                                                                                                         builders of stone
                                                                                                                                         vaults which were
                                                            to the region would help themselves to                                       probably used for
by Mike Pearce                                              the stored items.                                                            cooking purposes.
  Open-interior rock vaults found sporadically on                                                                                             Examples of the
river terraces in high elevation settings in the             Bread Ovens for Immigrant Railroad                                          bake ovens in varying
Southern Rocky Mountains pose intriguing                                  Builders                                                       degrees of condition
questions, among them, “what were they used for?,”                                                                                       are      occasionally
and “who built them?” Constructed of natural,                The most compelling explanation for                                         spotted from Lake
unshaped and unmortared stone, the above-ground                                                                                          City        extending
structures have been described and explained in a                                                                                        northward to Blue
variety of ways.                                                                                                                         Mesa       Reservoir,
                                                                                                                                         including          the
                   Burial Chambers                                                                                                       mounded pile of rocks
                                                                                                                                         and broken door lintel
  Common measurements for some of these stone                                                                                            pictured at left and
features are six to eight feet in length, three to four                                                                                  below.
feet wide, and over three feet high. In other words,                                                                                              A possible
the dimensions appear big enough to accommodate a                                                                                        explanation of vault's
human body.                                                                                                                              use, top photo, is the
  Close examination of the vault floors, however, fail                                                                                   rusted remnant of
to produce bone or tooth fragments of interred                                                                                           baking powder can,
humans or animals. Also missing are mortuary                                                                                             along side flint chips
offerings such as prehistoric artifacts like beads,                                                                                      which were probably
stone tools, pottery, or other durable historic                                                                                          coincidental and not
materials including metal buttons, clasps, and so on.                                                                                    related to the oven’s
  Access apertures, like the 12 x 16” opening in the                                                                                     use.
accompanying photograph, suggest the intention of
reuse, rather than single use, sealed-forever nature of
a burial crypt. A final indicator arguing against
identifying the vaults as burial sites is the fact that
many prehistoric burials in the Southern Rocky
Mountain locales are in crevices, caves, or cairns in
remote locations, not in above-ground vaults in
easily accessible river terrace locations.
  Additionally, in the types of locale described here,      the rock vaults in the Lake
there are no traces of grave markers common in              Fork Valley is that they
historic era burials.                                       were bread ovens for
                                                            workers who blasted rock
        Treasure or High Grade Ore Stashes                  and constructed grades for
                                                            the spur to Lake City, work
  The romantic notion and lure of lost or hidden            which began in 1881 and,
treasure will probably always lead us toward the            with a multi-year
possibility that rock vaults could be a way to hide         intermission, was
gold, ore, or other valuables. Aside from the fact that     completed in 1889.
no traces of ore or other valuables are to be found in        Duane Vandenbusche
these structures, they are located in areas more likely     and Mary P. Rossillon both
to facilitate easy relocation and reuse than for hiding     state unequivocally that the
something for later reclaiming. Just as caves and           railroad workers in the
crevices would be preferred for protecting human            Lake Fork Valley were
remains from scavenging animals, much less obvious          Italians (Vandenbusche,
locations than those on highly visible river terraces       The Gunnison Country, 1980, and Rossillon, The
would be preferable for sheltering treasure or              Archaeology of Marion, An Historic Railroad Camp
valuables.                                                  in Curecanti National Recreation Area, 1984).
                                                              Rossillon also includes a section describing the
                    Storage Caches                          lives of Italian railroad workers and the bread ovens
                                                            they built elsewhere in the west. The ovens in the
  Another explanation that could fit the                    Lake Fork Valley are consistent with those they built
circumstances is that people who walked hundreds            in other locations, so it seems likely that they offer
of miles to reach camp destinations in the high             the best explanation for those that exist between
country might have elected not to transport but to          Lake City and Blue Mesa Reservoir.
instead store heavier tool items like manos, metates,
choppers, flake knives, and perhaps surplus baskets,                             Conclusion
dry food materials, excess animal hides, or similar
materials.                                                    While other reasons for the presence of high
  An elongated vault would have been advantageous           elevation rock vaults may be found with further
if surplus bows or atlatls were to be left in storage for   inquiry, the most plausible explanation for the Lake
future use. The practice of storing excess tools like       Fork examples at this time seems to be that they were
knives and drills in earthen pits is well established       built by immigrant Italian railroad builders, probably
for the area and could have been extended to larger         to help them preserve part of their heritage and make
or more perishable items by constructing these rock         living in a new, unfamiliar land more palatable.
SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 6

James Casey,                                                    Cavit and her husband, Dennis, Lake City; Kevin
                                                                Casey, North Hollywood, California; and Sean Casey
                                                                and his wife, Patti, Gaston, Oregon; nine
                                                                grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
                                                                                                                          with anyone, Jim enjoyed any time he could meet
                                                                                                                          new folks and always seemed to have the “luck of
                                                                                                                          the Irish,” as he would always find someone from his
                                                                                                                          hometown or some other place he had lived
continued from page 3                                             James enjoyed traveling with his wife and family,
                                                                and especially loved his visits to Lake City to see his
                                                                                                                          throughout the years. At the top of Cinnamon Pass
                                                                                                                          he met a couple from another small Oregon coast
                                                                daughter and son-in-law, the Cavits. While he loved       town right next to Oceanside. It is a small world.
                                                                the view of the ocean from his home in Oregon, he           Jim Casey will be missed by many in Oregon where
                                                                also marveled at the beauty of the mountains while        he served as the president of the local community
business consultant at Tillamook Bay Community                  in Colorado, and in particular Lake City.                 club, a member of a study group to discuss flooding
College before retiring in 2007.                                  The story of the “enormous” bear going past while       in the area, and on numerous committees for his
  He was a member of St. Mary’s by the Sea Catholic             Jim and Shirley were taking a walk in San Juan            homeowners’ association.
Church and Knights of Columbus.                                 Ranch Estates remains one of the funniest stories told      But he will be missed even more by his family and
  Mr. Casey is survived by his wife of 55 years,                at family reunions, and the bear gets bigger each         friends just because of who he was -- the class clown
Shirley Casey, of Oceanside; and by their five                  time the story is told.                                   of high school who never changed, a man who could
children, Sharon Neelands, Springboro, Ohio; James                He enjoyed visiting St. Rose of Lima Catholic           find humor in almost any situation and made
Paul Casey II and his wife, Karen, Elk Grove; Erin              Church, especially meeting all of the members of the      everyone feel at home.
                                                                parish. Always willing to strike up a conversation

        Community                                                                                                         the sorority’s board as an active alumna for many
         calendar                                               Dorothy Monnet,                                           years afterwards; her other interests included Pen &
                                                                                                                          Quill Book Club, Connoisseur Club, and Coterie
                                                                                                                          Club, as well as the “Ladies of the Lake” Mahjong
                brought to you by
              Miners & Merchants Bank                           continued from page 3                                        She was a long time member of the Crown Heights
                & THE SILVER WORLD                                                                                        Christian Church. During their 54 years’ marriage,
                                                                                                                          the Monnets enjoyed travel throughout the world,
                                                                                                                          although Dorothy frequently cited her days spent at
                                                                  Following graduation from Classen High School in        Lake City in the Colorado mountains as among her
                                                                1950, she received a degree in business from              most favorite times.
                                                                University of Oklahoma and for two years was                 Dorothy’s enduring passion, however, was her role
                                                                employed as secretary for the Dean of the University      as wife, mother, and homemaker. Throughout her
                                                                of Oklahoma Medical School.                               life, her children and grandchildren were a
                                                                  Dorothy was a member of Delta Delta Delta               continuing source of delight.
                        Friday, May 2                           Sorority during university and continued to serve on         In addition to her husband, Charles Monnet,
            AA Meeting, Presbyterian Annex, Noon                                                                          Dorothy is survived by five children and their
                       Saturday, May 3                                                                                    spouses, Charles Monnet III, Lake City, Bob and
                        Sunday, May 4                                                                                     Debbie Monnet, Edmond, Oklahoma, Carolyn and
             AA Meeting, Presbyterian Annex, 4 pm                       Dental Clinic                                     Jim Odor, Edmond, Oklahoma, Diane and Kris

                                                                    Appointments for May                                  Cooper, Branson, Missouri, and Michael and Karol
                       Monday, May 5
                       Tuesday, May 6                                                                                     Monnet, Littleton, Colorado.
               Youth BAG, Teen Center, 4-5 pm                                                                                Other survivors are 19 grandchildren, a brother,
                     Wednesday, May 7                                         Dr. Bill - May 10                           Robert Bainbridge of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and
    County Commissioners Meeting, Coursey Annex, 10 am
            AA Meeting, Presbyterian Annex, Noon
                                                                         Susan DeForest/Hygienist                         numerous nieces and nephews.
                                                                                                                             Memorial services were held Friday afternoon,
     Women’s Club Meeting, Women’s Club Building, Noon                             May 7 & 8                              April 25, at Crown Heights Christian Church.
       Town Trustees Meeting, Coursey Annex, 7:30 pm
                      Thursday, May 8
                                                                          Dr. Steve -May 30 & 31                          Memorial donations may be made to Kids Across
          Boardwalk Construction, Downtown, 9 am                         Appointments begin at 8:30 am                    America, 1429 Lakeshore Drive, Branson, Missouri
    Student Poetry Performance, Black Crooke Theatre, 7 pm             To schedule, call 944-0321, ext #10.               65616.
                        Friday, May 9
            AA Meeting, Presbyterian Annex, Noon
         Green Council Meeting, Coursey Annex, 2 pm

               Recreation Activities
 Mondays                         10-11 am ~ Kid’s Gym
 7-9 am ~ Paddle Tennis          4-5 pm ~ Indoor Soccer
 9-10 am ~ Armory Walking        5:30-6:45 pm ~ Kick aerobics
 6-7 pm ~ Soo Bahk Do            Wednesdays
 Tuesdays                        7-9 am ~ Paddle Tennis
 8-9 am ~ Tai Chi                9-10 am ~ Armory Walking
 9-10 am ~ Armory Walking        6-7:15 pm ~ Soo Bahk Do
 10-11am ~ Kids Gym              Fridays
 4-5 pm ~ Indoor Soccer          7-9 am ~ Paddle Tennis
 5:30-6:45 pm ~ Kick aerobics    9-10 am ~ Armory Walking
 Wednesdays                      4-5 pm ~ Rollerskating
 7-9 am ~ Paddle Tennis          5:30-6:45 pm ~ Karate
 9-10 am ~ Armory Walking        7-10 pm ~ Teen Center
 4-5 pm ~ Indoor Soccer          Saturdays
 6-7:15 pm ~ Soo Bahk Do         7-10pm ~ Teen Center
 Thursdays                       Sundays
 8-9 am ~ Tai Chi
 9-10 am ~ Armory Walking
     Paddle Tennis: Doug Hartman • Soo Bahk Do: Jodi Linsey
        Tai Chi: Jerry Gray • Karate/Aerobics: Marty Priest
                     Open Basketball: Ben Hake
        All activities are held in the Armory, unless noted.

 lake city school hot lunch
   Provided by Sweet Peas & Luna Restaurants
                   Tuesday, May 6
                         Chili, Dessert
                 Thursday, May 8
                        Tacos, Dessert
       Library Hours: M - F, 1-5 & Sat, 10 am - 1 pm
       Medical Center: M-F, 10-4; Sat, 10-12; Sun 2-4
          Landfill Hours: Wed & Sat, 9 - 12, 1 - 4
       Visitors Center Hours: Mon.-Fri, 9 - 5, Sun 1-5
       District Court Clerk : Wed. & Fri, 8:30 to 1:30
  Wee Care Day Care Center : Mon. - Fri., 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

          Lake City Weather
  Date Max Min Precip Snow            Remarks
  4/22 61  25                         Gorgeous - yeah!
  4/23 61  26                         Nice day
  4/24 56  13                         Cold & Breezy
  4/25 48  27                         Colder day
  4/26 46  15                         Sunny, cold wind
  4/27 55  23                         Pretty am - colder pm
  4/28 62  23                         Pretty day
                                                                                                                            SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 7

                                                                                                                                                        continued page 8

                                                                                                                                       For Rent
                                                                   Businesses & Services
                                                          BACK          COUNTRY        ducts, or call 970-944-       APARTMENT         F OR
                                                          NAVIGATOR now open           2581.                         RENT - 1 bedroom, 1          t 5/23
                                                          daily except Sunday , 10                                   bath,       Appliances
                                                          am - 5 pm. Boxes are        ACME FEED - Nutritious         included. A Mountain         WE     A RE    T AKING
                                                          arriving! Come check out    pet food at reasonable         Home, 970-944-6637.          RESERVATIONS        for
                                                          our great new toys.         cost - Mike & Cindy                                         August and September.
                                                                                      Young on Henson Street.        LOCAL MAN looking for        Come      enjoy     our
                                                          EVERYDAY I S E ARTH           Buy L ocal. E at L ocal.     a long-term, y ear-round     beautiful home in the
                                                          DAY      at    T imberline          Be L ocal!             lease on a home in the       mountains for a week or
                                                          Craftsman. Now ready         Lake City area. Ideal        so! $195/night, 3-night
                                                          with hummer feeders and                                    would be 2/3 BR, 2 bath,     minimum. 956-973-890.
                                                          nesting material new , WHIRLPOOL                       &   2-car garage. Lance - 970-    UFN
                                                          wildflower     seeds    to KITCHEN                 A ID    944-7021                or
                                                          scatter, birdhouses & APPLIANCES.                   We
                                                          feeders & how-to-books deliver. Blue Spruce.                                 For Sale
                                                          for          high-country Check our prices. 944-
                                                          gardening. Open Fri-Mon, 2581.
                                                          12-4.                                                      FOR         S ALE        -   trolling motor with quick
                                                                                      ALPINE            MOOSE        PROFESSIONAL                 disconnect.      Mooring
                                                          FRYE P AINTING has a RESTAURANT                   A ND     HAMILTON D RAFTING           cover, Matrix fish finder,
                                                          few openings for exterior GRILL - Grill is open            TABLE. 37 x60 top with       BBQ grill, 2006 Tralstar
                                                          or interior painting jobs Thursday - Sunday for            tray. Adjust top height      tandem axle trailer. Six
                                                          this summer. Quality, lunch 11:30 - 1:30 and               and tilt from flat to        rod holders mounted on
                                                          guaranteed      work    at Wednesday - Sunday for          vertical    with    pedal    boat. Prop for Blue Mesa.
                                                          reasonable rates.      Call dinner 5:30 - 7:30 pm .        controls. Comes with a       Like new condition, Cost
Permitted Wastewater Discharge Sites                      Brad for a free estimate. Closed       Monday          &
Other Facilities                                                                      Tuesday       and      also    Vemco V-track drafting       in September of 2006 of
                                                          970-316-1451 5/9                                           machine model 2, with        this package $26,000.
Low Intensity Residential    High Intensity Residential                               Wednesday for lunch. Call      scales, a Borco surface      Asking $20,000 Call Lake
Deciduous Forest             Evergreen Forest             Sage W reaths, F resh Cut for reservations & details.      and a Dazor clamp on         City, 970-944-2684 or
Road Miles                                                Flowers, G old C anyon 944-2415.                           drafting light. Available    cell 970-596-7082. 5/2
Aboveground, Underground and                              Candles. C all V ELVET                                     for viewing at 133 2nd
Leaking Storage Tank Sites                                FACES at 944-2248           SEE L OPI S TOVES full         Street, Mountain View        FOR SALE B Y OWNER -
                                                                                      product l ine, wood,           Technical        Services.   LAKE C ITY H OME I N
Commercial/Industrial/Transportation                      MARVIN        W INDOWS pellet, o r gas a t                 $300.00 OBO 944-2790         BALL FLATS: 1450+/-
                                                          AND               DOORS: www.lo pist ov m.            day     or     944-2483     SQFT, 3+BR, 2 bath,
                                                          Transforming a house into Contact B lue Spruce              evening . 5/9               oversized 2-car garage,
                                                          a home, one dream at a Building Materials 970-                                          covered patio, grass yard,
                                                          time. Blue Spruce Building 944-2581,                       FOR SALE - 2 006             4 corner town lots, many
                                                          Materials,           your f or          TRACKER 2 1 F OOT            upgrades, built in 2000.
                                                          hometown Marvin dealer. a f ree q uote.            We      FISHING        B ARGE        $349,900. Available May
                                                          Visit        us         at deliver.                        PONTOON B OAT with           1, 2008. For more info:
                                                                                     60 ELPT 4 stroke             Lance - 970-944-7021 h ,
                                                                                                                     Mercury. Engine has 3-       970-316-1356      c     or
                                                                                                                     year extended warranty.
                                                                                                                     Also pontoon electric        t.
SILVER WORLD, Friday, May 2, 2008. Page 8

SHERIFFʼS COMBINED NOTICE OF SALE                                                                                    TOWN OF LAKE CITY 2008 DRINKING WATER REPORT
   Right to Cure and Right to Redeem                                                                                                   Continued
ALS ENTERPRISES, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company, PAKALOLO, INC., a
Colorado corporation, ADAM L. SCHNEIDMAN, DAN RANKIN, KERRY CARL, as
Public Trustee of Hinsdale County, Colorado.

  This is to advise you that the above captioned action is pending. A Judgment has
been entered in this action concerning a deed of trust executed by ALS
ENTERPRISES, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company, for the benefit of
COMMUNITY BANKS OF COLORADO, date September 7, 2007, and recorded
September 7, 2007, as Reception No. 96392 of the real estate records in the office of
the Clerk and Recorder of Hinsdale County, Colorado (the “Deed of Trust”). The
original principal balance of the Debt is $249,000.00 and the principal balance of the
Debt on the date of the recording of the Lis Pendens was $249,000.00
  A Judgement has also been entered in this action concerning a security agreement
and Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement filed on September 13, 2007, as
Reception no. 2007F094076 (“UCC Lien”).
  The name, address, and telephone number of the attorneys representing the owner
of the Deed of Trust and UCC Lien being foreclosed is Jill T. Norris, Wilderson,
OʼHayre, Dawson & Norris, P.C., 120 N. Taylor Street, Gunnison, Colorado 81230,
(970) 641-3326.
  The real and personal property which is the subject matter of this litigation, which is
all of the property currently encumbered by the Deed of Trust and UCC Lien
described in said Judgement, is situated in Hinsdale County, Colorado, and is
described as follows, to wit:
Lots 20, 21 and 22, Block 54, TOWN OF LAKE CITY, according to the official plat
thereof on file and of record in the office of the Hinsdale County Clerk and Recorder,
County of Hinsdale, State of Colorado.
also known as 310 Gunnison Avenue, Lake City, Colorado 81235 (the “Real
All inventory, equipment, general intangibles, furniture and fixtures; whether any of
the foregoing is owed now or acquired later; all accessions, additions, replacements,
and substitutions relating to any of the foregoing; all records relating to the foregoing;
all proceeds relating to any of the foregoing (including insurance, general intangibles
and account proceeds) (the “Personal Property” or “Collateral”).
  Attached hereto are copies of certain Colorado statutes that may vitally affect your
property rights in relation to this proceeding. Said proceeding may result in the loss of
property in which you have an interest and may create a personal debt against you.
You may wish to seek the advice of your own private attorney concerning your rights
in relation to this foreclosure proceeding.
  INTENT to cure or redeem, as provided by the aforementioned laws, must be
directed to or conducted at the Office of the Sheriff for Hinsdale County, Colorado,
311 N. Henson Street, Lake City, Colorado, 81235.
  A notice of intent to cure filed pursuant to 38-38-104 C.R.S. must be filed at least 15
calendar days prior to the first scheduled sale date or any date to which the sale is
  A notice of intent to redeem filed pursuant to 38-38-302, C.R.S., must be filed no
later than 8 business days after the sale.
  The undersigned will on Friday, June 27, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. at 317 N. Henson
Street, Lake City, Colorado 81235 sell the Property at public auction to the highest
bidder who has submitted bid funds to the undersigned as specified by C.R.S. 38-38-
106(7) to pay the Debt and certain other sums, all as provided by applicable law and
the Trust Deed.
Ron Bruce, Sheriff, Hinsdale County

                                          Published by Silver World Publishing Co.
                                                        (The Lake City Silver World)
                                                                Lake City, Colorado
                                         Publication dates: May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2008

                NOTICE OF VACANCY
              Lake City Board of Trustees
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Town of Lake City is currently
accepting applications from interested persons to fill an existing vacancy on the
                                                                                                                       LEGAL NOTICE                                                              MOVING SALE
Applicants must be registered voters of the Town of Lake City and willing to commit to
a semi-monthly meeting schedule and additional meetings as necessary. The term is
2 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                         and      m uch      m ore.
                                                                                             John Parker has applied to the Hinsdale County Board of County Commissioners for       MOVING        SALE      -
Letters of application must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., Thursday, May 15,
                                                                                             a special use permit to construct a Condominium Development containing 3 units, at     Furniture, t ool c hest,     Through V ickers Ranch,
                                                                                             the Lake Fork Hunting and Fishing Club, Lake City, CO 81235. The permit is required
2008 and may be either delivered to the Town Offices at 230 N. Bluff Street from 8:00        because this area is zoned Rural District 1. The Board will hold a public hearing on
                                                                                                                                                                                    tools, l adder, heater,      follow P ark Creek R d,
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F, or mailed to the Town of Lake City; P. O. Box 544; Lake City,         this matter on May 7, 2008 at 10 a.m., in the Coursey Annex, 311 N. Henson St.,        household         i tems,    left o n G olden P ear L n,
CO 81235. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Town Office at               Lake City, CO 81235. Persons with questions may contact the County Administrator       snowboard            with    right a t sign. Fri & Sat,
970-944-2333.                                                                                                                                                                                                    9-4. S un, n oon - 4.
                                                                                             at 970-944-2225.                                                                       bindings - a lmost n ew,
Michelle Pierce, Town Manager                                                                                                                                                       lead g lass w ood d oor,
                                                                                                                                     Published by Silver World Publishing Co.
Town of Lake City, Colorado                                                                                                                       (The Lake City Silver World)
                                                                                                                                                           Lake City, Colorado
                                         Published by Silver World Publishing Co.
                                                                                                                           Publication dates: April 18 and 25, and May 2, 2008
                                                       (The Lake City Silver World)
                                                               Lake City, Colorado
                          Publication dates: April 18 and 25 and May 2 and 9, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Help Wanted
                                                                                                                     LOOK HERE
                                                                                                                                                                                    HINSDALE        C OUNTY      4007 or 254-592-4199.
                                                                                             PICTURES NEEDED!! If                        9 7 0 - 9 4 4 - D I R T                    SCHOOL D ISTRICT has          5/9
                                                                                             you have pictures of                                      these vacancies for 08-
  Outdoor Enterprises, LLC                                                                   recent Lake City events
                                                                                             and activities, we need
                                                                                             them!! We are currently
                                                                                                                                         LAKE     CITY     A REA
                                                                                                                                         MEDICAL C ENTER will
                                                                                                                                                                                    teacher, driver for CR 30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THE TOWN O F L AKE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CITY     is seeking a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 seasonal part-time Park s
     Tree Trimming. Stump Grinding,                                                          working on the Chamber                      be closed Saturdays and                 Maintenance      Person.
                                                                                             of             Commerce                     Sundays    during    the                   for more information and     $13.00 hr. Call Rob at
         Chipping. Crane Services.                                                           Membership Brochure                         month       of     May.                    application.                 944-2351 or pick up an
                                                                                             and need some pictures.                     Reopening with regular                                                  application at Town Hall.
                 And More.                                                                   Please email any pictures:                  business hours on May                      HELP WANTED - Town            5/2
                                                                                             aph@aphcreativedesign.c                     24.                                        Square Mini-Mart. Part-
        Insured • Free Local Estimates                                                       om                                                                                     time cashier needed.         Help Wanted: MINERS
                                                                                                                                         C O L O R E C T A L
        Mark McClung • 944-1121
                                                                                                                                                                                    Stocking and cleaning        & MERCHANTS B ANK,
                                                                                             REGISTER N OW for the                       SCREENING           S AVES                 duties also. Evenings and    seasonal teller position
                                                                                             no-cost         Economic                    LIVES! Talk to your                        weekends. Apply at Store.    open May 1, 2008,
                                                                                             Development Summit -                        doctor      today.     The                 944-2236.                    through       September
                                                                                             May       16th.    Lunch                    Carefree Colon Program                                                  30,2008. please call
                                                                                             provided            with                    provides FREE colorectal                   HELP      WANTED         -   Paula at 944-8130 or
                                                                                             registration.    Keynote                    screening.          People                 Slumgullion          G ift   come by the bank to pick
                                                                                             speaker; how to meet                        interested in participating                Gallery. Part-time in        up an application.
                                                                                             local market needs; e-                      can call 944-0321 for                      May, full-time in June,
                                                                                             commerce; roundtable.                       more information and to                    July,     August        &    ALPINE        M OOSE
                                                                                                                                         determine eligibility.                     September. 40 hours,         LODGE/BRUNO S
                                                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday - Saturday, 10       GRILL IS LOOKING FOR
     Your Locally Owned GM Dealer                                                                                                                                                   am - 6 pm. Send resume       A          PART-TIME
      Serving Our Customers for Two Decades                                                           Silver World                                                                  to: PO Box 306, Lake City,
                                                                                                                                                                                    CO 81235 or email to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 D I S H W A S H E R ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 HOUSEKEEPER. LONG-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 TERM POSSIBLE. GOOD
    Factory Trained Technicians
   Professional Body & Paint Shop                                                                        online!                                                                    m Wage depends on
                                                                                                                                                                                    experience. No smoking
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PAY. CALL 944-2415.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 LAKE C ITY A UTO &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SPORTS C ENTER is
          Expert Sales Staff                                                                                                                                                        SOUTHERN V ITTLES -          looking for full-time
                                                                                               Free Preview Now!                                                                    Wait staff positions
                                                                                                                                                                                    available. good pay, great
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 year-round counter and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 parts manager. Send
                                                                                                            Go To:                                                                  tips, free shift meals.      resume to lakecityauto@
                                                                                                                                               Could be year-round or call Jeff or
                 231 West Tomichi Ave, Gunnison                                                                                                                                     employment.           new    Michelle at 970-944-
                           641-0920                                                                                                                                                 owners. Call 254-592-        2311.

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