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Week Song(s)               Word        Person                Math                  Tech Quest
1    Respect, Star         Harmony     Francis Scott Key     How many years ago None
     Spangled                                                was the National
     Banner, Let                                             Anthem written?
     There Be Peace
     on Earth
2    Take Me Out To        South Paw   Babe Ruth             How old was Babe List three fictional books
     The Ballgame,                                           Ruth when he died? at your reading level
     Centerfield                                                                   using Athena.
3    I Believe I can       Aviation    Orville Wright        Running With The      List three non-fiction
     Fly, Air Force                                          Wright Brothers       books at your reading
     Theme Song                                              Graphing Activity.    level using Athena.
4    Beverly Hillbillies   Petroleum   John Paul Getty       Black Gold            What is the average price
     Theme Song                                              Worksheet             for a barrell of oil in the
                                                                                   USA today?
5    We All Live       Tolerance       Beatrix Potter        How does the          Locate the population
     Together-Greg                                           population of the     statistics for the USA,
     and Steve,                                              USA compare to the Canada, and Mexico.
     Sunshine on My                                          populations of
     Shoulder-John                                           Canada and
     Denver                                                  Mexico?
6    Chicken Dance, Literate           Colonel Sanders       What is the Favorite What year was the first
     This Land is Your                                       Fast Food of the      Kentucky Fried Chicken
     Land                                                    Typical Fifth Grade Restaurant opened?
7    School House   Constitution       John Hancock          How many years        Where can you find a
     Rocks-Preamble                                          after the Declaration readable copy of the U.S.
                                                             of Independence,      Constitution on the world
                                                             was the Constitution wide web?

                                                 D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

8    Singing in the  Perseverance    Johnny Appleseed       Which brand of     Research Brand names
     Rain-Gene Kelly                                        paper towel is the of paper towels. Which
                                                            strongest?         professes to be the
                                                                               strongest? Test your
9    We Didn't Start   Citizen       Local Fire Chief       How many years ago In what year were
     the Fire- Billy                                        was the Great      fire/smoke alarms
     Joel                                                   Chicago Fire?      invented?
10   50 Nifty United   Colonize      John Smith             How many years     Complete the Jamestown
     States, Wakko's                                        after Christopher  Settlement activity at
     America-                                               Columbus's first   http://www.harcourtschoo
     Animaniacs                                             voyage to the New
                                                            World was
                                                            Jamestown Settled?

11   Great American    Sesquipedalian Daniel Webster        What is the Favorite E-Task sent by e-mail-
     Melting Pot                                            style of music of the What is your favorite
                                                            Typical Fifth Grade song?

12   School House      Filament      Thomas Edison          How much does it   E-Task sent by e-mail-If
     Rocks-Mother                                           cost to power one  you could go anywhere in
     Necessity                                              light bulb for one the USA, where would
                                                            day?               you choose and why?
                                                                               What would you do while
                                                                               you were there?
13   Teddy Bear-Elvis Companion      Teddy Roosevelt        A.I.M.S Teddy Bear E-Task When was the
                                                            Activity           first teddy bear made?
                                                                               Where did it get its

                                                D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

14   The Heat is On,     Compassion     James Naismith    How many points will     What college basketball
     Put a Little Love                                    be scored in a           teams has won the most
     in Your Heart                                        basketball game if       NCAA championships?
                                                          each player on the
                                                          court makes 5
                                                          standard baskets?
15   Peanut Butter       Legume         George Washington How many peanuts         Find a recipe for making
     and Jelly                          Carver            does it take to make     peanut butter that we can
                                                          one standard jar of      make in the student
                                                          peanut butter?           kitchen.
16   Hello, hello-       Salutations    E.B. White        How long of a time       How much money was
     Beatles, Hello                                       span elapsed             made by the Stuart Little
     Song-Dragon                                          between the writing      movie? Was this more or
     Tales                                                of Stuart Little and     less than its sequel?
                                                          The Trumpet of the
17   Jump-Van Halen, Lackadaisical      Samuel Clemens    Compare the              Find the jump
     Proud Mary-Tina                                      distance you can         distance/body ratio for a
     Turner                                               jump from a standing     flea, a grasshopper and a
                                                          position to the          kangaroo. How do you
                                                          distance a flea can      measure up?
                                                          jump. How do you
                                                          compare with the
                                                          flea with regard to
                                                          body size to jump
                                                          distance ratio?
18   Clementine          Conservation   Lewis and Clark   How much water can       Find ways to conserve
                                                          you save in a week       water and land. Note your
                                                          by turning off the       websites of reference.
                                                          water faucet while
                                                          you brush your

                                                  D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

19   Rudolph the Red Momentuous        Wilbur Wright         How many gifts were Locate the Lyrics to the
     Nosed Reindeer,                                         given in all during Twelve Days of
     12 Days of                                              the Twelve Days of Christmas.
     Christmas                                               Christmas?

20   What a           Responsibility   Paul Revere          How many years           Find the Lyrics to our
     Wonderful World-                                       elapsed between the      songs of the week. Which
     Satchmo,                                               first English Colony     song do you feel better
     Revolution-                                            Settlement and the       fits our theme? Support
     Beatles                                                American                 your choice.
21   We Shall       Segregation        Martin Luther King, What percentage of        Find your data for the
     Overcome, Wade                    Jr.                  the Earth is covered     math challenge. Cite your
     in the Water                                           by water? What           sources.
                                                            percentage is land?
                                                            Which is greater.
                                                            Support your
22   Coming to         Imagination     Lewis Carroll/Mozart How has the              Explore
     America-Neil                                           Population of the US     Locate Barney's Website
     Diamond,                                               changed since            and list three activities
     Selections from                                        1940?                    you can do to expand
     Mozart                                                                          your imagination.

23   God Bless the     Conflict        Charles Lindbergh     How much greater a      Locate the distances
     USA-Lee                                                 distance is it from     required to solve your
     Greenwood                                               coast to coast in the   Math Mania question.
                                                             United States than      Post the website where
                                                             Charles Lindbergh's     you found your answers
                                                             most famous flight?     on the Math board.

                                                 D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

24   Tara's Theme-     Honesty         Abraham Lincoln        How many pieces of        In what year did the
     Gone With the                                            American currency         movie "Gone With The
     Wind                                                     with Abraham              Wind" premeire? Who
                                                              Lincoln's picture         played the starring roles?
                                                              would be needed to
                                                              purchase a school
                                                              lunch for a student?

25   Gravity (School Gravity           (first american to     How much would            Locate the gravitational
     House Rock)                       orbit the earth)       you weigh on each         pulls of each of the nine
     Rocky Mountain                                           of the nine planets in    planets in our solar
     High-John                                                our solar system?         system.
26   Thank God I'm a Erosion           Aunt Jemima            How many drops of         How can we prevent
     Country Boy-                                             syrup will fit onto the   erosion? Post your
     John Denver                                              surface of a dime?        websites and data on the
                                                              Predict and Test.         database.
27   Supercalifragilisti Nonsensical   Dr. Seuss /            If you multiplied the     How many books have
     cexpialidocious-                  Theodore Giesel        number of letters in      been written by Dr.
     Mary Poppins                                             the title of our song     Seuss? What fraction of
                                                              of the week by the        them have you read?
                                                              number of weeks in
                                                              a year, would your
                                                              number be greater
                                                              than or less than one
                                                              million? Explain your

                                                  D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

28   Yankee Doodle, Recruit           Uncle Sam             Multiply the number    How did the song
     Be All You Can                                         of stars on the        "Yankee Doodle" come
     Be (army theme)                                        colonial flag of the   about? Post your
                                                            America's by the       websites on the tech
                                                            current number of      board.
                                                            stars on the
                                                            American flag. What
                                                            is your answer?

29   Celtic Music, Irish Patriotism   Chief Seattle         How old is our         E-Task- Read "Chief
     Jigs, America the                                      Country? Explain       Seattle Speaks". E-mail
     Beautiful                                              your solution.         your reflection to the
30   Here Comes         Elaborate     Gertzon Borglum       What counts are        What is the average life
     Peter Cottontail                                       followed for the       span of a rabbit?
                                                            steps to the Bunny
                                                            Hop Dance?
31   O! Canada,       Anthem          Hans Christian        The Answer is 12.      When were the National
     Mexican National                 Anderson              What is the            Anthems of Canada and
     Anthem                                                 question? Be           Mexico written?
32   I'm Just a Bill, 3- Republic /   Booker T.             The answer is 24.      What are the symbols for
     Ring Government- Democracy       Washington            What is the            the political parties in our
     School House                                           question? Be           country? Post your
     Rock                                                   creative.              website results.

33   Dream of Me-       Sonnet        William Shakespeare Divide the number of     Prepare a Powerpoint
     Kirsten Dunst                                        lines in a sonnet by     slide using your favorite
                                                          the number of lines      excerpt from
                                                          in a Haiku. Round        Shakespeare as a read-
                                                          your quotient to the     aloud.
                                                          nearest tenth.

                                                D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

34   Yellow          Biosphere        School Secretaries     Divide the number of    How many students are
     Submarine-The                                           students in our         in our school? Use our
     Beatles                                                 school by the           website to find out!
                                                             number of school        Http://
                                                             secretaries. If each    s
                                                             secretary spent 2
                                                             minutes with 1/3 of
                                                             the students in the
                                                             school, how many
                                                             hours would be
35   Home on the     Accountability   (first american in     Divide the number of    Complete your E-Portfolio
     Range                            space)                 language arts           for Parent Night.
                                                             objectives for fifth
                                                             grade by the number
                                                             of weeks in the
                                                             school year. How
                                                             many objectives
                                                             should you have
                                                             mastered each week
                                                             to have them all
                                                             mastered by the end
                                                             of the year?

36   Horse With No   Celebration      Fahrenheit             If 100% of all          Which pizza company
     Name-Neil                                               students in our class   offers the best deal on
     Young, Tumbling                                         passes the EOG,         pizzas for pizza parties?
     Tumbleweeds-                                            how many slices of      Black Rock, Pizza Hut,
     Roy Rogers                                              pizza will we need to   Pizza Inn, Mario's, or
                                                             feed each one 2         Golden Corral? Support
                                                             slices?                 your decision.

                                                 D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

37   The Lion Sleeps    Philanthropy   Clara Barton             How much money        In what year was the Lion
     Tonight-Tokens,                                            was made by the       King released to the
     Gitarzan-Ray                                               film "The Lion King"? public on VHS?
38   Ride, Sally Ride   Exodus         Sally Ride               How many days are How much will tickets to
                                                                there until you start Water Country and
                                                                sixth grade?          Busch Gardens cost this

                                                    D.West/ G.Nixon 2003

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