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									                                 e-Talk in 10
                                             May 2009
                  From the office of Councilwoman Jeanne Robb
                 1232 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80218
                                              In This Issue:
                      - Fourth Annual Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon May 17 –
                                            - Property Tax Assessments –
                                     - New Zoning Code Public Presentations –
                              - Federal, State and City Stimulus Projects: Update –
                 - Possible Changes to Congress Park Neighborhood Parking Restrictions –
                                         - Crime in District 10 Down 4.9% -
                            - Recycle 8 + in 10: District 10 Pilot Program Completed –
     - Cheesman ―First Sunday in the Park‖ Auto-Free Days and ―One Book, One Sunday‖ Children’s
                                        Literacy Program a Great Success –
                         - 38th Annual CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair June 6 and 7 –
                - June 1-15 Home Renovation Bonanza: City Council Waived Permit Fees –
                                   - Civic Center Activities and Road Closures –
         - Metro Wastewater Cherry Creek Rehabilitation Project on University, Speer, and 1st –
                                  - Denver Small Business Week May 18 – 22 –
            - Plan the New Playground for Pulaski Park Funded by the Better Denver Bond –
                            - Denver Urban Arts Fund to Prevent Graffiti Vandalism –
                   - City Park Darlington Fountain in Ferrill Lake begins Again on May 22 –
              - Morey Neighborhood Center: Summer Swimming Lessons Beginning Soon –
                          - Clarkson Street Improvements from 8th Avenue to Colfax –
                                   - Denver Preschool Program (DPP) Update –
                          - Street Bond Projects in District 10: Construction Updates –
                                            - 2009 Free Public Art Tours –
                                                 - Upcoming Events -
                                        - City Council Meetings and News –
                                           - Upcoming Events Calendar –

               Fourth Annual Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon May 17
You’ve provided great support for the Colfax Marathon the past three years. Some of you have run, some
of you walked the half marathon with me last year, and some of you have cheered the wheelchair athletes
and runners on or volunteered. Please keep it up!

Come celebrate with Denver, Aurora and Lakewood on Sunday, May 17, 2009 for the fourth annual
Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon. This is an important event that celebrates the revitalization of
America’s longest continuous street — Colfax Avenue.

Please Help Sponsor a Cop - Every year, the Marathon incurs substantial costs for hiring off-duty police
officers to ensure participant and traffic safety. We think it’s important that the community let our officers
know that we appreciate their taking time away from family to work for the Marathon. If you don't have time
to participate or volunteer, please consider sponsoring a police officer by paying $50 to make sure that
runners, spectators, volunteers, and drivers remain safe! Please visit www.coloradocolfaxmarathon.org
and click on the "Sponsor a Cop" link for a downloadable form, and then send your check, with "Sponsor a
Cop" in the memo, to 1490 Lafayette Street, Suite 206 Denver, CO 80218.

The Colfax Marathon wants YOU! For those who want to participate but aren't up to running, The Colfax
Marathon wants YOU! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities, so come join the fun! We especially
need intersection supervisors. Volunteer on your own or gather a group and work together. To volunteer,
follow the steps to register online:
      Go to www.coloradocolfaxmarathon.org.
      Click Volunteers.
      Click Individual Volunteers.
      Click the check box of each job assignment you wish to volunteer for. For example, click
         Intersection Volunteer if you are willing to serve in that capacity.
      Click Sign up.
      Enter the required information and accept the waiver.
      Click Sign up.

It is not too late to join in the fun! Gather a team of five friends and get ready to run! Teams from
across Colorado and around the country will be flocking to Denver for one of the most exciting Relay
Marathon events in the country! Join great teams like ―Let’s Get Physical,‖ ―Red-Capped Hinkypunks! ‖ and
the ―Sneaker Thieves‖ as they Run for the health of it! Get your team together and share in the excitement
of the Colfax Marathon! Start building your team by clicking here and inviting your friends. The marathon
course is divided into the following segments:
      Leg 1: 10 k
      Leg 2: 5 k
      Leg 3: 10K
      Leg 4: 5k
      Leg 5: 12k

The route in 2009 continues to be refined and as in 2008, will begin and end in beautiful City Park. The
course highlights interesting historic sites along Colfax and, of course, views of the majestic Rocky

A one-mile fun run/walk event will be held in conjunction with the marathon on Saturday, May 16, 2009
for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Training programs are available for different age groups
that include nutrition and training tips. Registration is at 8 am and the fun run and marathon mile begin at
10 am. To learn more, click here.

In January 2009, the 2nd Annual Charity Partners Program was launched. Charity partners are nonprofit
organizations that use the visibility and event management platform of the Denver Post Colorado Colfax
Marathon as a tool to fundraise for their own purposes.

There will be some local traffic impacts and various street closures on Sunday, May 17 to allow for
participant safety as they follow the route. The Marathon is working closely with police and traffic
managers in Aurora, Denver, and Lakewood to minimize the inconveniences and keep traffic flow as steady
as possible. Please keep in mind that travel restrictions will begin at 6:00 am with north and south bound
intersections that cross Colfax being closely managed. Race security will allow traffic through as much as
distance gaps between runners will allow. Drivers seeking to cross Colfax during the event are encouraged
to seek alternate routes to avoid delays. Race organizers anticipate Colfax between Colorado and
Broadway to re-open after 7 am. All streets will be reopened by noon.

Below is the timing schedule of the runners and walkers at various District 10 cross-street locations
so that you can go out and cheer and anticipate road closures.
     Wheelchair racers start in City Park at 5:55 am. They will be only in the half marathon this year.
         No wheelchairs will race west of Esplanade and Colfax. All other racers begin at 6:00 am and head
         towards Colfax Avenue.
     Half-marathon participants will be at Colfax and Esplanade between 6:00 and 6:15 am and they
         then continue up Colfax into Aurora to the Fitzsimons Medical Center and then return on 17 th
         Avenue back to the finish at City Park.
     Full Marathon Participant Timing Schedule They run with the half marathoners for the first
         and second mile and then return into City Park at Harrison to do an additional two miles
         before returning to westbound Colfax):
             o Colfax and Harrison between 6:08 and 6:27 am.
             o Colfax and Gaylord between 6:22 and 6:55 am.
             o Colfax and Clarkson between 6:29 and 7:10 am.
             o Colfax and Broadway at the State Capitol between 6:31 and 7:15 am.
            o    Colfax and Speer between 6:33 and 7:30 am they then continue down Colfax into
                 Lakewood to Simms, go around Sloane’s Lake and then back through downtown Denver
                 and up 17th Avenue.

The Denver Post Colorado Colfax Marathon is a wonderful way to celebrate one of our city’s unique assets.
To sign up as a marathon participant, register a relay team, volunteer, or to learn more about the race, visit

                                      Property Tax Assessments
On May 1, all owners of Denver’s 215,000 taxable properties received a letter from the Denver Assessment
Division stating the newly assessed value of their properties.

Your home may be assessed for more than you anticipate. Why? Because timing is everything.
Unfortunately, new assessments were calculated when the real estate market was stronger than it is today.
Your 2009 assessment is based on sales that occurred during the 18-month period between January 1,
2007 and June 30, 2008. Unfortunately, the valuations that determine tax bills cannot always keep up with
rapidly changing markets. The timing for assessments this last round happened to be when valuations
were higher and the foreclosure impact was just beginning. I certainly understand your frustration. When
the re-evaluations begin again this year (odd-numbered year) property owners will see the difference in
home values in the 2011 cycle of Notice of Evaluations. However, it could be worse. According to an early
April article in the Denver Post, Denver’s average home values are only down by 5.1 percent compared to
decreases of 35 percent in Phoenix and 32.4 percent in San Francisco. Each year, the city collects more
than $750 million in property taxes. These funds are used to support local government, the City School
District, special district projects and many other voter-directed purposes.

The Assessor’s Office gave an informative presentation to the Denver City Council Finance Committee on
April 15. I would encourage you to watch the presentation online if you have questions about property
taxes. Click here for a link to the video, then click on April 15 video.

If you disagree with the City’s valuation of your property, you can file an appeal in person, by
regular mail or via the internet.
      Appeal in writing. Your objection must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2009. Mail to:
        Assessor’s Office, Attn: Real Property Appeal, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 406, Denver, CO 80202.
        Submit your appeal document from the 18-month based period (January 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008)
        – this could be an appraisal or market sales information. Please note that, by state statute, current
        market data cannot be considered in your 2009 appeal. Make sure to retain a copy of your appeal
        for your records.
      You can appeal online by June 1, visit www.denvergov.org/onlineprotest.
      You can appeal in person by June 1. Call 720-913-4164 to arrange an appointment. Please bring
        all pertinent information.
      The Assessor will mail a decision regarding your appeal on or before August 31.

How is property assessed?
For residential properties, the Assessor, under Colorado law, studies the sales of homes similar to yours
that sold within a specific 18-month period. An income approach is used for commercial and industrial
properties. For personal business property, values are based on the asset information declared by the

How are my property taxes calculated?
First, the Assessor determines your property's actual value. Then, a percentage of that value is calculated
in order to arrive at your assessed value. For residential property, this percentage changes each year. It is
currently 7.96 percent. For commercial property and business personal property, it is 29 percent. Your
assessed value is then multiplied by the current mill levy to arrive at your property tax bill. Here is a sample
calculation for a residence: A sample residence has an actual value of $150,000. This figure is multiplied by
the residential rate of 7.96%, which results in an assessed value of $11,940. This assessed value is then
multiplied by the mill levy of 66.948 for a property tax bill of $799.36 (.066948 x $11,940 = $799.36).

If my property value goes down, will my property taxes go down?
If your property value has decreased, that does not automatically mean that your property taxes will go
down by the same percentage. Although the Assessor’s office does determine your home’s value, they do
not set property taxes or mill levies.
Still confused? visit www.denvergov.org/assessor, or call 720-913-4162.

                              New Zoning Code Public Presentations
A new Zoning Code is on its way and will be delivered to the public in five meetings this May. It is intended
as a working version and your input is vital. The meetings will introduce the context and form-based
approach. There will be some new terms like Urban Neighborhood, Urban Edge, and Urban General that
you will need to understand. Within those contexts will be new zoning districts that match lot size and
street layout to building form. The meetings will also detail how the new code will be easier to use. Please
mark your calendar and plan on attending the New Zoning Code presentation most convenient for you.

The forums that will be held in, and closest to, District 10 are:
     Tuesday, May 12 at the Colorado Convention Center, 14th Street and Stout at 5:30 pm. The
        doors open at 5:00 pm for the Open House and Mayor Hickenlooper will make opening remarks
        promptly at 5:30 pm followed by a presentation from Community Planning and Development and a
        panel for questions.
     Tuesday, May 19 at the Denver School of the Arts, 7111 Montview Blvd, concert hall, 6:30
     Other scheduled meetings include (SE Denver) Wednesday, May 13 at Place Middle School
        Auditorium, 7125 Cherry Creek North Drive at 6:30 pm, (NW Denver) Thursday, May 14 at Lake
        Middle School Auditorium, 1820 Lowell Blvd. at 6:30 pm, and (SW Denver) Thursday May 21 at
        Abe Lincoln High Auditorium, 2285 S. Federal Blvd at 6:30 pm.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you take a look at new and improved website about the new code
by visiting www.newcodedenver.org to learn more. I will have a hard copy of the code in my office and my
assistants are pretty up-to-date. Please feel free to stop by and chat. Additionally I’ve asked each
neighborhood organization in District 10 to provide a liaison to work with me on understanding
neighborhood concerns, but of course I’m happy to hear from any or all of you.

                       Federal, State and City Stimulus Projects: Update
Denver recently announced new, locally developed economic stimulus measures and updated the
community on the progress of previously announced strategies to accelerate infrastructure projects, create
jobs, increase spending and attract federal stimulus funding to the region.

Funding for local infrastructure bond projects – including those of the City’s Better Denver Program, Denver
Public Schools, Denver Water and RTD (FasTracks) – along with federal stimulus awards to Denver and its
regional partners, will inject at least $4.5 billion into the area economy over the next three years,
creating thousands of design, construction and operations jobs as well as employment in related
businesses and industries. These funds and projects are in addition to normal commercial and residential
construction activity in the metro area, which, on average, totals nearly $4.25 billion annually, according to
data provided by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Better Denver Infrastructure Bond Projects
The $550 million dollar Better Denver Bond Program is a comprehensive effort to invest in the
refurbishment and new construction of many city facilities that touch the lives of Denver residents. In 2007,
Denver’s citizens passed the ballot initiatives that established this program and its bond financing; to make
Denver better for everyone. Through this program, we will improve, preserve, renovate, and build new
roads, libraries, parks, recreation centers, hospitals, public safety facilities, cultural facilities and more.
Denver has completed 15 of the 215 infrastructure projects. Construction has begun on another 15
projects, 64 are under design and another 96 projects are in the planning phase. Construction is
slated to begin on a total of 60 projects this year. Officials plan to complete the Better Denver projects in 4
years, well ahead of the 10-year timetable typical of most public bond projects. The Bond Program has
about 30 different consultants and contractors who have been part of the effort so far. In addition, there are
also many other sub-consultants, subcontractors and suppliers involved in the program work.

Completed Projects so far are:
    Ross Barnum Branch Library
    Ross Broadway Branch Library
    Lowry Child Development Center
    Edna Oliver Child Care
       Northeast Child Care
       Cranmer Park Irrigation
       Auraria Parkway Median Irrigation
       Berkeley Park Irrigation
       Montbello Rec Center Maintenance
       Montclair Rec Center Maintenance
       Scheitler Rec Center Maintenance
       University Boulevard (Buchtel to Asbury)
       Tennyson (26th to 32nd)
       DTC Boulevard (I-225 to Belleview)
       Yosemite Sound Wall

Federal Stimulus Funding
Denver has already been awarded $45.5 million in federal stimulus funding and is well positioned to bring in
additional funds as they become available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Recently awarded funds will go toward the Central Park Boulevard interchange in Stapleton, enhancements
to the City’s bike-share program, airport improvements, energy-efficiency improvements and public safety
and workforce training efforts, among others. Partner agencies – including Denver Housing Authority,
Denver Public Schools, RTD/Denver Union Station and State agencies and programs – have been
awarded an additional $410 million for metro-area projects.

Local Economic Stimulus Plan
Denver has created a business and industry-led Economic Stimulus Task Force. Some strategies
developed by the Task Force have already been incorporated into recently announced programs including:
    “Fork the Recession; Feed the Recovery!” – A statewide promotion by the Colorado Restaurant
       Association and its partners to encourage the public to help stimulate the economy by patronizing
       restaurants. The campaign will run through May and includes special deals at many restaurants.
    VISIT DENVER Tourism Stimulus Program - Designed to entice leisure travelers to Denver from
       throughout the Rocky Mountain region with more than 100 discount packages for theatre,
       symphony and opera tickets, sporting events, museums, theme parks, restaurants, shopping, art
       galleries, music festivals and more, all at the ―mile high‖ price of $52.80.
    Loaned Executive Program – Also known as Civic Connections for Displaced Executives, this
       program was developed by displaced local real estate developer Bill Ryan and the Downtown
       Denver Partnership to link the expertise of high-level executives who are searching for jobs with
       community projects that need expert assistance. To date, 40 people have assisted with 8 projects
       benefiting groups ranging from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) and Junior
       Achievement to the Colorado Restaurant Association and the City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee.

For regular updates, visit the following websites:
     City: www.denvergov.org/stimulus
     Better Denver Program www.denvergov.org/betterdenver.
     Federal: www.recovery.gov
     State: www.colorado.gov/recovery

        Possible Changes to Congress Park Neighborhood Parking Restrictions
Parking Management recently mailed a letter to Congress Park residents who have a current residential
parking permit. The Congress Park Neighborhood association also recently sent out a letter with a survey
of their own a few weeks back.

Following University Hospital’s move from the E 9th Avenue campus the Parking Operations Section of
Denver Public Works Department conducted a review of the posted time limit restrictions in the vicinity
within the Congress Park Neighborhood.

Since the majority of the restrictions were requested and installed to minimize the impact of vehicle parking
generated by traffic associated with the university and hospital, the Department has determined that
restrictions may no longer be needed on most of the blocks with the posted time limit restrictions.
Additionally, while the old University Hospital site at 9th and Colorado will eventually be redeveloped, the
uses expected for the location will include a parking garage and increased parking requirements so the
impact across Colorado in Congress Park should remain minimal.
The recommendation is to remove the posted time limits from all blocks except those along E. 8th Av; E.
12th Av between Cook and Garfield; and the restrictions around Teller Elementary School.

Since the mailing of the Congress Park Neighborhood Survey, my office has received valid input and is
working with Parking Management to help them understand parking conditions on various blocks.

More information is available on the City’s website by clicking here and a map of the area is available by
clicking here.

Before the recommendation is implemented, Parking Management wants to solicit your input. In
addition to the map, the web site provides questions and answers to commonly asked questions and a link
to submit questions, comments, or concerns you might have about the plan. (Please also send a copy of
your questions or comments to CPNBoard@CongressParkNeighbors.org). The comments received to date
expressed concerns of residents near or adjacent to businesses. Additional field reviews will be conducted
before the posted time limits are removed. It is not Parking Management’s intent to remove signs when
there are still parking problems to manage. Get your thoughts in now as comments will be reviewed
through the end of May.

                                    Crime in District 10 Down 4.9%
Citywide, Council District, Police District, and statistical neighborhood crime data for January to March 2009
was recently released. Citywide, crime increased 4.5% comparing Jan-Mar 2008 to Jan-Mar 2009. Crime
increased by 2.3% from March of 2008 to March of 2009. However, crime in District 10 is down 4.9%.
For example, burglaries went from 128 Jan-Mar 2008 to 65 Jan-Mar 2009, a 49.2% decrease! Drug abuse
violations also went down 36.3% from 91 in Jan-Mar 2008 to 58 in Jan-Mar 2009.

While crime is up city-wide, it looks like the District 3 and District 6 police commanders Dilley and Kroncke
and their officers are doing great jobs for District 10 constituents. In my opinion, public safety is the basis
of quality of life. Thank you District 3 and District 6!

Please visit the Safety Office of Policy Analysis website by clicking here for more detail by type of crime,
police district, council district and statistical neighborhood.

In the last few weeks, Police District 3 has been experiencing an increase in Theft From Motor Vehicle
crimes (items taken from inside vehicles). Should you see suspicious persons lurking around vehicles call
9-1-1 or the police non-emergency line at 720-913-2000. As a reminder, here are some tips to prevent
theft from motor vehicles:
      Before leaving your car, make sure that there is nothing valuable sitting in plain sight. It is best to
         just not keep expensive items in your vehicle.
      While obvious, make sure that you roll all of the windows up all the way and lock all the doors.
      If you have an alarm system, use it. If you have to park outside use a steering wheel locking

Please contact the police should you, or someone you know fall victim to this crime. Should anything be
left behind in the vehicle, by the suspect, i.e. blood, food, clothing, etc. The police need to respond and
collect it as evidence.

                    Recycle 8+ in 10: District 10 Pilot Program Completed

In April 2008, my office, in cooperation with Mayor Hickenlooper’s Greenprint Denver Office in conjunction
with a $5,000 grant from Waste Management of Colorado’s Recycle America Division, launched a pilot
multifamily housing recycling program in District 10. The pilot program, entitled ―Recycle 8+ in 10,‖
was intended to test recycling opportunities for apartment complexes and condominiums. The program
monitored participation levels and user experience, while ironing out logistics and exploring long-term

Over the last year, Recycle 8 + in 10 diverted 115,612 pounds of recyclables from Denver’s landfill.
This is just under 58 tons and is about 324 cubic yards of space. In 2008 the average single family home
recycled between 650 and 700 pounds each. Our 115,612 pound total equals about 170 homes recycling.
If a small number of buildings can make this much impact, just imagine what involving all the multi-unit
buildings in Denver could do!
We received great feedback from the Recycling Coordinators at each building. Some of the problems
that they encountered were illegal dumping, trash going into the recycling, having to lock their dumpster
because of dumpster divers. Some of the successes were a decrease in trash amounts and trash
collection pickups and costs, increased education and awareness in their buildings about recycling, more
community conversation and unity in their building, and other earth-friendly programs like a building garden.

Currently, Public Works Solid Waste Management service parameters don't permit the collection of
garbage or recycling from properties with more than 7 residential units. Many folks who live in these
buildings have contacted me about getting recycling. Providing recycling for high-rises, condominiums and
apartment buildings is a huge challenge, and I view this program as the first step toward addressing this
issue. Denver is a very conscientious community, and Recycle 8+ in 10 supported our efforts to divert
more waste from Denver’s landfill.

Over 40 buildings applied to take part in Recycling 8+ in 10. The number of applicants and the quality of
the applications made the selection process extremely competitive. The outpouring of interest clearly
demonstrated the importance of multi-unit recycling to Capitol Hill residents. We selected buildings of
varying sizes so that the data can provide a better picture of the needs of District 10 constituents.

I want to give a big thank you to Waste Management, Greenprint Denver, and especially the
Recycling Coordinators who stepped up as leaders in their buildings to make this program happen.

Even if you are unable to participate in Recycling 8+ in 10, I would encourage you to collect your
recyclables or recyclables for your building and then take them to a drop-off location. Here are some
recycling drop-off locations:
     Waste Management Recycle America, 5395 Franklin St., Denver, CO
     Waste Management Recycle America, 3780 East 48th Ave., Denver CO
     Waste Management Recycle America, 2400 West Union Ave., Englewood, CO
     Whole Foods Market, 900 East 11th Ave., Denver, CO
     King Soopers, 1155 East 9th Ave., Denver CO (aluminum cans and plastic bags)
     King Soopers, 1331 North Speer Blvd., Denver, CO (aluminum cans and plastic bags)

 Cheesman “First Sunday in the Park” Auto-Free Days and “One Book, One Sunday”
                  Children’s Literacy Program a Great Success
At the last minute, the rainy Saturday weather turned around gave us a warm, sunny Sunday day on May 3
for a very successful ―First Sunday in the Park‖ Auto-Free Days and ―One Book, One Sunday‖ Children’s
Literacy Program. The next closure date is Sunday, June 7.

To provide greater predictability and increase public use, Cheesman Park roads will be closed to
automobile traffic the first Sunday of each month May through September. On May 3, June 7, July 5,
August 2, and September 6, Cheesman Park roads will be closed from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm to
enhance the pedestrian and biking experience in the park. I encourage you, your family, and friends to
come and enjoy a safe, peaceful day in the park.

During the ―First Sunday in the Park‖ auto-free days, children ages 2- 8 are invited to attend “One Book,
One Sunday” at 11:30 at the Pavilion. Come and join educators as they explore nature through stories
and a children’s activity based on the book. This event is sponsored by Councilwoman Jeanne Robb,
Cheesman Park Advocacy Group, Tattered Cover Book Store and Children’s Museum of Denver. We had
a great turnout in May and expect the word to spread for the June event. The June 7 book is Brown Bear,
Brown Bear, What do you See? and the activity involves discovering what animals live in the park. ―One
Book, One Sunday‖ will not take place on Sunday, July 5 because of the 3rd Annual Independence Day
Cheesman Park Kids Parade taking place on Saturday, July 4.

Future Cheesman Events include:
    Denver Parks and Recreation ―Movie in the Park‖ The Princess Bride Friday, June 19
    3rd Annual Independence Day Cheesman Park Kids Parade, Saturday, July 4
    Colorado Symphony Orchestra Thursday, July 23
    Denver Parks and Recreation ―Movie in the Park‖ Jurassic Park Friday, August 7
    Denver Municipal Band Thursday, August 13

                  38th Annual CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair June 6 and 7
Come and join your neighbors on June 6 and 7 in Civic Center at the CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair.
Admission is free and the hours are Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and Sunday 10 am to 7 pm.

The CHUN Capitol Hill People's Fair exists as a celebration of the diverse Denver urban community and its
residents. As Colorado's Premier Arts and Crafts Festival, the uniqueness and magic of CHUN's Capitol
Hill People's Fair is created by the careful blending of great family fun, carefully selected handmade arts &
crafts, delicious culinary delights, fabulous entertainment and the commitment to raise funds for and
promote the missions of non-profit organizations.

The 38th Annual CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair needs volunteers! The People’s Fair could not happen
without the dedicated volunteers! Here are a few of the areas for which they need volunteers:
     Information Booth/Souvenirs
     GREEN Team
     Site Set-up/Tear Down
     Spirit Team
     Volunteer Check In/Hospitality
     Fair Ambassador
     Exhibitor Hospitality
     Entertainment

To join the People's Fair Green Team, please contact Michal at 303-830-1651 or
michaloleksy@chundenver.org. CHUN is also looking for sponsors for the Green Team. For sponsorship
information, please contact Andrea at andreafurness@chundenver.org. Please contact Cody Galloway at
CodyGalloway@chundenver.org to sign up for any other volunteer shift. Thank you for making the
People's Fair a success!

         June 1-15 Home Renovation Bonanza: City Council Waived Permit Fees
For a limited time, June 1 - 15, 2009, Denver is issuing FREE construction permits to homeowners and
licensed contractors making qualified home improvements or repairs to existing one and two family
dwellings, which can increase the value of the home.

The Home Renovation Bonanza is offered in order to encourage the improvement of existing 1 and
2 family homes, raise property value and encourage homeowners to stay in existing homes. Construction
permit fees are based on the value of the project. For example, a project of $500 or less has a permit fee
of $20. A project such as a basement remodel have fees of $35 for the first $2000, plus $8 for each
additional $1,000. Permits protect the resale value of your home. Permits add value to your project and
require that inspections be performed to verify that work was done correctly.

A variety of home improvements are covered by the Home Renovation Bonanza, including:
     Basic Interior Remodel of existing 1 or 2 Family Dwelling (existing Kitchen, Bath or Bedroom)
     Basement Remodel of existing 1 or 2 Family Dwelling
     Residential 1 or 2 Family Roof Covering Repair or Replacement
     Wall Insulation
     Replacement of water heaters
     Change out central heating and air
     Residential Photo Voltaic Systems
     Stucco or siding home exteriors

To qualify for a FREE HOME RENOVATION BONANZA permit, the following conditions apply:
     Projects in 1 and 2 family dwellings (Subject to International Residential Code) only
     No new dwellings
     No additions, garages, or accessory structures
     Over-the-counter Quick Permits and/or 1 and 2 family walk-through plan review process only.
     Permit shall be issued on the day of application
     All permitted work shall be finished, inspected and approved within 180 days of permit issue
     Any re-inspection fees shall apply
     Permits will be issued from Downtown office only (201 W. Colfax Ave)
Work issued under a permit must be completed within 180 days. If it is not, the applicant will be required to
reapply and pay for all inspections and permit fees.

More questions? Please email ResidentialPermits@DenverGov.Org

                              Civic Center Activities and Road Closures
The 2009 Cinco de Mayo “Celebrate Culture” Festival is taking place on May 9 and 10
The event will be highlighted by three large stages of entertainment; 350 exhibitors of food vendors serving
up the best in Colorado Mexican Cuisine; a children's carnival; free samples and tons of giveaways; a
green chili bowl cook off; interactive sponsor exhibits and much more. By design, the special cultural series
highlights Latino cultures, while also incorporating the beauty of all cultures. Historically, this date
represents the victory of the Mexican Army over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. It has become a
day of celebration of Mexican pride and heritage. This will surely be a weekend of high spirits as we join
together to celebrate a culture's rich and vibrant history. To learn more about the event please visit the
website at http://cincodemayodenver.com/

Here are the street closures for this event. To see a map of the street closures, please click here.
    Thursday, May 7
            o Bannock Street from Colfax to 14th Ave. beginning at 7:00 pm
    Friday, May 8
            o Bannock Street from 14th to 13th Avenue, beginning at 9:30 am
            o 14th Avenue from Cherokee Street to Broadway, beginning at 9:30 am
            o Colfax Avenue Eastbound from Cherokee St. to Lincoln St., beginning at 6:00 pm
            o 14th Street from Court Place to Colfax Avenue, beginning at 6:00 pm
            o Colfax Avenue Westbound from Lincoln St. to Cherokee St., beginning at 5:30 pm
            o Cheyenne Place from Broadway to Colfax Ave., beginning at 6:30 pm
            o Broadway from 16th Street mall to 13th Avenue ,beginning at 7:00 pm
            o 14th Avenue from Broadway to Lincoln, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Memorial Day Parade and Colorado Soldier’s Ride on Saturday, May 23
Amongst the high spirits and barbecues, it is often easy to forget the true purpose of Memorial Day. It is
important to remember that it pays homage to the fallen soldiers and veterans of wars past and present.
Veterans, families and the general public will once again celebrate Memorial Day at the state capital with a
parade, events and a sit-down holiday ceremony at the Colorado Veterans Monument. The day will begin
at 9:30 a.m. with a wreath placement at the Monument altar stone by VFW 2461, followed at 10 am by the
Memorial Day Parade, and conclude at 11 am with a Memorial Day Tribute to all veterans - in particular
those Colorado Heroes killed in action.

The parade begins at W. Colfax Ave. and Bannock St., proceeds across to 14th St., turns right onto Court
Pl., turns left onto 15th St., turns right onto Welton St., turns onto 17th St., turns right onto 17th St., turns right
onto Broadway, proceeds south on Broadway to the 1400 block of Broadway past the reviewing stand. The
parade then continues south to W. 13th Ave. and then west on W. 13th Ave. to disband Click here to view a
map of the parade route and anticipated road closures.

For more information visit: www.coloradoveteransmonument.org. To learn about the Soldier’s Ride, please
click here.

 Metro Wastewater Cherry Creek Rehabilitation Project on University, Speer, and 1st
I am sure that you have been seeing traffic impacts from this project and some large pipes in the far right
lane as you drive towards Cherry Creek on Speer Blvd. and the closure of the right turn lane on to
University from 1st Avenue. There are also some lane closures in westbound Speer Blvd. around sewer
manholes from Lafayette to Clarkson. Here is some further information:

The Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (the wastewater treatment agency for metropolitan Denver)
has a continuous program for the inspection and rehabilitation of its interceptor sewers. This program is
intended to identify and repair sewers before there is a catastrophic failure occurs. The Metro District
Board of Directors has contracted with Spiniello Companies for rehabilitation work on various sections of
the interceptors in need of repair running along Cherry Creek starting near the Cherry Creek Mall &
University and traveling west down 1st Avenue and Speer to Wewatta Street.
Metro Wastewater has worked very hard to make the impact on University Boulevard, First Avenue, Speer
Boulevard and the Cherry Creek Bike Path as minimal as possible. There is a detour at University where
bikers normally go under the bridge, but currently must cross at the light because the bike path is closed.
At some point, the path will also be closed and detoured for 3-4 days between Corona and Clarkson while
the pipe is buried under the path. The construction has had a significant impact on the RTD bus stops
along the route and 4 of the stops will be closed during the construction. To learn more about the how RTD
is handling the closures please contact RTD.

This project started in late-March and will move down the route throughout the summer months. The
entire process takes approximately six to eight weeks for lengths of 10 to 15 blocks. Then they move west
to work on the next 10-15 blocks. Flyers were distributed to neighboring properties in advance of work in
an area with contact information for questions. For further information about the project and how they do
the repairs please click here.

If you have any questions concerning the project, please contact the Metro District’s Project Manager,
Kelsey Gedge, at (303) 286-3357 or Mary Dechant, Governmental Programs Administrator, at (303) 286

                            Denver Small Business Week May 18 - 22
Small business is big business in the City and County of Denver, counting for approximately 83
percent of the total number of businesses in the Mile High City. To celebrate Small Business Week, the
Denver Office of Economic Development is offering a number of free events to assist entrepreneurs and
business owners with running a successful company.

Denver Business Assistance Center Open House Monday, May 18 – Thursday, May 21 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave.
Since its inception in 2005, the Denver Business Assistance Center has helped nearly 14,000 individuals
with doing business within the City and County of Denver. Learn more about how the center can help you
navigate through licensing, permitting and regulatory issues while offering research tools and community
resources to help with the successful start, growth and management of a small business.

How To Do Business With the City Tuesday, May 19, 9 – 11 a.m.
Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Room 4.F.6/4.G.2
Learn how your business can tap into business opportunities with the City and County of Denver. Panel
discussion to include representatives from several areas of the City, including Denver International Airport,
Contracts Administration, Purchasing (goods and services), City Attorney’s Office, Auditor’s Office and the
Office of Economic Development. A selection of ―green‖ businesses will also be exhibiting during the event.

The Economic Stimulus: What it Really Means for Small Business Wednesday, May 20 9 – 11 a.m.
Johnson & Wales University, Jared Polis Auditorium, College of Business, 1900 Olive St.
Offered by the Denver Metro SBDC and the Denver Office of Economic Development, this panel discussion
will help business owners understand the truth about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and its
impact on small businesses. Panel to include representatives from the Colorado Bankers Association,
Colorado Office of Economic Development, Small Business Administration, Wells Fargo and the Denver
Office of Economic Development.

Business Survival Forum Thursday, May 21 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Colorado Community College System Lowry Campus, Lowry Conference Center, 1061 Akron Way
During these tough times, learn what steps your business can take to survive and thrive. Join us for
seminar presentations on Creative Marketing, Using Emotional Intelligence to Grow Your Business, Staffing
Solutions and Greening Your Business. Luncheon to feature ―Funding Your Enterprise‖ keynote address by
speaker David O’Brien, CEO of the Business Catapult. Advance registration is required by calling 720-913-

Employee Recruitment and Training Services: The Skills Clinic Friday, May 22 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Colorado Community College System Lowry Campus, Lowry Conference Center, 1061 Akron Way
And Community College of Denver, South Classroom, 1111 W. Colfax Ave.
Did you know that the Office of Economic Development assists employers with their staff recruitment and
training needs? Learn more about how the office can connect you with qualified employees, provide you
with customized training opportunities and more.

For more information on Denver Small Business Week, visit www.milehigh.com or call 720-913-1999.
     Plan the New Playground for Pulaski Park Funded by the Better Denver Bond
Denver Parks and Recreation needs your help to determine the future design of Pulaski Park’s playground,
from benches to play structures. The renovation of Pulaski Playground is part of the “Better Denver”
bond program approved by residents in 2007. Provide your input on the preliminary concept design for
the playground to help create a fun-filled playground for the neighborhood. The preliminary concept plan
includes updated play structures and swings, a picnic/sitting area and a sand pit. Due to the close
proximity to Cherry Creek, the theme celebrates the creek. A curvilinear layout of the playground and
sidewalks copies that of flowing water through a creek.

Additionally, the Better Denver Bond also provided funds for Denver park restroom rehabilitation. Parks
and Rec is in the process of rehabilitating the Pulaski Park restroom based on guidelines and assessments
done in the Restroom Master Plan 2005. To summarize, they plan to improve ADA accessibility, upgrade
plumbing fixtures as required, improve safety and lighting, improve ventilation, upgrade to code, repair
roofs and repaint. This project will be coordinating with the playground rehab. project and should improve
site drainage and accessibility around the restroom.

To obtain more information about the project, view the preliminary concept plan and fill out a
survey about the proposed plan click here. For more information contact: nicole.hadley@denvergov.org.
You can stay up to date about this and other Parks and Recreation planning and projects by visiting this

                    Denver Urban Arts Fund to Prevent Graffiti Vandalism
The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) recently announced the creation of the Denver Urban Arts
Fund (UAF). The purpose of the UAF is to prevent graffiti vandalism by generating positive, well-
tended and active community gathering spaces, and by producing opportunities for young people to
participate in diversionary art and leadership programs.

The grants awarded through the program will focus on measurable outcomes related to the prevention of
graffiti vandalism and will become an ongoing project to involve artists in building strong communities.

The UAF will provide small grant funds ($500-$7,500) for programs that:
    help reclaim a graffiti hot spot and create a positive community space; and/or
    help create and increase youth access and exposure to positive and monitored alternatives and
      support systems, including positive arts opportunities.

UAF policies and application procedures are available via the DOCA Web site at
www.denvergov.org/DOCA or by calling 720-865-4302. Applications will be accepted through September
15, 2009 and reviewed by the UAF Committee bi-monthly.

The Denver Urban Arts Fund is an outgrowth of the Graffiti Task Force recommendations. The
recommendations support the role of prevention as an important component—along with abatement and
enforcement—of reducing graffiti vandalism in Denver.

          City Park Darlington Fountain in Ferrill Lake Begins Again on May 22
Fountain shows of the Electric Fountain will begin again on Friday, May 22, 2009 and continue
throughout the summer. The new fountain on Ferrill Lake in City Park was dedicated August 19, 2008 in
time for the 2008 DNC and just over 100 years after the original fountain was completed on May 30, 1908.
This is one of the most spectacular, free displays in the City. Don’t miss it this summer.

The original fountain was supported by Mayor Robert Speer’s City Beautiful plan and the Democratic
National Convention coming to Denver during the summer of 1908. The fountain was a centerpiece of life in
Denver, drawing thousands of visitors to watch the water and light shows while listening to concerts in City
Park. The fountain, which predates the Disney and Las Vegas era of show fountains by over sixty years,
was created by engineer Frederic W. Darlington. Toward the end of the 20th century, necessary repairs
became too frequent and the fountain shows were discontinued. After multiple attempted repairs, the
deteriorating fountain was torn down and a 20-month project to build a historically accurate replica of the
original fountain began in January 2007. The new fountain, constructed at a cost of $3.2 million, is run by
computer software.
In keeping with Denver’s greener image, the fountain uses LED lights that consume about 80 percent less
energy than incandescent lighting would require. These state-of-the-are lights are saving over 40,000
Watts of power during the peak demand point of a fountain show. The fountain recycles between 600 and
4,000 gallons of Ferril Lake water per minute, depending on which water features are active and how high
they shoot. The center geyser is designed to shoot to a height of 90 feet. Along with providing visual
entertainment, operation of the fountain also aerates the lake water, which reduces algae growth and is
good for the fish stocked in the lake.

The Prismatic Electric Fountain shows will be every 5 -10 minutes from 7p.m. to 11p.m. with lighted
shows starting at dusk. During the day, the fountain will change patterns every 5 minutes with short
fountain shows on the hour.

      Morey Neighborhood Center: Summer Swimming Lessons Beginning Soon
Fitness facility is open Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm, and includes an indoor pool, two
gyms, weight room and indoor running track. No membership required. Adults $3 per visit, Seniors $2 per
visit, Youth $1 per visit.

Morey Neighborhood Center is located at 14th and Emerson Streets (inside Morey Middle School), phone
(720) 424-0791, email moreyneighborhoodcenter@dpsk12.org, website http://mnc.dpsk12.org.

Morey Neighborhood Center also offers swimming lessons at National Jewish Medical Center, 1400
Jackson St. (Colfax and Colorado). Summer swim sessions are just beginning. Session 1 is Saturdays,
May 30 – June 27 (registration starts May 12) and Session 2 is Saturdays, July 11 – August 8 (registration
starts June 22). Classes include preschool, beginner, intermediate, parent-child, advanced, and masters
classes. Visit http://mnc.dpsk12.org/ to view the prices for classes. Registration for all classes may be
done by email (moreyneighborhoodcenter@dpsk12.org), by phone (720-424-0791), by fax (720-424-0726),
or in person Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm (14th and Emerson).

                  Clarkson Street Improvements from 8th Avenue to Colfax
As part of the yearly Public Works maintenance of Denver streets, Clarkson Street from 8th Avenue to
Colfax has been identified for significant improvements.

Noraa Concrete will be mobilizing to Clarkson St. to start the concrete refurbishment some time in the first
two weeks of May. The scope of work includes removing and replacing any concrete that is overlaid by
asphalt. They will be overlaying the gutter with concrete against the existing flagstone. They will be
replacing any alley entrance, driveways, or handicap ramps that have the gutter overlaid with asphalt. The
contractor’s representative and Public Works will hand out advance notices a week in advance to keep
nearby residents informed.

To complete the work in a timely manner we will need to close the parking lane on one side of Clarkson for
approximately 6 blocks. Noraa will be able to refurbish approximately two blocks of concrete on one side of
the street every day. Once the concrete work is completed, Public Works street maintenance will refurbish
the asphalt with a mill and overlay, probably in late July. Mill and Overlay is a major rehabilitation
technique used on streets that are showing significant surface distress and some minor full depth
deterioration. In the process, the top 2 inches are milled off (recycled in asphalt production later) and
replaced with a new layer of hot mixed asphalt. The pavement will last greater than 12 years under normal

                            Denver Preschool Program (DPP) Update
The Denver Preschool Program (DPP) is the result of a voter approved initiative to provide tuition credits for
parents, and quality improvement grants to preschools. DPP is open and voluntary for all Denver children
the year before they are eligible for kindergarten. A Denver family may use the tuition credit with any
preschool provider who is licensed by the state and enrolled with the Denver Preschool Program,
regardless of where that preschool is located. We anticipate that sales tax revenue will generate
approximately $11 million per year for DPP to support children and families.

In the first 16 months of the program, Denver Preschool Program (DPP) has enrolled more than 5,000
children and more than 115 preschool providers into the program. The recent economic downturn has
affected Denver families from all income levels, and, as a result, DPP has become even more important in
the lives of thousands citywide. To keep you apprised of DPP’s growth in District 10, I wanted to update
you about preschools enrolled in the program.

Participating DPP preschools in District 10 (Note: ―DPS‖ denotes a Denver Public Schools preschool):
     Bright Star Early Learning
     Colonnade Children's Center
     Denver Cooperative Preschool
     DPS Moore
     DPS Teller
     Family Flex Early Education Center
     Good Shepherd Catholic School
     Montessori Children's House
     Morning Star
     Sewall Child Development Center
     The Denver Waldorf School
     The Golden Triangle Learning Center
     Warren Village

To learn more about the Denver Preschool Program or to enroll your child, please visit http://www.dpp.org/.

                  Street Bond Projects in District 10 Construction Updates
As the weather gets warmer, I am hearing more and more about upcoming construction in District 10.
Between regular maintenance and rehabilitation and projects funded by the 2007 Denver bond we should
stay busy this summer! While I know construction can be a headache, please remember that each of these
projects is creating more jobs for Denver citizens and improving our economy.

13th Avenue from York to Colorado
Beginning in mid-October 2008, Denver and Premier Paving began asphalt and concrete improvements on
13th Avenue from York to Colorado. These much needed improvements were made possible because of
the November 2007 bond approved by Denver voters. Concrete removal and curb and gutter
replacement on both the north side and south sides of the streets is completed. For the last month, they
have been removing pavement and doing subgrade reconditioning between 2 and 6 blocks at a time
starting at Harrison and working west. Near the beginning of June, there will be 1 or 2 days where 13th
Avenue will be fully closed as the contractors do the final layer of paving and it hardens. To learn more
about this project, please click here.

3rd Avenue from Steele to Colorado COMPLETED!
This is one of the bond projects funded out of the $50 million dollars for street reconstruction. The money
allowed for a full reconstruction of the street from the dirt up. This included the removal and replacement of
curb and gutter, sidewalk, and the installation of handicap ramps and concrete overlays within the gutter
pan of the curbing. We just received word that they are wrapping up today and tomorrow and finished
about 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

                                      2009 Free Public Art Tours
The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) recently announced the schedule of free public art tours for
the spring and summer of 2009. A brand new tour of the Civic Center area has been added to
complement the popular Denver Performing Arts Complex and Colorado Convention Center tours. These
guided tours allow citizens and visitors to experience some of Denver’s most architecturally stunning
environments, as well as view noteworthy artworks and learn the intimate details of their creation and

Denver Civic Center
The Denver Civic Center tour will focus on the over 100-year history of Denver’s public art and
architecture. This tour provides an incredible snapshot of Denver’s diverse artistic and architectural styles
in a single, concentrated area. From Alexander Proctor’s bronze Bronco Buster to Beverly Pepper’s
Denver Monoliths, and the Neoclassical Capitol to the Beaux-Arts Civic Center Park and Postmodern
Denver Public Library, this tour is sure to inspire. This tour meets at the Sea Lions Fountain on the north
end of Civic Center Park. It will be led by docent Leon Krier.

   Thursday, May 14, Noon (Brown Bag Lunch Tour)
   Sunday, June 14 , 11:00 AM
   Sunday, July 19, 11:00 AM
   Sunday, August 2, 11:00 AM
   Thursday, September 10, Noon (Brown Bag Lunch Tour)

The Colorado Historical Society is also offering walking tours of Civic Center this summer. They are on the
2nd and 4th Saturdays from June 6 through September 26, 9.00 to 11.00 am, cost $5 per person. They
meet at Panera Bread at 13th and Grant; no reservations are necessary. More details are available by
clicking here.

Colorado Convention Center
Why is that escalator laughing at me? And, what about that big blue bear peering through the window?
Get the answers, plus see the Denver region’s 300 million-year history unfold in a short 100-foot walk on
this fun and educational tour of public artworks in the Colorado Convention Center. This tour meets at I
See What You Mean (a.k.a. big blue bear). It will be led by docent Ava Chappell.

   Saturday, May 23, 1:00 PM
   Saturday, June 20, 1:00 PM
   Saturday, September 19, 1:00 PM

Denver Performing Arts Complex
The Denver Performing Arts Complex (DPAC) is one of the most impressive performing arts centers in the
world, featuring 10 performance spaces connected by an 80-foot-tall glass canopy, and world-class art to
match! On the DPAC public art tour, participants will learn about Stephen Batura’s epic mural Rehearsal in
the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, with all of its fascinating characters and scintillating stories. John
DeAndrea’s hyper-realistic sculptures, also in the Ellie, will make you look twice—are those ballerinas
breathing? Get a new perspective on Jonathan Borofsky’s Dancers in the DPAC Sculpture Park by
standing directly underneath the 60-foot sculptures and listening to the music composed by the artist
himself to accompany the dancing giants. This tour meets at the entrance to the Ellie Caulkins Opera
House. It will be led by docent Ava Chappell.

   Saturday, May 23, 11:00 AM
   Saturday, June 20, 11:00 AM
   Saturday, September 19, 11:00 AM

All tours are FREE, but limited to 15 people each. To reserve your place, please contact Rudi Cerri at
720-865-4307 or e-mail rudi.cerri@denvergov.org.

                                           Upcoming Events

   60th Annual Denver Botanic Gardens Plant Sale May 8-9 Stock up on everything you need to get
    your garden blooming this spring. Just in time for Mother’s Day, The Denver Botanic Gardens’ annual
    sale features perennials, annuals and heirloom plants. More than 65,000 plants especially suited for
    Denver’s climate are on sale. If you have questions, visit www.botanicgardens.com or call (720) 865-

   Congress Park Neighborhood has organized a 2009 alley clean up day on Saturday, May 16
    beginning at 9 am. If you want to participate as a block captain or volunteer, contact Jacqueline at
    303-249-0733 or connect2jac@comcast.net. I hope that this group continues to inspire other
    neighborhood areas to organize similar spring cleanups. For more information on organizing your own
    neighborhood cleanup, call Keep Denver Beautiful at 720-865-6800, email
    neddra.niblet@denvergov.org, or visit the Keep Denver Beautiful website.

   6th Annual Tellerpalooza / Moreypalooza Saturday, May 16 beginning at 3:30 pm at The Mercury
    Café, 2199 California Street. Two local schools are joining forces for the best event ever! Visit
    http://teller.dpsk12.org/Tellerpalooza/Tellerpalooza6 for the final line-up of featured local Denver bands
    and buy tickets. Tickets are available ahead of time ($18 single ticket) and will a sold at the door ($20

   Bid It Up For Bromwell - annual spring silent auction - is Saturday, May 16 from 6-10 pm at 235
    Fillmore Street. The auction is open to the public with several fantastic items for bid. Vacations, fine
    art and rug, restaurant gift certificates, and complimentary beverages and food are available too.
      Tickets are available at http://www.bromwellauction.org/. Proceeds will go directly to Bromwell’s PTSA
      which supports classroom teachers, teachers’ aides, and supplies.

     12th Annual Downtown Denver Festival of the Arts May 22-25 Nothing paints a better picture of fun
      than a festival filled with more than 150 of Colorado’s most esteemed artists. This popular art event
      formally known as the Colorado Arts Festival will showcase paintings, sculpture, photography,
      glasswork, woodwork and more. Because each artist will be on-site, visitors also have the opportunity
      to speak one-on-one with the creators of the works on display at the Denver Pavillions. If you have
      questions, visit www.downtowndenverartsfestival.com.

     Congress Park Neighbors Historic Speakers series Wednesday, May 27: “Keeping Cool Without
      an Air Conditioner” National Jewish, Heitler Hall, Jackson and Colorado Join neighbors to listen
      to All About Saving Heat’s Dennis Brachfield explain how to utilize cooling systems built into historic
      homes, emphasizing proper insulation and the use of existing windows.

                                    City Council Meetings and News
City Council meets every Monday at 5:30 at the City and County building (14th and Bannock St., 4th Floor,
Room 451). However, City Council will not meet on Monday May 25, 2009 because of Memorial Day.
Sign up for the speaker’s list starts at 5:30pm. The hearings take place after first reading and the exact
time depends on where the bill is listed on the agenda.

                                        Upcoming Events Calendar

A "Community Meeting Calendar" has been added to the "Residents" page on www.denvergov.org. Click
here to go directly to the calendar. Meetings sponsored by Denver's Community Planning and
Development can be found all in one place on the "Community Meeting Calendar."

Check out the City of Denver’s event calendar www.denver365.com. To share your event with others add it
to the left hand side of the homepage and be sure to indicate from the pull down menu which part of the city
your event is in.

    DAY                 EVENT                    TIME                            PLACE
     Sat      New Willow Tree Dedication at    10:30 am
                                                                         Franklin and 3rd Avenue
    May 9          3rd and Franklin             - noon
                                                                          City Council Chambers
               City Council Weekly Meeting     5:30 pm                   City and County building
May 11
                                                                14th and Bannock St., 4th Floor, Room 451
 Tues         Colfax Business Improvement                              Alta Court Conference Room
                                              10- 11 am
May 12            District Board Meeting                                    1490 Lafayette #108
 Tues          New Zoning Code Update                                   Denver Convention Center
                                               5 - 7 pm
May 12        Community Meeting (Central)                                      14th and Stout
 Wed            DPS New Schools Office                                Montview Presbyterian Church
                                               5:30 pm
May 13        Regional Community Meeting                                      1980 Dahlia St.
 Wed                                                                             Irish Snug
                    Happy on the Hill          5:30 pm
May 13                                                                     1201 East Colfax Ave.
 Wed             Neighbors and Friends of
                                               6:00 pm                 1201 Williams St., Top Floor
May 13          Cheesman Annual Meeting
 Wed            New Zoning Code Update                                   Place Middle School
                                               6:30 pm
May 13           Community Meeting (SE)                              7125 Cherry Creek Drive North
Thurs                                          5:30 – 7                    Tears McFarland
             Cheesman Park Advocacy Group
May 14                                            pm                       1290 Williams St.
Thurs           New Zoning Code Update                                    Lake Middle School
                                               6:30 pm
May 14          Community Meeting (NW)                                     1820 Lowell Blvd.
  Fri          Colfax Marathon Sports and     Noon – 7
                                                                            City Park Pavilion
May 15                Fitness Expo                pm
  Sat                                         11 am – 5     Various venues along Welton Street in historic Five
                 Five Points Jazz Festival
May 16                                            pm                             Points
  Sat          Colfax Marathon Sports and      9 am – 5
                                                                            City Park Pavilion
May 16                Fitness Expo                pm
              Colfax Marathon Kids Fun Run      10 am                           City Park
May 16
              Aromor Apartments Dedication       9 am                          1309 Grant
May 16
 Sat                                           9 am – 1
             Congress Park Alley Cleanup                                     Congress Park
May 16                                            pm
 Sun                                            6 am -
                  Colfax Marathon                                            City Park start
May 17                                           noon
            Free Admission for Seniors (65+) at Denver
 Mon                                                             Denver Museum of Nature and Science
             Museum of Nature and Science (including
May 18                                                                   20001 Colorado Blvd.
                        Exhibition Health)
                                                                          City Council Chambers
             City Council Weekly Meeting       5:30 pm                   City and County building
May 18
                                                                14th and Bannock St., 4th Floor, Room 451
 Tues         New Zoning Code Update                                    Denver School of the Arts
                                               6:30 pm
May 19        Community Meeting (NE)                                       7111 Montview Blvd.
                 Cherry Creek North
 Tues                                                                    Daniels Fund Building
              Neighborhood Association           7 pm
May 19                                                                     1st and Monroe
            Golden Triangle Third Thursday       5 pm                        Cherokee Row
May 21
Thurs         New Zoning Code Update                                      Lincoln High School
                                               6:30 pm
May 21        Community Meeting (SW)                                     2285 S. Federal Blvd.
                         Denver City Offices Closed for Budget Required Mandatory Furlough Day
May 22
                     Denver City Offices Closed for Memorial Day – No City Council Meeting this Week
May 25
 Sun         Free Admission to the Denver Museum of              Denver Museum of Nature and Science
May 31                Nature and Science                                  20001 Colorado Blvd.
                                                                         City Council Chambers
             City Council Weekly Meeting       5:30 pm                   City and County building
 June 1
                                                                14th and Bannock St., 4th Floor, Room 451
               First Tuesday on the Fax        5:30 pm                            TBD
 June 2
 Sat and                                       10 am – 8
  Sun                                             pm
                 CHUN People’s Fair                                           Civic Center
June 6 &                                       10 am – 7
    7                                             pm
   Sat                                                                   Denver Art Museum
             Free Admission to the Denver Art Museum
 June 6                                                                100 W 14th Avenue Pkwy
  Sun         ―First Sunday in the Park‖       5 am – 6
                                                                            Cheesman Park
 June 7    Cheesman Park Auto-Free Day            pm
  Sun         ―One Book, One Sunday‖                                       Cheesman Park
                                               11:30 pm
 June 7    Children’s Storyhour and Activity                              Cheesman Pavilion

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