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Alamo Car Rental Business Office - DOC - DOC


Alamo Car Rental Business Office document sample

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									                                          TRAVEL OPERATIONS

Automotive Travel
Car Rental

   1. Make car rental reservations on-line by clicking on the SFSU Reservations button
      on the Fiscal Affairs website, or by going directly to and
      clicking on the SFSU Reservations button.
   2. You must use one of the approved SFSU car re ntal agencies.
      Effective January 1, 2006, the Commercial Car Rental Contract resulted in a
      primary card rental vendor and a secondary car rental vendor.
               Primary:       Enterprise Rent A Car
               Secondary: Vanguard Car Rental USA (Enterprise is the parent
      company of Alamo and National
      Note: University employees must rent cars exclusively from Enterprise Rent A
      Car. Vanguard (Alamo or National) can be used only in cases where Enterprise
      Rent A Car is unable to provide service. Employees can no longer utilize any
      other car rental agencies and still qualify for state insurance.
   3. Your confirmation will be e-mailed to the traveler through Fell Travel.
   4. Print out your confirmation and take it with you.
   5. You will be billed through the AMEX Car Rental Business Travel Account
   6. Always decline insurance when using our approved car rental agencies; Collision
      Damage Waiver (CDW) and Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) are provided free of
      charge in the contract rate.
   7. NOTE: No reimbursement will be made for insurance or LDW’s if you rent a car
      from a non-contract car rental companies.
   8. You may use your AMEX Corporate Card for car rentals, rather than using the
      on- line reservations button, if you choose. However, the only approved methods
      for reserving and paying for car rentals are the CRBTA and the Corporate Card.
   9. Questions regarding insurance coverage for international travel should be directed
      to the Linda Medina-Sam in the university Office of Risk Management.

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