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									                                                               CREWKERNE TOWN COUNCIL

                                                                                   TOWN HALL
                                                                              MARKET SQUARE
                                                                           SOMERSET TA18 7LN
                                                                               TEL: 01460 74001
                                                                               FAX: 01460 78790

                                      The next meeting of
     Crewkerne Town Council will be held in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Market Square
                            on Monday 27th July 2009 at 6.45 p.m

Mrs Jeanne Warner, Town Clerk
21st July, 2009

                                         A G E N D A
OPEN FORUM Members of the public are welcome to attend. Questions may be put to the Council
during this Public Participation Session of up to 15 minutes and a maximum of 3 minutes per person. If
no members of the public wish to speak the meeting will commence at 6.45pm.

1.      To note apologies for absence
2.      Declarations of interest in items on the agenda and report members’ gifts and hospitality
3.      To confirm the minutes of the Town Council meeting on 22nd June
4.      To consider the proposed 20mph speed limit in the Town Centre and highway issues in
        the town To receive a presentation from Ioan Rees SCC Head of Highways and Passenger
        Transport and Mick Sampson SCC Highways and Traffic Management Engineer on proposals.
        To discuss the implications
5.      To receive verbal reports from the County and District Councillors
6.      Clerks progress report To receive a report (for information)
7.      Finance
        a)    To approve accounts for payment as listed
        b)    To report bank reconciliations for June have been completed
        c)    To receive the first quarter income and expenditure financial report
        d)    To approve the revised classifications relating to the hire of the Victoria Hall (deferred
        e)     To approve necessary repairs to the Mayors and Deputy Mayors Civic Regalia
        f)    To approve the architects fees to submit the reapplication of the Sports and Community
                Centre and designate the budget heading
        g)     To ratify the financial recommendations of the Amenities Committee (not included
                within the 09/10 budget):
                (i) for a sample roof examination of the Aqua Centre to help determine the reasons for
                the water ingress
                (ii) on costs arising on the Lucombe Oak for the soil aeration, mulching, fencing and
                (iii) on the purchase of a new planter and autumn bulbs (using powers under LGA 1972
                Section 137)
Crewkerne Town Council meeting in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Market Square
on Monday 27th July 2009 continued

8.    Items of procedure and initiatives raised at recent training events To consider the written
      report from the Clerk
9.    Periodic review of standing orders. To approve amendments (adjourned item)
10.   Terms of reference To approve the draft document for the Full Town Council
11.   To receive draft minutes (for information) of the:-
      a)       Planning and Highways Committee meeting held on 13th July
      b)       Amenities Committee meeting held on 6th July
      c)       War Memorial Commemoration Trust Recreation Ground Committee meeting
               held on 6th July
      d)       West One Youth & Community Centre AGM on 9th July and the Audited Receipts
               and Payments Accounts yr 1.4.08-31.3.09
      e)       C. and West Crewkerne Joint Burial Committee Annual Meeting held on 7th July
      f)       C. Community Safety Group meeting held on 18th June and Action Plan
12.   To receive any Matters of Report (for information only)
13.   To receive reports on Outside Bodies (for information only)
      Confidential Session
14.   Legal matters
15.   Staff Matters
16.   Date of the next meeting – on Monday 28th September, 2009 commencing at 6.45pm in the
      Council Chamber

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