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					    Real Estate, Inc.
        Lawrence - arendaLL - HumpHries
               reaL estate, inc.


    Real Estate, Inc.
Residential Sales
Residential Rentals
Buyer Representation
                                Commercial Sales/Leasing
                                Property Management
                                Tenant Representation
                                                                 Birmingham Association of
New Homes Sales                 Development                      Alabama Association of
Relocation                      Project Consulting               REALTORS®
Development                                                      Leading Real Estate Companies™
School Of Real Estate                                            of the World

    Real Estate, Inc.

                   2850 Cahaba Road, Suite 200 Birmingham, Alabama 35223
                Phone (205) 870-8580 Toll Free (800) 545-6178 Fax (205) 870-7348
In Memoriam
  Tom Rast
 1920 - 2003
              Real Estate, Inc.

              Real Estate, Inc.
                               C o m pa n y Hi s tory
Lawrence-Arendall-Humphries Real Estate was found-
ed in March of 1992 by Jim Lawrence, Keith Aren-
dall, and Maurice Humphries. LAH began with one
              Real Estate, Inc.
real estate agent in Mountain Brook Village. The
firm opened a second office in Homewood in April of

In May of the same year, a merger with Norville-Ran-
dolph REALTORS® increased its number of residen-
tial and commercial sales associates to over fifty. In
October of 1997 LAH was pleased to announce the af-            The Principals From Left to Right:
filiation of Mizerany Realty and its sales force.              Jim Lawrence, President;
                                                               Keith Arendall, Vice President;
Tom Rast, the founder of one of Birmingham’s oldest            Maurice Humphries, Secretary/Treasurer
real estate companies, joined the firm as Chairman of
the Board in January of 1998. Mr. Rast’s experience,
character, and reputation proved to be tremendous as-
sets to the firm and his legacy lives on.                 The three founding principals of Lawrence-Arendall-
                                                          Humphries have over sixty years combined experi-
2006 ushered in a new Homewood building, a growing        ence in the industry. Combining the talents of the
sales force, and national recognition in the RISMedia     management team, the firm has five instructors certi-
Power Broker Report. In 2007 and 2008, the company        fied by the Alabama Real Estate Commission as well
was recognized again as a Top 500 Power Broker by         as the National Association of REALTORS®, the 1998
RISMedia.                                                 Alabama Association of REALTORS® president, and
                                                          three REALTOR® OF THE YEAR recipients.
In 2008, LAH formed and became a member of Ala-
group, the first state-wide network of independent real   LAH has broad experience in residential sales, subdi-
estate brokers, with member companies in Birming-         vision development, property management, construc-
ham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa,          tion supervision, and commercial sales and leasing.
Florence, Gulf Shores, and Dothan.                        The company is affiliated with Leading Real Estate
                                                          Companies™ of the World, the largest independent
The company currently has over 150 residential and        referral company in the world, and has handled trans-
commercial agents serving a wide geographic area in       ferees for a number of national relocation companies
and around the Birmingham-Hoover Metro region.            including Cendant, Associates, Prudential, Executive,
                                                          R.R.I., and Primacy.
               Real Estate, Inc.

               Real Estate, Inc.
                                  Company Overview
                       Vision                                        Associates
               Real Estate, Inc.
To be the leading team of real estate professionals
committed to quality service and results.
                                                      Without a doubt, the company’s most valuable assets
                                                      are its agents. They have all embraced the mission
                                                      and promote the values of the company. They inte-
                       Mission                        grate technology with outstanding sales techniques,
                                                      but never lose sight of expert personal attention to
To be a unique company where clients and associates
                                                      their clients. They are well trained and attuned to cur-
come first.
                                                      rent market trends and technology.
                         Integrity                    LAH agents are professionals who take pride in earn-
                    Exceptional Service               ing the trust of the clients and producing desired re-
                        Teamwork                      sults. They are the best educated and most profes-
                           Trust                      sional agents in the area.

                                          LAH Locations
Mountain Brook &
Commercial Sales Office:
2850 Cahaba Road, Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35223                                                                                        20

o. (205) 870-8580                                                                     1st
                                                                                          Ave    78
f. (205) 870-8544                                                                    3r


Homewood Sales &
                                                                         Residential Rentals
Residential Rentals Office:                                                    Office
                                                                                                Mountain Brook Office
1760 Oxmoor Road                                                              Homewood
                                                                                Office             Commercial Dept.
Homewood, AL 35209
o. (205) 879-8580                                                                  31

f. (205) 879-8599                                                                                     459

Real Estate, Inc.

Real Estate, Inc.
                 T h e P r i nc i pa l s
                                       The President
Real Estate, Inc. Vietnam combat veteran, and aof The Citadel and The Uni-
       JIM LAWRENCE – From Troy, Alabama, a graduate
       versity of Alabama, a                         former college English and
             literature instructor, the president of LAH has been in residential real estate in
             Birmingham since 1978. Married and the father of a son, he was honored several
             times as the top Branch Manager with a prominent large company before opening
             LAH. Jim was also recognized as Realtor of the Year in 1989 by the Birmingham
             Association of REALTORS. He is currently the President of the Birmingham As-
             sociation of REALTORS.

                                  The Vice President
             KEITH ARENDALL – The vice president of LAH hails from Mobile, and graduated
             from The University of Alabama in 1976 with a BS in Marketing. He served as
             president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity while in college. Married and the
             father of three children, Keith is an active member of the Sunrise Rotary Club, the
             Monday Morning Quarterback Club, and Canterbury United Methodist Church.
             In real estate since 1979, he has been involved in commercial sales, residential and
             commercial development and construction.

                           The Secretary/Treasurer
             MAURICE HUMPHRIES – After spending his childhood in Athens, Georgia, and
             swimming on full scholarship for The University of Georgia, the secretary/ trea-
             surer of LAH entered the Birmingham real estate market in 1977. Married and
             the father of two children, Maurice has real estate experience in commercial and
             residential site acquisition and development, real property management, office
             and retail leasing, and commercial sales.
Real Estate, Inc.
   Lawrence - arendaLL - HumpHries
          reaL estate, inc.
                               RESIDENTIAL SERVICES

                               Residential Sales

Real Estate, Inc.
                               School Of Real Estate

In our 18 years of operation, LAH has become the largest locally owned real estate company in
Birmingham. By staying a medium sized company, LAH is able to deliver clients a higher quality
real estate service and a professional transaction experience. The KEY is service…that’s what we
bring to every relationship at LAH. You receive one-on-one personal attention from each highly
trained, professional LAH agent. We care because we’re 100% locally owned and operated...
because we live here too.

Real Estate, Inc.

               2850 Cahaba Road, Suite 200 Birmingham, Alabama 35223
            Phone (205) 870-8580 Toll Free (800) 545-6178 Fax (205) 870-7348
             Real Estate, Inc.

             Real Estate, Inc.
                           RESIDENTIAL SALES
                              Mountain Brook
                                       Mike Abercrombie         Dionne Lovett
             Real Estate, Inc.         Deanna Adams
                                       Amy Ager
                                                                * Dot Mash
                                                                Jonell McGivern
                                       Sherrie Andrews          Geny Mears
                                       Carolyn Barfield         Ellen Miles
                                       Jodi Bearman             Kim Mirelman
                                       Susan Billingsley        Becky Miller
                                       Sally Bowers             Sarah Mizerany
                                       Ginger Brown             Jimbo Moore
                                       Jerry Brown              Carolyn Samford Nelson
                                       Lind Burks               Kathy O’Rear
                                       Kelley Ringland Caine    Helen Owens
                                       Ross Carpri              Tracy Patton
                                       Caroline Clark           Betty Perkinson
                                       Liz Clark                Mary Putman
                                       Mary Crawford            Sonja Richardson
                                       Sara Crook               Carmen Rigrish
                                       Kay Davis                A. B. (Buster) Riser
                                       Dana Ellison             Nancy Gordon-Robinson
                                       Mac Fairley              Jane Schmalz
                                       Helen Faught             Susan Schwartz
                                       Christy Fletcher         Laura Silsbee

Mountain Brook
                                       Antoinette Flowers       Alan Stevens
                                       Dan Flynn                David Sullivan
28 5 0 C a h a b a R o ad, Suite 200   Carol Hall               Linda Swalley
Bi r m i n g h a m , A L 35223         Beth Hardwick            Mary Ruth Thomas
                                       Jack Harrison            Reenie Townley
                                       Bea Healey               Debbie Veteto
                                       Rebecca Cater Irvin      Betsy Wall
                                       William Kimbrough, III   Susan Wall
                                       Susie Rather Kissel      Pam Evans Ward
                                       Marion Hunt Kling        AnnMarie Watkins
                                       Nancy Kolen              Shelley Watkins
                                       Carolyn LaGroue          Hill Ringland Weathers
                                       Anne Lamkin              Laura Wells
                                       * Jim Lawrence           Leigh Ann Wilson
                                       Helen Levine
                                       Laura Lewis
                                       Anne Liles
                                       Rick Lovelady

                                                                      *indicates Broker
             Real Estate, Inc.

            Real Estate, Inc.
                             RESIDENTIAL SALES
            Real Estate, Inc.         Michelle Adams
                                      Lynn Barefield
                                                              Suzanne Owen Jones
                                                              Bill Maze
                                      Allen Baynes            Jim Mezrano
                                      Jarrod Boshell          Yvonne Mezrano
                                      Anna Frances Bradley    Blair Billingsley Moss
                                      Guy Bradley             Randy Nace
                                      Kerri Breeding          Jacquelyn O’Brien
                                      Mary Browning           Danza Paulovich
                                      Michelle Bruno          Amy Pewitt
                                      Marina Carey            Pat Pleasant
                                      John Clark              Jody Porter
                                      Karen Champion
                                                              Ben Preston
                                      Will Downing
                                                              Gwendolyn Reid
                                      Channon Edwards
                                                              Gale Roth
                                      Jesse Edwards
                                                              Sarah Sams
                                      Owen Edwards
                                                              Patrick Skelton
                                      Kim Evans
                                                              Scott Smithson
                                      Scarlotte Gargis
                                      Shirley George          Lee Suttles
                                      Jamie Goff              Pam Turbeville
                                      Greg Graham             Martha Turner

Homewood                              Ellen Greer             Susanne Weber
                                      John Grimes             Lauren Weil
17 6 0 O x m o o r R o ad             Hunter Hagler Chapman   Barbara Wheeler
Ho m e w o o d , A L 35209            Lisa Hall               Bryan Whitehead
                                      Betty Ann Ham           * Coke Williams, Jr.
                                      Charlie Hayes           Lynn Yeager
                                      John Holley
                                      Queenie Hudson

                                                                      *indicates Broker
              Real Estate, Inc.

              Real Estate, Inc.
                           MANAGING BROKERS

              Real Estate, Inc. Manager — Mountain Brook Office
                   Dot Mash, Broker/Sales
                          Dot has been licensed since 1992 and was appointed the Residential Broker of the Moun-
                          tain Brook Office in November 1998. She has earned the designations of Certified Resi-
                          dential Broker (CRB), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS), Accredited Buyer’s Rep-
                          resentative Manager (ABRM), Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), and Graduate,
                          REALTOR® Institute (GRI). Dot is an instructor for the National, Alabama and Bir-
                          mingham Associations of REALTORS® and serves both the Alabama and Birmingham
Associations of REALTORS® as a member of their Board of Directors and on various committees. Dot’s involve-
ment in professional activities provides her with the latest real estate information and market trends which she
continually shares with the agents. The agents in this busy and productive office, located in Mountain Brook
Village, list and sell homes throughout Birmingham’s “Over the Mountain” market which includes Mountain
Brook, Vestavia, Homewood, Forest Park, Crestwood and Crestline Park. The Mountain Brook agents also
market property in Liberty Park, Greystone and Highland Lakes and other areas throughout Shelby, Jefferson
and Blount counties. Busy and diverse, the agents of LAH’s Mountain Brook office maintain an encouraging
atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation and are quick to applaud each other’s success.

                           Coke Williams, Jr. Broker/Sales Manager — Homewood Office
                           Since 1997 Coke has been the Residential Broker of the Homewood Office located at
                           the corner of Oxmoor Road and 18th Street South. He is a Certified Residential Broker
                           (CRB) and the Risk Management Officer for the company at large. Originally from An-
                           niston, Coke has been a Homewood resident since 1994 and is committed to providing
                           his community and company with dedicated, educated, and enthusiastic Realtors. In
                           2006 the Homewood Office completed a demolition and new construction endeavor on
                           their existing downtown Homewood location, where they will continue to host their
                           annual Fourth of July community parking lot event. This new expansive office offers
the utmost in real estate experiences. The 5,900 square foot space is equipped with state of the art amenities and
has a clean modern feel that accentuates the openness of the location. The spacious atmosphere gives our agents
plenty of room to work and fortify their strong relationships with clients. This structural addition is just one of
the outstanding features that make LAH Homewood a superb real estate establishment.
                 Real Estate, Inc.

                 Real Estate, Inc.
                     R E L O C AT I O N D E PA RT M E N T
                                         Corp orate Services
                      Estate, Home
                 RealRental and Interim Inc. Marketing
  Area Orientation Tours                                                     Tax Gross-ups
  Relocation Counseling     Housing Assistance        Assistance             Multi-lingual Services
  Home Finding              Household Goods           Inventory Management   Mortgage Services
  Assistance                Move Management           REO Property
  Personalized              Extensive Follow-up       Management
  Relocation Packages       Services                  Expense Management

                                                  Service Area

Whether you are moving to or from Birmingham, Alabama, LAH is the
company to use for all of your relocation needs. Our personal service
takes the worry away and makes your move as smooth as possible.
The map here shows the Birmingham Metropolitan Area we serve

Adamsville           Hayden                Mountain Brook                                     St. Clair
Alabaster            Helena                Odenville                                    Birmingham
Bessemer             Homewood              Oneonta                                          Shelby
Birmingham           Hoover                Pelham
Cahaba Heights       Hueytown              Pell City
Calera               Inverness             Pinson
Center Point         Irondale              Pleasant Grove
Chalkville           Jasper                Riverchase
Chelsea              Kimberly              Roebuck
Clanton              Leeds                 Shoal Creek
Clay                 McCalla               Springville
Columbiana           Midfield              Tarrant
Fairfield            Montevallo            Trussville
Forestdale           Moody                 Vestavia Hills
Fultondale           Mount Laurel          Warrior
Gardendale           Mount Olive
              Real Estate, Inc.

              Real Estate, Inc.
                  R E L O C AT I O N D E PA RT M E N T

              Real Estate, Inc.
                       Relocation Director

                   Pam Nickoli, CRP, RCC, Relocation Director, has been active in the Birmingham area
                   since 1996. She is a member of the Relocation Directors Council. She has worked ex-
                   tensively with several broker networks as well as all the major relocation management
                   companies. She is a certified instructor for continuing education with the Alabama Real
                   Estate Commission and has taught relocation training since 1996. She has experienced
relocating first hand with over 20 moves in the last 30 years…from California to Germany, from Wisconsin
to Alabama. She is ready to help make your next move as smooth as possible.

                          Corporate Liaison Director

                   Debbie Crawford Veteto, Corporate Liaison Director, has been with LAH Real Estate, Inc.
                   since February 2008. Her ability to identify with the emotions arising from moving by
                   choice, or due to a company transfer, come from years of personal experience. After
                   eleven moves around the country, she calls Birmingham home. As Corporate Liaison
                   Director, Debbie focuses primarily on corporate development and relationship building
strategies by providing optimum customer service and appreciation through transaction management while
implementing LAH’s services oriented philosophy.
                Real Estate, Inc.

                Real Estate, Inc.
                        S C H O O L O F R E A L E S TAT E
                                         Mission Statement
                  LAH Estate, Inc.
                RealSchool of Real Estate will have only the most educated and informed
                   instructors, providing current and up-to-date instruction for all of the students,
                     creating a well-rounded, knowledgeable and professional real estate agent.

                                  Education and Training
LAH places a high priority on education and training. Training is constant in the company, whether it is orienta-
tion for new agents or advanced training for experienced agents. The company believes it is the responsibility of
LAH professionals to take every opportunity to educate themselves and commit themselves to better serve the
clients and community. It is the goal in The LAH School of Real Estate to improve the productivity and profes-
sionalism of its agents through continued education courses.

                                                 School Instructors:
                    Jim Lawrence, ABR, CRB began teaching                          Dot Mash, ABR, CRS, CSP, GRI is
                    real estate in 1978. He has been a popular                     recognized by the Alabama Real Estate
                    orientation instructor for the Birmingham                      Commission as one of their qualified
                    Association of Realtors® since 1978. He                        Instructors. Now a managing broker, she is
                    designed & copyrighted the real estate                         a certified Accredited Buyer Representative
                    educational program “Prostart” in 1988.                        Instructor and teaches Pre-license and Post-
                    Began School of Real Estate in 1992. He                        license classes. Dot also teaches Continuing
is a certified Accredited Buyer Representative and a Certified                     Education classes for the Alabama and
Continuing Education Instructor. He serves in the Real Estate    Birmingham Associations of Realtors, and orientation classes
Speakers Circuit. Teaches at Alabama Association of Realtors®    for the Birmingham Association of Realtors. Chair of the
Conference in Tuscaloosa. He is a speaker for the Auburn         Education Committee of the Birmingham Association of
Education Fair. Jim also teaches statewide for the Alabama       Realtors. Masters Degree in Vocational Education, Business
Association of Realtors®.                                        and Office Education.
Real Estate, Inc.
Lawrence - arendaLL - HumpHries
       reaL estate, inc.
                             Residential Rentals

Real Estate, Inc.
  After years of providing competent    We will be happy to show our rental
  and professional service to buyers    properties to you at convenient
  and sellers of real estate, we are    times and if you are interested in
  now offering to assist tenants and    leasing one, we will prepare the
  landlords in leasing properties.      lease for execution. Best of all, our
  Our focus is on single family hous-   service is free of charge to prospec-
  ing within the Birmingham area but    tive tenants.
  we may represent other types of
  properties as well.

Real Estate, Inc.

      2531 Rocky Ridge Road, Suite 101, Vestavia Hills, AL 35243
   Phone (205) 795-1000 Toll Free (877) 79-2495 Fax (205) 870-7348
     Real Estate, Inc.

     Real Estate, Inc.
              R e si d en t i a l R en ta l s

     Real Estate, Inc. Rentals Team

Ben Preston       Brian Whitehead             David Sullivan   Becky Miller

              Residential Rentals Manager

                                John Holley
     Real Estate, Inc.
        Lawrence - arendaLL - HumpHries
               reaL estate, inc.
                                   COMMERCIAL SERVICES

                                   Commercial Sales/Leasing

     Real Estate, Inc.
                                   Property Management
                                   Tenant Representation
                                   Project Consulting
                                   Construction Management

As a group, the commercial associates of LAH Real     property management. As a consequence, they
Estate have broad experience in all facets of the        have a history of working on a wide array of
commercial real estate industry, from typical sales        transactions with a variety of loyal clients and
and leasing to buyer representation, project                customers.

    Real Estate, Inc.
consultation, construction management, and

                    2850 Cahaba Road, Suite 200 Birmingham, Alabama 35223
                 Phone (205) 870-8580 Toll Free (800) 545-6178 Fax (205) 870-7348
                Real Estate, Inc.

                Real Estate, Inc.

                Real Estate, Inc.
The following list represents a sampling of LAH’s customer/client base:
Browning Ferris Industries     Canterbury Trust              Carraway Medical Center     Samford University
Birmingham Hide and Tallow     Resource Management           USX Realty                  Drummond Company
The University of Alabama      Service                       Just For Feet               O’Neal Steel
Southern Pipe and Supply       Adamson Ford                  Highland Associates         Shop-a-Snak
UA Health Services             Thompson Tractor Company      Rast Construction           City of Gardendale
Reamer Development Co.         St. Thomas Episcopal Church   Golden Flake                Asplundh Tree Expert
McConnell-White & Terry        UAB                           AmSouth Bank                Vulcan Materials

LAH Commercial Real Estate Agents:

            Austin Blair      Cassandra Chandler   Bruce Gleissner        Stephen Lowy     Jeremy Norman

          Michael Patterson      Bill Warren
               Real Estate, Inc.

              Real Estate, Inc.
With time being a precious but scarce asset, property management services are now more in demand than ever.
              Real Estate, Inc.
LAH, being a FULL SERVICE real estate company, has the knowledge and expertise to fill the demand for this
service. Not only can LAH manage your property, it can do it well and will treat your property as if it were its

LAH will promptly respond to all maintenance and repair issues and will regularly inspect all properties. Our
services include not only leasing and management, but annual budgeting and monthly accounting. LAH makes
it a priority to have the resources and capabilities to obtain the highest potential profit from each property for its

LAH provides professional management services to owners of commercial and investment properties in the
Birmingham area. In addition to finding tenants and negotiating lease contracts, we collect rents, oversee the
maintenance and repair of facilities, handle tenant relations and provide budgeting and accounting controls,
thereby relieving the owner of the problems and duties of property management. We manage both single and
multi-tenant buildings, warehouses, retail stores and shopping centers.

Being a full-service real estate company, LAH can assist you in identifying and acquiring quality investment
properties and then handle the leasing and ongoing management so that the investor is free to undertake other
endeavors. We value long-term relationships and believe in maximizing and enhancing the value of your real

                          LEIGH ANN ARRINGTON, Property Manager - Prior to joining LAH, Leigh
                          Ann was with Johnson Development, LLC, where she was the property man-
                          ager for seven medical office buildings in Central Alabama. While working
                          at Johnson Development, she oversaw the renovations and build out of new
                          and existing tenants, projected budgets, coordinated the maintenance on the
       facilities, and maintained good tenant relationships. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in
       Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has 6 years of property man-
       agement experience.
Real Estate, Inc.

Real Estate, Inc.
             L a h S up p ort S ta ff
Leigh Ann Arrington                            Linda Hicks
Property Manager                               Accounting Manager

Real Estate, Inc.
Accounting Assistant
Corporate Office
                                               Corporate Office
                                               Joined LAH in November 1996
Joined LAH in July 2003

Emily Hunter                                   Emily Keown
Graphic Designer                               Office Coordinator
Corporate Office                               Mountain Brook Office
Joined LAH in March 2006                       Joined LAH in July 2007

Fred Gilliam                                   Meagan Moore
Information Systems Assistant                  Receptionist
Corporate Office                               Mountain Brook Office
                                Not Pictured
Joined LAH in February 2005                    Joined LAH in February 2010

Linda Neil                                     Pam Nickoli
Receptionist                                   Relocation Director
Mountain Brook Office                          Corporate Office
Joined LAH in July 2006                        Joined LAH in May 2003
Real Estate, Inc.

Real Estate, Inc.

Rebecca Null                                  Marie Osbun
Information Systems Director                  Receptionist
Network Administrator                         Homewood Office
Real Estate, Inc.
Corporate Office               Not Pictured
                                              Joined LAH in September, 2010
Joined LAH in September 1998

                                              Ashley Stricklin
Sarah Sams
                                              Executive Assistant
Office Coordinator
                                              Commercial Secretary
Homewood Office
                                              Commercial Office
Joined LAH in January 2001
                                              Joined LAH in September 2002

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