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					VIRTUAL CONSUMER SHOW: UNITED WAY                                                                                                                                 WWW.INXPO.COM

Industry: Nonprofit organizations
Location: Cincinnati, OH
                                                    Virtual Events Are Now A Reality at United Way
Overall Campaign Objectives:                        New economic realities require new strategies for nonprofits.
• Increase participants (10,000 new donors) and
  dollars ($62mm) in a challenging economy.
                                                    Situation:                                                         50% over the last 20 years. He knew this would require
                                                                                                                       moving beyond the limitations of a traditional campaign
• Increased reach of the launch event               United Way’s annual campaign historically focuses on               and enlisted a team of innovators from P&G and United
• Increased media coverage of launch event          working with large employers to distribute pledge                  Way to rethink fundraising and reach new and younger
  by 215%                                           cards urging their workers to contribute. However, this            audiences.
• 85% of attendee survey respondents plan to        approach has been showing signs of weakness, evidenced
  contribute and 43% plan to increase their gift    by a steady decline in the total number of donors over             Solution:
  this year                                         the last several years and little, if any, growth in its annual
• 69% of attendee survey respondents learned        campaign since 2005.                                               The new strategy was designed to build on its strengths
  something new about United Way and 86% plan                                                                          in the workplace campaign with a stronger digital effort,
  to tell others about the event and the campaign   With the changing nature of the workplace, the growth in           using social networking tools such as Facebook and
• 465 people attended the launch event,             the number of nonprofit organizations and increasing ways          Twitter, enlisting bloggers, and creating an online “virtual”
  representing 196 companies.                       to easily donate to a wide range of charities, United Way          environment by InXpo to launch and educate the
                                                    of Greater Cincinnati recognized the need to explore new           community about United Way.
                                                    ways of doing its fundraising and raising awareness of its
                                                    impact goals.                                                      Departing from its traditional campaign launch format, the
                                                                                                                       team worked with InXpo to kick off the annual fundraising
                                                    When P&G Chairman A.G. Lafley assumed leadership                   campaign via a virtual environment. It enabled users to
                                                    of the campaign in 2009, his research revealed the steep           circulate from the main hall to video presentations by A.G.
                                                    challenge presented by the slippage in donors: the number          Lafley and others as well as chat online and share their
                                                    of individual donors had declined 33% in 10 years and              United Way experiences.

                                                                                                 For additional information contact: David Kaz | | (312) 962-3732.
VIRTUAL CONSUMER SHOW: UNITED WAY                                                                                                                   WWW.INXPO.COM

“I think that everyone involved
did a fantastic job! It was creative,
innovative, and engaging. It was nice
to be able to directly speak with
our agency contacts, and other
agencies, as well.”

                                        It allowed anyone with a personal computer to access a            Nearly 70% learned something new about the United Way,
                                        presentation by Lafley and hear the announcement of the goal.     78% were satisfied or very satisfied with the experience
                                                                                                          and 55% of attendees indicated this first-ever virtual
                                        “P&G shared the virtual event concept with United Way as
                                        a way to expand both the reach and impact of this year’s          event exceeded their expectations. 42% opted to receive
                                        campaign,” said Charlotte R. Otto, campaign vice chair and        updates on progress throughout the campaign.
                                        newly retired global external relations officer at P&G.

                                        Results:                                                          Comments included, “Great use of celebrities who were
                                                                                                          clearly engaged and provided wonderful interaction.
                                        This unique virtual strategy and platform not only reached
                                        new audiences, but also brought more media attention to           Excellent comments from staff to welcome and
                                        the United Way of Greater Cincinnati kickoff than ever.           acknowledge various key customers and partners.”
                                        Media impressions increased by 215%.
                                                                                                          “Terrific way to educate folks!”
                                        “People are always surprised when they realize that
                                        United Way and its agencies touch nearly everyone in our          “I thought it was fun and creative! “
                                        community,” said Lafley. “In this spirit, we wanted to get
                                        more people involved in the campaign than ever before             “I only planned to make a quick visit for 10 minutes, and
                                        and the virtual kickoff was just one way to do it.”               ended up spending over an hour.”

                                        A total of 465 people attended the event, representing            “I think that everyone involved did a fantastic job! It was
                                        196 companies. Over 85% of the attendees planned to               creative, innovative, and engaging. It was nice to be able
                                        contribute to United Way this year, with 43% planning
                                        to INCREASE their gift. 55% said they’d volunteer their           to directly speak with our agency contacts,and other
                                        time and 85% plan to share their experience with others.          agencies, as well.”

                                                                                   For additional information contact: David Kaz | | (312) 962-3732.

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