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                                                                                          Spring 2009      Issue 2

        Alumni Events                         DON MIGUEL RUIZ, JR.                                      Book Review
                                                                                                        by David
                                              An introduction into the course on                        Gafford Ph.D.
                                              The Four agreements, by the son of                        CADC II
                                              the book’s author, Don Miguel Ruiz
                                              Jr., kicked off a series of planned                          The Four
                                              events scheduled for Bayside Marin                           Agreements
                                              alumni this spring. During the April                         contains a
                                              10th visit to Outpatient Services,     simple, non-threatening way that
                                              Miguel Jr., as he is called, talked    people can learn basic principles
                                              about being present in the moment      to life, and allow them to see
                                              and staying on the path when all       spirituality in a different light,
                                              around you are wandering.              where religion does not enter
                                                                                     into the picture. The four agree-
Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. spoke to an
                                                                                     ments are: 1) Be impeccable
enthusiastic crowd of alumni and              JOE KLOSEK                             with your word, 2) Don't take
residents.                                                                           anything personally, 3) Don't
                                              Joe Klosec is a San Francisco          make assumptions, and 4) Al-
                                              Stand-up Comedy Headliner who          ways do your best. Simple as
Comic Joe                                                                            these may seem, Don Miguel
Klosek will                                   will start the evening off with        Ruiz has a great way of driving
share humor                                   laughter as we take a look at fun      these points home, and clients
in recovery at                                and recreation in recovery.            are able to incorporate these into
Bayside May                                                                          their treatment as well as into
1, 7-9p.m.                                                                           their continuing recovery. More
                                                                                     often than not, clients report to
                                              David Gafford Ph.D. CADC II            me that this is the best book
                                              Interim Clinical Director              they have ever read.
Dr. Diane Brown, PhD.
                                              Outpatient Services
Relapse Prevention
“What Really Works?”
                                              David comes to Bayside from The
Dr Brown contends that isolation is the       Betty Ford Center, where he
number one factor in relapse. Come join       served as lead counselor. Known
us for an evening of straight talk about
                                              for his supportive style, David
how to stay clean, sober and in recovery.
May 22, 7-9p.m.                               looks forward to sharing his posi-
                                              tive outlook with us and helping
Alumni Picnic, Muir Beach,                    others find their way to recovery.
Saturday, May 30 1-4p.m.

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Prevention                                        relapse prevention. Psychotherapy         Video Blog
                                                  may be helpful in addressing underlying Soon, we plan to begin emailing a
by John Deri, M.D.
                                                  issues such as low self esteem and family “Recovery Minute” video of staff talk-
Relapse prevention is                             of origin dynamics. Healing the wounds    ing about issues in recovery.
like a tree with multi-                           of early life trauma is absolutely essential
ple roots: biological,                            for relapse prevention.
psychological, social
and spiritual.                                     Psychotherapy can be a powerful com-
                                                   plement to 12 step work. In particular,
Biological factors can                            psychotherapy may be necessary for ac-
include maintenance therapies, such as        complishing the fourth step (making a search-
methadone or buprenorphine for opiate         ing and fearless moral inventory of our-
dependence. Naltrexone or acamprosate         selves). Among the multiple human shadow
may be utilized similarly in the context      attributes, narcissism is a potential core threat
of alcohol dependence.                        to recovery. Humility is the basis for recov-
                                              ery. Arrogance paves the way for relapse.
Additional pharmacotherapies may be                                                                 Chef Michael Chipchase, formerly of
indicated for the treatment of co-occur-      Social and spiritual dimensions of relapse
                                                                                            Robert Mondavi Winery, puts the fin-
ring psychiatric conditions. Underlying       prevention can offer antidotes to arrogance.
                                                                                            ishing touches on polenta lasagna.
mood or anxiety disorders may have            Humility, compassion and a moment to mo-
                                                                                            (Notice the new ovens in the kitchen!)
driven a person into drug or alcohol abuse    ment awareness of our interdependence are all
and dependence. In such a situation, ef-      vital for maintaining recovery.
fective pharmacologic treatment of the
                                              Dr. John Deri is a psychiatrist in private practice
underlying disorder may be essential for      (Mill Valley, CA). He is a consultant to Bayside
maintenance of recovery.                      Marin. He is a member of the American Society of
                                              Addiction Medicine, as well as of the American
Finally, a healthy lifestyle is the founda-   Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.
tion for relapse prevention. Sufficient
sleep, good nutrition and regular physical    Alumni Drop-in Group
activity are all integral components of a     Wednesdays, 6-7p.m. Bayside Marin
healthy lifestyle.                            Outpatient Services, 718 Fourth St.,
                                              San Rafael. Participation requires
Psychological, social and spiritual devel-    graduation from one of our programs,                  Counselor Wellness Workshop, Bayside
opment are additional essential facets of     and 24 hours clean & sober. 
                  Marin Outpatient, March 20, 2009.


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