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									      Faith Clayton's Collection
                 Documents - Original

Original Documents

18 Feb 1775. [Written on back of note. This is a copy of the original made in 1938 or 1939.
The original was loaned me by Essie Clayton Rutt.] 18 Feb 1775. William S wift of County
of Orange, NC sold to William Clayton for 10 pounds Virginia currency one certain Negro
boy named Amos. Witnesse s: Jer. Pofton, Nathan Willimon.

16 May 1796. Reuben and Ann Nash, Abbeville County to Jeremiah Williams, Pendleton
County; 20 pounds sterling; 214 acre s; Branch of Broad Mouth Creek Waters of Saluda
River; part of 504 granted to Reuben Na sh on 3 Nov 1788 by Thomas Pinckney, Governor.
Signed by Reuben Nash and his wife Naney Nash. Witnesse s: George Manning and Walter
Manning. ? Browne, Justice of Peace, 27 Aug 1796.

27 Feb 1799. Pendleton County. Land sale between Matthew Alexander of Pendleton
County ($60) and James Rody Webster, of same County. Plantation; 30 acres; near the
long Branch of Broadmouth Creek, waters of Saludy River; borders old Indian Boundary
line, and Walter Maning; 216 acres originally granted to William Swift. Witness: Benjamin
O. Webster and Henly Trussell. Dower by Marthey Alexander. Signed before Reuben
Nash, Justi ce in Abbeville County.

8 Sep 1799. Abbeville County. Deed. William Lord to Thomas Sims, 250 acres where the
Lords now live. Part of tract of 500 acres surveyed for I saac McPherson by Patrick
Cunningham (8 Oct 1772) and conveyed from Edward Rutledge to William Lords. Plat
included. Turkey Creek of Saluda River. Bounded by William Lord. Witness: Archibald
Bigbee by A. C. Jones Jr. Dower: Ann Lord.

2 Jan 1814. Plat; 208 acre s, part in Abbeville and part in Pendleton Distri cts on a Branch
of Broadmouth Creek of Saluda River. Resurve yed 4 Jan 1814. Bounded by George
Spruell, R. Key, Z. Daves, James R. Webster; Long Branch, Honey Road, Line Road.
Signed by Adam Todd, D. S. Chain Bearers: Thoma s Spruell, William Kay.

2 Feb 1814. Abbeville District. Thoma s Sims to son Mycajah Sims; 250 acre s, except one
acre around the grave yard and timber to support the same, whereon he now lives; waters
of Turkey Creek; part of 500 acre s surveyed for I saac McPherson by Patrick Cunningham
on 8 Oct 1772 and conveyed from Edward Rutledge to William Lord from William Lord to
Thos. Sims. Plat mentioned. Full part or legacy of Estate of Thomas Sim s. Signed by
Thomas Sim s. Sworn before John McAdam T. Q. Witness: George Foreman, Benjamin
Sims. Recorded, Book 8, Page 512 18 Mar 1816. J. Wardlaw, C. C. A. D.

12 Nov 1814. Pendleton District. William White Sr. to Thomas Smith; $200; Hencoop
Creek, Waters of Rocky River; 109 acre s. Witnesse s: Jacob Reed.
11 Sept 1815. Pendleton District. William White to Lewis Gordon for $200; 121 acre s on
Cherokee Creek; mentions plat [plat not in folder]; borders John McFall, Luke Spruill,
Benjamin McCance, deceased[?]. Witnesse s: John B. Turner, Azel D. Harris before Aaron
Broyle s, J. Q. Dower by Nancy White. Possibly mentioned William White as Junior.
Recorded Pendleton District, Book M, Page 500 on 25 Mar 1816 by John T. Lewis.

21 Mar 1816. Pendleton District. Archibald Reid Sr. of Mean? County, Indiana Territory;
$500; sold to Thomas Smith Sr.; Hencoop Creek; 249 acre s; formerly belonging to
Archibald Reid. Witnesse s: Ephraim D. Reed, Grief Horton. Signed before Aaron Broyles.

6 Apr 1819. Pendleton Di strict. Thomas Smith Sr. Deed of Gift to daughter Caty Smith
tract of land where he lives; 127 acres; and "all the other property that I have at my
decease and the decease of her mother Jenny Smith." Witnesse s: Dabney Duncan,
Joseph H. Davi s before Wm. F. Clinkscale, J. Q.

15 Apr 1819. Pendleton District. Mary Smith of Greenville District, late wife of Jacob
Smith, deceased owes $2,000 to Thoma s Smith Sr. The contract i s void, if he receives the
real estate of the deceased. Witnesse s: William Berry, Thomas Smith Jr.

4 Sept 1820. Pendleton. Note from William Clayton to John E. Benson for $5.10 for nails.

18 Feb 1824. Pendleton Di strict. Thomas Smith to Richard Smith; $650; Hencoop Creek;
253 acre s. Dower of Jiney Smith. Witnesse s: William F. Clinkscales, John Richardson.
William F. Clinkscales, J. Q. Recorded Pendleton District, Book R, Page 252 by John T.
Lewis, C. C. & R. M. C.

1 Jan 1827. Note recorded in the Pendleton District to James Smith. [Only two pieces of
original document.]

10 Mar 1829. Philemon Crain vs. William Knox. [partial page] North Cheoge Creek, waters
of Little River known as No. 1 (White Oak Branch); 139 ½ of land adjoining lands of William
McKinney. Something about timber, trespassing. Philemon Crain was injured and
damages of $1,000. J. N. Whitner, Attorney. Burt & ?, Defendant Attorney. Roll 31.
Recorded Book No. 1, Page 69. Find for the plaintiff the land in dispute and $5.00.
David Hendrix, Foreman.

18 May 1829. Anderson Di strict. Letter of Guardianship to James R. Webster for Hugh
Robinson and John J. Robinson. John Harri s, O. A. D.

20 May 1829. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance. Thompson Chumblee bond for $100 to
appear at October Court and give evidence against Eli sha Dianan for murder of Absalom
Martin. Also, Joseph Taylor and Edward Norton for $50. Bailey Barton and James
Langston, Justice s of Peace.

25 May 1829. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance Bond. Stephen Smith, $50; Edward Norton,
$25; Lott Kennemore, $25. Appear in October Court in murder case against Eli sha Dianan,
charged with murder. Bailey Barton and James Langston, Justice s.

25 May 1829. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance Bond. Cyrus E. Hamilton, $100; Leonard J.
Hamilton, $50; and John Gunter, $50. Appear at October Court. Murder case against
Eli sha Dianan. Bailey Barton and James Langston, Justice s.

25 May 1829. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance Bond. John Wallis, $100; Levi Hendrix, $50;
Lot Kennemore, $50. Appear at October Court. Murder against Eli sha Dianan for Absalom
Martin, "near the residence of said David Boggs. " Bailey Barton, James Langston,
Justi ces.
2 Oct 1829. Pickens Di stri ct. Gideon Martin testified that Absolem Martin had been
murdered and that Andrew M. Boggs i s a material witness. F. N. Garvin, J. P.

2 Oct 1829. Pickens Di stri ct. Michael Cannamore is a material witness in murder of
Absolem Martin. F. N. Garvin, J. P.

3 Oct 1829. William Mayfield, $100; John Ariail, $100. Appear in court on bill of indictment
preferred by "Gideon Martin vs. Eli sha Deen for suspi cion of murder on body on Absolom
Martin." Edward Norton, J. P.

3 Oct 1829. Pickens Di stri ct. Bond from David Hendrix and John Ariel in case of Gidion
Martin vs. Eli sha Deen for murder of Absolum Martin. Edward Norton, J. P.

30 July 1830. Anderson Di strict. Davis Smith give s land to R. S. Smith. Bounded by R.
Childers, D. Smith and Arthur. W. Smith. Witnesses: A. W. Smith, James H. Richey. W. H.
Acker, N. P.

23 Jul 1831. Pickens Di strict. Plat of Samuel W. Turner. Saluda River, adjoining lands of
Bird Stegall and St. Clair Latham. 164. "Intersection with river near a beech marked with
three chops at head of a shoal." House or church marked. John Watson, D. S.

30 Sep 1831. Pickens Di strict. Supoena to William Clayton to te stify in case Allen Powell
vs. Mr. Stewart or G. Stevens. [Unsure of last two names.] Mentions N. B. Clayton. W. L.
Keith, C. C.

31 Dec 1831. Receipt of $2.00 from Mary Stuart for attending court as witne ss. Wm.
Clayton Sr.

1 Aug 1838. Anderson Di strict. Plat of R. Smith 100 acres of land to A. W. Smith.
Bounded Richard Smith, E. & A. Brock, Thomas Cox. Branches of Hencoop Creek.
Joseph Cox, D. S.

19 Dec 1835. Anderson Di strict. Manning Vandiver to Emery/Hambree/Hembree Loveless;
$195; 93 acres; Branche s of Bear Creek, branch of Rocky River. Bounded by E. Vandivere,
Jessee Kay, J. Vandiveer, Strother Kay. Witnesse s: John L. Todd, Robert B. Brown.
Recorded Book U, Page 600.

1 Aug 1838. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Richard Smith to Arthur W. Smith; $300; 100 acres;
Branche s of Hencoop Creek; bounded by R. Smith, Andrew Brock, Thos. Cox. Recorded
Book W, Page 174 and certified 7 Jan 1838. Elijah Webb, C. C. R. M. C.

10 Nov 1838. Plat for William Clayton. Copy drawn by unknown.

1840 – 1939. Information on Sharon Methodi st Church, Coke sbury Di strict, Pendleton
Circuit. Information copied from Wofford College.

29 Jan 1840. To Mrs. Clayton. We have just heard of the death of Mrs. Allgood which took
place this morning between eight and nine o'clock. Mr. Allgood requested us to send
word to you that she will be buried tomorrow at twelve at his own house. N. L. Duff. To
Mrs. Clayton by Melissa.

3 Aug 1840. Anderson Di strict. Will of James R. Webster.

      Wife Jane Webster to receive Plantation of 300 acre s (Honey Road); Negro man
named Harry; Two Negro Rinda, Sarah. Household and kitchen furni ture as she thinks
necessary for the family that may be left with her. One year's provi sions. Three choice
horse s of my stock, one wagon and gear, sufficient plantation tool s, twelve head of cattle,
four of which i s to be milk cows with calves or yearlings, a sufficient stock of hogs, and
sheep which I wish her to select our of my stock to have and to hold during her natural life
or widowhood. On condition that she will raise the families of children of Rinda and Sarah
for Ann and Margaret Webster, which I hereafter give to them. But at her death or
marriage all the above named property to be sold and after a deduction of $780.83 from the
proceeds, which amount to be equally divided between her five own children according to
her mother's will (viz). John J. Robinson and Elizabeth Armstrong to have equal share
deducting $20 each, which they have received by beds and furniture. Hugh Robinson,
Ann, and Margaret Webster each to have equal shares.

       And after the above deduction the balance to be equally divided between my
hereafter named children.

       I will to my two minor daughters Ann and Margaret the following Negroes: to Ann
Webster one Negro boy named Thompson and one Negro girl named Louisia. To Margaret
Webster I will two Negro girls named Minerva and Mahala. Together will all the families
increase of Rinda and Sarah to be equally divided between them. Also, each to have an
equal share of what I have left my wife after the before mentioned deduction is made
which is all I intend for them out of my estate.

I will the balance of my estate both real and personal consi sting of two tracts of land one
Negro woman Beck, one Negro man Edmund, one Negro woman Eve and her family of
children together will the remaining part of my stock of horse s, cattle, hogs, sheep,
household and kitchen furniture and every other article of property remaining at
my deceased to be sold and divided as follow s:

       1. I will to Ethelender Loveless my daughter an equal share.
       2. I will to Posey Webster my grandson one hundred dollars.
       3. I will to my son Henly Webster one share deducting $180, which he has
       4. I will to Arthur and Polly Smith my daughter an equal share.
       5. I will to my daughte Elizabeth Reeve and the lawful heirs of her body an equal
           share and my will and desire
          is for it to be arranged that she and her heirs may have the benefit of the same
          and that her husband Andrew J. Reve
           should not have the disposal of wasting or spending the sa me to her
       6. I will to my daughter Henrietta Kay and Joel Kay an equal share.
       7. I will to the heirs of my daughter Nancy Kay, deceased an equal share to be
           divided equally among them.
       8. If there should be any money or notes on hand at the time of my decease, I will
           the same to be equally divided
           between my wife and the seven last named heirs or their heirs.
       9. And at the death or marriage of my wife, I will that all the property I have left her
           to be sold and after the heretofore mention deductions is made the balance to
           be equally divided between all my children excepting my grandson Poug/Pong
          Webster who only gets $100 a s before mentioned and Elizabeth Reeve an equal
           share. I wish to be arranged as before mentioned to her use and lawful heirs of
           her body.
       10. And La stly, I do constitue and appoint Hugh Robinson a nd Arthur Smith,
           Executors of thi s my last will and testament. My wish that Hugh Robinson
          attend to the interest of hi s mother and si sters and Arthur Smith to the rest
           of my heirs. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3
           Aug 1840. James R. Webster [hi s mark].
           Witnesse s: George Matti son, Hampton Stone, John M. Branyan.
           File 24 Aug 1840. Admitted to Probate by John Martin, Ordinary, 14 Dec 1840.
           William Magee, Ordinary of Anderson Di strict.

4 Nov 1840. Anderson Di strict. Enos Brock to Mathia s Robards. 159 ¾ acres;
Broadmouth Creek, waters of Saluda River; bounded by Wm. Telford, George Stone,
James Harkins. Post Road. Witnesses: Davi s Smith and R. S. Smith.

Jan 1841. Promi ssory Note by William Clayton to Lorton & Kirksey for $31. 56.

22 Feb 1841. John T. Clayton & F. N. Garvin bond to appear on 3rd Monday of March.
State vs. Rev. J. L. Kennedy for Assaul t and Battery. W. L. Keith, C. C.

10 Sept. 1841. [Copy]. Wills Valley. Dekalb County, AL. Letter to Mother (Martha
Nichol son) and Sister (Harriet Baker) at Wolf Creek, Pickens Di stri ct, SC. Twelve Mile
River. "I write again on the night of the 22nd of July la st. Myself and wife were sent for to
see her father on his bed of affliction. Two hours after we arrived, death cooled his fever.
The old lady in the other room not able to get to his bed. Two little Negroes on the floor in
the same condition. The next day after his body was interred, I moved the old lady and her
family to my house where we could attend them. ___ taken about the last days of May and
has not yet recovered from fatigue or some other cause. Polly was seized by the fever this
day 3 weeks ago. Has not been able to get in or out of the bed since without assi stance.
From sucking the ___ and medicine our babe has been very sick for ___ days. Thi s day 5
months ago (viz. the 10 of April) I was attacked and from that to hi s hour in my house has
been sickne ss and sorrow pain & affliction. On yesterday my friend Isaih Crain and Mrs.
McCraw the wife of a favorite neighbor were both buryed. The woman lived in half mile of
me. She left a husband and 7 little children, one at the breast. Crain left his wife and 5
children . . . . I have applied to the court and obtained letters of Admini stration on the little
remnant of estate which has not been improperly scattered of Mr. Waddill and now have
the part of the property adverti sed for sa le. Mother, if the health of myself and family will
admit and you live, I expect to see you in November[?} . . . ago and broke up yesterday.
There was thirty odd ___ and seventy persons joined the church. . . . son and brother
Lemuel M. Nicholson. P. O. Billy and Jane stayed here last night. His third son W. John
& Evans daughter Sarah were two of the . . . On the envelope is also Claborn Waddill and
Clayton, GA.

27 Jan 1842. Anderson Di stri ct. Unknown Record. Mentioned: Hugh Gantt, R. C. Sharp ,
V. Shaw, Wm. P. Kay, J. J. Robinson, Jane Webster, J. L. Gilkeyson. Could be settlement
of James Webster's estate.

16 May 1842. Anderson Di strict. Richard Smith to Davi s Smith; $250; 49 ½ acres;
Hencoop Creek; Bounded Market Road, A. W. Smith, Richard Smith, Enos Brock.
Witnesse s: Joseph ___, Jeremiah Smith. Recorded Book X, p. 337. Elijah Noble, C. C. &
R. M. C.

16 Aug 1843. Pickens Di strict. Bond to appear in court. Elihu Griffin and Hiram H. James
before J. Young, J. Q.

16 Aug 1843. Pickens Di strict. [One document]. Arrest warrant for James Duckett. J.
Young, Justice.

20 Oct 1843. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance Bond: Peter Gilstrap, James McWhorter to
appear 5th Monday of October in case State vs. Elihew Griffin. Joseph Young, J. P.

23 Aug 1843. Pickens Di strict. Magistrates Recognizance. James Duckit and William
Gilstrap to appear 5th Monday in October. Joseph Young, J. P.
4 Sept 1843. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance Bond. Joseph Merk, Joshua Chapman and
Daniel Merck. 4th Monday in October. Murder of slave of William Clayton Sr., Property
named Tom. W. L. Keith, C. D. and N. Boon J. P.

10 Oct 1843. Pickens Di strict. Witness Warrant: James McWhorter, Peter Gillstrap, Robert
McWhorter, Thomas R. Gary and Elias Devore for State vs. Elihu Griffin. Stephen C. Reid,
M. P. D.

11 Sept 1843. Pickens Di stri ct. Witness Warrant: Rhoda Brooks, Sally Blackwell, W.S.
Williams, Benjamin Chapman, Mark Lively. State vs. Joseph Mark for murder of Negro.
Signed by Carter Clayton. J. M. Barton, M. P. D.

12 Sept 1843. Recognize Bond. Mark Lively, $500; and Henry Davi s, $300 to appear
October Court. State vs. Joseph Mark, Murder. J. B. Clayton, J. P.

20 Oct 1843. Pickens Di strict. Complaint James Duckett said Elihew Griffin "did a ssault
him very much by calling him a nted lyre in the said E. Griffins mill house making a
moation to git sum thing to strike with." J. Young, Justi ce.

20 Oct 1843. Pickens Di strict. Warrant for Witness: James McWhorter and Peter Gilstrap.
Signed by James Ducket. J. Young, J. P.

2 Nov 1843. Pickens Di strict. The State vs. Joseph Merk for murder of a slave, property of
William Clayton Sr. Mark Lively, witness for the Defendant says he Mark loaded the gun as
they walked along to kill a squirrel, not knowing the Negro was on the Road after them
until the accidental fire of the gun. G. M. Norris was witness for defendant. Stephen Smith
swore that he had worked on the gun lock more than once and he thinks it is tricky and

Oct 1843. Pickens Court House, 4th Monday in October, 1843. [3 documents]. Joseph
Mark, late of the District, on 31 Aug 1843, did kill a certain slave named Thomas, property
of William Clayton. "rifle gun of the value of $5.00 then and there loaded and charge with
gun powder and one lead bullet/which Rifle Gun he the said Joseph mark in both his
hands then and there had and held to against and upon the said slave Thomas . . . cheek
below left eye. He died 31 Aug 1843. J. N. Whitner, Solicitor.

18 Apr 1844. Anderson Di strict. Davi s Smith to Arthur W. Smith for $225 46 acre s;
Hencoop Creek; Market Road. Bounded by A. W. Smith, Davis Smith, Enos Brock.
Witness: Jeremiah Smith, R. S. Smith.

14 Mar 1844. Anderson Di strict. Joel Smith to Davis Smith; 126 acre s; Hencoo p Creek;
Honey Road. Witness: John Hunt?, and A. W. Smith.

18 Aug 1846. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Petition in Court of Equity. Strother Kay to Arthur
W. Smith, Trustee, Deed of Trust for 80 acre s of land. Elizabeth Reeve vs. Andrew J.
Reeve and Strother Kay. "Deed of defendant Kay to Arthur W. Smith, as trustee of
Elizabeth Reeve, dated the 22 Jan 1844, conveying 80 acres of land in consideration of
$200 be cancelled and set aside, except that the relinquishment of dower and ordered
thereon by his wife Sally Kay be allowed to stand as valid, and that said Strother Kay do
proceed to execute the said Smith, as trustee, a deed for the said land to be held by him
for the use of Elizabeth Reeve on the limitation stated in the Commissioner's Report."
Neals Creek, adjoining lands of Enoch Vandiver, Jesse Kay, James Major, whereon
Elizabeth Reeves lives. Book Y, pages 150 -151. Lands not to be control of Andrew J.
Reeves and upon her death, the land given to her children and grandchildren. Witness: P.
S. Vandiver, Notary Public.
3 Feb 1849. Plat at request of Dr. F. W. Symmes and William Clayton by Thoma s D. Garvin;
18 Mile & 23 Mile Creek. Being part of seven tracts of land. 1. Surveyed by John Martin
for John Hunter, 28 Jun 1784; granted to him 15 Oct 1784. 2. Surveyed by John Martin for
Daniel Millner 5 Jul 178_ granted to him 15 Oct 1784. 3. Surveyed by Berney Glenn for
John Savage 19 Mar 178_ and granted 3 Apr 1786. 4. Surveyed by John Hunter
for John Hunter 10 Sep John Loyd 1785 and granted 5 Sep 1787. 5. Surveyed by Daniel
Symmes [Unable to read rest of plat]. Bounded:. Symmes Mill on plat.

2 Mar 1849. Receipt to subscription to Pendleton Messenger from P. Clayton. Signed J.
W. Bridwell.

30 Oct 1849. Pickens Di strict. Recognizance Bond. Witness/Debt. Elijah Agnew to be
witness in case State vs. Joseph Mark.

23 May 1849. [Not an original.] Accounts of Merchants in Anderson Di strict including
Pendleton Village by P. S. Vandiver to W. A. Cleveland, Esq., No. 60 Williams Street, New
York. Basic Information included on each business. John P. Benson and Joel J.
Cunningham; Bayli s F. & Thoma s S. Crayton; Elias Earle, Alexander Evins & John C.
Griffin; Fleetwood Rice and John R. Towers; Alexander B. & Joel Towers; Daniel Brown;
Stephen McCully; Je sse R. Smith & Asbury M. Holland; Enoch B. Benson & John B.
Benson; John S. Lorton, John C. & Henry C. Cherry; John T. & Thoma s J. Sloan; John
Hastie & Co.; Samuel & John J. Brown; James & Franci s Harri son and John B. Wynne;
Elias J. Earle & James W. Earle; William Sherard; Enoch B. Benson and Theodore
Trimmier; Daniel Mattison; B. F. Mauldin; James M. Lewis and Berry Lewis, John C.
& James M. Smith, Thomas H. McCann & Joshua Smith.

30 Jul 1850. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Arthur W. Smith to R. T. Smith for $9.00; one acre;
Hencoop Creek, waters of Rocky River. Bounded by Davi s Smith, Arthur W. Smith.
Witnesse s: James H. Richey, Davi s Smith. W. C. Acker, Notary Public.

13 Nov 1850. Receipt of letter from F. V. Clayton in Central, SC to C. C. Porter by F. S.
Porter in Westminister, SC.

13 Dec 1850. Deed. Anderson Di strict. Arter W. Smith to Noa Cobb 147 acres. Once
owned by John Grason thence through several hands to Richard Smith. Hencoop Creek.
Witnesse s: Davi s Smith, George W. Cobb. Dower: Mary Smith.

30 Dec 1850. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Davis Smith to A. W. Smith; $516; 147 acre s; Hen
Coop Creek; Honey Road. Witnesse s: John C. Hortan, George W. Cobb.

19 Apr 1851. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Noah Cobb to A. W. Smith for $735; 147 acre s on
Hencoop Creek. Honey Road. Witnesse s: Tilman Maddox, Davis Smith.

26 Apr 1851. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $1.50 for 1 year subscription to the Keowee Courier -
signed Robert A. Thompson.

9 Jul 1851. Pickens Di stri ct. Deed. James Grant to F. N. Garvin; $17.25; 5 ¾ acres.
Witnesse s: W. Grant, J. J. Adams.

31 Mar 1852. Anderson Di strict. Deed. R. T. Smith to Arthur W. Smith for $290; 2 acre s;
Hen Coop Creek and Rocky River. Bounded by Davi s Smith, A. W. Smith and others.
Witnesse s: William Holland, Robert Cummings.
5 Mar 1853. Anderson Di strict. Plat of James C. Brown by Wm. C. Acker, D. S. 47 ¼ acres;
Hencoop Creek. Bounded: Noah Cobb/Coats/Cox, William To? (Mrs. Leona); Widow E.

5 Apr 1853. [Copy]. Letter from Melissa (Clayton) & Henry He ster at Upshur County,
Texas, to her si ster Caroline (Clayton) Brock. [Need to abstract—difficult to read]

19 Apr 1853. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Noah Cobb sold 47 ¼ acres to James C. Brown.
Hencoop Creek. Bounded by Cobb, W. W. Townes, Mrs. E. Cox and A. W. Smith. Witness:
Joseph Cox, George W. Cobb. Dower: Nancy Cobb.

28 Apr 1853. Anderson Di strict. Deed. Davis Smith to Arthur W. Smith; Honey Road; Trail
Road. Bounded by A. W. Smith, Robert Cumming. $20. Witnesses: J. S. Acker, Jeremiah

9 May 1853. Anderson Di strict. Deed. James C. Brown to Ephraim Cobb, 47 ½ acres
wherein Brown lived. Hencoop Creek. Bounded: W. W. Lowry, Estate of John Cox, A. W.
Smith & Others. Witnesse s: ___Cobb, George W. Cobb. Dower: Amanda Brown.

1854. Hi story of Lawrence Garvin Clayton

16 Jan 1854. William Clayton's Store account with R. E. Holcombe. Paid 2 Feb 1855. On
back to sheet survey note s for John Andrews 5 Sept 1855; survey note s for Wiley Reaves
4 Nov 1855.

27 Apr 1854. F. V. Clayton store account with E. B. Benson. Paid 9 Feb 1855.

10 Jun 1854. Letter from James H. Clayton, Madison, TX to his si ster Unity C. Clayton,
Pickens Court House., SC.

1 Feb 1855. Anderson Di strict. Deed Ephraim Cobb to George W. Cobb for $363; 60 ½
acres; Hencoop Creek. Bounded by John Cobb, Tillman Mattox, A. W. Smith. Witnesse s:
A. W. Smith, W. H. Acker.

1 Feb 1855. Anderson Di strict. Deed. George W. Cobb to Arthur W. Smith for $363; 60 ½
acres; Hencoop Creek. Witnesse s: Andrew. F. Brock, Ephraim Cobb, W. H. Acker. Dower
by Lorra Ann Cobb.

3 Feb 1855. Receipt from W. S. & T. P. Williams to F. V. Clayton for $3.48.

26 Mar 1855. F. V. Clayton store account with W. S. & T. P. Williams. Paid 6 Feb 1856,
$27.02 ½.

6 Jan 1856. F. V. Clayton store account with W. S. & T. P. Williams. Paid 28 Nov 1856,
$180.02 ½.

15 Mar 1856. Joel Hendricks i s asking that Wesley Philips pay F. V. Clayton $9.54 from the
estate of Bailey Barton.

26 Dec 1857. Promi ssory note from F. V. Clayton to Stephen Clayton. Paid $212.80.

26 Dec 1857. Promi ssory note to William Clayton for $77.47.

15 Jan 1858. Van Clayton store account with E. B. Benson. Paid $20.09 on 18 Jan 1859.
"Blue stone for McWhorter."
20 Jan 1858. Promissory note & receipt to A. T. Clayton for $365 from F. V. Clayton. Paid
by 6 Feb 1858. Paid $235 on 20 Jan 1858. Paid $145 on 6 Feb 1858.

23 Jan 1858. Receipt to F. V. Clayton $3.00 for deficit tax for Pickens and Anderson
Di stri cts. Signed Thos. D. Garvin.

24 Mar 1859. Letter to Cousin Narci ssa from Cousi n Anna Clayton. Was examined and
qualified to teach.

15 May 1858. Promissory note to Lemuel Hendrix for $95 from F. V. Clayton.

21 Jun 1858. Anderson Di strict. Mortgaged land for $637. Jane Mullikin, to J. C. & J. M.
Smith. Called Home Place adjoining lands of Ezekiel Long and others on Little Twenty -Six
Mile Creek; same land conveyed to Jane by A. C. or A. O. Norri s, C. E. A. D. Witnesse s:
Andrew O. Norri s, James Mullikin. Registered in Clerks Office, Book DD, p. 512.

28 Aug 1858. Bill of Sale. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from William Clayton for $1,275 for two
Negro boys named Sam about ten years old and Jo about eight years old. Witness: John
W. McKinny.

9 Apr 1857. Van Clayton store account with E. B. Benson & Son. Paid $16.43 on 21 Apr

10 Jan 1858. William Clayton store account with W. S. & G. F. Williams. Paid $11.85 on 8
Feb 1860.

9 Apr 1858. Mary A. Clayton wrote a one -page paper on Influence of Company.

15 Aug 1858. [Cannot locate name of deceased.] Medical Report of Dr. W. L. Steele.
Deceased had a wound on back part of head made by some rough utensil, also another
wound around and behind the left ear; also made by a rough utensil. Thinks neither of
wounds would have caused death. Also another apparently gunshot wound immediately
behind the right ear. The scalp bone was also broken in two places, the same blow might
have broken both places, and either of the two last wounds would have caused immediate
death. No other wounds of any importance. A. B. Bowden, Magistrate, Acting a s Coroner.

11 Oct 1858. Anderson. Andrew O. Norris, Commissioner in Equity vs. William R. Jones,
Executor. Confi scate lands and house s of Fredrick W. Symmes, deceased for debt
$515.35. Witness: Elijah Webb, Esquire, Clerk of Court . Harrison N. Whitner, Plaintiff
Lawyer. B. F. Whitner, Plaintiff Lawyer assigns payment to F. V. Clayton 27 Feb 1872.

3 Jan 1859. Receipt of F. V. Clayton from R. A. Thompson $1. 50 for 1 year subscription to
Keowee Courier.

6 Jan 1859. [Copie s from South Caroliniana Library]. Correspondence from Anna Clayton
to Cousi n Nari ssa Clayton. Anna has "3 calls to teach school next year. One near
Pittsburg, 10 miles from here." 19 May 1859. Corre spondence from Anna Clayto n to
Cousin Narissa Clayton. Anna is teaching school to 14 -year-olds which she says i s
marriage age for "this country". [Texas] Anna says she is an "old maid".

29 Jan 1859. Store account of Van Clayton at E. B. Benson's & Sons. Paid 16 Jan 1860,

6 Jun 1859. F. V. Clayton paid on note to Stephen Clayton from J. B. Clayton

15 Sept 1859. F. V. Clayton note to Joel Hendrix, legal heir of Elias Mulin for $89.80.
28 Dec 1859. John T. Sloan, Administrator of e state of H. E. Campbell, received payment
from J. B. Sitton on note.

2 Jan 1860. Pickens Di strict. Agreement between M. D. Clayton and students for tuition at
18 Mile School. Subscribers: Jacob Pickle, Jesse Jone s, H. T. Harper, L. G. Hamilton,
Catharine Young, Loui sa Robinson, John Hinton, Susan Cooley, Thomas Smith, Hardy
Fennell, J. B. McConnel, W. M. Brewer, Mitchel Pilgrim, Coleman Gasaway, Mabrey
Mauldin, and Benjamin Evatt.

17 Jan 1860. Receipt from John W. McKinny to F. V. Clayton for $6.37.

16 Feb 1860. J. B. Smith promise s to pay James W. Woods $30.

13 Mar 1860. Envelope to Miss N. C. Clayton, Clayton's Mill, Pickens Di strict, SC.

7 Jun 1860. Receipt from A. M. Folger to F. V. Clayton for $7.00.

23 Jun 1860. [Copy from South Caroliniana]. Commanche Co., TX. Letter from Anna
Marshall to Narsie Clayton. Received a letter from Elizabeth a few days ago. Elizabeth had
received a letter from you and you were in GA. . . before I left Upshur that I was going to
get marry. Elizabeth wrote that Mr. Garvin was at Pikes Peak.

28 Aug 1860. Letter from Anna [Marshall] in Commanche County, Texas to Narce
[Clayton], her cousin, in SC. Wants to hear about Bill Clayton; Willis is in Upshur County
teaching school; Elizabeth and family are well; been to Methodist campmeeting; prob ably
leave __ Sept for Upshur; Mr. Marshall would go to Carolina if I nagged him; have a good,
kind husband; Mr. Marshall speaks of moving to Grayson County after vi siting Upshur;
New Bridge, GA; Simpsonville, Upshur Co., GA. Anna Marshall.

31 Aug 1860. Note from E. L. Ballinger at Bachelors Retreat to Mr. J. E. Hagood. "There is
free woman of coler living on my place by the name of Milly Oglesby and she wants to go
to Pickens county, Ala to see her husband. She wants you to send her the necessary
papers to carry her there.

20 Sep 1860. Receipt: F. Cobb received money from F. V. Clayton for tobacco.

Envelope from W. C. [Carter] Clayton, Co. I, 4th Regt. SC 1, CS A to Mi ss M. [Mary] A.
[Alice] Clayton, si ster of William Carter Clayton.

21 Nov 1860[?]. . Letter from W. H. Clayton to hi s brother F. V. Clayton. [Punctuation
added] Ind. Co., Ark. Nov the 21st 1860. F. V. Clayton.
          Brother, I received your letter dated the 29th of Oct. thi s evening which found me
enjoyed very good health and I hope this may find you the same state. You must show
thi s letter to Father as he has made some requests of me.
          First, I will say how I traveled from Texas. I came horseback. I crossed Red River
at Rolan, a small town and then I traveled through the Chocktaw Nation to Fort Smith and
the Arkansa s river joining the Nation. Washington Liddell of SC was with me.
          We stopped two days at Doaksville with notion to feed our horse s and get
something to eat as we were almost perished out but it would not have cost me as much
to come by public conveyance because I lost forty dollars on my horse.
          If you come here the cheapest way you can come will be to come to Memphis by
railroad and then take a steamboat to Jackson Port. I do not know what it will cost to
Memphis but you can get a through ticket from there to Jacksonport for Ten dollars.
          You wanted to know in your letter if land could not be bought for less than it cost
to enter it. I suppose there is some on the Missi ssippi river which probably could bu t it
overflows so much that it i s not worth anything and cannot be levied but there is land
which has been entered this fall at .75 cts and $1. 25 which could not be bought now for
five and if land continues ri sing in 3 years it cannot be bought for fi fteen .
         When you get to Jacksonport inquire in the Post Office for a letter for yourself and
I will have one there directing you where to find me but if there is none there inquire for
Tonsil s ferry on Black river and then to Galleways and there inquire for Gennings which i s
three miles from Galloways which is the place where I am now staying. It is only twelve
miles from J. S.
         When you come I think it would be best to fetch your surveying instruments with
you and if you go on to Texas, you can send them to New Orleans or Memphis until you
get there. On your way back you can get maps which will show you the best way to come
to Memphis but I am not posted on the railroads as for going from here to Texas I can tell
you about that when you come but I think it would be a useless trip to go there unless you
want to go to see Elizabeth & Anna.
         And as for paying for the land which I ____ on it, don't matter about at present
because I have twelve months to enter it in but the lands that are subject to entry are in the
greatest danger of being lost by being entered up by speculators but when you come be
sure you bring all the money you can if you want land. I must come to a close as
it is morning Nov. 22nd. Yours truly W. H. Clayton to F. V. Clayton.

31 Dec 1860. Agreement to teach school Martha S. Clayton at 18 Mile. Signed by M. D.
Clayton. Subscribers:

William Brewer,
Mrs. Susan Cooley,
Benjamin Evatt,
Hardy T. Fennel,
Coleman Gasaway,
Robert Gibson,
Mahala Godfrey,
Lemuel G. Hamilton,
Hnery Harper,
John Hinton,
Jesse Jones
Juggy Mauldin,
Maberry Maulden,
Vardry Maulden
J. B. W. McCann,
Wiley McConnell
Caroline McKinney,
Cherry McWhorter,
John McWhorter,
A. Mullinix,
Jacob Pickle,
Mitchell Pilgrim,
N. T. Richardson,
Loui sa Robinson,
Margaret Robinson,
Joseph Smith,
Thomas Smith,
Thomas Wilson,
Mrs. Kitty Young


Daniel Brewer
Ellen Brewer
Mary Brewer
Columbua Cooley
Gummy Cooley
G. W. Cooley
James Cooley
John Cooley
Addi son Dey
Eliza Evatt
James Evatt
John Evatt
Frederic Fennell
Henry Fennell
Martha Fennell
George Gasaway
Harleston Gipson
Oneal Gipson
William Gipson
Alfred Godfrey
Cynthia Godfrey
John Godfrey
Margaret Godfrey
Pleasant Gurley
William Gurley
Andrew Hamilton
Hester Hamilton
Lou Hamilton
Whitten Hamilton
Columbus Harper
James Harper
Lizzie Harper
Amelia Hinton
James Hinton
Joseph Hinton
Martha Hinton
Rebecca Hinton
John Hyde
Andrew Jones
Climelia/Cli Jones
Mary Jones
Matilda Jones
Samuel Jones
Mary Kennemore
Americus Maulden
Candace Mauldin
Columbus Maulden
Epse Maulden
George Maulden
Jane Maulden
John Maulden
Laban Mauldin
Lou Maulden
Malton Maulden
Mason Maulden
Martha Maulden
Mary Maulden
Melissa Maulden
McPherson Maulden
Vardy Maulden
William Maulden
Catherine McConnell
Franklin McConnell
Caroline McKinny
Allen McWhorter
Marcus McWhorter
Margaret McWhorter
Martha J. McWhorter
Adelaide Pickle
A. H. Pickle
Ann Pickle
Sarah Pickle
Emeline Pilgrim
Isabel Pilgrim
Lavinia Pilgrim
Martha Pilgrim
Thaddeus Pilgrim
Clark Richardson Charity Ri chardson
Mathias Richardson
Murphy Richardson
Newton Richardson
Dydamia Robinson
Loui sa Robinson
Margaret Robinson
Parintha Robinson
S. Robinson
Elihu Smith
Harvey Smith
Jane Smith
Job Smith
Joel Smith
Lucinda Smith
Mary Smith
Harvey Wilson
James Wilson
John Wilson
Larkin Wilson
Mary Wilson
Matthew Wilson
Susan Wilson
Wm. Wilson
Abner Young
Martha Young
Milly Young

5 Apr 1861. Promi ssory note from F. V. Clayton to pay Lemuel Hendrix $83. 12 Apr 1861,
paid $2.00; 25 Apr 1861, paid $50.00; 30 Jul 1861, paid $7.00.

11 Apr 1861. Promissory note from J. A. Hinton to F. V. Clayton for $3.50.

9 Dec 1861. Pickens C. H. 1 page. (Copy Note s) Promissory note to pay Jeremiah Looper
$135.00 from Elam Sharpe, A. T. Clayton, Benjamin Holder and J. W. Earle. 8 Jan 1862.
Promissory note to Wales Smith for $155. 00 from J. Arnold, W. K. Easley, John Westfield,
J. S. Lathem. Received 2 Mar 1866 of F. V. Clayton for collection the two notes of which
the above are copies. J. J. Norton, Attorney-at-Law.

9 Jan 1862. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from G. M. Taylor.

28 Mar 1862. Receipt of $1,275 for two Negro boys from Wm. Clayton.

1 May 1862. Letter from W. H. Clayton to hi s si ster, Martha D. Clayton. (Civil War).
Corinth, Mi ss.
         I am again in camp but not fit for duty. I am getting well as fast as it could be
expected. I can walk about without any pain but the joint of my knee is stiff.
        The Yankees are advancing cautiously on thi s place. I think we will have another
general fight in about ten days.
        I would write to the boys in Virginia but I know it is almost useless to write from
here. It would be an accident if they would get a letter. The men in our regt. are greatly
rejoiced at the Conscript Law.
         The Tenn. Troops are acting the fool the worst you ever saw. They are all twelve
month men. Their time expiring in this month and most of them swear they intend to go
home when their time is out. I wish that every one who does go home unless discharge
will be killed by the enemy.
        As to getting a transfer it would be impossible at present and even if I could get
one I would not take it at this time unless the 4th regt. was here. Our regt. was organized
before I got back but I am well pleased with all the officers but one Lieut. and our Col. I
don't think he acted very well on the day of the battle.
        I don't think thi s war can last more than six months at the farthest.
        When you write let me know how they are getting in Virginia. Write to the care of
Capt. Shoup instead of Picket. I must come to a close. I remain yours truly. W. H.
Clayton. To M. D. Clayton. P. O. I am going to send thi s letter in a Yankee envelop.

31 Jun 1862. $15.80 Confederate Tax paid by F. V. Clayton.

11 Nov 1862. Received to F. V. Clayton by the hands of hi s wife to G. W. Taylor.

1863. 2nd & 3rd Quarter. Receipt to Mrs. M. D. Clayton from J. D. Sitton for Tri Weekly
Carolina $1.20

22 Jan 1863. Receipt to Mrs. M. D. Clayton from John Dorse y for Tri Weekly South
Carolinian (South Carolinian and Banner).

11 Nov 1863. Receipt 242 for Confederate Tax. $11.09. E. Herndon, Di strict Collector.

31 Dec 1860. Agreement to teach school at 18 Mile for 10 months, four weeks to each
month at $8.00 per scholar for primary; for arithmetic $10.00 per scholar; for geography &
grammar $12.00. Records of Attendance. Martha S. Clayton

23 Jun 1860. [Copy]. Letter from Anna Marshall to Narsie.

16 May 1861. Receipt from W. J. Pickel to V. Claton $3.35.

7 Jan 1862. Receipt to F. V. Clayton for $9.34 for hi s account for the year 1860 and 1861.
W. S. & W. F. Williams.

25 Jan 1863. 1 pg. Letter from C. W. Gillespie, Camp Buffalo, Carter County, Hayne sville,
Tenn. to his si ster, Miss M. E. Gillespie. We are still at this camp. I am well as usual. I
have just recovered from a severe attack of cholera morbus. James i s not well, nor has
been for 4 or 5 days. The Dr. thinks that he is perhaps taking mumps. It is either that or
fever. He is able to stir about some but he looks rather bad. I hope that he will be well
though in a few days.
        Some of our men had a fight with a gang of bushwhackers day before yesterday.
They (our men) killed 3 or 4 and took 2 prisoners and hung them. They killed one of my
men. Bob Loftis killed one Tory. I was not with the crowd. There was only about 60 or 70
of our Battalion along.
        I have been ordered to Knoxville to report to General Heath for letting my men go
home when I was at Hendersonville. Col. Clayton has preferred charges against me, but I
don't suppose that they will amount to anything. If they want to Court Martial me for a
thing of that kind, they can just rip.
        Col. Folk says that I have got the bravest set of men in the Battalion. I do not know
how long I will be at Knoxville.
        We have snow and rain plenty. Write me the news. C. W. Gill espie, Haynesville,

1863. Receipt for William Clayton. State, Poor and Road Tax. $33.77.6 [Not sure it is

16 Dec 1863. V. Clayton loaned J. W. Crymes $20.00.

8 Feb 1864. Record of ca sh loaned to Camp McCanneksville. Names mentione d: Van
King, A. T. Campbell, Franklin Campbell, Ross Kenedy, Jepthey Duckworth, Andrew
Stephens, Wm. Duckworth, R. Kenedy, Eddy Hamilton.

9 Apr 1864. Receipt to F. V. Clayton for six bushels of corn "of hi s percent tax in kind. W.
S. Williams, Commissioner of Soldiers Board of Relief.

8 Jun 1864. Note to pay William Claton $50 from D. D. Kight and Jas. A. Boggs. On back it
says, "Thi s note i s F. V. Clayton's note."

1865. Receipt of $3.00 for corn from F. V. Clayton to Joe Hamilton. M. D. Clayton.

1 Apr 1865. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $82.20 and $45. 29 for 1864 taxes. E. Herndon, T. C.

31 Jul 1865. Fort Hill. Susan & James having applied to me for a pass to hire themselves.
They being free have my full permission so far as I am concerned to make any
arrangements they desire for him self, wife and family. John C. Calhoun. Billy, I send you
a woman Susan and her son Jim if she will bind him, I think you will do well to take him. T.
N. Garvin. William Clayton.

4 Aug 1865. [Copy] Arnolds Mill s. Allegiance to Constitution of the United State s and the
Union of the State s - F. V. Clayton.

23 Oct 1865. Receipt to pay R. E. Holcombe $40.00 by F. V. Clayton.

15 Nov 1865. Receipt to pay Martha Oliver a sum of $32.00 signed by John Mauldin, Wm.
Clayton and A. Nalley.

29 Jan 1866. Van Clayton's store account at J. West Walker's in Pickensville.

31 Mar 1866. Receipt for F. V. Clayton for corn bought in 1865 from Samuel Rivers. David
G. Gillhand.

28 May 1866. Bill to W. L. Jenkins from Dr. F. V. Clayton for service s.

30 May 1866. Receipt from William Smith and M. T. Smith for 1865 taxes.
17 Sep 1866. Receipt for Margaret Hendrix from W. H. Evatt for service s of Mr. Brock's

21 Sep 1866. Van Clayton's account to J. T. Poe; tuition for son, Lawrence - $1.30.

1 Nov 1866. John Mauldin, S. W. Clayton, Laban Mauldin promise to pay $13.50 to W. J.
Smith, Executor of Estate of Elizabeth Whitten, deceased. [Seems to be note of J.

May-Jun, 1867. William Clayton's Blacksmith Account with G. L. or Miss W. Symmes.

2 Jan 1867. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $30.00 for work in 1866 by Fred Clayton. Witness: W.

22 Jan 1867. Receipt from J. T. Gillham that Elijah McCalister pay F. V. Clayton 1 ½
bushel corn.

19 Feb 1867. Pickens Di strict. Court Order to Pay Debt. J. B. Smith owes James W.
Woods for use of Starling Turner. W. K. Easley, Attorney. $30.00 plus court cost. Order
served by G. M. Thomas by order of L. Thomas.

19 Feb 1867. Pickens. James W. Woods promi se s to pay J. B. Smith, $30. W. K. Easley,
Plaintiff's Attorney. L. Thomas served proce ss order.

20 Feb 1867 to 17 Sep 1867. F. V. Clayton's Blacksmith Account to Waddey Freedman.

27 Feb 1867. Promise to pay John Mauldin $12.00 by J. E. L. Prince.

18 Mar 1867. Pickens Court House. Receipt for F. V. Clayton from A. M. Folger.

24 Mar 1867. Anderson C. H. Letter to Mr. J. B. Smith from N. B. Cary. I am so sorry to
hear that Mr. Kennedy's school is so small. Going to school with Mr. Ligon. John sends
you hi s respects.

13 May 1867. Pickens Di strict. John Mauldin assigns hi s "Blacking accountings for 1866,
1867, and remainder of 1865 to F. V. Clayton. Also Clayton paid $30.00 for blacksmi thing
tool s. Witnessed by J. N. Arnold.

21 Oct 1867. Pickens Di strict. Common Pleas. James M. Wood vs. J. B. Smith. Subpoena
to John Stegall and John P. Sitton of Anderson are material witnesse s. Signed J. B.
Smith, J. M. Adams, N. P. J. B. Smith writes "the above witnesse s that the horse for which
the note was given in a swap was unsound and worth but little."

23 Oct 1867. Agreement with William Clayton concerning a tract of land which he was
given a bond for titled land and now belongs to William Clayton. Signed by John Mauldin
and Laban Mauldin.

8 Nov 1867. Summons to F. V. Clayton to serve on the Pickens Di strict Grand Jury. L.
Thomas, Sheriff.

4 Dec 1867. Received of Coleman C. and George C. Gasaway per F. V. Clayton $45. 25 in
full debt and cost on attachment D. Grice against George C. Gasaway. J. C. Pa rsons,
8 Feb 1868. [Copy from South Caroliniana Library.] Letter to Narce Clayton from Anna
Marshall who is vi siting in Pickens Di strict before leaving to her home in Texas. She
mentions Dr. Underwood who apparently lived in a town in Georgia tha t she traveled
through and where Narce was vi siting. Went to church in Liberty and Carmel. Mentions:
Uncle Philip, Aunt Caty came to see me, Robert Clayton and wife, Craig Odell, Martha
Laurens? and Billie, Silas, John Lawrence and wife, Mary Ann McWhorter and old Frank
Blassingame's marriage, Salubrity, Pendleton, Van, Judith Ann and family.

10 Mar 1868. Pickens Di strict. Supoena to John Stegall, Spencer Stegall, John P. Sitton
and Charles Smith to testify in court of ca se between J. B. Smith and Jame s M. Ward. J.
M. Adams, Defts. Attorney.

17 Mar 1868. Pickens Di strict. Court Record against J. B. Smith for use of Starling Turner
by James W. Wood for collection of $11.65. W. K. Easley, Plaintiff's Attorney. J. E.
Hagood, Clerk of Court.

6 Apr 1868. Receipt to F. V. Clayton $11.25 from J. L. Kennedy for 1867 tuition for 1867.
Signed by J. M. Glenn.

5 May 1868. Letter to Mi ss. Smith from friend, Ross. Davidson College, NC.

28 May 1868. Receipt for F. Van Clayton's payment of $500 to J. B. Sl oan & Co.

21 Oct 1868 – 10 Dec 1868. William Clayton's account for supplie s from J. B & Sloan & Co.

Undated. Survey notes for Fed Praytor's Note s.

8 Jan 1869. Receipts of accounts for William Clayton at J. B. Sloan & Co.

2 Jan 1869. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $8.93 for W. J. Smith, Executor of the estate of Mrs. P.
Whitten. Signed J. F. Richardson.

18 Jan 1869. Receipt to F. V. Clayton for surveying land. G. W. Taylor

28 Jan 1869. Receipt of $80. 00 from F. V. Clayton to J. N. Boggs.

1 Feb 1869. Receipt to F. V. Clayton by A. M. Folger.

26 Feb 1869. Receipt of accounts for William Clayton and F. V. Clayton from S. Bleckley
and Co.

26 Feb 1869. Receipt from S. Bleckley and Co. to F. V. Clayton; 2600 lbs. of [fertilizer]

2 May 1869. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from S. Bleckley and Co.

29 May 1869. Bill charged to account of William Clayton from S. Bleckley & Co.

25 Jun 1869. F. V. Clayton's Blacksmith account to J. A. Gaines. Paid 20 Jan 1870.

28 Jun 1869. Pickens County. Sworn statement that F. V. Clayton had nothing to do with
settlement between Thos. E. Madden and James Prince. Signed T. K. Boggs and R. E.

3 Sep 1869. Dawson Co., GA. Receipt of five dollars payment to F. V. Clayton from John
4 Dec 1869. Request for Jack Perry (colored) to borrow $3.00 from your store and I will
pay when I come down. Signed F. Van Clayton to Mr. Garvin.

1870. Marriage of Mr. Robert Dunlap and Miss Mary Fi sher. 10 Jan 1870. Dr. S. W. Clayton
and Lou F. Kennedy, daughte r of Rev. J. L. Kennedy. 26 Jan 1871. J. L. Mauldin and Miss
Gena M. Evans, daughter of the late J. E. B. Evans of Griffin, GA. 15, Jan 1871. John M.
Gambrell and Cassie Clinkscales. 10 Jan 1871. A. J. Stringer and Mary E. Rice.

6 Jan 1870. Account for Mrs. Mary Garvin with Cherry & Bleckley.

10 Jan 1870. Statement of F. V. Clayton's 1869 account with S. Bleckley & Co., Pendleton,

1 Feb 1870. Pickens County. Deed. Wm. Clayton's Deed to son, F. V. Clayton sixty acre s
next to Eighteen Mile Creek. Witnesse s: J. S. Prince, Joseph Callham.

5 Aug 1870. Note to Van Clayton to pay Peter Young (Colored) $5.00. Signed R. C.

21 Nov 1870. Receipt from Van Clayton to J. L. Kennedy for son Lawrence's tui tion, board,
and book. Pendleton Male Academy, SC. Signature of J. L. Kennedy.

1 Jan 1871. F. V. Clayton Receipt for due s to Living Arch Chapter, No. 21, R.A.M. Signed
B. Earle Seaborn, Secretary.

8 Feb 1871. Store account of Van Clayton and William Clayton at Crayton & Sloan.

11 Feb 1871. Invitation to Amanda Smith to attend party on the 14th at Maj. McCann's.

14 Feb 1871. Poem, There was a Little Maid by Dale Valley.

22 Feb 1871. Note s of statement of account of Nero Lay to Symm s and Clayton for
settlement of Willis Beard Estate. Names mentioned: L. Thomas, Ross Lawhorn, J. N.
Arnold, Ben Washington.

13 Apr 1871. [Part i s missi ng]. Plat dispute between Lydia A. M. Vanwich, Mary Maverick,
Samuel Maverick and others heirs at law of Samuel Maverick, Plaintiff vs James Tollison ,
David Watkins, John Henderson, Burton Mauldin and others, Defendents. Order of Survey
by Judge James L. Orr of Pickens County. Mentions survey of 749 acres 9 May 1806 for
Neriah Lewis; James Tollison, 112 acre s; Public Road to Greenville;, Public Road to Old
Pickens; B. Mauldins Cross; Shoal Creek;, Samuel Powell's house; Burton Mauldin, 250
acres; Public Path, David Watkins house.

20 Jul 1871. Statement of William Clayton's account with Cherry and Bleckley. Signed
Geo. S. Sloan.

20 Jul 1871. Statement of F. Van Clayton's account with Cherry and Bleckley.

9 Dec 1871. Plank bill due F. V. Clayton from Carter Clayton.

8 Jan 1872 to 29 Oct 1872. Blacksmith Account for William Clayton.

19 Feb 1872. Letter to Dear Sister from brother, Jep (Smith), Slabtown, SC. Martha wanted
me to write about home. Grandpa met with a serious accident ye sterday by getting badly
burnt. Mother had left him alone for a short time, and in trying to get up to walk, he fell
and his clothe s caught on fire and burnt him severely burnt hi s arm, shoulder and head.
Jay is a s sprightly as ever.

1 Apr 1872. An affectionate letter to "Dear Miss" from Mr. Henry.

3 Aug 1872. Letter to Amanda from J. M. Smith, Slabtown, SC. Lizzie received letter from
you. J. B. has written to you today. Mr. Kennedy is up and I love the chance to send thi s
by him to Williamston. Henry Fielding was over at Mr. Newton's Mill thi s evening where
they were at work repairing the mill. There were some seven or eight persons pre sent. He
had his gun in his and was standing on a log and slipped and fell. The cock of the gun
slacking the log caused it to go off and the contents being entered in his head. Kill him

Jan 1873. Anderson County. Contract between J. Perry Glenn and Slabtow n Academy of
Garvin Township, Di strict 3 for 5 months beginning Monday, January 1873. 25 Scholars.
Subscribers: J. M. Smith (4), J. M. Welborn (2), J. Jameson (2), J. C. Boggs (3), Ba sdil
Smith (1), Jepthah Watkins (3), E. M. Wardlaw (1), Tolbert Bryant (1/2 ), He ster Watkins (2 ½
), J. C. Wardlaw, ( ½), J. A. Boggs (2), G. N. Hembree (1), Stephen Martin ( ½), Jos. Tater (1),
G. W. Rankin (2), John M. Orr ( ½), J. P. Traynum (1 ½), A. P. Watson (1).

29 Mar 1873. Letter to Dear Sister from brother Jep Sm ith, Slabtown, SC. Pa arrived last
night from Charle ston. I suppose you have heard of the death of Grandpa ere this, he died
a week ago last Sunday, and Col. Hamilton died the Tuesday following. Was buried at
Carmel. Mr. Kennedy preached his funeral. He will be greatly missed at "Old Carmel."
There is preaching at Carmel today and tomorrow by the Rev. Mr. Young. He was at
Fairview at presbytery, and it was said then that he was flying around Mi ss Mary Brown. I
saw Miss Jennie R. the other day. I think she has given ouot the idea of returning to
Reidsville entirely. Perry is getting on finely with his school. Frank says they are going to
have a big exhibition. We are going to act some charades at Col. Jamesons next week.
Miss Jennie Rosamond and Miss Mattie J. Perry and myself are going to act. Miss Emma
Russell has gone to Anderson to the high school. Thomas W. & Ed Russell are putting up
a store at Hamilton Hill. Tom went Charleston with Pa and bought goods. And Mr. Glenn
went down and bought Miss Corrie a fine piano. Cousin Sallie Smith is very low. They do
not think she can live long.

Undated. Love poem to Amanda.

9 Apr 1873. W. L. Jenkins i s asking Van Clayton to pay what he owes him for medicine
and visit to hi s son to Cpt. J. C. Cherry.

9 Apr 1873. Statement of F. V. Clayton's account with Dr. Paul H. E. Sloan per Hunter.
Envelope to Mrs. Van Clayton, Central, SC.

25 Apr 1873. Wm. & F. V. Clayton sold to J. C. Cherry, Pendleton, SC seven bales of

28 Apr 1873. Mr. V. Clayton to pay Berry Presley for corn. Geo. W. King.

Jul 1873. Subpoena to James Robertson and Ja sper Kelly for hearing between Frank V.
Clayton, Plaintiff vs Gustavus N. Symmes, Defendant at Pickens County, at New Pickens
Court House. Earle Blythe, Plaintiffs Attorney.

27 Sep 1873. Letter to Dear Hettie from Jennie, Reidville Female College, SC. So, you and
Willie are only friends.

Undated. Letter to Dear Friend [Edith] from H. A. Smith, Fairview Academy.
1 Oct 1873. One cent postcard to F. V. Clayton, Pendleton, SC that fruit trees would be
delivered 15 Nov 1873 from J. W. Ward & Co.

1874. B. L. Barnett's Application for Membership to the Flat Rock Grange, No. 274 of the
Patrons of Husbandry. Recommended by C. S. Robinson, J. F. Smith. Report Favorable
by John A. Gary. Names on back of sheet: William Force, William Smith, Mark Boggs,
Sam. Steward, Joseph A. Boggs, Z. Smith, Robi son. Hollingsworth, W. A. Hendrix, Mark
Prince, S. C. McWhorter, J. F. Smith. [Not sure the last names are re lated to the

11 Mar 1874. 4 pg. Letter to Mrs. S. E. Williams, from her cousin, E. J. A. Mayfield from
Van Buren, Arkansa s. Pa bought him a lot too and has a nice house built. It is just across
my garden. I wish you could just step over and see how nicely Ma looks house keeping.
They almost look like new married folks, as they have not kept house in 8 years. South
has got well of rheumatism. He is going to school now and learning very fast. We did not
sell our farm: Carroll stays at the farm and has it cultivated. We have just received a letter
from Arminda. She says times are very hard in Missi ssippi. She has two children by her
present husband, boy and girl. We live on a public street. I have seen it nearly blockaded
with movers. Some to Texas and some to Missouri. Cousin give Ida and husband
my love and best wishes. They have half a dozen children. Ma and Pa send their
sympathy to Uncle Steven and Phillip and all of the afflicted ones.

Jul and Aug 1874. July & Aug 187 5. Van Clayton's receipt for tuition to J. C. Watkins.

8 Dec 1874. Pickens County. Creditors of James Orr late of Anderson County agree with
Holcombe and Child, Attorneys at Law to employ them to collect general claims against
deceased. S. W. Clayton, F. V. Clayton, L. J. Rankin, J. M. Smith, J. M. Glenn, Thos. H.

10 Dec 1874. Promi se note to pay R. C. Clayton $8.20 by Alex Wood. W. G. Field
guarantees payment.

12 Dec 1874. Promi se note to pay R. C. Clayton $5.25 by Elias Anderson and W. S .
Kirksey. Witness: J. M. Stewart.

17 Mar 1874. Agreement signed by Isaac Perlites that no further steps in case of F. V.
Clayton's son, W. V. Clayton who threw rock and hit him on the head. Witness: R. W.

9 Feb 1875. Plat of 26 acres and 20 6 acres known as Asa Hodges tract on Twenty-three
Mile Creek in Anderson County requested by Thos. Rogers and T. E. Boggs. Bounded by
John Orr, William Cooley, Estate of D. K. Hamilton, T. E. Boggs, Dr. J. W. Earle, Glenn's
Land. Plat signed by F. V. Clayton.

20 Feb 1875. Letter to James M. Smith from cousin, Wm. R. Hubbard, Calhoun County,
Alabama. Last summer was a year ago we lost our 3rd boy, 14 years old, my name sake,
he had congestion was sick onl y 4 or 5 days. Had always been uncommonly stout a nd
healthy weighed about 140 lbs. John, my oldest lost hi s wife this fall from a long case of
consumption. Had two children, the oldest a boy, the baby a girl. He has moved to live
with me for the present. Father and mother are still living. Sister Sarah living with them.
Georgan lives on his farm and I live in ½ a mile. Is Cousin Billy still living. Is Mrs. Mary C.
Newton, formerly Mrs. Di ckson still living. How are Uncle Felix Watkins and Aunt Jane.
Aunt Jane Dorothy Pinson died with cancer on his breast and George Pinson married
shortly after her death. George living in Georgia.
26 Apr 1875. Receipt from F. N. Garvin to E. A. Cann for making coffin; $5.00.

8 Jun 1875. Promi ssory note to Temperance Clayton for $250 by 1 Apr 1876. T. C. Cla yton
on back.

15 Jul 1875. Receipt to F. V. Clayton for pointing chimneys by J. S. Hall.

2 Oct 1875. 2 pp. Letter/envelope to Mr. F. V. Clayton from Earle & Wells, Attorneys &
Counselors at Law, Greenville, SC concerning settlement of property. [Diffi cult to read

14 Oct 1875. Marriage announcement in Laurensville, SC of Dr. B. F. Kilgore's second
daughter, Miss France s J. Kilgore to Mr. W. W. Simpson, by the Rev. J. R. Riley, all of

27 Nov 1875. Receipt for Mr. Clayton in accoun t with Alex E. Norris for tuition of son.

27 Apr to 24 May 1876. Account of F. V. Clayton to C. W. Wood & Co. Lumber, corn,
fodder, flour, meal, pork.

26 May 1876. Request for Mr. Van Clayton to let T. G. Fennel have 10 bushel s of corn.
Elizabeth Hendrix.

9 Sep 1876. Promise note to pay Lemuel Hendrix $80.00.

20 Dec 1876. Receipt to F. V. Clayton $25. 00 by Rebecca Mullinax. Witness: M. D.

6 Apr 1877. Pickens County. S. S./L. L. Tyger's oath that he cut 900 cords of wood on F. V.
Clayton's land near Central. Witness: J. A. Liddell.

30 Apr 1877. Receipt to W. V. Clayton for $5. 00 by Jno. C. Watkins.

28 Jun 1877. [Copy] Dr. Lawrence Clayton's Graduation Program from University of

6 Sep 1877. Receipt for $100 from Ruhama Neighbors.

17 Dec 1877. Plat for Lot 48, Central, SC. to L. G. Clayton.

17 Dec 1877. Plat for Lot 15, 16, Central, SC. to L. G. Clayton.

31 Jan 1878. Invoice for tombstone for Lemuel Hendricks from Gaillard & Clark,

16 Mar 1878. Agreement between Anna Fieling and John Major, both of Anderson County,
renting plantation on Eighteen Mile Creek in Pickens County. $150.00. Witnesse s: L. G.
Clayton and W. D. Cothran. Names mentioned: Leander Boggs, John W. Major, F. V.

29 Mar 1878. Receipt with envelope from Wm. H. Brown & Bro., Wholesale Druggi sts,
Baltimore, Maryland to Dr. L. G. Clayton, Central, SC for $34.74.

16 May 1878. Letter to Mr. Leander Boggs, Symmes Mill from G. H. Symmes, Tampa, Fla.
reference tell him that Mr. Dave B. Sloan at Pendleton and Mr. John Marshbanks are
looking after the rent and crops.
9 Aug 1878. Promi se note to pay J. Jameson, Treasurer of Barnett's Lodge $5.00 by L. G.
Clayton and Jno C. Watkins.

2 Jul 1879. Letter to Warren W. Knight from G. H. Symmes, Tampa, Fla. (Hillsboro Co.)
reference rental property. Mr. Marshbanks wa s looking after the property, but there has
been no correspondence from him. Letter returned from Mill. Please take responsibility
for property.

1880. F. V. Clayton's Memo Booklet on cotton amounts and other accounts. Names
mentioned: J. F H., J. G. Evat, Bell H., T. J. Taylor, Leander Oliver, Wash Williams, Elias
Evins, Wm. Willson, Frasier Walker, Guss Aikin, Jack Washington, Fed Oglesby, Tom
Williams, Alf Carter, Wm. Lay, Cato Collins, Mose Robinson, Click Clyde, Lige Gambrel,
Isrel Miles, Dunwoody, Wm. Robinson, Harri son Robinson, Berry Copeland, Elijah
Gambrell, William Moore, Ed Acker, Peter Prator, Oliver Foster, Al Carter, Jack Hargrove,
Tom Williams, James Scott, Ben Green, Ed Hawkins, Mose Robinson, Survey for Je sse
Martin 23 Sept 1881, Newton, Mullinix, John Owens, Anna Fielding, Survey Jesse Martin
Durham Place 24 Sep 1881, Bill Stone, Bill E., Elic A., James M., James Matthews, John
Barkly, W V. Clayton.

20 Jan 1880. Title transfer - deed - from T. T. Cromer to Arthur W. Smith two acres in
Anderson County near the Trail Road adjoining lands of A. W. Smith and Thomas T.
Cromer. Witness: C. M. Campbell, George M. McDavid.

14 Feb 1880. Lien on Crop. J. M. Smith to Stono Phosphate Company of Charleston, SC.

14 May 1880. Postcard from Ferguson & Miller to Mr. F. V. Clayton acknowledging receipt
of $17.64 payment.

4 Sep 1880. Receipt for F. V. Clayton from Ferguson & Miller, Greenville, SC for 47 gal. of
molasse s.

Undated. Invoice from R. S. Hill, Dealer in General Merchandise, Anderson, SC for sui t,
hat, overcoat, shoe s, and hat.

22 Sep 1880. Letter to F. B. Clayton from Wm. E. Earle, Attorney with Earle, Wells, &
Westmorland, Greenville, SC concerning Dr. Hilhouse's Estate. Names mentioned: Whit
Simms, Heyward, W. L. Davis.

16 Oct 1880. Letter from H. M. Hagood & Co. to Clayton received payment for two sacks
acid purchased by J. M. Smith.

24 Dec 1880. SC Statutes At Large. Prohibit sale of liquor in Central and Liberty.

1881. Receipt from Robert C. Clayton for 1881 State and County taxes, Whitfield County,

18 Mar 1881. Letter from J. F. Dorroh, Greenville, SC, giving permission to marry hi s
daughter to J. D. Sheldon.

25 May 1881. Marriage announcements attached - Mr. J. D. Sheldon of Oconee and Miss
Lizzie Dorroh.

17 Aug 1881. Note s to Addie Smith Clayton from friends at college.
26 Oct 1881. Receipt from David R. McClellan, Easley, SC, to Mrs. Elizabeth Hendricks for

20 Jan 1882. Typed copy of original. Letter to Mrs. Jane Mayfield from Martha D. Clayton.
Jane was si ster to Elizabeth Hendrix, mother of Martha D. Clayton. Mother has broken up
housekeeping and living with us. Van has rented farm for her. Aunt Rebecca has gone on
vi sit to Georgia. Lawrence has gone to Philadelphia to school. Billy is going ahead with
his farm. Mr. Martin bought large plantation. Old Becca Chumbler that married Bill
Ellenburg is living on our place.

28 Feb 1882. Receipt to F. V. Clayton all demands to date from S. W. Clayton.

25 Mar 1882. Letter from S. M. Hendricks in Hendricks, Alabama to Elizabeth Hendricks,
her aunt. Emma and Baker are living one mile from us on a tract of land that I gave them.
James Brown & Family are well. Uncle Joel is still up but hardly able to work. One of his
son-in-laws i s living with him. Ma is still living with us children. Cousin William Hendricks
was married to a Miss Cowden the other day. He married into a wealthy family. This
is one of Uncle Bill's sons. Aunt Mary i s getting along with her business very well. She
makes a heap of money. She has sent one of her daughters off to school. Her name is
Minnie. Aunt Mary has bought a fine organ and all the girls can play on it. She has six
children with her yet—Bro. Joseph ha s come back from Atlanta. Lucretia is living with a
female relative in Boutsville, supported by her brother. Lucretia & Betsy Gill are keeping
house by them selves. Adi son ha s kept the children all the time and has them w ith him
now. He left the old homestead and went to Bangor 12 miles west of B. V. There he sold
families groceries. He left Bangon. I went to Birmingham last winter. I went into keeping
boarding house with another man.

27 Mar 1882. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $2.30 for subscription to the Keowee Courier.
Signed Robert A. Thompson by W. E. Holcombe.

18 Apr 1882. Receipt of payment for board Wm. Clayton to J. N. Smith.

22 Apr 1882. Receipt from W. V. Clayton to J. P. Smith for 1881 tuition.

6 Jun 1882. Sworn statement that L. G. Clayton is a practicing physician by diploma
granted 1 Mar 1878 by University of Maryland. T. W. Folger, N. P.

Undated (Jun 188_). Letter to F. V. Clayton from Geo W. Taylor, Attorneys at Law, Taylor &
Cary, Pickens, SC concerning Mi ss Jone s ca se and fees. Mentions: Day Symme s, Maj. J.
H. Whitner.

1883. Booklet on Eagle Well Drill.

23 Feb 1883. Deed of J. Moyer, Mecklenburg Co., NC, to Mrs. Susannah C. Bellotte,
Pickens County, SC. $150.00; lot in Central; bounded by Mrs. Fannie LaSalle, Brem?
Brown, Main Street. Being conveyed by Hattie E. Warnock (Deed, Vol. E., p. 548, 7 Feb
1882.) Witnesse s: R. D. Johnston, J. M. Avery.

1 May 1883. Rebate Claim for J. M. Smith, Equality, SC, on tobacco inventoried by B. F.
Wardlaw and Jason C. Wardlaw.

3 May 1883. Receipt to Elizabeth Hendricks for 1882 Pickens County taxes.

11 Jul 1883. Certification that F. V. Clayton paid fee to be a life member to the Pendleton
Lodge, No 34, A.F.M., Pendleton, SC.
18 Apr 1884. Letter to Mrs. Martha D. Clayton, Central, SC from aunt in Van Buren,
Arkansa s concerning death of her si ster. Death of Martha's mother. Joseph Young live s
in Suluston County near Greenwood. Bought him a farm of 160 acres. Elwood Morehead
lives in one mile of him. Steward un Aller went to Missouri, Pers City. Received letter
from Sumrire Mayfield. He is Buller son. Muderson Dean was here this morning. Give
respects to France s Clayton, also to Mr. Marton. Charlie and Jennie have raised a girl.
She is grown. She a very smart help to Ellen. Went to James Dean Saturday night.

19 Apr 1884. Receipt from Thos. M. White that F. V. Clayton paid for tombstone for
Elizabeth Hendricks.

6 May 1884. Letter and envelope to Martha D. Clayton, Central, SC, from co usin, S. M.
Hendricks, Hendricks, Ala. responding to letter from Martha that her mother had died. Saw
George W. Montgomery and his daughter Bettie who married Jesse W. Ellis. She has five
children. Her eldest is a good large boy. Ellis is circuit clerk of the circui t court. They are
the only kin that we have in B. V. George is at Sister Salley's. D. A. and his wife live
near each other at Chepultepea, 12 miles from here. Lucretia keeps the children. She is
sending them to the high school. Her Brother pays the bill. My daughter and her husband
moved off to Texas the 17th of Dec. They became dissati sfied with that country and
landed back in old Blount the 19th of ult. They are in the house with us. They have no
children. They have been married 3 years next Dec.

5 Jan 1885. Jury Summons to William V. Clayton for Pickens County Court of Common
Pleas and General Sessions.

10 Mar 1885. Letter with envelope to F. V. Clayton, Liberty, SC, from Ferguson & Miller,
Greenville, SC concerning account payment discrepancy.

8 Oct 1885. Premium List of Stock Show, and Catalogue of Auction Sale of Fine Stock, to
be held on the 70th Anniversary of the Pendleton Farmers' Society, at Pendleton, SC.
Advi sory Board: Col. R. W. Simpson, Dr. P. H. E. Sloan, a nd D. K. Norris, J. C. Stribling,
Pendleton, SC, Special Correspondent for Society.

27 Oct 1885. Invoice to F. V. Clayton, Central, SC from Ferguson & Miller, Greenville, SC
for sugar and bacon.

30 Nov 1885. Receipt from Martha D. Clayton for 1884 Pickens County taxes.

2 Dec 1885. Receipt to L. G. Clayton for $10 for subscription by J. R. Williams.

23 1886. Letter with envelope from Ferguson & Miller, Greenville, SC quoting price s of
goods to Mr. F. V. Clayton Jan.

12 Feb 1886. Letter and envelope from S. M. Hendricks at Hendricks, Alabama to cousin,
Mrs. Martha D. Clayton, Central, SC concerning death of her mother at Sister Sallie's. 70
yrs. old; member of church for 60. Father Brown had tree fall on him. Lucretia & Adison
have their divorce. Adison i s talking of marrying again. His children are doing well. Willie
is teaching school and lives with his mother.

15 Feb 1886. J. B. Clyde, Auditor, to William Clayton informing him of Board of Asse ssors
Meeting for Central.

5 Apr 1886. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from Chid Boggs for La st Will & Testament.
22 Apr 1886. Letter from C. L. Hollingsworth, Attorney and Counselor, Pickens, SC to R. C.
Clayton concerning money collection. Joab has gone to Sheriff's Office. R. C. Clayton
could be in GA. Frank Looper is involved in either owing or paying money.

28 Sep 1886. Letter from J. J. Lewis, Clerk of Court at Pickens, to F. V. Clayton at Central.
The Graver mortgage was duly received and filed. I fixed up the mortgage for you and
sent them by Ben Johnston to be left at Ross Eaton's Store for you.

1887. Receipt for F. V. Clayton for cotton, ginning and bagging. Sold at Piedmont Factory
belonging to Norri s. Signed W. B. Norri s per J. C. Norri s.

1887. Adverti sement Booklet for 15,600 acre s of valuable land situated north of Ri chmond
and Danville R. R. in Pickens and Oconee Counties, South Carolina, For Sale.

10 Feb 1887. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from Wm. Knabe & Co. per Rives at Central, SC for
$480.00 piano.

16 Feb 1887. Survey note s for Charley Durham.

Mar 1887. Receipt from F. V. Clayton for tuition by John A. Ri vy at Central, SC.

28 May 1887. Invoice from J. B. & J. J. Sitton, Pendleton, SC to F. V. Clayton for 6 ft. coffin.

11 Aug 1887. Invoice to Mr. Lewis from W. G. Stephens, Dealer in Staple and Fancy
Groceries, Notions, Tobacco & Cigars, West end, Central, SC. [Part is mi ssing.]

8 Nov 1887. Trail Justice, Whitner Symmes vs J. L. Boggs. Please pay D. E. Garvin for
constable fees. W. H. Hester. On stationery of W. H. Hester of Central, SC.

7 Dec 1887. Death Announcement for Dr. S. W. Clayton, died 7 Dec 1887, aged 45 years.

1 Mar 1888. Receipt of F. V. Clayton from Dudley Meredith. Witness: W. V. Clayton.

11 Apr 1888. Receipt from Hagood Bruce & Co. (Pickens, SC) to F. V. Clayton for a mule
(Alexander & Folgers) for $100. 00.

4 May 1888. Notary Public Certificate for L. G. Clayton.

30 Jun 1888. Ledger sheets for F. V. Clayton to Joab Mauldin for lumber.

31 Jun 1888. Letter to William Clayton and Aunt Unity Clayton at Pendleton Co., from
granddaughter and niece, Sally Langley. Mother has had four children since we came to
thi s country. Mary Elizabeth, Eliza Jane, William Clayton. Elizabeth lost one eye when she
fell. Eliza Jane has lost both of her eyes and can't see daylight for three years. I want to
no if uncle John is married and if he and if he will come out. I will go home with him and
be company for you, a poor old maid like myself. We received a letter from Uncle Carter

12 Jul 1888. Regi stered letter receipt sent by F. V. Clayton to George W. Scott, Atlanta.

6 Aug 1888. Letter to Mi ss Lillie Mullikin, niece, from J. C. Marshall of Denver, Colorado,
who relayed about his travel s throughout the western state s. Left Texas. Mentions Aunt
Kate. I suppose you and Sallie are on the old home with your Grandpa Clayton. I had
heard of the said fate of Silas Clayton how he killed himself. Mr. Orr of Texas saw a Mr.
Rankins, late of Carolina, told him and he told me. He and Kate have been summer ing in
Colorado for four years.
11 Jan 1889. Receipt that Martha D. Clayton received money from estate of Lemuel and
Elizabeth Hendricks by L. G. Clayton.

2 Feb 1889. Receipt from S. Lander, Treasurer, Williamston Female College, Williamston,
SC to Mr. F. V. Clayton for Miss A. L. Clayton's Spring Session, 1889 for $50.00.

26 Mar 1889. Receipt to Mr. F. V. Clayton from Williamston Female College for Addie
Clayton $50.00 for Spring Sessi on.

26 Mar 1889. Receipt of F. V. Clayton for dental service for daughter by John M. Crymes.

16 Jul 1889. Note authorizing L. G. Clayton to act in absence of F. V. Clayton,
Admini strator, for estate of Dr. S. W. Clayton. Authorized to vote in Central Joint Stock

24 Jul 1889. Receipt for $50 signed by F. V. Clayton.

17 Aug 1889. Invitation to Mr. & Mrs. F. V. Clayton, Central, SC to attend meeting of the
alumni of old "Thalian Academy". Mentions: J. L. Kennedy, B. Frank Mauldin, John
Ferguson, John C. Carey, J. E. Boggs, George Johnstone, J. P. Smith, John S. Verner.

[1890]. Undated. S. A. Williams Drugstore Paper.

1890. Medical and Surgical Register of the United State s. List doctors in Pickens County.

1890s. Adverti sement on horse Prince ss by Dr. Clayton.

18 Feb 1890. Letter to R. C. Clayton from C. L. Hollingsworth, Attorney and Counselor,
Buys, Sells, Rents, and Advance s on Real Estate concerning E. F. Looper's pa st due
account. Al so had a note about Jesse J. Chandler of Murrey County being whipped by the
"White Caps".

4 Aug 1890. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from R. E. Sloan.

30 Jan 1891. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $1.00 for 1 year subscription to People's Journal by
T. C. Robinson.

23 Feb 1891. Pedigree of horse s. Letter to W. L. Crabb from Dr. Clayton and reply.

8 Jun 1891. Meditation Addre ss by J. D. Earle, Sunny Dale, SC.

27 Jun 1891. Invoice to Mrs. Van Clayton for merchandi se from Hunter & Co., Leaders in
Dry Goods, Pendleton,

19 Oct 1891. Invoice from J. B. & J. J. Sitton, Pendleton, SC to Mr. F. V. Clayton for coffin .

31 Oct 1891. Receipt for The Pendleton Lodge per F. V. Clayton for $4.00 - signed by Mrs.
Sarah M. Chapman for W. E. Griffin, Dealer in Dry Goods & General Merchandise.

Undated. Pendleton Masonic Lodge #34 A.F.M.'s tribute to Brother William Clayton who
departed on 19 Oct 1891 - aged 89 years, 8 months, and 1 day. He was born 18 Feb 1802.
Copy of tribute sent to three children who survi ve him, Mr. F. Van Clayton, Mrs. Mullikin
and Mrs. Chapman. Signed by Jno B. Sitton, W. W. Watkins, P. H. E. Sloan .
1892. Note from R. A. Baker concerning cotton and corn crop to Mr. M. J. Wellborn.
Mentioned: Lathem,

1892. Pickens Co., SC. Note from R. A. Baker concerning potatoe s, oats and wheat to Mr.
M. J. Wellborn. Also wife is having a baby and he is needed to fix the well.

28 Jan 1892. Letter and envelope to Mrs. F. V. Clayton from cousin, E. A. Mayfield from
Van Buren, Ark. concerning illnesse s, family matters and death of his father. Arminda is
still at same Post Office. Joe Mayfield lives in Van Buren, also his si ster Omy Dean. Billy
Mayfield lives in the Cherokee Nation at Muldrow. I have but two children, South, the
oldest (32 years old). Emmett the younge st and baby is 17 years old and both at home.
You spoke of your pleasant vi si t to Uncle Phillip's family. Can you tell me anything about
Aunt Nannie. Since Mother Mayfield died, I never hear from SC any more. You spoke of
Cousin Van getting fleshy.

5 Mar 1892. W. E. Johnstone. Deliver cotton to Central and then to Greenville.

2 May 1892. Receipt to F. V. Clayton for Peoples Journal.

31 May 1892. [Copy]. Letter to Narce from Anna Marshall. Mary Clayton's marriage. She
married a rough, ugly, ole bachelor about 38 years old, entire by uneducated, but has very
good property (a home and a horse and a sheep and a convy and stands. Very fair with
the male portion of this community, but ha s been held in perfect contempt by the weaker
sex for some time. Several years ago he went to live with a widow, his cousin, under the
promise of marriage. Seduced her. She gave birth to a child and died. I never thought
Mary would have married Old Ben Amos. Give love to Aunt Caty.

5 Jun 1892. Page from Second Quarter Literature on The Fiery Furnace - King

7 Jun 1892. Received of Mathew Hendricks, Exec. of estate of T. L. Roper, deceased
$95.42. Share of estate going to Mrs. Rebecca Lewis. Signed John T. Lewis, Atty.

Undated. Note to Mathew Hendrix and S. D. Keith to pay W. B. Jones by J. H. Philpot.
Philpot states "I make this liberal offer to you as I am in a strain for money such a s I have
never been before." On back of sheet it says, "M. Hendrix & S. D. Keith, Esquire s, Exors."

17 Jun 1892. Receipt to Mrs. Clayton for merchandi se - slippers, batiste, lace, stockings
and etc.

12 July 1892. Receipt from R. G. Gaines & Bro. to Nero Lay for cotton.

1 Dec 1892. Sewing Machine Certificate. Handwritten memorial to Sallie C. Robinson on

20 Jan 1893. Register of Morgan Horse, Susir S. Owned by Frank McGarock.

11 Jan 1893. [Certified Copy] Anderson County Probate of the Estate of James M. Smith.
W. C. Smith, Mrs. Hester A. Smith, W. M. Smith, Lizzie J. Watkins, L. G. Smith, Amanda
Glenn, Addie Clayton.

20 Feb 1893. Receipt from Office of The Etude, Philadel phia, PA to Miss A. Clayton for 1
year subscription for The Etude, Publisher Theo. Presser.
17 Apr 1893. Receipt from R. S. Hill, Mgr., Anderson, SC. Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions,
Millinery, Shoes, Hats, Hardware, Stoves and Groceries for supplies.

25 May 1893. Pickens Di strict. Bond of Lot Kennemore, Edward Norton and John Guent
to appear in court in case State vs. Eli sha Deen charged with murder. Witnesse s: Bailey
Barton, James Langston.

17 Jun 1893. Invoice to F. V. Clayton from Ligon & Ledbetter, Wholesale and Retail
Grocers, Anderson, SC.

26 Jun 1893 - 30 Jun 1894. Blacksmith Receipt by signed J. R. Major.

5 Jul 1893. Letter to Col. F. V. Clayton from R. S. Hill, Anderson, SC concerning purcha se
of molasse s.

17 Sep 1893. Letter to Dear Nita from grandmother, H. A. Smith at Slabtown, SC. Maggie
had a sore finger and couldn't do anything, so she went off to Charly Ropers and stayed a
week. The tent meeting is going on at Fairview. Your Uncle Walter has gone today.
Somebody came Friday night and stole your Uncle Jay's cart and my buggy harness. We
think it was stolen to go to the Camp Meeting. Tell your mother to try to come next
Saturday. The baby will be over a month old. I am looking for your Aunt Lizzie Saturday.
How are Grace and Christine and Silas getting on?

9 Nov 1893. Pickens County Grand Jury Pay Roll, Special Duty Grand Jury, Constables,
and Petit Jury Pay Roll for September term. Grand Total $292.36. Signed Jas. W.
Laurence, Elbert Perry, and O. P. Fields, Co - Com Pickens County, Atte st J. K. Kirksey,
Clerk to the Board.

J. C. Alexander
P. E. Alexander
W. F. Ariail
R. H. Baker
M. R. Boggs
J. E. Borroughs
Martin H. Brown
John Tyler Cantrell
A. B. Cha stain
R. R. Child
T. J. Cissin
William V. Clayton
G. W. Cox
W. N. Broline
William T. Bryant
Nathanaiel Duncan
Allie K. Edens
Charles B. Fendley
Eli sha Gilsltrap
C. M. Gravley
John L. Gravley
J. A. Griffin
James H. Harri s
Joel R. Griffin
G. W. Hendricks
Matthew Hendricks
Welden Hester
Richard K. Hill
J. F. Hinkle
Robert J. Hughes
W. N. Hughes
H. C. Hunt
J. T. Hunt
D. B. Jone s
B. P. Kelly
J. Monroe King
E. B. Latham
A. H. Lesley
Joseph L. Looper
J. T. Looper
Samuel T. Mansel
Warren Martin
Perry J. Mauldin
G. W. McClanahan
Irvin Miller
Joel H. Miller
F. M. Morris
Wm. L. Parrott
D. S. Porter
E. R. Porter
J. A. Reives
E. B. Richardson
J. A. Robinson
Barrett Smith
L. D. Stephens
J. C. Stribling
John W. Thomas
G. E. Williams
J. A. Wood
John N. Wyatt

1894. Booklet on pedigree of Congaree, a horse. Owned by J. L. McGee of Ander son, SC.

11 Jan 1894. Postcard to F. V. Clayton from Sullivan Hardware Co. concerning settlement
of account.

23 Jan 1894. Notary Seal for L. G. Clayton.

21 Feb 1894. Promissory note to F. V. Clayton from L. G. Clayton. $300.00

23 May 1894. Note signed by F. V. Clayton and W. V. Clayton.

2 Jun 1894. Death card of May Smith

21 Jun 1894. Letter to Miss Angie Clayton, Central, SC and Mr. Van Clayton from cousin,
S. M. Hendricks, Hendricks, Ala concerning sympathy in death of Mrs. Van Clayton.
Letterhead says, Mr. S. M. Hendricks was Superintendent of Education, Blount County.
Eli sabeth's health is poor at best. Mother Brown, my mother-in-law lives with us, and is
very feeble. As Cousin Martha is gone and can't write to me no more, I would like for you
or Cousin Angie to let me hear from you all.

17 Jul 1895. Pedigree chart on Ben Franklin, horse. Owned by A. Schilletter, Clemson.

1896. Adverti sement brochure for horse, Highland Denmark 730.
21 Feb 1896. Envelope to Mr. F. V. Clayton with (three) two cent stamps.

8 May 1896. Election Registration Certi ficate for F. V. Clayton. Board of Registration: J. H.
Kennemur, H. W. Farr, J. Tyre Looper.

21 May 1896. Certificate for J. P. Glenn, Anderson, SC. Appointment by Governor to
Office of Regent for the State Hospital for the Insane.

1897. Newspaper clippings. Charles F. Dorroh, Obituary, Glenn-Sheldon Wedding (Miss
Mary Sheldon and Mr. William B. Glenn); home of Hon. and Mrs. J. D. Shelton; Mrs. W. L.
Dobbs, Rev. W. S. Hamiter; Rev. M. E. Peabody. Obituary of William H. Sheldon, Tugaloo.
Gives hi story of hi s life. Obituary of Charles F. Dorroh.

21 Jan 1897. Receipt of Miss Angie Clayton $1.00 for subscription to The Ladies' Home

19 Dec 1898. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $1.0 0 for subscription to The People's Journal -
signed T. C. Robinson.

4 Feb 1899. Receipt of Je ss Ogle sby from L. G. Clayton.

190? (Undated). Dr. L. G. Clayton stationery with picture of Wesleyan Methodist Bible
Training Institute.

1 Jan 1900. Receipt to F. N. Clayton from T. W. S. Dean and J. N. Dean $3,000 on $8,000

28 May 1900. Receipt to F. V. Clayton from S. A. Williams & Co.

8 Jun 1900. Clemson Commencement Invitation.

7 Mar ????. Envelope to Mr. F. V. Clayton from Wilkins, Poe & Co. , Hardware and
Machinery, 57 Main Street, Greenville, SC.

30 Aug 1901. Letter from Rev. Foster Speer, Principal of Central Graded School, Central,
SC expressing thanks for paying summer school expenses. He regrets he cannot attend.

20 Dec 1901. Receipt from F. V. Clayton for subscription to People's Journal.

18 Jan 1902. Receipt of F. V. Clayton $50.00 in case of J. P. Carey against Deans et. al.

26 May 1902. Certificate from Governor of South Carolina for J. Perry Glenn, Equality, SC
appointment to Office of Member of Board of Regents of the State Hospital for the Insane.

7 Jul 1902. [Copy] Evidence of F. V. Clayton Concerning the Beard Land.

14 Jul 1902. Receipt of F. V. Clayton for subscription to People's Journal.

22 Oct 1902. Morgan Horse Regi ster for Franklin Lambert.

22 Oct 1902. Receipt for $8.00 from Anderson Mill s, Pickens Co., to H. C. Markley for
horse wagon.

14 May 1903. Settling of Addie Clayton's Mothers Estate. J. P. & R. F. Smith, Executors
22 Dec 1903. Receipt to John Campbell from L. G. Clayton per Silas Clayton.

22 Feb 1904. [Copy for Clayton Ledger Books.] Certification that the Rev. L. G. Clayton, M.
D. is duly appointed by the Wesleyan Educational Society of the Wesleyan Methodist
Connxion of America to receive money and gifts for the purpose of e stablishing and
maintaining Eber Teter Missionary Society. Ledger books are in Clayton

11 Apr 1905. Letter from A. T. Cobb to [Lawrence] Clayton concerning dogs.

12 Apr 1905. Envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton mailed from Pelzer, SC. Notes on envelope
include: Fulton's Pedigree and Dr. Wideman's Contract on 2 B. H. pups.

26 Apr 1905. 1 pg. Letter to friend Cobb (C. E. Wideman), Pelzer, SC from Dr. L. G. Clayton
concerning pups.

28 Apr 1905. Tuition Settlement. Mr. M. J. Welborn. Names Mentioned: Maude Lewis,
Esley Lewis, Lula Ballew, John T. Townes, Henry Townes, Maj. Welborn, Arie Price,
Pauline Townes, John D. Edens.

3 Sep 1905. Letter to Martin J. Welborn, Pickens from Brother Adam C. Welborn,
Greenville, SC. Written note on back about Judge M. Welborn agreeing to pay John Edens
$3.75 per month for teaching school in Hampton Di strict. 6 Sept 1905.

3 Sep 1906. Envelope from Sullivan Hardware to F. V. Clayton.

12 Oct 1906. Receipt for T. L. Finch $5.00 - signed J. W. B?, M. D.

27 Feb 1907. Letter with envelope to Mrs. Bessie G. Smith, Liberty, SC from Uncle Knox
(G. K. Miller, Judge, City Court, Talladega, Alabama). Apparently wife has died. Jessie
married Mr. Thomas L. Welch. The gentleman she married was a widower of about 45
years of age with one pretty child, a daughter some nine years old. He is a native of this
county. Just before Cellie died, she bought the residence adjoining our house, formerly
the Methodist Di strict parsonage. Celeste and Will McMillan will come to reside with me in
a week or two. Celeste being now with Rosa in Birmingham for a visit. Jessie and Mr.
Welch are staying with me until Celeste comes back. Rosa and two of her children came
over to the wedding.

3 Mar 1907. Reque st to Dr. Clayton to see Charles Miles' wife. Dr. Shirley is mentioned.

19 Mar 1907. Request to Mr. F. V. Clayton to pay S. A. Williams $3.35. Signed Yank
Bonaparte. Witness: Addie Clayton.

5 Jun 1907. Bill from Dr. L. G. Clayton and E. S. Warlick to R. G. Gaines.

5 Jun 1907. Bill from S. A. Williams to Gaines and Gassaway Brothers.

24 Jun 1907. Letter with envelope to Dr. Clayton from W. F. Beaver, Pomona, Kansa s
concerning contribution of $2.00 to go for building boarding hall at Central, SC.

8 Jul 1907. Letter to Dr. L. G. Clayton from W. R. Emerson, Pastor Dayton Valley Wesleyan
Methodi st Church, Clarence, Iowa concerning contribution of $2.00 in the building of a
boy's dormitory.
9 Dec 1907. Letter from Manning Cleveland to Lawrence Clayton concerning
bloodhounds. [dog]

23 Dec 1907. Postcard to Dr. L. G. Clayton from J. T. Watkins, 316 Broadway, Nashville,
Tenn. Christmas wishes. One Cent Postcard with picture of McKinley and United States
of America seal.

30 Jan 1908. Letter to Dr. Clayton from Manning Cleveland, Breeder of Bloodhounds,
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Re: 16 deg. below zero cold weather and breeding of Dr. Clayton's
registered bloodhound. [dog]

8 Feb 1908. Letter from Manning Cleveland to Dr. Clayton concerning bloodhounds.

17 Feb 1908. Receipt from Ea sley Progress to F. V. Clayton.

2 Mar 1908. Glenwood Cotton Mill s Contract with Drs. Wyatt, Gilliland, Russell & Wyatt.

3 Sept 1908. Voter Regi stration for S. W. Clayton.

7 Sep 1908. Letter R. W. Oliver to Dr. Clayton concerning bloodhound dogs.

14 Sep 1908. Letter with envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from C. A. Dunwoody, Stafford,
Arizona. My wife wrote me you wanted me to look around for a place for a man with a
small family. You tell him I would advise him to get a tent and 22 rifle and shoot rabbits for
living, as there is a bounty on rabbits and other game. There are men making a living here
hunting and if he is good with an ax, he could cut wood thi s winter. If he could get a team,
he could make money cutting and hauling wood.

22 Sept 1908. Registration Certificate for S. W. Clayton, Central Election. E. P. Stephens,

3 Oct 1908. Letter with envelope to Bro. L. G. Clayton from C. A. Dunwoody, Safford,

1 Jan 1909. [Copy] Will of F. Van Clayton.

21 Jan 1909. [Copy] Letter to Mr. Aaron Boggs, Calhoun, SC from Dr. L. G. Clayton,
Wesleyan Methodist College, concerning a $300.00 gift.

30 Jan 1909. Letter with envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from T. K. Boggs & Sons, Decatur,
Ala concerning pups.

27 Mar 1909. Poem about Bessie. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Be ssie G. Smith, Liberty,
SC with 2 cent stamp. Postmarked in Greenville, SC.

10 Jun 1909. Receipt from Will Jewell $2.25 on medical account by E. S. Warlick, M.D.

2 Jun 1909. Letter to L. G. Clayton at Central from E. S. Warlick at Mountville, SC. My little
girl Nannie Lou is in Central at L. W. Johnsons. I want her to see some of the ones that
owe me. I mean those that are very handy such a s Doward Owens, Robert Benson, John
Carson, Jeff Ga ssiway, Widow Owens on Mill Hill. What I want you to do is to look on the
book and give her the amount each of these owe me. Dr. What do you reckon is the
matter with John Carson. I have sent him several statements and have not heard a word
from him. Jeff Gassaway promised to pay me $3.00 for setting broken bone for Negro
whose name is Thoma s Hill (?). Doctor, I want you to see Clint Rowland and find out if
there is not a small balance between the Biscomb Mauldin account. Sending
receipt to Will Jewel. Do you know anything about his brother Sam Jewel. He owes me
$5.00 and lives near where Noah Moore lived. Mr. William Elrod owes me $1.50 and his
folks are still working the Factory. I wish when you see Mr. you would tell him to pay me a
balance of $4.00. Hi s son can pay it as he is a mill man and it is for hi s little girl.

17 Jun 1909. Diploma for Chri stine Addelaide Clayton from Wesleyan Methodist College.
Signed by Eber Teter, For the Educational Board and W . L. Thompson, Pre sident.

20 Oct 1909. Envelope to Dr. L. T. Shirley postmarked Charleston, SC with 2-cent stamp.

19 Nov 191_. Gin Ticket from Pendleton Oil Mill to Dr. Clayton.

1910. Wesleyan Methodist Diploma for Frederick Van Clayton.

7 Feb 1910. Letter with envelope to Mr. Lawrence Clayton from J. S. Wilson concerning
burial ground requested.

16 Jul 1910. Letter with envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from John L. Jolly, Breeder of Beagle
Hounds and Fine Corni sh Fowl, Anderson, SC.

20 Aug 1910. Postcard to Dr. L. G. Clayton from unknown care of G. L. Glazer, Brevard,

2 Sep 1910. Letter with envelope to Mother, Mrs. L. G. Clayton from son, S. W. Clayton in
Wilmington, NC.

18 Oct 1910. Letter to Mother, Mrs. L. G. Clayton, from son, S. W. Cl ayton in Florence, SC.

3 Dec 1910. Note signed by Robert Wright promi sing to pay $40. 00 to L. G. Clayton.
Witness: Addie Clayton, Nita Henderson.

15 Feb 1911. The State of South Carolina Notary Public certificate issued by the Governor
for Lawrence G. Clayton, Central, SC.

5 May 1911. Mi ss Chri stine Clayton's Teacher's County Certi ficate of Qualification by
State of South Carolina, Department of Education for First Grade.

6 Dec 1918. Renewed for two years, Pickens, SC - R. T. Hallum, Supt.

17 May 1911. Diploma from Wesleyan Methodist College to Frederick Van Clayton.

31 May 1911. Diploma from Wesleyan Methodist College to Eunice Clayton.

11 Jul 1911. Letter with envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from J. Lawrence, The Wiregrass
Farmer, Ashburn, GA concerning good board meeting and what to do with the farm.

17 Aug 1911. Medical Report on Grace____

21 Dec 1911. Letter with envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from G. W. Gignilliat & Son, Seneca,
SC commending him on his good work with the educational i nstitution.

23 Dec 1912. Chri stma s Greeting Postcard to Mrs. Amanda Glenn, Anderson, SC from
Addie Clayton.
1913, 1914, 1915. Notebook with accounts, supplie s purcha sed and names and addresses,

19 Feb 1913. Envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from E. E. Shelhamer, Lakeland, Fla.

2 May 1913. Envelope from Central to Mrs. Be ssie Smith, Liberty, SC.

4 Jun 1913. Receipt of Waymen McNeely $10.50 in full of account to date - signed L. G.

7 Jul 1913. Receipt of L. G. Clayton for tuition fee s in Wesleyan Methodist College for the
year 1912-1913. Signed J. M. Hancock, Treas.

18 Jul 1913. Invoice from F. B. & J. N. Morgan, Dealers in General Merchandise, Dry
Goods, Notions, Clothing, Hats, Boots, Shoe s, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Hardware,
Furniture and Undertakers Supplies, Buggie s, Wagons, Harne ss, Crockery, Tinware, etc.,
Central, SC by S. J. Barker. Bought one pair overalls, one pair shoes, and two
pair socks.

19 Jun 1913. Diploma of Wesleyan College for Christine A. Clayton.

1914. Pickens County Medical Society Constitution and By -Laws.

21 Mar 1914. Letter with envelope to Dr. Lawrence G. Clayton from Julius E. Boggs,
Lawyer, Anderson, SC requesting information on father, F. V. Clayton so that article could
be published in the Piedmont Magazine.

19 May 1914. Wesleyan Methodist College Diploma for Faith Clayton.

3 Jun 1914. [Copy] Resolution of appreciation from the Pickens County Medical Society
to Drs. L. G. Clayton, L. T. Shirley and Beardin for their efforts in having the clinical
meeting and Dr. Clayton's unavoidable absence through sickness and further sympathy to
him and express hope that God will restore him to his accustomed health. Committee: R.
C. Doyle, C. B. Earle, and J. C. Harris. Members: A. M. Redfern, John J. Thode, W. H.
Hardin, W. H. Ponder, T. R. W. Wilson, W. M. Burnett, J. W. Bell, L. F. Robinson, J. E.
Allgood, L. L. Jameson, C. O. Bate s, J. P. Jewell, C. N. Wyatt, C. H. Fair, E. A. Hines, L. O.
Mauldin, B. B. Steedley, W. P. Moore, Will Doyle, W. M. Long, W. H. Bell, L. T. Shirley, W. A.
Woodruff, W. A. Sheldon, J. L. Valley.

14 July 1914. Pickens County. A. J. Boggs certi fies that L. G. Clayton i s owner of Ford
Automobile. Registered Number 233.

10 Aug 1914. 4 pp. Letter to Prof. Jno. G. Clink scales, Spartanburg, SC from Dr. L. G.
Clayton reference voting for Dr. Clinkscales in the coming election of the Wesleyan
Methodi st Church.

19 Aug 1914. 6 pp. Letter with envelope to Dr. L. G. Clayton from Jno. G. Clinkscales
responding to Dr. Clayton' s previous letter.

2 Oct 1914. Teaching Certificate for Van Clayton.

4 May 1915. Letter with envelope to Mrs. H. A. (Amanda) Glenn, North Fant Street,
Anderson, SC from brother, W.C. Smith, Easley Bank, Ea sley, SC concerning loan paid by
Oliver Smith to her credit.
1 Sep 1915. Newspaper clipping on obituary of T. E. Stribling, son of the late Jesse W. and
Sarah E. Stribling. He was married to Miss Mattie Verner of Richland. Children: Thos. E.
Stribling, Mrs. Verna Monroe, J. W. and Chas V. Stribling. Sister, Miss Emma Stribling and
uncles, Major Wm. J. Stribling and Col. Jos. W. Shelor of Walhalla.

28 Jan 1916. Envelope addressed to Dr. L. G. Clayton from A. John Boggs, Clerk of Court
Pickens County, Pickens, SC.

16 Mar 1916. The Pickens Sentinel newspaper with article circled on death of Major G. M.
Lynch, Confederate Soldier, of Oolenoy section of Pickens County. He was 80 years old.
Other deaths are: James Keith Kirkse y, Confederate Soldier, and Fred Griffin, killed in raid
by Villa's bandit force on Columbus, New Mexico.

19 May 1916. Diploma of Eunice Lawrence, Central High School.

30 Sept 1916. Pledges for Central Wesleyan Parsonage.

Dr. L. G. Clayton
H. C. Bedford
J. P. Byars
W. A. Mathews
E. L. Henderson
Mrs. L. T. Shirley
H. A. West
W. L. Mullinix
C. B. Smith
S. I. Keeler
S. W. Wright
Miss D. Stack
J. P. Hollis
Mrs. R. B. Jone s
Miss Eula Jay
Miss Caro Dunwoody
Miss Lela Backus
R. M. Martin
James Young
Mary Davis
Lizzie R. Lawrence
Hugh Childs
Mrs. J. A. Clement
Stacy Shirley
Mrs. D.C. Meredith
Caleb Gunby

4 Oct 1916. Receipt from W. T. Earle to L. G. Clayton for 564 lbs of cotton for $146.64.

6 Nov 1916. Receipt to Hugh Childs for hi s Wesleyan Parsonage Pledge.

27 Nov 1916. Election of Van Clayton a s Pickens County Superi ntendent.

9 Dec 1916. Dower rights from Addie Clayton to H. C. Bedford, W. A. Mathews, L. G.
Clayton, trustees for Wesleyan Methodist Church at Central. 1 acre. Intersection of Main
and North Street.

1917.   Adding Machine Tapes for Wesleyan Parsonage.
1917-1918. Letters from Silas Clayton to Clayton Family while he was in World War I.

12 Jan 1917. Deed for Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage. L. G. Clayton to H. C. Bedford, W.
A. Mathews and L. G. Clayton, Trustees of Wesleyan Methodi st Church at Central.
Bounded on south by lands of J. S. Hall, Main Street intervening, on the west by North
Street, on the north and east by lands of L. G. Clayton. Mentions plat by J. W. Wallace,
surveyor on 5 Dec 191_. Dower: Addie Clayton.

12 Feb 1917. Letter to Dr. L. G. Clayton from C. T. Martin of The Easley Publishing Co.,
Ea sley, SC.

16 Mar 1917. Land rental agreement between L. B. Clayton and John Ivey. Land where
Jasper Oliver and L. G. Clayton cultivated in 1916, with exception of 4 or 5 acres in front of
said L. G. Clayton's re sidence. Witness: E. L. Henderson, Ethel Clayton.

17 May 1917. Note of Central College from Bank at Central.

7 Jun 1917. Central Wesleyan Parsonage well work by Lyda boys. E. L. Henderson.

30 Jun 1917. Central citizens taking food to entertain Pickens County Medical Society.

1 Jul 1917. Receipt to Dr. Clayton for S. W. Wright's work on parsonage well - signed Rev.
E. L. Henderson.

4 Oct 1917. Receipt to ___ for cotton from Central Roller Mills Co.

14 Oct 1917. Receipt from Central Roller Mills Co., Ginnery to Dr. Clayton for 402 lbs of

17 Oct 1917. Receipt from Central Roller Mills Co., Ginnery. Ginned for Clayton.

17 Oct 1917. Receipt from W. T. Earle to L. G. Clayton for 467 lbs. of cotton for $130.76.

18 Oct 1917. Receipt from Central Roller Mills Co., Ginnery, Central, SC for Clayton.

18 Oct 1917. Receipt from W. T. Earle to Clayton for 528 lbs. of cotton for $147. 18.

19 Oct 1917. Receipt L. G. Clayton sold to W. T. Earle 402 lbs. of cotton for $113. 06.

31 Oct 1917. Receipt from Central Roller Mills Co., Ginnery, Central, SC.

12 Nov 1917. Receipt to L. G. Clayton from W. T. Earle for 642 lbs. of cotton for $182.97.

18 Dec 1917. Receipt from W. T. Earle to L. G. Clayton for 488 lbs. of cotton for $136.59.

1918. Receipts from I ssaqueena Mill Store to L. G. Clayton.

1918 – 1925. Note to L. G. Clayton from Leslie Morgan concerning work for Harri son

15 Feb 1918. Statement from L. G. Clayton, M.D. with figures to Ivey & Hollis for 1 bale o f

1 Mar 1918-1921. Groceries for Mrs. Clayton and account sum s.

17 Apr 1918. Bank of Central Deposit Slip for Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage.
20 May 1918. Bank of Central Deposit Slip for Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage.

22 Jun 1918. Bank of Central Deposit Slip for Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage.

15 Jul 1918. Received on Parsonage by L. G. Clayton. Paid by E. L. Henderson.

27 Aug 1918. Bank of Central Deposit Slip for Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage by L. G.

17 Sep 1918. Bank of Central Deposit Slip for Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage by L. G.

7 Jun 1918. Liberty High School Diploma for Walter Marie Smith.

17 Sep 1918. Bank of Central Deposit Slip from Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage - given by
Mrs. Will Jones for parsonage debt.

25 Sep 1918. Letter to Faith Clayton from D. N. Conn, Soldier in WWI.

17 Oct 1918. Letter to Mi ss Esther from Walter M. Lewis on active service with the
American Expeditionary Force in France.

Dec 1918. Receipt to L. G. Clayton from W. T. Earle for 492 lbs. cotton for $141.50.

23 Dec 1918. Chri stma s Postcard with 2 cent stamp to Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Clayton from
Mrs. S. C. Asbell from Panama City, Fla.

1919, 1920, 1921. Annual returns of Mrs. B. G. Smith, Guardian of estate of W. M. Smith

12 May 1920. United Daughters of the Confederacy certificated for Angie Clayton Epps,
Soldier: F. Van Clayton elected a member of James L. Orr Chapter of the UDC.

14 Aug 1920. United Daughters of the Confederacy certificate for Faith Clayton. So lders
F. Van Clayton.

20 Oct 1920. L. G. Clayton giving permission for persons to hunt on property. W. V.
Clayton, J. H. Evatt, A. H. Newton, W. E. Pinson, J. C. Bearden, J. N. C. Dobson, Nay
Martin, per J. M. Martin, J. J. Coleman, D. M. Newton, O. D. Epps, A. C. Epps, W. M.
Lawrence, Virginia Newton, Paul Kelley, James N. Lawrence, R. C. Lawrence, J. M. White,
R. G. Gaines, J. Gassaway, W. B. Porter.

9 Mar 1921. Death Certificate for James Franklin Hendricks.

4 Jun 1921. Statement of account for L. G. Clayton with J. N. Morgan, General
Merchandise for flour and lard.

9 Jun 1921. Letter from Pelzer Manufacturing Company to Mr. Oscar Tuck, Westminster,
SC investigating whereabouts of Mr. Calhoun Bruce. They indicated that he was working
at the Monaghan Mills, Greenville, SC.

16 Jun 1921. Receipt to L. G. Clayton from W. T. Earle, Cotton and Cotton Seed Buyer, for
12 bales of cotton for $576.06.
27 Jun 1921. Letter from Oscar Tuck to Mr. Calhoun Bruce reference record of Tuck
Family heritage. Obituaries attached - Mrs. J. D. Sheldon (formerly Miss Lizzie Dorroh,
daughter of the late Dr. J. F. Dorroh, of Greenville), David Lewis Dorroh, Mrs. Eliza E.
Davi s, (wife of Robert C. Davi s and daughter of Dr. J. F. and Mrs. M. E. Dorroh), Mrs. A.
Baron Holmes, Jr., (formerly Miss Marion Campbell, the youngest child of the Rev. Dr. W.
H. Campbell), Mr. D. H. Glenn of Laurens, and Charles F. Dorroh.

20 Sept 1921. Bill from L. B. Clayton to Mr. Medlin

28 Sep 1921. Receipt from W. T. Earle, Cotton and Cotton Seed Buyer, for 539 lbs. cotton

25 Oct 1921. Receipt from J. N. Morgan, Dealer in General Merchandise, to Dr. L. G.

1 Nov 1921. Receipt to Dr. L. G. Clayton from Central Mercantile Company, General
Merchandise signed F. B. Morgan.

1 Nov 1921. Envelope: Tampa, Florida, Thompson & Company with dates and figure s.

22 Dec 1921. Postcard. Chri stma s greeting from Ina of Greer, SC to Mrs. L. G. Clayton
with poem Forgetting the Things Which Are Behind by Estelle Gaines.

15 Jan 1922. Receipt for Dr. L. G. Clayton from Central Mercantile Company, General
Merchandise - signed F. B. Morgan.

31 Jan 1922. Envelope from Rev. E. J. Fleming, Kansas City, Mi ssouri to Dr. L. G. Clayton.

10 Apr 1922. Daughters of the American Revolution Certificate for Mrs. Be ssie Glenn
Smith: Solder John Walker.

11 Nov 1922. Bought cotton from E. L. Henderson. W. T. Earle, Cotton Brokers.

13 Nov 1922. Birth announcement of William Alfred Clayton.

21 Dec 1922. Chri stma s Postcard to Mrs. L. G. Clayton from Ina Ga ines.

22 Jan 1923. Diagnosi s of Mrs. Reese's condi tion on Ca sh Drug Store, V. S. Wall,
Druggi st, Central, SC prescription paper.

13 Mar 1924. Letter: To Addie Clayton from Brother Jay Smith enclosed check for $5. 00
for organ. He was elected manager of the Easley Oil Mill and began work there 1 Mar 1924.

1924. 17 cards. Our high school class cards - from Angie Lee Clayton. Joel O. Allgood,
Edna Lucile Boggs, Emma Catherine Bowen, C. Haywood Bush, Bertran M. Cantrel, Mary
D. Dalton, James P. Garvin, Frank A. Hughs, James Boyd Hunter, R. Kinard Johnson,
Earnest F. Lewis, John Rogers Orr, Wade A. Payne, Ernest V. Prince, Thomas B. Tate,
Beatrice Watkins, Cecil Young.

2 Jul 1924. Pickens County Medical Society Meeting.

1 Jul 1924 - 2 Jan 1930. 12 pp. Receipts for payment of loan for Lawrence G. Clayton,
Central, SC from First Carolinas Joint Stock Land Bank in Columbia, SC.

4 Jan 1925. 1 pg. Medicine & doctor vi sits by Mr. Ashl y Oglesby on account with Dr. L. G.
Clayton, M.D. $25.80.
6 Feb 1925. Li st of item s Ash Ogle sby bought of L. G. Clayton.

25 Nov 1925. Keowee Courier Newspaper. 25 Nov 1925. Lewis Redmond Article.

12 Dec 1925. Bank Note signed by Dollar Bonaharte owes L. G. Clayton $11.25 payable at
the Farmers Bank of Central, witne ssed by Reese McAli ster.

1 Feb 1926. Promi ssory Note from James J. Rice and Eliza Rice to L. G. Clayton.

28 Jun 1926. Note and Mortgage signed by Guy and Ruth Davi s owes L. G. Clayton $55.00
payable by 23 Dec 1926, witnessed by Mrs. Ethel C. Lawrence a nd Christine Clayton. To
secure payment the following goods were assigned: One gilt, one shotgun, Elgin watch,
agree to work for L. G. Clayton, cut 15 or 20 cords of oak wood. Included were other
agreements concerning note s and medical accounts.

17 Feb 1926. 1 pg. Medicine & doctor vi sits by Mr. M. M. Harris, Security for Charlie Miles
on account with L. G. Clayton, M. D. $22.00.

19 Jul 1926. 1 pg. Letter from H. E. Way, Secretary-Treasurer, The First Carolinas Joint
Stock Land Bank, Columbia, SC to Dr. L. G. Clayton, Central, S. C concerning
corre spondence and check.

29 Jul 1926. Automobile Registration for W. H. Clayton

15 Oct 1926 - 24 Nov 1926. Angie Lee Clayton's Ed 13 Notebook.
1825. Entry Lucinda Adam s, si ster of Hannah Kyle was granted land in Hiwasse Di strict
for 160 acres.

8 Apr 1845. Hannah Clayton aged 76, widow of Jno Clayton, who entered service early in
1776 - service was mostly at Earles Fort, N. Pacolet River - served 1780-81 2nd inva sion of
Briti sh in SC. Married in Greenville District 1788. Oldest child born about 1769. 15 Nov
1828. Jno Clayton died - aged about 94.

1926. Chri stma s Greetings from Sam B. Craig, Pickens, SC. Poems Kindne ss During Life
by Harold Herd, Paris Island, SC and Young by Edgar A. Guest.

15 Jan 1927. 1 pg. Note and envelope from Annie Elizabeth Tabor, Tocca, Ga. to Mrs. L. G.
Clayton, Central, SC. Unique note paper "Mary, Mary----quite contrary, how does your
garden grow!" "Dear Granny Clayton,-----I just thought I would write you a short little
letter, I love you so good."

21 Mar 1927. 2 pp. Resolution by the members of the Auxiliary of Central Presbyterian
Church, Anderson, SC to pay tribute to the memory of Mrs. J. W. Thomson, Mrs. Amanda
Glenn and Mrs. Kate Maxwell. 28 Mar 1927. 1 pg. Note to Aunt Addie from Agne s L.
Watkins that a copy of the resolution was enclosed.

10 Nov 1927. Envelope from The William A. Webster Company, Pharmaceutical
Manufacturers, Memphis, Tenn. to Dr. L. G. Clayton, Central, SC.

23 Nov 1927. Envelope to Mrs. L. G. Clayton from Chile, South America.

7 May 1927. Mother's Day Postcard to Mrs. L. G. Clayton, Central, SC from Grace, Ann,
and Daddy.

7 Jul 1927. DAR Papers for Faith Clayton. Soldier William Hubbard
16 Jan 1928. Letter from H. E. Way to Mr. Sam B. Craig, Pickens, SC reference paying off
the loan of L. G. Clayton.

23 Feb 1928.   Inventory of Estate of J. H. Rowland.

21 Sept 1928. Bought cotton from L. G. Clayton & Jim Byrd, W. T. Earle, Cotton Brokers.

20 Oct 1928. Note and Mortgage from L. G. Clayton to Roose velt Austin and Will Austin for
a Ford touring car. "Only to be used to go to church or to places absolutely necessary."

31 Oct 1928. Receipt to L. G. Clayton from W. T. Earle for 543 lbs. cotton for $151. 99.

5 May 1929. Mary C. Dibble sending condolences.

26 May 1929. Letter from L. G. Clayton to hi s son Harold Clayton.

24 Jul 1929. The Wesleyan Methodist New spaper. Article on Central College by Mary
Oleen Porter.

31 Jul 1929. The Wesleyan Methodist New spaper. Obituary of Mrs. Addie Smith Clayton,
wife of Dr. L. G. Clayton, died 2 May 1929. She was born 8 Apr 1865. Three sons, and
eight daughters, Mrs. E. L. Henderson, Mrs. W. L. M. Tabor, Christine, Mrs. W. M.
Lawrence, Faith, Eunice, Mrs. H. S. Tate and Angie Lee.

1930. 11 pp. Minnie Morgan's history on Natchez, Missi ssippi.

21 Mar 1931. 2 pp. Wesleyan Methodist College, Central, SC Transcript of Faith Clayton -
Signature of R. C. Mullinax, High School Principal.

29 Jul 1931. Note from Dr. Clayton that Richard Oglesby ha s syphilis.

6 May 1933. Promi ssory Note to pay to Dr. L. G. Clayton $12.50 by Clarence and Delia

Jun 1933. The National Genealogical Society Quarterly which includes graves of
Revolutionary Soldiers.

Aug 1933. Southern Medical Association Bulletin of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting,
Richmond, Virginia

23 Apr 1934. Promissory Note from Calvin Mann to L. G. Clayton to pay $100.00 by 24 Dec

13 Jun 1934. Chri stine Addelaide Clayton's University of South Carolina, Master of Arts

1 Jul 1934. Teaching Certificate for Chri stine Clayton.

17 Feb 1935. Death Certificate of Lawrence G. Clayton.

18 Feb 1935. Dr. Lawrence G. Clayton, age 80, Obituary. Survivors: Eight daughters, Mrs.
E. L. Henderson, Asheville; Mrs. A. T. Tabor, Toccoa, Ga.; Miss Chri stine Clayton,
Columbia; Miss Faith Clayton, Central; Mrs. Mike Herndon, Dougla s, Ga.; Mrs. H. S. Tate,
Clemson College; Mrs. W. M. Lawrence, Elberton, Ga.; Mrs. Fred Parham; Latta; three
sons, S. W. Clayton, San Francisco, Calif.; F. V. Clayton, Pickens; W. H. Clayton,
Trujiool Peru; 12 grandchildren, and one si ster, Mrs. O. D. Epps (Angie Clayton Epps).
29 Oct 1935. Deed from City of Ea sley, SC to Mrs. Lou Watkins and Mrs. Janie Gaines for
parcel of land in West View Cemetery.

8 Jun 1937. Letter from Aunt Fanny to Faith Clayton

9 Sept 1937. (Copy - original sent to Mi ssi ssi ppi 9 Sep 1937.) Transcript from Draughon's
Busine ss College. No name included.

6 Sep 1937 - 27 May 1938. School Attendance and Grade Book for sixth grade of Pickens
School by George E. Welborn.

24 May 1938. Statement that Van Clayton was a soldier in the confederacy.

1941. Receipts to Faith Clayton from Holliday's Gin.

5 May 1942. Letter to Willis from hi s mother, Lou Watkins, Greenville , SC.

25 May 1943. George E. Welborn's The Blue Flame Commencement Issue of the Senior
Class of Pickens High School with Morris Clayton's name included.

25 Oct 1943. Will of Lou W. Watkins. Son, Willis W. Watkins, executor - wife, Mary
Watkins. Witnessed by Margaret Tolbert, Curtys Ballentine, and Lucy Edwards.

28 Oct 1943. Letter to Willis Watkins from Lucy Edwards concerning mother's illness and

6 Dec 1943. Funeral Book for Mrs. Lou Wyatt Watkins

5 Jan 1944. 2 pp. Letter to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watkins, c/o U. S. Rubber Co., New York,
NY from Ida Lou Circle of the W.M.U., First Bapti st Church, Hogansville, Ga. They held a
servi ce in memory of their dear Mother, Lou Watkins.

21 Jun 1944. Graduation invitation with envelope from Wall er High School to Miss
Chri stine Clayton and Miss Faith Clayton.

22 Jun 1945. South Carolina Driver's License for Chri stine Adelaide Clayton, Central, SC.

Jul 1945. State of South Carolina, Department of Education, Permanent Professional
Certificate, Number 16502 for Mi ss Chri stine Adelaide Clayton, Central, SC. Fields or
areas in which certified: Social Studies. Registered in Richland County 25 May 1946.

1 Sept 1945. Letter from Silas Clayton to Faith Clayton.

20 Oct 1945. Application to University of South Carolina for re-certification by Chri stine
Adelaide Clayton.

1946. Obituary of Silas W. Clayton.

Aug 1946. The Morgan Horse Magazine addressed to Faith Clayton, Liberty, SC. 1897.
Morgan Horse Company Catagogue No. 5, Breeders and Dealers in Morgan Horse s,
Carpentersville, Illinois. History of the Morgan Horse. Undated. Uncle Ben Poem.
Character Sketche s by a Vermont Parson.

19 May 1948. 1 pg. Letter with envelope from Sim (Simmons Tate) at Cambridge Mass. to
Miss Faith Clayton, SC Employment, Liberty, SC concerning trip to China during summer.
5 May 1948. 2 pp. Letter to Simmons (Tate) from Mother concerning plans and
preparation for trip to Shanghai.

12 May 1948. 2 pp. Letter to Simmons (Tate) from Mother about summer plans t o travel to

22 Dec 1948. 1 pg. Letter with envelope to Mrs. E. J. Freeman, Sr., Clemson, SC from J. C.
Littlejohn, Clemson, SC. Virginia Poole helped him with the short letter of appreciation.

17 Nov 1950. Program for a banquet honoring Jam es Francis Byrne s, Governor-Elect of
South Carolina and Mrs. Byrnes, Jefferson Hotel, Columbia.

11 Oct 1951. Minute s of the Twelve Mile River Baptist Association. Keowee Baptist

1952-1953. Flat Rock School Attendance Regi ster. C. C. Borroughs.

20 Aug 1954. Program for Pickens County's Goodwill Banquet, Rocky Bottom, SC.

9 Jul 1955. 2 pp. Letter to Miss Faith Clayton, Commissioner, SC Industrial Commission,
Columbia, SC from E. W. (Eugene) Deering, postma ster, Van Buren, Arkansas concernin g
descendant of E. A. Mayfield and/or Joe Mayfield, who formerly resided here. He
forwarded her request to Mi ss Jennie B. Mayfield, Okmulgee, Okla.

1956. Monograph on The Clayton Family by Catherine Reynolds Clayton from
Campobello, SC

11 Feb 1956. Telegram from Fannie, Greeneville, Tenn. to F. Van Clayton, Pickens, SC -
Best Wishe s.

Sep 1957-Sep 1958. Program booklet of The Women's Society of Chri stian Service, Mt.
Zion Methodi st Church. Members: Mrs. B. E. Allen, Mrs. R. D. Boggs, Mrs. E. L. Boli ck,
Mrs. S. C. Carson, Mrs. W. C. Dobson, Mrs. J. G. Duckett, Mrs. R. G. Duckett, Mrs. E. H.
Dudley, Mrs. Doyle Elrod, Mrs. W. A. Gaines, Mrs. J. T. Gassaway, Miss Lena Grant, Mrs. B.
H. Johnston, Mrs. T. P. Kelly, Mrs. F. E. Kirkley, Mrs. J. W. Lewis, Mrs. Claude McAlister,
Mrs. E. C. McAlister, Mrs. Joe Mize, Mrs. D. P. Montgomery, Miss Jennie Morgan,
Miss Je ssie Morgan, Mrs. Corrie Noble, Miss Amanda Patterson, Mrs. G. M. Perry, Mrs.
Fred Reese, Mrs. Loi s Rice, Mrs. Harry Richmond, Mrs. Be ssie Ri sher, M rs. Selema Stokes,
and Mrs. G. H. Werner.

1890 to 1959. 2 copie s. Brochure: A Brief Hi story of Pickens County

13 Aug 1959. Letter to Miss Faith Clayton, 3804 Duncan, Columbia, SC from Mrs. "Abby"
W. P. Kimbraugh, Itta Beena, Miss. and other miscellaneous items.

4 Jul 1961. Fredrick Van Clayton Obituary. He was retired funeral director, former
University of South Carolina professor and former Highway Commissioner. He was a
former superintendent of Ea sley High School and Pickens High School. He was
superintendent of education in Pickens County. He was the son of the late Dr. Lawrence
G. Clayton and Addie Smith Clayton. Survivors: wife, Mrs. Inez Morris Clayton; son,
Robert Morri s Clayton; si sters: Miss Faith Clayton of Columbia, Miss Chri stine Clayton of
Columbia, Mrs. M. E. Herndon of Liberty, Mrs. Fred Parham of Latta, Mrs. H. S. Tate of Ft.
Benning, Ga., Mrs. Marvin Lawrence of Greenville, and brother, Harold Clayton of New
17 Dec 1961. 1 pg. Chri stmas letter with envelope to Miss Fai th Clayton and Mi ss
Chri stine Clayton, Liberty, SC from their 12 year old niece, Gail Henderson, Norfol k,

15 Mar 1962. Obituary of Warren M. Watkins.

27 Jul 1962. 1 pg. Letter to Miss Faith Clayton from 7, Attorney, Newberry, SC responding
to request for information about Ma sonic Lodge No. 34 at Pendleton and her grandfather,
great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather.

11 Feb 1963. Funeral book for Angie Clayton Epps born 14 Jun 1873, Six Mile, SC.
Services were held Sharon Methodist Church 12 Feb 1963. She was the widow of Oliver
Doane Epps and the daughter of the late Frederick Van and Martha Hendrix Clayton and
had lived on Rt 2, Liberty, SC for 82 years and seven years with her niece, Mrs. M. E.

16 Apr 1963. Anderson Independent newspaper clipping of marker of the Site of Seneca
Old Town at Seneca River. Those in the picture are: Sam F. Reeder, David J. Watson, Mrs.
M. K. Lowry, Oscar C. Riddle, Mrs. Bowen Nimmons, J. C. Crew s, and L. P. Crawford.

19 Oct 1963. Edgefield Hi storical Society honoring Leonardo Andrea.

10 Sep 1965. Fort Hill Savings and Loan Association of Clemson Savings Account book
for Chri stine Clayton.
Account closed 17 Jul 1968.

10 Feb 1966. 3 pp. Letter with envelope to Faith Clayton from Stanl ey W. Wright, Kansa s
City, Mo. remembering the years pa st.

23 Jun 1966. Messenger newspaper clipping - "Organization Started by Historic Unit" - Tri-
County Hi storical Commi ssion.

Dec 1966. Holiday Greetings New sletter from 86 year old Nell Bedford (Mrs. H. C.) from
Indianola, Iowa.

14 Apr 1967. Envelope addressed to James J. Speer, Chattanooga, Tenn. from P. M.
Darnell, Agent, C. N. O. & T.P. RWY Co. Southern Railway System Burnside, KY.

9 Sep 1967. Certificate authorizing Faith Clayton to transact busine ss on behalf of
Chri stine Clayton.

19 Feb 1968. 2 copies. Certificate of Death- Chri stine Clayton. Cerebral Vascular accident.

21 Feb 1968. Funeral book for Miss Chri stine Clayton born 13 Jul 1890 - died 19 Feb 1968.
Interment at Sharon Methodist Church Cemetery in Anderson County.

4 Mar 1968. 1 pg. Letter to estate of Chri stine Clayton from S C Retirement System, Tatum
W. Gressette, Director concerning benefits.

5 Mar 1968. Probate Court certi fies Faith Clayton appointed Executrix of Chri stine
Addeliade Clayton estate.

8 Nov 1968. Settlement/closing of estate of Chri stine Addeliade Clayton by Faith Clayton
by Catherine T. Wise, Probate Judge, Pickens County.
1974 - 1975. State Directory of the South Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution.
State Fall Meeting was held at the Carolina Inn, Columbia, SC. Faith Clayton was Hi storian
of the Fort Prince George Chapter, Pickens, SC.

5 Jul 1975 to 1983. 7 pp. Speech that Americans should celebrate the Bicentennial Birth
of their Nation and includes hi story of Central, SC.

1975 - 1977. Yearbook of the Colonel John Robins Chapter of the Colonial Dames XVII
Century, Organized 10 Feb 1971.

1976 - 1979. Yearbook of the Cornelius Keith Chapter, Daughters of the American
Coloni sts.

1976 - 1979. State Directory of the South Carolina State Society National Society
Daughters of the American Colonists.

9 Feb 1976. Central Chamber of Commerce, Annual Ladies Night Banquet program.
President - W. H. Clayton, Vice President - Hal Y. Garrett, Secretary and Treasurer - Betty
Suttles. Mi ss Faith Clayton gave the Addre ss.

17 Jun 1976. Anderson Independent newspaper artice on Sharon Methodist Church, east
of Pendleton, SC on Hwy. 88 church damage by vandals.

Aug 1976. The Developer newspaper of Central Wesleyan College, Central, SC. Article
and picture of College Class of 1914 which included Marvin Lawrence, Van Clayton,
Hammond Gunby, Stacey Shirley, James Hancock, President, and Myrtle Dunwoody
McDaniel. Christine Clayton and Mrs. Ethel Clayton Lawrence were two members of the
first college class of 1913.

29 Mar 1978. Greenville News article of Jim McAllister.....and his people - re: Steve
Wingard's comments on Buckhorn Creek in Little Texas east of Pari s Mountain - Greenville
county and Slabtown article.

30 Mar 1978. Greenville News article of Jim McAllister.....and his people - interview with
Northwest Middle School and Slabtown article.

6 Aug 1978. El sie Mullinax McKittri ck's funeral program. Parents - John Robert Mullinax
and Adeline Nix Mullinax. Married Samuel Turner McKittrick of Liberty, SC. Services -
Liberty Presbyterian Church, Liberty, SC and Interment - Lickville Presbyterian Church
Cemetery, Pelzer, SC.

4 Jul 1979. The Pickens Sentinel - Garcie Simmons's column on the Porter family reunion.
The family of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Porter met at Secona Baptist Church.

Undated. 1 pg. copy. Application to the Huguenot Society of South Carolina by Mrs. Iona
Williams McLaurin. Descendant of William Pickens who came from LaRochelle by way of
Scotland - later Ireland arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before April 1720.
Descendants in order were: Robert Pickon (Pickens), William Pickens, Robert Pike
Pickens, Elinor Pickens, Mary Ann Prater (Prather), Margaret Couch, Mary Ann
Lucinda Hendricks, Nancy Laura O'Dell and Iona Williams McLaurin.

Undated. Thermafax copy of Decendants of the O'Dell s.

17 Feb 1982. The Easley Progre ss newspaper article on "Students writing book about
soldiers". Anne Sheriff's sixth-grade in the Pickens County PROBE cla ss for gifted
students i s working on project of researching Revolutionary War soldiers who are buried
in Pickens County. When completed the published book will be distributed to all Pickens
County libraries.

29 May 1982. 1 copy. Certificate of Death for Thoma s Lawrence Henderson - Cardiac
Arre st. Born 9 Aug 1923. Father's Name Elijah Henderson, Mother's Name Nita Clayton.
Wife's Name Mrs. Kathleen A. Henderson, Greensboro, N. C.

11 Sep 1982. Colonial Dames XVII meeting at Anderson, SC.

20 Mar 1983. Florence Morning News newspaper article about Lucy Holcombe Pickens
picture on the Confederate $1 bills of 1862 and 1863 and the $100 bill of 1864. She was
often called "the uncrowned queen of the Confederacy."

28 Jun 1984. 1 pg. Letter to Anne from Una Johnson concerning re search on the O'Dell

9 May 1960. 1 pg. Letter to Miss I sadora Williams, Knoxville, Tenn. from F. Van Clayton
concerning O'Dell Family.

Undated. 1 pg. O'Dell Ancestral Cha rt.

13 Jan 1986. The News newspaper clipping of Thomas A. Folger obituary. he was the son
of the late Dr. Thomas Wilson Folger and Frances Alexander Folger.

23 Sep 1986. 1 pg. Letter with envelope to Faith Clayton, Clemson Downs, from Ward
Bedford, Charlotte, Vermont. Nice letter about years pa st. 15 Jan 1986. 1 pg. Letter to Dr.
Roy S. Nichol son, High Point, NC from Kenneth W. Wright, M.D., Syracuse, New York
collecting family history information about Sylve ster Bedford, former resident of Central .

March 1987. Article in the SC Medical Association on Lawrence Garvin Clayton by William

30 Apr 1993. Obituary of Lou Wyatt Watkins.

19 Dec 1993. Obituary of Faith Clayton.

26 Oct 2005.   Autobiography of William Harold Clayton.

27 Oct 2005.  Centennial Annual Dinner at Southern Wesleyan University. Room is
named after Lawrence Garvin Clayton.

15 Nov 2005    Obituaries from Clayton Family. Lawrence Clayton, Martha D. Clayton,
Addie Clayton, F. Van Clayton

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