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Week            Theme Centers                        Reading                      Work Tasks
                     New Years

       Writing: New Year's Resolutions--
       Children write plans for the new year on
       this hat shaped paper. They can then
       color it, cut it out and attach a pompom
       to the top.


       Shaker Bottles--collect empty soda                      Art: Print calendar pages for the current year. Have
       bottles (16 or 20 oz works best).                       students color and sequence the pages. This site has some
       Students put confetti, glitter, and                     cute printable calendars:
       water in the bottles.

       Math: Missing Numbers Calendar--
       Children cut and glue the numbers to
       complete the calendar. The easier
       version has all numbers filled in; children
       simply need to match the numbers.

                   Missing Number Calendar
                   Missing Number Calendar-

    Art: Coffee Filter snowflakes--Have
    students fold the filters into fourths or
    eighths (depending on student skill
    level). Have students cut triangle shapes
    out of edges. Open filters and have
    children apply glitter.                                    Art: Craft Stick snowflake--students glue 3 craft sticks
                                                               together to form an asterisk shape. Then they paint glue
                                                               on the sticks and cover with fake snow or glitter
    Snowball Colors--Crumble white trash
                                                               ABC: Winter Word Building--Fill a pan with fake snow (or
    bags into balls and secure with clear         Winter's
                                                               use the sensory table). Hide magnetic letters or letter
    tape. Add a colored dot to each                Gift        tiles in the snow. Students find letters and use them to
    snowball. Label laundry baskets with
                                                               spell the winter words.
2   color words. Line the baskets up on on      (provided by
    side of the carpet and have students          Baltimore Math: Symmetrical Snowflakes--Students sort the
    stand on the other. Students throw          County Public snowflakes to show if the red line is a line of symmetry.
    snowballs into the correct baskets.
                                                               Science: Snowflake Memory--Students turn the cards
    Math:                                                      upside down and take turns turning over 2 cards to make
    Snowmen Buttons--Students read the
    numbers/number words on the
    snowmen's hats and place the correct
    number of buttons on each.

               Snowman template

    Writing: Winter Fun Book

    Math: Snowman Adding

    ABC: Snowmen--match words and
    pictures or letters and pictures

               Snowman template

                                                              ABC: Beginning and Ending Sound work mats
    Students trace and cut out a bear head.
    Then they write one fact about bears on                   Math: Teddy Bear Activities (patterning, sorting, adding--
    the lined paper and glue it to the bear.   Bear Facts see Math Center Activities)

                                               (provided by Science: Animal Babies Memory (see Science Center
                                                 Baltimore Activities)
                                               County Public
                                                 Schools)    Science: Animal Tracks Matching--Print both pages and
                                                              cut the cards apart.
             Winter-The Mitten                                 Writing: Mitten Letter Sequence--Students write the
                                                               lowercase letters in order
    Writing: Winter Scarves--Provide a
    sheet of paper (approx. 11x18) for each                    ABC: Mitten Match file folder game from Preschool
    child. Draw horizontal lines on the paper                  Printables (print one set of colored mittens and one set of
    for writing. Hole punch three holes along                  black and white mittens with the color words to make a
    each side and tie pieces of yarn.                          color word game).
    Students write winter sentences on the
    paper. *This is a good activity to have                    Math: Mitten Pattern Book--This booklet will print 2 per
    volunteers prep--a bit of work but it                      page. Students color the mittens in the given pattern and
    makes a nice hall display*                                 then complete the sentences describing their patterns.

    Art: Symmetrical Mittens--Have              The Mitten
    students decorate the mittens with a
    variety of craft materials...any design is (provided by
    fine but both mittens must be the same!      Baltimore
    I provide whatever left over craft         County Public
    materials I have--foam shapes, ribbon,       Schools)
    felt/material, sequins, even wrapping

    ABC: Mitten Match--I provide two
    versions of this for students at
    different levels. For both, you will need
    a length of string to tie to table legs to
    create a clothesline. Version 1: Students
    match the uppercase letters on the
    clothespins to the lowercase letters on
    the mittens and hang on the clothesline
    in ABC order. Version 2: Students match
the CVC words on the clothespins to
pictures on the mittens and hang on the


Snowflake Adding: Prepare 12x18 sheets
of black or blue paper by drawing 4
columns on each. Write a simple addition
problem at the top of each column (or
print and stick on labels). Provide
students with pieces of sponge (use
clothespins to hold the sponges to keep
hands cleaner). Students "draw to solve"
by stamping snowflakes with the
sponges to find the answers. *This can
be adapted to use with numbers/number
words if students are not ready for
                                                               ABC: ABC Order Race--Using magnetic letters or letter
    Art: Marshmallow Snowmen--Precut a                         tiles, students race against a timer to put the letters in
    large marshmallow into 3 sections for                      order. I use sand timers.
    each child. Children glue the pieces to
    black paper to form a snowman. They
                                                The Jacket Math: Snowball Counting (see Math Center Activities)
    can add details like hats cut from paper,
    mini craft stick arms, and cotton for        I Wear in Science: Season Sort (see science center activities)
    snow                                         the Snow
                                                               ABC/Writing: Winter Clothes Beginning Sounds--Students
    Writing: My Winter Clothes Flap Book-- (provided by use letter tiles or letter stamps to show the beginning
    Copy both sheets of clothing and 2 lined   Baltimore sounds
    papers for each child. Place one sheet of County Public
    lined paper under each clothing sheet       Schools)
    and staple both to a 12x18 sheet so that
    an entire picture is visible. Cut along the
    lines so that each piece of clothing is
    separate. Children lift the flaps and        Additional
    write about their own winter clothing       Ideas at The
    and color the pictures to match.              Toddler
    ABC: Vowel Sort Snowflakes--Students
    sort the pictures on the snowflakes by
    the vowel sound.

        Snowman Vowel Sort Worksheet

     Math: Snowman Number/Set Match:
     Students match the numbers on the
     hats to the buttons on the snowmen.

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