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					           Using Microsoft Visio 2007 – Creating Use Case Diagrams
                                  Written by Charles Norona
                                    28th of January, 2009

Software requirements: Microsoft Visio 2007, Microsoft Word 97-2003, 2007.
Note: This tutorial is based off of the usage of Microsoft Word 2003.

                               Getting Started
At the start up of Visio 2007 the window should look like this.
Click on “Software and Database” folder from the Template Categories tab
then select “UML Model Diagram” from the Featured Templates section.
Click the “Create” button with a measurement unit of your choice. The next
window that should show up is a clear page with gridlines and tabs on the side as
depicted below.
               Creating Use Case Diagrams
       Click on “UML Activity” in the left-hand side tab called Shapes. Then
click on UML Use Case tab. Several shapes will appear that are all involved in
the creation of use case diagrams.

       To start creating a use case diagram, select the System Boundary object
and drag it onto the workspace. Double-click the top of the system boundary to
change its name. This is where all the use cases will reside while the actors that
are involved will be depicted outside of the system boundary.
       Next, drag and drop the use cases and double-click to access their
properties to change their names. Then drag, drop, and snap the Extends object
to connect the use cases.
        The next step is to add the initiating actor. Drag and drop the actor object
and place it to the left of the system boundary. To change its name, double click
on the actor object and edit the name field. Drag, drop, and snap the
communicates object between the actor and the first use case. It should now
look like the figure below.

A lot of use cases have benefiting actors which would have been located on the
right side of the system boundary whenever it is applicable. Depicting benefiting
actors is just as easy as depicting initiating actors.

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