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									                           Zazzo USA

                       ****PRESS RELEASE****

    New Zazzo Makeup FX Airbrush Templates and DVD
                  By Bradley M. Look

Zazzo USA, Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce the release and
availability of the new Makeup FX Templates and DVD (MFX DVD 1) by
Brad Look. Makeup artist Bradley M. Look will take you behind the
scenes of the Hollywood makeup artistry to demonstrate not only beauty
applications using the airbrush, but also how to create alien characters.
Using the newly developed Makeup FX Template Series he created for
Zazzo, The Beauty Ensemble (MFX1) and The Character Troupe
(MFX2), Brad shares valuable information along the way which will help
makeup artists airbrush more effectively in the growing age of the High
Definition format in the entertainment field. Top makeup artists, such as
Michael G. Westmore, Todd A. McIntosh and Allan A. Apone, all agree,
“It’s about time someone finally designed airbrush stencils with the
makeup artist in mind and shared their award-winning experience.
Thank you, Brad!”

The new Zazzo Makeup FX Airbrush Templates and DVD by Brad Look
are now available at your favorite Iwata-Medea-Artool-Zazzo supplier.
For a complete catalog listing on the Web, go to


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