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									                                                               CM/ECF CIVIL MENU EVENTS FOR ATTORNEYS                                             (Revised October 2009)

INITIAL PLEADINGS AND SERVICE                                                            MOTIONS AND RELATED FILINGS

Complaints and Other Initiating               Motions:
Docs:                                                                                       Judgment Debtor Exam                 Unseal Document
                                              Alter Judgment                                Judgment NOV                         Vacate
Amended Complaint                                                                           Judgment as a Matter of Law          Withdraw
Application for Stay of Execution             Amend/Revise
                                              Appear                                        Judgment of Forfeiture               Withdraw Reference
Bankruptcy Appeal                                                                           Judgment on Partial Findings         Withdraw as Attorney
Case Transferred In - District Transfer       Appear Pro Hac Vice
                                              Appoint Counsel                               Judgment on the Pleadings            Writ
Case Transferred In - Divisional Transfer                                                   Judgment under Rule 54(b)            Writ of Garnishment
Complaint                                     Appoint Custodian
                                              Appoint Expert                                Leave to Appeal                      Writ of Habeas Corpus ad prosequendum
Complaint - SSA                                                                             Leave to File Document               Writ of Habeas Corpus ad testificandum
Counterclaim                                  Appoint Guardina/Attorney ad Litem
                                              Appoint Receiver                              Leave to File Document Under Seal    Writ of Mandamus
Crossclaim                                                                                  Letters Rogatory
Intervenor Complaint                          Approve Consent Judgment
                                              Attorney Fees                                 Limited Admission
Motion to Vacate/Set Aside/Correct Sentence                                                 Miscellaneous Relief
(2255)                                        Bifurcate                                                                          Filings in Support of Motions:
                                              Bond                                          More Definite Statement
Notice of Condemnation                                                                      New Trial
Notice of Removal                             Certificate of Appealability                                                       Affidavit in Support of Motion
                                              Certify Class                                 Order of Sale                        Memorandum in Support of Motion
Notice to Take Foreign Deposition                                                           Partial Summary Judgment
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus            Change Venue                                                                       Sealed Memorandum in Support of Leave to File
                                              Compel                                        Permanent Injunction                     Document Under Seal ONLY
Petition to Enforce IRS Summons                                                             Preliminary Injunction
Petition to Perpetuate Testimony              Consolidate Cases                                                                  Statement of Material Facts
                                              Continue                                      Produce
Registration of Foreign Judgment                                                            Protective Order
Third Party Complaint                         Declaration of Mistrial
                                              Declaratory Judgment                          Quash
                                                                                            Reassign Case
                                                                                                                                 Responses and Replies:
                                              Default Judgment
                                              Deposit funds                                 Reconsideration
Service of Process:                                                                         Recusal                              Affidavit in Opposition to Motion
                                              Directed Verdict                                                                   Local Ruse 7.1(d) Supplemental Brief
                                              Disbursement of Funds                         Redact Transcript
Acknowledgment of Service                                                                   Refund of Fees Paid Electronically   Objection
                                              Disclosure                                                                         Objection to Report and Recommendations
Affidavit of Service                          Discovery                                     Release of Bond Obligation
Certificate of Service                                                                      Release of Funds                     Reply to Response to Motion
                                              Dismiss                                                                            Response in Opposition to Motion
Request for Waiver of Service                 Dismiss Case as Frivolous                     Remand
Service by Publicaiton                                                                      Remand to Agency                     Response to 2255
                                              Dismiss/Lack of Jurisdiction                                                       Response to Local Rule 7.1(d) Supp. Brief
Subpoena Returned Executed                    Dismiss/Lack of Prosecution                   Remand to Bankruptcy Court
Subpoena Returned Unexecuted                                                                Remand to State Court                Response to Motion
                                              Disqualify Counsel                                                                 Response to Objection to R&R
Summons Returned Executed (non-USA)           Disqualify Judge                              Reopen Case
Summons Returned Executed as to USA           Disqualify Juror                              Return of Property
Summons Returned Unexecuted                   Enforce IRS Summons                           Sanctions
Waiver of Service Executed                    Enforce Judgment                              Seal Case
Waiver of Service Unexecuted                  Entry of Default                              Seal Previously Filed Document
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Pros. Executed       Expedite                                      Sealed Motion
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Pros. Unexecuted     Extension of Time re: Transcript              Service by Publication
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Test. Executed       Extension of Time to Amend                    Set Aside
Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Test. Unexecuted     Extension of Time to Complete Discovery       Set Aside Default
                                              Extension of Time to File Answer              Set Aside Forfeiture
                                              Extension of Time to File Document            Set Aside Judgment
Other Answers:                                Extension of Time to File Response/Reply      Set Aside Verdict
                                              File Excess Pages                             Settlement
Affidavit in Opposition                       Forfeiture of Property                        Sever
Affidavit in Support                          Hearing                                       Show Cause
Amended Answer to Complaint                   In Forma Pauperis (Appeal)                    Stay
Answer to Complaint (Notice of Removal)       In Forma Pauperis (Proceed)                   Strike
Answer to Writ of Garnishment/Execution       In Limine                                     Substitute Attorney
Brief                                         Intervene                                     Substitute Party
Claim                                         Issuance of Warrant in rem                    Summary Judgment
Withdrawal of Claim                           Joinder                                       Take Deposition
                                              Judgment Based on ADR Settlement              Temporary Restraining Order
                                                                                            Unseal Case
                                   OTHER FILINGS

ADR Documents:                                     (Appeal Documents - con’t)

Consent to Arbitration                             Designation of Record on Appeal
Consent to Mediation                               Notice of Appeal
Objection to Report of Arbitrator/Mediator         Notice of Cross Appeal
Report of Arbitration                              Notice of Interlocutory Appeal
Report Of Early Neutral Evaluation                 Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Report of Mediation
Request for Trial De Novo
Utilization of Mediation                           Other Documents:
Discovery Documents:                               Amended Dcoument (NOT motion)
                                                   Amicus Curiae Appearance
Designation of Depositions                         Application for Writ of Garnishment/Execution
Notice to Take Deposition                          Bill of Costs
Pretrial Disclosure - 26(a)(3)                     Certificate of Corporate Interest
                                                   Defendant’s Pretrial Narrative
                                                   Financial Affidavit
                                                   Financial Affidavit - CJA 23
Notices:                                           Interpleader
                                                   Jury Demand
Certificate of Counsel                             Memorandum in Support (non-motion)
Notice (Other)                                     Notice of Intent to Request Redaction
Notice of Acceptance w/Offer of Judgment           Objections to Answer to Writ
Notice of Appearance                               Petition
Notice of Application for Writ                     Plaintiff’s Pretrial Narrative
Notice of Change of Address                        Pretrial Memorandum
Notice of Lis Pendens                              Proposed Pretrial Order
Notice of Settlement                               Proposed Sealed Document
Notice of Voluntary Dismissal                      Redacted Document
Petition for Writ of Mandamus                      Redaction Request - Transcript
                                                   Reply to Response (non-motion)
                                                   Report of Rule 26(f) Planning Meeting
Trial Documents:                                   Response (non-motion)
                                                   Response to Order to Show Cause
Agreement for Jury Verdict                         Satisfaction of Judgment
Damages List                                       Sealed Redaction Index
Exhibit List                                       Settlement Agreement
Proposed Contested Issues of Law                   Status Report
Proposed Findings of Fact                          Stipulation
Proposed Jury Instructions                         Stipulation of Dismissal
Proposed Voir Dire                                 Suggestion of Bankruptcy
Trial Brief                                        Suggestion fo Death
Witness List                                       Supplement
                                                   Transcript Request

Appeal Documents:
Appeal Transcript Request
Appeal of Mag Judge Decision to District Court
Appellants Brief
Appellants Reply Brief
Appellees Brief

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