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					 Library Resources for BUS101
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           Fall 2010
   Colleen Anderson , Reference Librarian
         Components of Business Plan Research

   The Business Plan
   An Industry Overview and Forecast
   The Target Market and Demographics
   Location and Traffic Counts
   The Competition
   Developing Financials and Locating Capital
   Registering Your Business
   Licensing and Business Regulations
   Risk Management and Insurance

                    Colleen Anderson
                                     The Business Plan

   Bplans.com
    …place your cursor over Sample Plans to retrieve 100 sample business plans.

   Writing the Business Plan U.S. Small Business Admin.
    …a step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan. Select the Small
    Business Planner module and click on Write a Business Plan.

   How to Start a Business in Rhode Island
    REF HD62.5 .H685553 2004
    …everything you need to know about starting a business in Rhode Island,
    from Your Duties as an Employer to forms you’ll need to start a business.

                                  Colleen Anderson
                                     The Business Plan

   Business Plans Handbook
    REF HD62.7 .B865 (1st level)
    …a collection of business plans compiled by entrepreneurs seeking funding
    for small businesses.

   Business Plan Write
    …a tutorial on how to write a business plan from Business Resource Software.
    The free tutorial includes the needed components of the plan and an example
    of how each should be used.

   Entrepreneurship Database. Business Plan Samples
    …look under the Start-up Tools section to locate links to Business Plan
    Samples; Guides, Templates & Tools, and a Tips & Advice video.

                                  Colleen Anderson
              Sites for Business Planning Support

   U.S. Small Business Administration
    …includes a Small Business Planner containing information and
    resources to help you start, manage and exit your business. The Write
    a Business Plan section of the Planner includes a short video course on
    writing a business plan.

   Wall Street Journal. Small Business Section.
    …includes a small business how-to guide with tips on all aspects of
    starting a business, reports on creative new business start-ups, and
    additional articles covering all aspects of starting and running a

                      Colleen Anderson
                       An Industry Overview and Forecast
                                 About NAICS

                         How to identify your industry

What is NAICS?
NAICS, the North American Industry Classification System, is a numerical
classification system that assigns a number to each industry. This number is
commonly reported as a 6-digit number.

Why use NAICS?
The NAICS number can be useful for locating competitors within your
particular industry. Many electronic and print reference products organize
industry information by this number. The economic census also records
information using this system.

                                 Colleen Anderson
Example of a NAICS industry number
     for Landscaping Services

        Colleen Anderson
                 Industry Overview & Forecast
            Locating Industry Overviews and Trends

IBIS World
Click on the Industry Market Research tab to gain access to comprehensive market
research reports.

First Research Industry Profiles (located in Proquest Business Databases)

Industry Information Resources from ValuationResources.com
…click on a broad industry category to expand your industry selections. Select your
industry to gain access to a mixture of free and fee resources, including links to
prominent trade associations and many free reports with industry overviews and trends.

Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys
In-depth overviews and forecasts for more than 50 major industries.

***Remember to search for articles from business news and trade
publications for current information on specific industries of interest.

                                Colleen Anderson
                    Industry Overview & Forecast: Trade Journals
                Using trade associations & journals for industry research

What is a trade association?
   A trade association is an association of companies operating within the same
   industry who band together to promote legislation, educate their members on
   industry regulations, collect industry data, develop directories promoting their
   members, and more. Trade association websites are often valuable sources for
   industry information.
What is a trade journal?
   A trade journal is a journal devoted to covering the news from a particular industry.
   The articles in trade journals include industry news, company rankings & ratings,
   competitive information, and more.

                                   Colleen Anderson
    Industry Overview & Forecast
Example of a Trade Association Website

         Colleen Anderson
    Industry Overview & Forecast
Example of a Trade Association Website

         Colleen Anderson
                  Industry Overview & Forecast
                 How to Locate Trade Associations

   American Society of Association Executives Gateway to
    …search for trade and professional associations using the available
    search tools from ASAE.

   Industry Information Resources from ValuationResources.com
    …select your industry and click on Industry Overview, Issues, Trends
    & Outlook. Arrow down on the page to locate links to associations.

   National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States
    (REF HD2425 .D53 2010)
    …a listing of major trade associations with their contact information.

                      Colleen Anderson
               Industry Overview & Forecast
How to Locate Articles Using Proquest Business Databases, the
 Newspapers Database, and the Entrepreneurship Database

                  Colleen Anderson
          Industry Overview and Forecast
How to Locate Articles Using Business Source Complete

              Colleen Anderson
                            The Target Market and Demographics
                             Locating State & Local Populations

   American Factfinder from the U.S. Census Bureau
    …type in a town, city, county or zip code to retrieve a statistical fact sheet
    with demographic data that allows you to compare your selected area to the
    national data.

   Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation
    Every state has an association or group interested in promoting the economic
    progress of the state. This group is often an excellent source for gathering data
    about towns and communities within the state.

   Community Sourcebook of Zip Code Demographics
    REF HA203 .S66
    …economic & social demographics for each zip code area.

                                    Colleen Anderson
                   The Target Market and Demographics
                 Locating Best Customers for Your Product

   Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand
    REF HC79 .C6 R87 2008 (library 1st level)
    …best customers to target for particular products.

   Household Spending: Who spends How Much on What
    REF HC110 .C6 .A666 2008 (library 1st level)
    …a comprehensive analysis of spending by Americans in the year 2000.
    Analyzes spending trends at the individual household level.

   Who’s Buying….
    See Ready Reference Shelf 3 for this series that provides demographics on
    consumers of groceries, transportation, apparel, beverages and more. Ask a
    librarian if you need assistance locating these publications.

                           Colleen Anderson
                 Selecting a Location
       Traffic Counts & Commercial Real Estate

   Traffic Counts from the Traffic Flow Map 2009
    R.I. Department of Transportation. Federal Highway

   Rhode Island Commercial Real Estate from Cityfeet
    Cityfeet is a leading online commercial real estate site that
    connects tenants, investors and brokers with property owners,
    brokers, and other real estate professionals.

                    Colleen Anderson
                 The Competition: How to Find Competitors

   County Business Patterns
    …to locate the number of establishments similar to your own located in a
    particular zip code area.

   ReferenceUSA
    …a directory with profiles on 12 million US businesses. You can limit your
    search to a NAICS industry code number and then limit to a particular
    geographic area.

    Don’t forget the yellow pages!

                                 Colleen Anderson
                     Developing Your Financial Statements

   Anatomy of a Business Plan by Linda Pinson
    REF HD30.28 .P5 2005 (library 1st level)
    …see chapter 6, Financial Documents.

   Microsoft Excel Template Library
    …click on the Office button icon in the upper left hand corner of the ribbon
    and select New. You will retrieve the template library. Scroll down until you
    see the Statements option. Select Statements to access templates for a 12
    month cash flow statement, a 1 year income statement, profit and loss
    statement, statement of cash flows and more.

   SCORE Templates for Your Business
    … Essential forms for start-up and management of a small business. Forms
    include start-up expenses, cash flow statement (12 months and 4 years), a
    break-even calculation, and more.

                                 Colleen Anderson
                   Locating Start-Up Capital

   Financing Your Start-Up from the U.S. SBA
    …learn how to figure the amount of financing you need to start your
    business and where to obtain the financing you need.

   Best Banks for Entrepreneurs
    …select a state to display that state’s top microbusiness-friendly banks.
    Microbusiness loans are defined as business loans of less than

   vFinance.com
    … Free tools to help find venture capital firms and angel
    investors. Business plans can be posted for viewing by more than
    100,000 potential investors.

                       Colleen Anderson
                                Registering Your Business

   R.I. Business Information Center FAQ
    …answers to frequently asked questions regarding starting a business.

   Business Registration
    State of Rhode Island. Division of Taxation.
    …where to register your business in Rhode Island to provide the state with
    income tax withholding and taxes from retail sales, to set up R.I.
    unemployment insurance accounts, and more.

   Corporate Name Availability Form

   RI.gov for Business
    …a listing of links to support for businesses.

                                    Colleen Anderson
           Complying with Labor Laws in R.I.

   Labor Laws in Rhode Island
    …an employer handbook that contains labor laws in Rhode Island.

   RI State Department of Labor and Training
     …the department to go to in RI to obtain information on workers’
    compensation insurance requirements.

   The Rhode Island Directory of New Hires
    …the department to go to in RI to report new hires and returning
    employees living and working in RI. Newly hired employees must be
    reported within 14 days of the employee’s first day on the job.

                      Colleen Anderson
            Licensing and Business Regulations

   Rhode Island Licensed Occupations
    …a listing of occupations and businesses in Rhode Island that require a

   Department of Business Regulation. Rhode Island.
    …go to the appropriate regulation department in each state to view
    regulations and business licensing requirements.

   Business.gov Business Types and Industries Link.
    …select Business Types & Industries from the right bar menu and then
    page down to select your industry of interest to view resources
    explaining how to comply with federal regulations that apply to your
    selected industry.

                      Colleen Anderson
             Risk Management and Insurance

   Risk Management Strategies from Small Business Notes
    Edited by Judith Kautz.
    …a summary of strategies to manage risk.

   Insurance Management from Small Business Notes
    Edited by Judith Kautz.
    …an excellent summary of what types of insurance a small business
    needs to cover and why.

                     Colleen Anderson
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