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Welcome to Mary Lillard Intermediate School!

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                  Lillard “A to Z”
• The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of
  the policies and procedures of Mary Lillard Intermediate
  so that we can ensure a safe, structured environment for our
  students and school community.
• This presentation is not intended to be all-inclusive, but will
  highlight those subjects most commonly encountered.
• For further and more specific information about the topics
  covered in this presentation, see the

        2009 - 2010 Student Handbook

  available in the Lillard main office, or on the Lillard website:

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             About Lillard
Our Mission Statement:
M eet and exceed state and national expectations,
L ead through positive character choices,
I ndividualize learning experiences, and
S upport systems of prevention and intervention.

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        Who’s Who at Lillard
•   Principal – Mrs. O’Brian
•   5th grade Assistant Principal – Mrs. Rietfors
•   6th grade Assistant Principal – Mr. Gillis
•   5th grade counselor – Ms. Grommesh
•   6th grade counselor – Mrs. Pierce
•   Librarian – Mrs. Edwards
•   Nurse – Mrs. Fountain
•   Registrar – Mrs. Armstrong
•   Attendance clerk – Mrs. Gray
•   Receptionist – Ms. Blackburn
You may reach any of these individuals by calling the main office
                        (817) 276-6260

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                 Our Goals
• To equip every student with the
  academic skills needed to be
  successful through aligned
  curriculum, instruction and
• To provide a supportive and
  engaging classroom environment.
• To help students make new friends
  and discover new interests.

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   • The school day begins at 8:00 a.m.
   • When a student is absent from
     school, a parent/guardian is required
     to call (817) 276-6260 by 10:00 a.m.
     each day the student is absent to
     report the absence and to have the
     absence recorded as excused.
   • Any absences not reported within 3
     days after the student returns to
     school will be recorded as

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Make-up work following an excused absence
            • Students will be permitted to make up
              assignments or tests after an absence.
            • Students will have the same number of
              school days they are absent to make
              up work.
            • Students absent more than 3 days
              may ask for homework for pick up.
            • Students are responsible for asking
              teachers for make-up work.
            • Students must collect make-up work
              upon return to school.

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   Student check-out during school hours

• Students may not leave the
  building during the school day
  unless a parent/legal guardian
  or designee as denoted on the
  Student Information Card
  checks them out.
• Check in/out is done in the main
• Students will only be released to
  authorized individuals showing
  proper identification.

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Tardy Students
  • If a student arrives to class after
    8:00 a.m. they must check in
    first at the front office before
    going to their classroom.
  • A parent dropping off a child
    after the tardy bell is required to
    come to the office personally to
    sign in the student.
  • If the student does not have an
    excuse, a tardy will be issued.

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           Daily Schedule
Period 1                                           8:00 – 9:15

Period 2                                          9:15 – 10:30

Period 3 & Lunch/Recess                         10:35 – 12:35

Period 4                                          12:40 – 1:55

Period 5                                           2:00 – 3:15

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            Daily Schedule
• Lillard’s weekly schedule is designed on an A/B week
  rotation. This means that we alternate an A week
  followed by a B week, followed by an A week, etc.

• The A/B week rotation continues throughout the entire
  year, regardless of holidays and the start of a new

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           Visitors to Lillard
• Parents and family members are
  welcome to visit our school.
• Any visitor to campus must sign in at
  the front office and receive a
  Visitor Pass. All visitors must have a
  valid form of personal identification to
  receive a visitor’s pass.
• Family members may bring food for
  only their own child or children,
  according to district policy.

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    Interdisciplinary Teams
The instructional
approach at Mary Lillard
is designed to enhance
collaborative and
integrated application of
teaching and learning
across all disciplines.

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• All students at Lillard are enrolled in an Advisory
  SPOT class, which stands for Students
  Performing On Target.
• SPOT is an enrichment period tailored to meet
  the needs of the individual students and targeted
  program focus.
• District initiatives including HOPE (Harnessing
  Optimism & Potential thru Education) and AVID
  (Advancement Via Individual Determination) will
  be introduced and supported through SPOT
  class instruction.

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• Elective opportunities at Lillard include Art,
  Band, Choir, and Technology.
• 5th grade students rotate through all of the
  elective classes throughout the year on a
  nine-week basis.
• 6th grade students choose an elective for
  either the entire year (Band, Choir) or for a
  semester each (Art, Technology).
• Elective classes are performance-based and
  will include performances & presentations.
• 6th grade band & choir students will receive
  an organization handbook which outlines
  program-specific guidelines & policies.

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Physical Education
  • Students are expected to dress out each P.E.
    class period in the P.E. uniform.
  • The P.E. uniform consists of a grey shirt, black
    shorts and athletic shoes.
  • P.E. uniforms may be purchased through the
    school. Students should ask their P.E. teacher for
    information on purchasing a uniform.
  • Students will be provided a locker in the changing
    area for storage of their street clothes while in
    P.E. Students should secure personal items in
    their PE locker with a personal combination lock.

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             Grades & Grading
• We believe that as fifth & sixth graders,
  students must be responsible for their
  materials and assignments.
• If a student chooses not to turn in an
  assignment when it is due, percentage points
  may be deducted for late work as outlined in
  each individual teacher’s syllabus. A syllabus
  is distributed at the start of the year.
• Assignments turned in one day late will
  receive a maximum score of 85%.
  Assignments turned in two days late will
  receive a maximum score of 70%. Per
  teacher’s syllabus, assignments turned in
  after the extension may receive a zero.

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                Grades & Grading
• Students will receive a Grade Report every six weeks.
• Grades are numerical, with a grade of 70 being the lowest
  passing grade. Note: The SPOT class is graded on a
  Pass/Fail basis.
• Students will also receive a letter grade for conduct each
  six weeks (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory).
• Academic progress is evaluated via progress reports on
  the third week of each six weeks grading period.
• You may check the progress of your student anytime via
  Infinite Campus, the MISD student records program. A link
  to Infinite Campus can be found on the Lillard website and
  on the main page of the district website.

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              Conduct in school
• The district has developed and adopted a
  Student Code of Conduct that prohibits
  certain behaviors and establishes
  standards of acceptable behavior, both
  on campus and off, and consequences
  for violations of the standards. The
  Student Code of Conduct can be found in
  the Student Handbook and on the district
  web site at:

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    Student Conduct Expectations
•   Demonstrate courtesy and respect for others
•   Cooperate with and/or assist the school staff in maintaining safety,
    order and discipline.
•   Attend all classes, regularly and on time.
•   Prepare for each class – take appropriate materials and assignments
    to class.
•   Maintain self-control in class, in the cafeteria, on the bus, on school
    grounds, and at all school-sponsored events.
•   Be attentive in class.
•   Respect the property of others, including District property and facilities.
•   Follow all campus and classroom rules.
•   Meet district and campus standards for grooming and dress.

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                   Dress Code
• The District’s dress code is established
  to teach grooming and hygiene, instill
  discipline, prevent disruption, avoid
  safety hazards, and teach respect and
• On the following slide are those
  instances most frequently addressed at
  the Intermediate school level. For the
  complete MISD Dress Code, visit the
  District website, or refer to the
  Student Handbook.

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                                     Dress Code
• Clothing will be neat and appropriately sized.
   - Shirts must be tucked in if the bottom of the shirt falls below the wrist of the wearer’s arm.
   - Pants must stay above hips with or without a belt.
   - Pants may not have holes in them.
• Shorts, skorts, dresses and skirts must be no shorter than five
  inches above the top of the knee in both the front and the back.
• All shirts must cover at least two inches across the shoulder.
   - Muscle shirts or half shirts are not permitted.
   - Low cut tops or tops revealing the midrift are not permitted.
• Gang-related apparel and wallet chains are not permitted.
• Caps, hats & sunglasses will not be worn in the building, except
  during those days specified as Spirit Days.
• Clothing that is deemed offensive or distracting, including pajama
  bottoms and clothing with risqué or gang writing is not permitted.
• Campus administrators will make the final decision as to
  application of the Dress Code.

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• Lillard is a NO GUM school!
• Students should not chew gum in
  class, in the halls, at lunch or on the
• Students who are repeatedly caught
  chewing gum may face consequences
  from the teacher and/or the principals.
• For the protection and maintenance of
  our campus, this policy is strictly

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              Cafeteria Procedures
• The cafeteria is available to students for lunch and
  breakfast beginning at 7:30 a.m. each day.
• Students may bring a meal from home, or may
  purchase a meal from MISD Student Nutrition.
• Students provide their student ID to charge breakfast
  or lunch onto their account.
• A student without funds or a lunch from home will
  have access to an emergency lunch for a limited
  number of occurrences.
• Deposits into student cafeteria accounts may be made
  before school via cash or check.
• Student Nutrition offers a safe and secure way for parents to make
  online payments to student accounts & access student account
  balances. To use this service, go to the Student Nutrition page at:

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            Cafeteria Rules
• Students will be escorted to and
  from the cafeteria by their team
• Students are expected to keep their
  voices to a conversational level
  with those next to or across from
• To expedite service and maximize
  time to eat, students are expected to
  keep silent while waiting in line to
  purchase a meal.

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• The library is open each day from
  7:30 am until 3:15 pm.
• Students may use the library throughout
  the day with teacher permission.
• Students are responsible for any book
  that is checked out in his/her name.
• If the book is lost or damaged, the
  student who checked out the book must
  pay a replacement fee.
• The library assesses a fine of .10 cents
  per day per overdue book.

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             Health Procedures
                 • State law requires that all students submit proof of
                   a complete immunization record.
                 • Lillard is staffed with a full-time qualified health
                   professional on campus to ensure the health and
                   safety of all students.
                 • All prescription or nonprescription medication must
                   be provided by the parent, along with a written
                   request and be in the original, properly labeled
• It is important that each student have an updated and signed
  emergency contact information card on file.
• All 5th graders will be screened for vision, hearing, height, weight,
  Antes, and scoliosis. Any student new to Texas will be screened for all
  of the above, with the exception of scoliosis. Further information will
  be sent home before screenings.

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         Before-School Procedures
• Students arriving to campus before 7:30 a.m. will
  sit under the porch outside the front of the school
  until the 7:30 a.m. bell. This area is not supervised
  until 7:30 a.m.
• Students may enter the building at 7:30 a.m. At
  that time students will go to their first academic
  block class until the start of First Period.
• Students purchasing a complete breakfast must
  report immediately to the cafeteria upon arrival.
• Only those students purchasing a complete
  breakfast may go to the cafeteria. Please note
  that breakfast is “silent” (no talking allowed) in
  order to expedite students to their first block class.
• Student drop off and pick up is in front of the
  school only.

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After School-Procedures
    • Dismissal is at 3:15 daily.
    • In order to reduce traffic in the hallways,
      those students who are car riders, walkers
      and bus riders will be dismissed separately
      via public address system.
    • Car riders should be picked up in the
      front of the school only. Students may only
      load and unload into cars between the
      marked crosswalks.
    • Bus riders will remain in their last period
      classroom until their assigned bus arrives on
      campus. Students leaving their assigned
      area before their bus is called may receive
      disciplinary action.

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          Transportation - Buses
 • The school bus and bus stop are considered
   extensions of the regular classroom. Acceptable
   behavior is expected at all times. Unacceptable
   behavior may result in suspension of a student’s
   bus riding privileges and/or disciplinary action at
   the school campus.
 • When a student misses the bus, for whatever
   reason, it will be the responsibility of the
   parents to make arrangements for the student to
   be transported home.
• For more information regarding bus conduct and bus safety,
   see the Student Handbook and/or the Bus Rider Handbook.
   You may also visit the MISD transportation website at:

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Transportation – Walkers, Bike & Car Riders
         • Because there are no sidewalks surrounding Lillard,
           the district has deemed the area a “hazard zone”.
           As such, we request written parental permission
           for any student intending to walk or ride a bicycle to
           or from campus. Additionally, any student,
           regardless of how close they live to campus, may
           request bus transportation.
         • Students are allowed to ride bicycles to campus.
           Bicycles should be secured to the metal railing at
           the front entrance. Please ensure that bikes are
           locked up.
         • Rider drop-off and pick-up is in the far right and left
           lanes in the front of the school only. Students may
           only be dropped off after the marked crosswalk.
         • Skateboards, rollerblades and heelies (wheeled
           shoes) are not allowed on campus.

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Cell Phones & Electronic Devices
• We recommend that students leave cell
  phones & electronic devices at home. Lillard
  and MISD assume no responsibility if these
  items are lost or stolen.
• Cell phones & electronic devices that are
  brought to campus should not be used during
  school hours. These items need to remain in
  student’s locker from 7:30 – 3:15 or they will
  be confiscated.
• If confiscated, the items will be returned to
  parents only. In compliance with district
  policy, parents may be charged a fine of
• For further information regarding rules about
  cell phones & electronic devices, please see
  the Student Handbook.

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             Lockers & Backpacks
• Each student will be assigned their own locker with a built-in
  combination lock. Each student is responsible for the care of his/her
  locker and is liable for any damage.
• The school will maintain a list of all combinations in case of
• Lockers remain under the jurisdiction of the school
  even when assigned to an individual student. The
  school reserves the right to inspect lockers.
• The student is responsible for making certain that the
  locker is locked and that the combination is not
  available to others.
• Student backpacks & bookbags should be kept in
  student lockers, not in the classrooms.

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     Extra Curricular Clubs & Events
• Lillard provides many opportunities for
  students to explore their interests in extra
  curricular activities.
• Our extra curricular offerings are determined
  annually by student interest and sponsor
  expertise/availability. Lillard has hosted such
  clubs as Chess Club, Basketball Club,
  Yearbook Club, Fitness Club, Yoga Club, Step
  Club, Leopard Leadership, Battle of the Books,
  Jump Rope Club, Dance Club, Photography
  Club, Technology Club, Lab Rats, Football
  Club, Running Club, Charm Club, and Student
  Government. Availability of club offerings vary
  per year.
• Each club has a designated meeting time before or after school.
  Parents are responsible for timely transportation to and from club
  meetings outside of the school day.

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    Academic Supports

•   Reading & Math Enrichment
•   Content Mastery
•   Pre Advanced Placement courses (Pre-AP)
•   ACCEL (Advanced Courses & Curriculum for Exceptional Learners)
•   ELL (English Language Learners)
•   AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
•   SPOT (Students Performing On Target)
•   Reading Specialist
•   Academic Counseling
•   HOPE (Harnessing Optimism & Potential through Education)

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                  State Assessment
• 5th grade students will take state assessments
  (Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills - TAKS) in
  Reading, Math & Science. The Texas Student
  Support Initiative (SSI) requires students to
  pass the Reading & Math sections of the test in
  order to be promoted to 6th grade.
• 6th grade students will take state assessments
  (TAKS) in Reading & Math.
• Please see the district or campus website for
  information on test dates.

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         Technology – Acceptable Use
• Technology tools and the Internet are available to
  MISD students to enhance the curriculum and promote
  educational excellence.
• Use of technology materials and Internet access will be
  provided to those who agree to act in a considerate
  and responsible manner.
• Students using technology and the Internet will be
  presented with, and agree to abide by the district’s
  “Acceptable Use Policy”.
• Further information about the Acceptable Use Policy
  and consequences for violations can be found on the
  district website at:

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•   The Lillard counselors serve the campus community in a variety of ways:
• Guidance
     – to students in personal development.
     – to students in developing education plans and career awareness.
     – to teachers in incorporating guidance-related information into existing curriculum.
• Counseling
     – for individuals and small groups as determined by need.
• Consultation
     – for school personnel and school district residents in obtaining resources for students.
• Referral
     –   to help students and others access special programs and services.

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          Remember --
 these guidelines are in place
 to ensure a safe and orderly
     learning environment
          so that every
Mary Lillard Intermediate School
 student may achieve to their
        fullest potential.

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  Have A

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