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									                                                                     Call Toll Free In Oregon 1-800-624-4405
                                                                                         Salem (503) 364-4204
                                                                                          Fax (503) 364 -2059

                Oregon State Sheriffs' Association
April 2, 2010
                                                          Conservators of the Peace

Dear fellow Oregon public safety professionals and concerned Oregonian citizens,

In June 2009, Governor Ted Kulongoski signed into Oregon law the Fallen Public Safety Officer
license plate. Money raised from the purchase of the license plate will pay for families and escorting
officers to attend the national memorial when a public safety officer dies while protecting their
community. Besides allowing us to properly take care of families and escorting officers on their
emotional trip of grieving a debilitating and shocking loss, the Fallen Public Safety Officer License
Plate will allow the average citizen to say thank you for the work Oregon’s 35,000 fire fighters and
police officers do every day.

Oregon law requires that we not use taxpayer dollars to develop this plate. We must raise $23,700 to
cover DMV administrative start-up costs before the plate will be produced. The sale of each plate will
raise $32.00 for the Police Memorial Trust Fund. Plates are issued on a 4-year renewal cycle. If we
sell 1,000 the first year of production $10,000 of the start-up funds will be returned to the trust fund.

We are hoping that your organization will contribute and allow all Oregonians to show their support
for the public safety officers that protect and serve. We are inspired by the lives that the many fallen
Oregon heroes lived and dedicate this plate to each of them and their families.

You can follow our success and as well as support this endeavor by joining the “Fallen Public Safety
Officer License Plate” page on Facebook. The page has almost 5000 “fans” in just over two weeks!

Please make your tax-deductible check payable to Police Memorial Trust Fund – License Plate, and
mail it to:

Police Memorial Trust Fund
License Plate
4190 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR 97317


Holly Russell
Executive Director

                             Mailing Address: P.O Bo x 7468, Salem, Oregon 97303
Be sure to write License Plate on your check.

                               Mailing Address: P.O Bo x 7468, Salem, Oregon 97303

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