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					                                                 C2S School Contacts

Title First Name    Last Name   Position                        School
Ms.     Patti       Picha       Director, Career Services       University of Alaska System
Ms.     Brenda      Davis                                       Alabama
                                Director, Career Development Services Agricultural and Mechanical University
Ms.     Tari        Williams                                    The University of Alabama
                                School of Law, Director of Public Interest
Ms.     M.          Williams    Director, Career Services       Alabama State University
Ms.     Nancy       Bernard     Director, Career Services       Auburn University
Ms.     Jane        Seigel      Director, Career Counseling     Birmingham-Southern College
Ms.     Veronica    Miller                                      Talladega
                                Counselor, Career Planning & Placement College
Ms.     Josephine   DeVane      Coordinator, Career Services Troy State University
Ms.     Judy        Traylor                                     University of Alabama at Birmingham
                                Director, Career & Student Services
Ms.     Patricia    Blum        Director, Career Services       University of North Alabama
Ms.     Sue         Spradlin                                      and Job Placement
                                Director, Cooperative EducationWallace State Community College
Ms.     Jessica     Garrison    Coordinator, Career Development Henderson State University
Mr.     C.          Wingfield                                   University
                                Director, Counseling & Career Planning of Arkansas at Little Rock
Ms.     Ranelle     Eubanks                                     University of Arkansas at Monticello
                                Director of Learning Support Services
Ms.     Mary        Jones       Director of Career Services     University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Mr.     Ray         Castillo    Director, Career Services       Arizona State University
Dr.     Ross        Kosinski    Dean, Student Services          Midwestern University
Ms.     Karen       White       Director, Career Services       Northern Arizona University
Ms.     Marie       Rozenblit   Director, Career Services       University of Arizona
Ms.     Darla       Calvet      Director of Sponsored ProgramsAlliant International University--Scripps Ranch Campus
Dr.     Jerry       Houser                                      California Institute of Technology
                                Director, Career Development Center
Captain Shirley     Kohlwes     Director, Career Development California Maritime Academy
Ms.     Marilyn     Albert      Director, Career Center         California State University System
Dr.     Patricia    Gordon                                      California State University System
                                Director, Career Development Center
Dr.     William     Perry                                       California State University System
                                Assistant Vice President, Student Life
Dr.     George      Morten      Director, Career Center         California State University System
Mr.     James       Starmer                                     California State
                                Director, Career Planning & Placement Office University System
Mr.     Larry       Gray        Director, Student Development California State University System
Mr.     Robert      Hernandez   Interim Director                California State University System-Fresno
Dr.     W.          Morton                                      California
                                Director, Career Development Services State University System
Ms.     Althea      Horne       Coordinator, Career Development California State University System
Ms.     Kim         Knight                                      Claremont Graduate University
                                Director, Career Services & Corporate Relations
Mr.     Thanh       Duong       Director of Career Services     ITT Technical Institute of Santa Clara
Mr.     Jose        Ramirez                                     Los
                                Associate Dean for Student ServicesAngeles Mission College
Ms.     Cindy       Nicholas                                    National
                                Career & Student Assessment Manager University
Mr.     Robert      Moon        Director, Career Center         Notre Dame de Namur University
Ms.     Judy        Fisher                                      Occidental College
                                Director, Career Development Center
Ms.     Valerie     Savior                                      Occidental College
                                Coordinator, Internships and Employer Relations
Ms.     Judith      Gumbiner    Director, Career Services       San Diego State University
Mr.     Jack        Brewer      Director, Career Center         San Francisco State University
Ms.     Sandy       Morris      Director, Career Center         Santa Ana College
Mr.     Andy        Ceperley    Director, Career Center         Santa Clara University
Ms.     Vicki       Rothman     Director, Career Services       Santa Monica College
Dr.     Lorraine    Morales                                     Sonoma
                                Director, Career & Transition Services State University
Mr.     Lance       Choy                                        Stanford
                                Director, Career Development Center University
Mr.     Tom         Devlin      Director, Career Center         University of California -- Berkeley
Ms.     Katherine   Van Ness    Director, Career Center         University of California -- Irvine
Ms.     Deborah     McCoy       Director, Career Services       University of California -- Riverside
Mr.     Craig       Schmidt     Director, Career Services CenterUniversity of California -- San Diego
Ms.     Barbara     Bedford     Director, Career Center         University of California -- Santa Cruz
Ms.     Kathy       Sims        Director, Career Center         University of California at Los Angeles

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                                                C2S School Contacts

Dr.    Dennis      Nord                                         Services
                              Director, Counseling and CareerUniversity of California at Santa Barbara
Ms.    Sandra      Buchan     Director, Career Services        University of Southern California
Mr.    Dana        Alexander Director, Career and Life PlanningWestmont College
Ms.    Elizabeth   Reed       Academic and Career Advisor Community College of Aurora
Ms.    Lissa       Gallagher Director, Career Center           University of Colorado at Denver
Ms.    Deanna      Fiorentino Director of Career DevelopmentSacred Heart University
Mr.    Bernard     Gilmore                                     Sacred Heart University
Ms.    Marilyn     Carey      Director, Career Counseling      St. Joseph College
Ms.    Lanna       Hagge                                       Trinity
                              Director, Career Services & AdmissionsCollege
Ms.    Judith      Clough     Director, Career Services        University of Bridgeport
Dr.    Christie    Boronico                                    University of New Haven
Mr.    Michael     Sciola     Director, Career Services CenterWesleyan University
Mr.    Philip      Jones                                        Services
                              Director, Undergraduate CareerYale University
       Cindy       Holland                                     University of Delaware
                              Assistant Director, Career Services
Ms.    Lisa        Perelli                                     Wesley College
Ms.    Katherine   Stahl      Career Services                  American University
Dr.    Michael     Nugent                                       , National Security Education
                              Director, The Language FlagshipNational Defense University Program
Ms.    Jalanda     Hudson                                      Brevard Community College
Ms.    Dana        DellaCamera                                 Florida International University
                              Career Services, Marketing and Outreach
Ms.    Deborah     Pierce     Director, Career Services        International Fine Arts College
Ms.    Phyllis     Wrench     Placement Center Coordinator Pasco-Hernando Community College
Ms.    Kelly       Cleary     Director, Careeer Services       Stetson University
Mr.    Saranette   Miles                                       University of Florida
                              Assistant Director, Employer Relations
Mr.    Jim         Smart      Director, Toppol Career Center University of Miami
Ms.    Glorya      Williams Director, Career Services          Albany State University
Mr.    Wes         Moran      Director, Career Development Berry College
Ms.    Amy         Shutts     Director, Career Services        Brenau University
Mr.    Vance       Rhoades                                     Brewton Parker College
Ms.    Bridgette                                               Clayton
                   McDonald Associate Director of Career Services State University
Ms.    Dacia       Stone                                       Darton College
                              Coordinator, Career Development Center
Ms.    Beth        Scott-Brown                                 Gainesville State College
                              Coordinator, Career Development & Job Placement
Ms.    Ralph       Mobley     Director, Career Services        Georgia Institute of Technology
Ms.    Karen       Andrews Director, Career Services           Kennesaw State University
Ms.    Kellye      Eccles     Career Planning and Placement Morehouse College
Mr.    Daniel      Gregg                                       North
                              Director of Career Placement Services Georgia Technical College
Mr.    Robbie      Ouzts      Director, Career Services        Oglethorpe University
Mr.    Anthony     Holland    Director, Career Services        Paine College
Ms.    Brittany    Glazier    Coordinator, Co-op/Internship Southern Polytechnic State University
Mr.    Jimmy       Richardson Associate Director               University of Georgia
Ms.    Wanda       McGukin Assistant Director, Career Services University of West Georgia
Ms.    Rachel      Powell                                      Wesleyan College
                              Director, Career Internship Services & Orientation
Ms.    Patricia                                                U
                   Nishimoto Interim Director, Career Services niversity of Hawaii System
Ms.    Debbie      Kaylor     Director, Career Center          Boise State University
Mr.    Daniel      Walther    Director, Career Services        Concordia University
Mr.    John        Petrik     Dean, Career Services            DeVry Institutes
Miss   Cindy       Julian     Career Services Coordinator      Lake Forest College
Mr.    John        Baradarich Director, Career Center          Loyola University of Chicago
Ms.    Pam         Haru                                        Millikin University
                              Director, Career & Experiential Education Center
Ms.    Belinda                                                 Rockford
                   Wholeben Professor and Executive Director, JACCE College
Dr.    James       Scales                                      Southern Illinois University
                              Director, University Career Services
Ms.    Liz                                                     University of Chicago
                   Michaels Director, Career & Placement Services
Mr.    Andres      Garza      Director, Career Services        University of Illinois at Chicago

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                                                 C2S School Contacts

Mr.    Alfred      Waters     Director, Career Services        Western Illinois University
Ms.    Alison      Delicati   Career Counselor                 Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
Ms.    Christine                                               Indiana University
                   Richardson Director Career and Graduate School Placement -- South Bend
Dr.    Sgarib      Farley     Dean                             Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Ms.    Amanda                 Assistant Director, Office of Career Services
                   Shettlesworth                               Indiana University School of Public and Enviromental Affairs
Mr.    Stuart      Jones      Director, Career Services        Manchester College
Ms.    Pat         Garrott                                     Purdue University
                              Director, Center for Career Opportunities
Dean   Robert      Rivers     Dean                             Purdue University -- Calumet
Mr.    Scott                                                   Wabash College
                   Crawford Director, Schroeder Center for Career Development
Ms.    Pat         Kitzman    Director, Internships            Central College
Mr.    Mike        Gaul                                        Iowa State University
                              Director, Career Planning & Placement Services
Ms.    Joyce       Halverson Director, Career Services         Iowa Wesleyan College
Mr.    Derek       Solheim                                     Wartburg College
                              Asst. Director of Pathways Center for Career Svcs
Mr.    Bill                                                    Allen Coordinator
                   Swinney Career/Academic Division Placement County Community College
Ms.    Kerri                                                    Services
                   Day Keller Director, Career & Employment Kansas State University
Dr.    Gail        Rooney                                      University Services
                              Director, University Career & Employment of Kansas
Ms.    Betsy       Jennings Director, Career Development CenterNorthern Kentucky University
Ms.    Diane       Kohler                                      University
                              Senior Associate Director, Career Center of Kentucky
Mr.    Kenneth                                                 Southeastern Louisiana University
                   Ridgedell Director, Career Development Services
Mr.    Lawrence    Bliss                                       University of Southern Maine
                              Director, Career Services & Cooperative Education
Ms.    Mary        Johnson Director, Career Services           Bowie State University
Ms.    Natalie     Kauffman Director, Career Center            College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Ms.    Sarah       Bigham     Director, Career Services        Hood College
Mr.    Patrick     Madsen     Director of the Career Center Johns Hopkins University
Mr.    Andy        McDonald Director of Career DevelopmentMaryland Institute College of Art
Mr.    Wayne       Barbour                                     Montgomery College
                              Director, Student Employment Services
Mr.    William     Carson                                      Morgan State University
                              Director, Center for Career Development
Ms.    Terri       Gelles     Director                         Mount St. Mary's College
Ms.    Carol       Vellucci                                     Towson University
                              Director of the Career Center atTowson University
Mr.    Cory        Edwards Training Officer                    Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Ms.    Diane       Crump-Fogle                                 University of Maryland -- Baltimore County
                              Associate Director, Career Development Center
Ms.    Ellen       Yerman     Director, Career Services        Villa Julie College
Ms.    Vicki       Sawyer                                      Washington College
                              Associate Director, Career Development
Dr.    David       Kowalczyk Co-Director of Career Services Assumption College
Mr.    Brian       Salvaggio Director, Career Services         Bridgewater State College
Mr.    Robert      Prague                                      Cambridge College
                              Director, Career Development Services
Ms.    Lisa        Smith                                       Dean College
                              Advisor and Coordinator, Career Services
Ms.    Deb         Carroll                                     Harvard University
                              Assistant Director, Career Services
Ms.    Alice       Diamond Director, Career Resource Center    Lesley University
Ms.    Elizabeth   Reed       Director, Career Services        Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mr.    David                                                   Mount Holyoke College
                   Machowski Director, Recruiting and Employer Relations
Mr.    Robert      Brooks     Director of Career Services      Mount Ida College
Ms.    Lynn        Marcus     Career Placement Coordinator North Shore Community College
Ms.    Rose        Dittmer                                     Northern Essex
                              Assistant Dean, Career Development Center Community College
Ms.    Barbara     Kautz      Director, Career Services        Springfield College
Ms.    Jean        Papalia    Director, Career Services        Tufts University
Ms.    Gail        Berman     Director, Career Resource Center University of Massachusetts -- Dartmouth
Mr.    Dan         Golden     Dean, Work & Service Learning Wheaton College
Ms.    Dawn        Dellea     Career Counselor                 Williams College
Ms.    Yvonne      Harrison Director, Career Development CenterWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Ms.    Julia       Sherlock Director of Career Services        Central Michigan University
Mr.    John        Frick      Director, JOBSearch              Northern Michigan University

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                                                C2S School Contacts

Ms.    Regina      Storrs      Director, Career Services       University of Michigan -- Dearborn
Ms.    Paula       Pollander Career Development Center         University of Michigan -- Flint
Ms.    Simone      Taylor      Director, Career Center         University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
Mr.    Tom         Phillips                                    University of
                               Assistant Director, Graduate Career Services Michigan--Ann Arbor
Miss   Lynn                    Executive Director of Career Services
                   Kelly-Albertson                             Western Michigan University
Ms.    Johanna     Perry                                       Concordia
                               Director fo Student Leadership and ServiceCollege
Ms.    Carol       Tremaine Career Development Director Northwestern College
Ms.    Becky       Hall                                        University
                               Coordinator, Central Career Development of Minnesota
Mr.    Jason                                                   Delta State
                   Umfress Director, Career Services and Placement University
Mr.    Jack        Hunter      Director, Career Services       Southwest Missouri State University
Dr.    Pamela      Franta      Director, Career Services       Stephens College
Mr.    Doug        Buchanan Director, Career Services          University of Missouri -- Kansas City
Dr.    Amanda                                                  Washington University in St. Louis
                   McBride Gephardt Institute for Public Service
Mr.    Ray         Angle       Director, Career Center         Webster University
Ms.    Meg         Langland Director, Career Services          Westminster College
Mr.    Mike        Heuring     Director, Career Services       University of Montana -- Missoula
Ms.    Jason       Barelman Director, Career Services          Wayne State College
Ms.    Eileen      McGarry Director, Career Services           University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dr.    David       Holmes      Director, Career Services       University of New Hampshire
Ms.    Cathy       Love        Director, Career Development Fairleigh Dickinson University
Mr.    William     Hill                                        Monmouth University
                               Assistant Dean, Placement and Student Employment
Ms.    Carolyn     Jones                                       Montclair State University
                               Director, Career Development Center
Ms.    Jennifer    Jones       Director, Career Development New Jersey City University
Mr.    Gregory     Mass                                        New Jersey Institute
                               Executive Director of Career Development Services of Technology
Ms.    Beverly                 Director,
                   Hamilton-Chandler Career Services           Princeton University
Ms.    Jacquline   Chaffin     Director, Career Center         Seton Hall University
Mr.    Crescenzo   Fonzo       Director, Career Services       St. Peter's College
Ms.    Librada     Sanchez                                     Union
                               Director of Hispanic Support Center County College
Mr.    Steve       Salway      Director, Career Services       New Mexico State University
Ms.    Elaine      Antonioli Director, Career Services         Alfred State College
Ms.    April       Kinser                                      Bard College
                               Director, Office of Career Development
Ms.    Nancy       Paul                                        Binghamton University
                               Director, Career Development Services
Ms.    Joy         Shortell                                    Cayuga Community College
                               Director, Career Planning and Placement
Ms.    Melissa     Benca       Director, Career Services       Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Ms.    Rebecca     Sparrow Director, Career Services           Cornell University
Mr.    Kino        Ruth        Director, Career Center         Hamilton College
Mr.    Robert      Murphy      Director, Career Services       Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Mr.    Fred        Burke       Director, Career Services       Hofstra University
Mr.    John        Bradac      Director, Career Services       Ithaca College
Ms.    Deborah     Young                                       Medgar
                               Director, Career Management Services Evers College
Mr.    Michael     Kahl        Director, Career Services       Nazareth College of Rochester
Ms.    Trudy                                                   New
                   Steinfeld Director, Office of Career Services York University
Ms.    Mary Ann    Murphy                                      Pace University
                               Director, Center of Community Outreach
Ms.    Carolyn     Delcore                                     Plattsburgh State University
                               Director, Career Development Center
Ms.    Raina       Rhanagan Director of Career Services        Polytechnic University
Mr.    Thomas                                                  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                   Tarantelli Director, Career Development Center
Mr.    Emanuel     Contomanolis                                Rochester Institute of Technology
                               Assistant Vice President & Director
Mr.    Thomas      Ward                                        St. John's University -- Queens
Ms.    Irene       Nebel                                       St. Joseph's College
                               Director, Counseling & Career Services
Dr.    Carol                                                   St. Lawrence University
                   Garbarino Director, Career Services and Leadership Education
Ms.    Rachel      Jackiewicz Director, Career Services        St. Thomas Aquinas College
Dr.    Mary        Zuckerman                                   State University of New York College at Geneseo

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                                                C2S School Contacts

Ms.     Donntoya    Bailey    Coordinator, Career Services State University of New York College at Old Westbury
Mr.     Robert      Casper    Director, Career Services        State University of New York College at Oswego
Dr.     Bruce       Getzan                                     Sullivan County Community College
                              Dean of Workforce Development, Continuing Ed.
Mr.     Michael     Cahill    Director, Career Services        Syracuse University
Mr.     Jim         Hull                                       Tompkins Cortland Community College
                              Director of Counseling and Career Services
Captain David       Van Oss                                    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
                              Director, Professional Development & Career Svcs
Ms.     Deborah     Gair                                       Union
                              Assistant Director, Career Counseling University--Albany Law School
Ms.     Shirley     Downey Director, Career Development Center University at Albany, State University of New York
Ms.     Mary        Raymond Director, Career Services          Vassar College
Mr.     Richard     Putnam    Career Counselor                 Westchester Community College
Ms.     Marjorie    Ellis     Interim Director                 Appalachian State University
Mr.     Dwayne      Grooms    Director, Career Services        Barton College
Ms.     Brenda      Tyson     Director, Career Services        Belmont Abbey College
Ms.     Terri       Mills                                      D
                              Assistant Director, Career Center uke University
Mr.     Dave        McGee     Director, Career Center          Elon University
Ms.     Bailey      Holt                                       Gardner-Webb University
                              Assistant Director of Career Services
Ms.     Linda       GreenwoodDirector, Career Center           Mount Olive College
Ms.     Joyce                                                  North
                    Edwards Executive Director, Career Services Carolina A&T State University
Ms.     Carmen      Dorsey    Career Services                  North Carolina Central University
Mr.     Walter      Jones                                      North Carolina State University
                              Director, University Career Center
Ms.     Andrea      Hall      Director, Career Services        Salem College
Ms.     Jerelene    Carver                                     St. Augustine's College
Ms.     Kerri       Keller    Director, UNCA Career Center University of North Carolina at Asheville
Ms.     Denise      Smith     Director, University Career      University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Mrs. Karri          Murray    Career Center                    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ms.     Donna       Seckar    Director, Career Services        University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Mr.     Mark        Werbeach Counselor, Career DevelopmentUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington
Mr.     William     Currin    Director, Career Services        Wake Forest University
Ms.     Helene      Cameron Director, Career Services          Winston-Salem State University
Mr.     Mark        Thompson Director, Career Services         University of North Dakota
Ms.     Debbie      Sprang                                     Baldwin-Wallace College
                              Associate Director, Career Services
Mr.     Lew         Gibbs     Director, Career Services        Cedarville University
Mr.     Paul        Klein     Director, Career Services        Cleveland State University
Ms.     Lisa        Kastor    Director, Career Services        College of Wooster
Ms.     Pamela      Allen     Director, Career Development Denison University
Ms.     Jamie       Clark                                      Muskingum
                              Director of Career and Employment ServicesArea Technical College
Ms.     Nancy       Sheely                                     Ohio
                              Assistant Director, Career Services Northern University
Ms.     Amy         Thaci                                       Services
                              Director, Arts & Sciences CareerOhio State University
Mr.     Chad                                                   Ohio State University
                    Schneider Assistant Director, Foreign Language Center
Dr.     Thomas      Korvas    Director, Career Services        Ohio University
Ms.     Carrie      Lippert   Director, Career Services        Ohio Wesleyan University
Mr.     Stephen     Gregory   Director of Career Services      Shawnee State University
Dr.     Kimberly    Beyer                                      University of
                              Associate Director, Center for Career ServicesAkron
Ms.     Linda       Bates                                      University of Cincinnati
                              Director, Career Development Center
Dr.     Ellen       Nagy      Director, Career Services        University of Toledo
Ms.     Geraldine   Sullivan                                   Career Services
                              Director, Office of Counseling & Ursuline College
Mr.     Jack                                                   Wilberforce University
                    Williams Director of Cooperative Education and Career Svcs.
Ms.     Karen       Reynolds Director, Career Center           Wittenberg University
Mr.     James       Wallace                                    Langston
                              Director, Career & Placement Services University
Ms.     Gayle       Anderson Coordinator, Career Services Northeastern State University
Ms.     Sue Ann     Rodgers   Director of Counseling           Northern Oklahoma College
Ms.     Linda       Wallace   Director, Career Services        Northwestern Oklahoma State University

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                                                C2S School Contacts

Ms.   Denise     Dunham Coordinator, Student Placement         Rose State College
Ms.   Bette      Scott       Director, Career Services         University of Tulsa
Ms.   Sib        Farrell     Director, Career Services         Southern Oregon University
Mr.   Lawrence Smith         Director, Career Center           University of Oregon
Mr.   Brian      Mitchell                                      Bucknell University
Ms.   Eileen     Brecher                                       Chatham College
                             Assistant Dean of Career Initiatives
Mr.   ChristopherSutzko                                        College Misericordia
                             Director, Insalaco Center for Career Development
Mr.   James      McClenahan  Director, Career Services CenterDuquesne University
Ms.   Kathy                                                    Gettysburg
                 Williams Director, Center for Career Development College
Mr.   Thomas     Wyatt                                         Harcum
                             Director Service Learning/Leadership College
Ms.   Liza       Bernard     Director, Bryn Mawr-Haverford Haverford College
Mr.   Mark       Anthony Director, Career Services             Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Dr.   Darwin     Kysor       Director, Career Services         Juniata College
Dr.   Joan       Blewitt                                       King's College
                             Director, Career Planning and Placement
Ms.   Kerri      Gardy                                         Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
                             Assoc. Director, Career and Community Services
Ms.   Susan      Heard                                         Lafayette College
                             Associate Director, Career Services
Ms.   Donna      Goldfeder Director, Career Services           Lehigh University
Dr.   Mohamed Khalequzzaman  Department Chair                  Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Mr.   Robert     Hvezda      Director of Career Services       Mercyhurst College
Mr.   Warren     Hilton      Director of Career DevelopmentMoravian College
Ms.   Lynda                                                     and Placement
                 Grossman Director of Career DevelopmentMuhlenberg College
Ms.   Carol      Dougherty Director, Career Development Neumann College
Dr.   Jack       Rayman      Director, Career Services         Pennsylvania State University
Mr.   Henry      TomkiewiczDirector, Student Affairs           Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Ms.   Audrey     Robinson Director, Career Services            Rosemont College
Mr.   Anthony Linnan                                           Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
                             Associate Director, Career Services
Mr.   Michael    Rheiner                                       Susquehanna University
                             Director, Center for Career Services
Ms.   Marissa    Deitch                                        & Internships
                             Asst. Director for Public Service Swarthmore College
Ms.   Janis                                                    Temple University
                 Campbell Associate Director, Career Competencies
Dr.   Chet       Rispoli                                       Temple
                             Director, Career Development Services University
Mr.   Marvin     Roth        Director, Career Services         University of Pittsburgh
Ms.   Jackie     Meade       Director, Career Center           Westminster College
Ms.   Carol      Bosack      Director, Career Services         Wilkes University
Mr.   Jeffrey    Quinones Director, Public Relations           Universidad Metropolitana
Ms.   Marcilyn Colon         Director of Career Services       University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Public Health
Ms.   Kerry      Willigan                                      Brown
                             Associate Director, Employer Relations University
Ms.   Donna      Yena        Vice President, Career DevelopmentJohnson & Wales University
Mr.   Steve      Whitten Director, Career Services             Rhode Island School of Design
Mr.   Edward     Turilli                                       Salve
                             Director, Career Development Center Regina University
Ms.   Karen                                                    Benedict
                 Rutherford Director, Career Planning & Placement College
Dr.   Valerie    West                                          Medical
                             Associate Provost, Educational ProgramsUniversity of South Carolina
Ms.   Martha     GreenwoodAssociate Dean, Students             Presbyterian College
Ms.   Anne       Orange      Librarian, Career Services        University of South Carolina
Mr.   Tom        Injaychock Director, Career Services          Winthrop University
Ms.   Megan                                                    Mount Marty College
                 McGlone Director, Career Planning and Placement
Ms.   Keley                                                    University of South Dakota
                 Smith-KellerDirector, Career Development Center
Mr.   Dan        Emmel                                         Internship Services
                             Director, Career Placement and East Tennessee State University
Ms.   Holly      Spann       Director, Career Development Lambuth University
Ms.   Catherine SwearingenDirector, Office of Career Services  University of the South
Ms.   Francene Gilmer        Director, Career Center           Vanderbilt University
Ms.   Lisa       Meltzer     Director, Career Services         Brookhaven College
Mr.   Bob                                                      East Development
                 Flannery Assoc. Director, Advising and Career Texas Baptist University

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                                              C2S School Contacts

Dr.   Lorene    Holmes                                      Jarvis Christian College
                           Director, Career Management Services
Ms.   FrancyenneMaynard Director, Career Services           North Lake College
Ms.   Ann       Reynolds Director of Career Services        Our Lady of the Lake University
Ms.   Diana     Pino-Sands Director, Career Services        Our Lady of the Lake University
Ms.   Cristina  Martinez Director, Career Services          Schreiner University
Mr.   Curt      Schafer    Director, Career Services        Southwest Texas State University
Ms.   Shirley   Rasberry Director Graduate Career Services  Texas Christian University
Ms.   Deidre    Leslie     Director of Career Services      Texas Woman's University
Mr.   Jerry     Alexander Director, Career Services         Trinity University
Dr.   Caroline Jurgens     Director, Counseling             University of Houston -- Downtown
Ms.   Rachel               Coordinator, Career Services & Mentoring of Houston -- Victoria
                Trevino-Garcia                              University
Mr.   David     Small                                       University
                           Assistant Vice President, Student Services of Houston System
Dr.   Jerry     Bawcom                                      University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Ms.   Patricia  McKinley Director, Career Services & TestingUniversity of St. Thomas
Ms.   Enedelia Kidd                                         University of
                           Director, Office of Career Placement Services Texas -- Pan American
Ms.   Barbara   Peet       Director, Career Services        University of Texas at Arlington
Ms.   Debora    Kubena                                      University of Texas at Austin
                           Assistant Director, Career Services
Ms.   Betsy                Associate Director, Career Services
                Castro-Duarte                               University of Texas at El Paso
Dr.   L.        Buga                                        University
                           Executive Vice President, Academic Affairsof Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Ms.   Cheryl                                                William Marsh
                Matherly Assistant Dean, Student Affairs for Career Svcs.Rice University
Ms.   Debra     Gibbons Career Placement Advisor            Brigham Young University
Ms.   Kathy     Murry      Director                         College of Eastern Utah
Mr.   Stan      Inman      Director, Career Services        University of Utah
Mr.   Dave      Hart       Director, Career Services        Utah State University
Ms.   Linda     Wacholder Director of Career Services       Lyndon State College
Ms.   Pamela    Gardner Director, Career Services           University of Vermont
Mr.   Mark      Werbeach Director of Career Services        Averett University
Mr.   Dirk      Welch                                       Bridgewater College
                           Director, Office of Career Services
Ms.   Latasha   Burney     Student Employment Coordinator   DeVry University
Ms.   Mary      Saunders Director of Career Services        Longwood University
Mr.   Benjamin Ellis       Director of Career Services      Norfolk State University
Ms.   Suzanne Martin                                        Old Dominion University
                           Executive Director, Career Management Center
Mr.   Michael   Ash        Vice President, Student ServicesRegent University
Ms.   Judith    Wachsmann  Director, Student Programs       Shenandoah University
Ms.   Wendy     Webb-Robers                                 The College
                           Senior Assistant Director, Career Services of William and Mary
Mr.   James     McBride Director, University Career ServicesUniversity of Virginia
Ms.   Cheryl    Melton                                      Virginia Commonwealth University
                           Director, University Career Center
Ms.   Beverly   Lorig      Director, Career Services        Washington and Lee University
Ms.   Jacqui                                                Seattle
                Smith-BatesDirector, Career Development Center Pacific University
Ms.   Susan     Terry      Director, Center for Career Svcs.University of Washington
Ms.   Debbie    Edwards Director of Career Services         Washington State University
Ms.   Sally     Fry        Director, Career Services        Fairmont State College
Ms.   Sue       Wright     Director, Career Services        Marshall University
Ms.   Betsy     Sheets     Director, Career Services        Shepherd University
Dr.   Constance Stadler                                     University of Charleston
                           Director of the Center for Career Development
Ms.   Patricia  Kline      Director, Career Services        West Virginia State College
Mr.   Robert    Kent       Director, Career Services CenterWest Virginia University
Mr.   Joseph    Aini       Director, Career Services CenterWheeling Jesuit University
Ms.   Shawn                Director, Career and CounselingEdgewood College
Ms.   Lisa      Lindsay    Director of Career DevelopmentLakeland College
Ms.   Susan     Ayres                                       University of Wisconsin -- Eau Claire
                           Information Resources Manager, Career Services
Mr.   Matthew Nelson       Career Advisor                   University of Wisconsin -- Madison

                                                     Page 7
                                            C2S School Contacts

Mr.   Ted      Balser     Director, Career Services      University of Wisconsin -- Oshkosh
Ms.   JoAnn    Goodyear Director, Career Center          University of Wisconsin -- Parkside
Ms.   Carmen                                             University of Wisconsin -- River Falls
               Croonquist Director, Person and Professional Development Ctr
Mr.   Craig    MosurinjohnDirector, Career Services      University of Wisconsin -- Whitewater

                                                    Page 8
                                        C2S School Contacts

State   Email       Phone
AK                  (907) 450-8000
AL                  (256) 851-8182
AL                  (205) 348-8302
AL                  (334) 229-4156
AL                  (334) 844-4744
AL                  (205) 226-4718
AL                  (256) 761-6246
AL                  (334) 670-3217
AL                  (205)
AL                  (256) 765-4276
AL                  (256) 352-8178
AR                  (870) 230-5442
AR                  (501) 569-3185
AR                  (870) 460-1154
AR                  (870) 575-8461
AZ                  (480) 965-2350
AZ                  (623) 572-3329
AZ                  (928) 523-3989
AZ                  (520) 621-6734
CA                  (858) 635-4732
CA                  (626) 395-6747
CA                  (707) 654-1070
CA                  (916) 278-6231
CA                  (909) 880-5250
CA                  (661)
CA                  (805) 437-8510
CA                  (530) 898-5253
CA                  (310) 243-3625
CA                  (559) 278-2381
CA                  (562) 985-5554
CA                  (831) 582-3845
CA                  (909) 621-8177
CA                  (408) 496-0655
CA                  (818) 364-7654
CA                  (858) 541-7980
CA                  (650) 508-3717
CA                  (323) 259-2623
CA                  (323) 259-1468
CA                  (619) 594-4379
CA                  (415) 338-2528
CA                  (714) 564-6254
CA                  (408) 554-4421
CA                  (707) 664-2196
CA                  (650) 723-1983
CA                  (510) 642-3461
CA                  (949) 824-4643
CA                  (909) 787-2731
CA                  (858) 534-3750;
CA                  (408) 459-4590
CA                  (310) 206-7774

                                              Page 9
                                          C2S School Contacts

CA             (805) 893-4419
CA                (805) 565-6237
CO                (303) 360-4835
CO                (303) 556-2253
CT                (203) 365-7644
CT                (860) 231-5503
CT                (860) 297-2080
CT                (203) 576-4466
CT                (203) 932-7236
CT                (860) 685-2180
CT                (203) 432-8040
DE (302) 831-8570
DE                (302) 736-2491
DC                (202) 885-1000
DC                (703) 696-1991
FL                (321) 433-5174
FL                (305) 348-6753
FL                (305) 577-0680
FL                (727) 816-3334
     (386) 822-7315
FL                (352) 392-1601 Ext 202
FL                (305) 284-5451
GA                (229) 430-4654
GA                (406) 236-2292
GA               (678) 466-5400
GA               (229) 317-6866
GA               (770) 718-3669
GA               (404) 894-3754
GA               (770) 423-6555
GA               (706) 754-7728
GA               (404) 364-8533
GA               (706) 821-8307
GA               (770) 528-7391
GA               (706) 542-8430
GA               (770) 836-6629
GA               (478) 757-5214
HI               (808) 956-8136
ID               (208) 426-1747
IL               (708) 209-3032
IL               (630) 953-1300
IL               (847) 735-5237
IL               (773) 508-2875
IL               (217) 424-6294
IL               (815) 394-5143
IL               (618) 453-2391
IL               (773) 834-0632
IL               (312) 996-2969

                                               Page 10
                                      C2S School Contacts

IL               (309) 298-1838
IN               (206) 481-6461
IN               (574) 237-4436
IN               (317) 274-2806
IN               (812) 855-7455
IN               (260) 982-5241
IN               (765) 494-3981
IN               (219) 989-2335
IN               (765) 361-6414
IA               (641) 628-5271
IA               (515) 294-4841
IA               (319) 385-6367
IA               (319) 352-8425
KS               (785) 654-2416 Ext 277
KS               (785) 532-1691
KS               (785) 864-3624
KY               (859) 572-5112
KY               (859) 257-2746
LA               (985) 549-2121
ME               (207) 780-4133
MD               (301) 860-3828
MD               (410) 532-5387
MD               (301) 696-3583;
MD               (410) 309-9529
MD               (210) 225-2420
MD               (301) 601-6908
MD               (443) 885-3349
MD               (301) 447-5202
MD               (410) 704-2386
MD               (410) 455-2215
MD               (410) 486-7003
MD               (410) 778-7890
MA               (508) 767-7409
MA               (508) 531-1328
MA               (617) 868-1000
MA               (508) 541-1537
MA               (617) 495-2595
MA               (617) 349-8550
MA               (617) 253-4733; mcwilson@MIT.EDU
MA               (413) 538-2080
MA               (617) 928-4602
MA               (978) 762-4000 Ext 2167
MA               (978) 556-3722
MA               (413) 748-3224
MA               (617) 627-2306
MA               (508) 999-8660
MA               (508) 286-3798
MA               (413) 597-2311
MA (508) 831-5260
MI               (989) 774-3068
MI               (906) 227-2800

                                           Page 11
                                       C2S School Contacts

MI              (313) 593-5020
MI              (810) 762-3250
MI              (734) 764-7460
MI              (734) 615-6454
MI              (269) 387-2745
MN              (612)
MS              (662) 846-4646
MO              (417) 836-5636
MO              (573) 876-7101
MO              (816) 235-1224
MO              (314) 935-5828
MO              (314) 968-6982
MO              (573) 592-5381
MT              (406) 243-2022
NE              (402) 375-7425
NV              (702) 895-3495
NH              (603) 862-2010
NJ              (201) 692-7099
NJ              (732) 571-3580
NJ              (973) 655-5194
NJ              (201) 200-2181
NJ              (973) 596-5745
NJ              (609) 258-6355
NJ              (973) 761-9354
NJ              (201) 915-9303
NJ              (908) 965-2985
NM              (505) 646-1631
NY              (607) 587-4385
NY              (845) 758-7177
NY              (607) 777-2400
NY              (315) 255-1743 Ext 2223
NY               (607) 255-5221
NY               (315) 859-4346
NY               (315) 781-3514
NY               (516) 463-6060
NY               (607) 274-3365
NY               (718) 270-6189
NY               (585) 389-2890
NY               (212) 998-4735
NY               (212) 346-1767
NY               (518) 564-2071
NY               (718) 260-3650
NY               (518) 276-6234
NY               (716) 475-5464
NY               (718) 990-1324
NY               (718)
NY               (315) 229-5906
NY               (845) 398-4065
NY               (585) 245-5367

                                            Page 12
                                           C2S School Contacts

NY               (516) 876-3010
NY               (315) 312-2255
NY               (845) 434-5750 Ext 4337
NY               (315) 443-3616
NY               (607) 844-8211 Ext 4263
NY               (516) 773-5518
NY               (518) 445-2332
NY               (518) 442-5520
NY               (904) 785-6783
NC               (828) 262-2180
NC               (252) 399-6388
NC               (704) 825-6873
NC               (919) 660-1050
NC               (336) 278-6538
NC               (704) 406-4562
NC               (919) 658-2502
NC               (336) 334-7755
NC               (919) 530-6169
NC               (919) 515-2396
NC               (336) 917-5589
NC               (919) 516-4237
NC               (828) 251-6515
NC               (704) 687-2231
NC               (704) 687-2231
NC               (336) 334-5454
NC               (910) 962-3174
NC               (336) 758-5902
NC               (336) 750-3240
ND               (701) 777-3904 Ext 4178
OH               (440)
OH               (937) 766-7868
OH               (216) 687-2246
OH               (330) 263-2496
OH               (740) 587-6521
OH               (740) 588-1222
OH               (419) 772-2145
OH               (614) 292-7055
     (614) 292-4137
OH               (740) 593-2909
OH               (740) 368-3152
OH               (740) 351-3259
OH               (330) 972-7747
OH               (513) 556-0306
OH               (419) 530-4341
OH               (440) 646-8324
OH               (937) 708-5737
OH               (937) 327-7521
OK               (405) 466-3462
OK               (918) 456-5511 Ext 3110
OK               (580) 628-6651
OK               (580) 327-8439

                                                Page 13
                                       C2S School Contacts

OK               (405) 733-7377
OK               (405) 325-6742
OR               (514) 552-6275
OR               (541) 346-6005
PA               (570) 577-1511
PA               (412) 365-1209
PA               (570) 674-6184
PA               (412) 396-6644
PA               (717) 337-6616
PA               (610) 526-6037
PA               (610) 526-5174
PA               (724) 357-2235
PA               (814) 641-3350
PA               (570) 208-5874
PA               (610)683-4067
PA               (610) 330-5115
PA               (610) 758-4665
PA               (570) 893-2075
PA               (814) 824-2534
PA               (610) 861-1509
PA               (484) 664-3170
PA               (610) 558-5537
PA 865-2377
PA               (215)
PA               (610) 527-0200 Ext 2405
PA               (724) 738-2902
PA               (570) 372-4403
PA               (610) 328-8555
PA               (215) 204-3888
PA               (412) 648-7127
PA               (724) 946-7343
PA               (570) 408-4063
PR               (787) 758-2525 Ext 1410
RI               (401) 598-1073
RI               (401) 454-6622
RI               (401)
SC               (803) 253-5153
SC               (843) 792-2340
SC               (803) 833-8379
SC               (803) 777-7994
SC               (803) 323-2141
SD               (605) 668-1518
SD               (605) 677-5307
TN               (423) 439-4441
TN               (901) 425-3337
TN               (931) 598-1948
TN               (615) 322-2750
TX               (972) 860-4689
TX               (903) 923-2079

                                            Page 14
                                       C2S School Contacts

TX               (903) 769-2609
TX               (972) 273-3144
TX               (210) 431-3971
TX               (210) 434-6711
TX               (830) 792-7281
TX               (512)
     cs21@swt@edu 245-2645
TX               (817) 257-7152
TX               (940) 898-2970
TX               (210) 999-8321
TX               (713) 221-8956
TX               (361) 570-4146
TX               (713) 743-5110
TX               (254) 295-4500
TX               (713) 525-3160
TX               (956) 381-2243
TX               (817) 272-2932
TX               (512) 471-9421
TX               (915) 747-5640
TX               (713) 500-3199
TX               (713) 348-4055
UT               (801) 422-8902
UT               (435) 613-5624
UT               (801) 585-5037
UT               (435) 797-1749
VT               (802) 626-6441
VT               (802) 656-3450
VA               (434) 791-5627
VA               (540) 828-5371
VA               (703) 414-4047
VA               (434) 395-2063
VA               (757) 823-8462
VA               (757) 683-4388
VA               (757) 226-4106
VA               (540) 665-5412
VA               (757) 221-3235
VA               (434) 924-8904
VA               (804) 828-1645
VA               (540) 458-8595
WA               (206) 281-2488
WA               (206) 616-8140
WA               (509) 335-2547
WV               (304) 367-4214
WV               (304) 696-2248
WV               (304) 876-5116
WV               (304) 357-4777
WV               (304) 766-3290
WV               (304) 293-2221
WV               (304) 243-2464
WI               (608) 663-2281
WI               (920) 565-1255
WI               (715) 836-5358
WI               (608) 262-8051

                                            Page 15
                                       C2S School Contacts

WI              (920) 424-2027
WI              (262) 595-2515
WI              (715) 425-3572
WI              (262) 472-1498

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