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									Swanson Health Products uses
Compendium to Convert Online Customers                                                   

The Highlights
    •    In just 60 days, Compendium helped Swanson Health Products deliver social media revenue that was
         nearly equal to the entire previous year.
    •    Swanson’s search traffic increased 1640% within first two months of using Compendium.
    •    Through their Compendium program, Swanson has engaged over 48,000 unique visitors with an 18%
         click-through rate.

The Challenge
Swanson Health Products, an online vitamins, herbs and supplements provider, managed three different social content
sites with three different marketing aims. Swanson’s team of writers and online administrators was stretching itself across
these three sites that lacked cohesive strategy, and was not seeing the desired return on their efforts. They needed an easy
way to manage social content that would drive organic search acquisition and social media engagement.

The Solution
Swanson selected Compendium’s social content platform because Compendium provided an easy-to-use solution that could
organically target their content for specific keyword phrases. Swanson’s team of experts could easily publish content related to
these keyword phrases and promote this content to Facebook, Twitter and their email marketing campaigns. With
Compendium’s platform, Swanson can now create, administer, share and track content and visitors in one place. By promoting
content to their other social media pages and e-commerce site, they are connecting to their client-base and prospective
customers on a new and personal level.

The Results
With 125 targeted keyword phrases, Compendium’s platform helped Swanson increase search traffic 1,640% in the first
two months of use. Their content is fully integrated with their social media and email marketing strategies to better reach
their customers and drive them to their website. In just three months of publishing content, Compendium’s program
brought in 48,155 unique visitors with 18% clicking through to Swanson’s e-commerce site.

“In Compendium, we found a tool that allows us to easily publish and promote our content – tracking results through
traffic and conversion. Compendium has far exceeded our expectations.” – Ben Hanson, Internet Content Specialist,
Swanson Health Products

Of all the traffic the Compendium program drives for Swanson, 45% is referral traffic from friends and followers, and
51% of traffic is coming direct from email. In just three short months, the Compendium platform generated over 84% of
the revenue that Swanson saw from their social content efforts in all of 2009. Enormous jumps in organic search traffic,
referral traffic and click-through rates have made the investment in the Compendium platform well worth it for Swanson
Health Products – consistently generating qualified visitors, sales and new customers. Get a healthy dose of successful
social content integration:

About Compendium
Compendium is social content publishing software that allows companies to generate and distribute content to SEO friendly
landing pages and social networking sites to generate demand and acquire new business.

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