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                        Thank you.
                                                                                                          October 1999

O      klahoma
 The Oklahoma Tax Commission
                                           B          usiness ulletin               B
                                            A Publication of the Oklahoma Tax Commission
         has several convenient
    locations available to serve   Inside this Issue:
 taxpayers all across the state.
     Listed below are the state
         offices, addresses and
            telephone numbers.
                                   New Legislation Highlighted
                                        Keeping taxpayers informed of new       along with a short description of the
                                   legislation and how it might affect you is   bill’s effects. If you want to request
             Oklahoma City •
                                   one of the goals of the Business Bulletin.   further information on these changes
           (405) 521-3279
                                   While the l999 legislative session ended     and their affect on your accounts, please
     2501 N. Lincoln Blvd.
                                   in late May, it takes a couple of months     contact our Taxpayer Assistance Division
           (405) 522-0789          to determine the full impact of many of      at (405) 521-3160.
           Shepherd Mall           the new bills that were passed into law.
         NW 23rd and Villa              On pages 2-3 of this issue of the
                                   Oklahoma Business Bulletin, you will
                                                                                    See Pages 2 and 3
  Tulsa •                          find highlights of the past legislative           To follow legislation in progress, or
  (918) 581-2399                   session that will be affecting various       to look up the status of legislative bills,
  440 South Houston                sectors of the taxpaying population.         check out
                                   When reading these highlights you will       This web site is maintained and updated
                  McAlester •      find the bill number, effective date, and    by the Oklahoma Legislative Information
              (918) 426-0777       what type of tax it will be affecting,       System (OLIS).
            1533 South Main

       Lawton •
      (580) 248-8440
                                   Withholding Changes Affect Businesses
1602 NW Lawton Ave. #B                  In order to conform with the federal withholding payment schedule, the Oklahoma
                                   legislature has enacted a new law requiring employers whose monthly Oklahoma
                    Ardmore •      income tax withholding averages $10,000 or more to remit the withholding tax on the
            (580) 226-4636         same dates as required by the federal semi-weekly deposit schedule. This law goes into
       301 West Main, #316         effect October 1, 1999.
                                        This legislation dictates that the frequency of withholding remittance be based on
        In-State Toll Free •       frequency of paydays. Employers who pay their employees monthly will continue to
        1 (800) 522-8165           remit withholding monthly; employers who pay weekly will remit weekly; and employ-
        • extension 1-3279         ers who pay every two weeks will remit every two weeks. Employers who pay their
                                   employees on any other schedule will be considered on an individual basis.
        • • • • • The Oklahoma     Due dates will be determined as follows:
          Business Bulletin is a
   quarterly publication of the            If payday is on:                         The due date for remitting is:
   Communications Division of
the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
                                           Wednesday, Thursday or Friday            The next Wednesday
                                           Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday      Friday
   Questions and/or comments
    regarding this publication         All employers averaging $10,000 or more per month in Oklahoma withholding were
            should be directed
       to the Communications       sent a letter on July 27, 1999 announcing the new law along with a survey concerning
     Division at (405) 521-3637,   frequency of paydays and planned method of payment, i.e., check or money order or
               or by writing to:   electronic funds transfer (EFT).
   Oklahoma Tax Commission,
    Communications Division,
                                       Employers remitting withholding via EFT will continue to file only one report per
          2501 N. Lincoln Blvd.,   month, delinquent after the 15 of the month, regardless of how many payments are
     Oklahoma City, OK 73194.      made during the month. Employers who pay by check or money order are required to
                                                                                       (continued page 4 • “Withholding”)
     October 1999 • Oklahoma Business Bulletin


    What Does an
    Auditor Look At? Tornado Relief Law Changes       At the close of the May 1999 legislative session, there were many
         Although no one likes to be audited     new laws and changes made to existing laws designed to bring some
    there are times when it may happen to        relief to individuals and businesses that were impacted by the May 3rd
    you or your business. When the Okla-         tornadoes. We have selected just a few to highlight in this issue of the
    homa Tax Commission conducts a field         Business Bulletin.
    audit of a taxpayers books and records       Senate Bill 1 (effective 5/21/99)
    we will check the taxpayers compliance          Motor Vehicle
    in other tax types as well. For example,        •    Provides registration credit for any remaining months of
    if your company is scheduled for a                   registration on a vehicle destroyed during the May 3, 1999
    sales/use tax audit, we will also check              tornado. The credit will apply to the registration fees of a
    to see if you have filed income, fran-               replacement vehicle.
    chise, and/or withholding tax returns.
    If the taxpayer is delinquent in filing          •   Allows for an excise tax credit for any vehicles, destroyed
    the required return(s) the taxpayer will             during thte May 3, 1999 tornado, on which the vehicle excise tax
    then be required to file the outstanding             was paid on or after May 3, 1998. This credit will apply to the
    return(s).                                           excise tax liability of a replacement vehicle.

                                                     Note: If vehicle has already been replaced and credit(s) were not
                                                     given, please contact Larry Lette, of our Motor Vehicle Division
                                                     at (405) 521-3683 for additional information.

                                                 Senate Bill 316 (effective 6/8/99)
                                                    Sales Tax:
                                                    •    In effect, allows a tax exemption for vendors who donated items
                                                         to persons affected by the tornadoes of May 3, 1999.

                                                     •   Allows vendors who are unable to file their sales tax reports on
         In addition to doing compliance                 time due to damage caused by the tornado of May 3, 1999 to
    checks we often audit more than one                  retain their discount for timely filing.
    tax type on those taxpayers selected for
                                                     Income Tax:
    audit. For example, a taxpayer sched-
                                                     •   Non codified section to allow for net operating losses that occur
    uled for a withholding tax audit may
                                                         as a result of the May 3, 1999 tornadoes to be allowed to be
    also be audited for waste tire, franchise,
                                                         carried back as allowed under the Internal Revenue Code.
    or motor fuel taxes as well. Decisions
    about which tax types to audit are made      House Bill 1585 (effective 1/1/00)
    based upon the taxpayer’s business and          Income Tax:
    the reporting history. The field auditor        •   Provides for a refundable income tax credit for any increased
    is required to notify the taxpayer during           Ad Valorem tax that is a result of rebuilding or repairing
    the opening conference which tax types              residential real property damaged or destroyed as a result of the
    are being audited.                                  May 3, 1999 tornadoes. The credit is to be the difference
         If you are audited and feel the                between the Ad Valorem taxes paid on the property in the year
    auditor is not treating you profession-             prior to the tornado damage and the Ad Valorem taxes paid in
    ally or fairly you should contact the               the first year the property is completely or fully repaired to re-
    Auditor Supervisor and explain the                  built. In years two through five of the credit, the credit is to be
    problem. The supervisor should address              80% of the previous year’s credit.
    your concerns in a timely manner. The
                                                                                       (continued page 3 • “Tornado Relief”)
               (continued page 4 • “Auditors”)
                                                                                  Oklahoma Business Bulletin • October 1999

New Legislation that Could                                                         Gas and Electricity
Affect You or Your Business                                                        Sales Tax Exemption
    The following highlighted bills are some of the changes that could be          Change Update
affecting you and the way you pay your taxes. Please keep in mind that
                                                                                        Recently the Oklahoma Tax
these are not all the changes that took place, but are changes that will affect
                                                                                   Commission amended Rule 710:65-
a large portion of taxpayers.
                                                                                   13-120 concerning the sales tax
House Bill 1050 (effective 11/1/99)                                                exemption for gas and electricity
   Uniform Procedure Act:                                                          for residential use.
   •   Provides for a limitation period of ten years after the assessment of            Previously
       a tax has become final within which the tax may be collected by tax         the rule stated:
       warrant or court proceeding, providing the assessment was timely            “Gas and elec-
       made.                                                                       tricity when sold
                                                                                   exclusively for
House Bill 1064 (effective 11/1/99)
                                                                                   residential use
   Motor Vehicle Special Tags:
                                                                                   are exempt from
   •   Provides for the discontinuance of any special plate pursuant to the
                                                                                   state and county
       following conditions:
                                                                                   sales tax…” The
       1. If fewer than fifty of any special license plate authorized prior
                                                                                   rule has been
            to January 1, 2000 are issued by January 1, 2005.
                                                                                   amended to state:
       2. If fewer than fifty of any special license plates authorized after
                                                                                   “Gas and elec-
            January 1, 2000 are issued within five years after first being
                                                                                   tricity when sold
            offered for sale.
                                                                                   exclusively for
House Bill 1347 (effective 7/1/99)                                                 residential use
   Sales and Use Tax:                                                              are exempt from state sales tax,
   •   Exempts from sales tax, sales of food preparation equipment and             but remain subject to any appli-
       supplies to persons supplying “meals on wheels” and congregrate             cable municipal and county sales
       meals to senior citizens.                                                   taxes in effect at the time of
House Bill 1409 (effective 11/1/99)
   Motor Vehicle:
   •   Defines both a pickup and a truck as used in the section relating to
       the registration of farm trucks. “Pickup” shall mean a small, light        Tornado Relief...
       truck with an open back or box used for hauling and designed                         • continued from page 2
       primarily for the carrying of property rather than people. “Truck”
                                                                                  If you were affected by the tornadoes
       shall mean a motor vehicle designed or converted primarily for
                                                                                  and have questions about your records
       carrying or hauling farm commodities, property, livestock or
                                                                                  or accounts, a special phone number
       equipment rather than people.
                                                                                  has been set up for taxpayer inquiries.
   •   Modifies the current requirements of what is to be provided to
                                                                                  Personnel at this number are specially
       qualify for a farm registration. The new requirements are:
                                                                                  trained to answer questions or put
       1. Provide an Income Tax Schedule F for the preceding year, or
                                                                                  callers in touch with the correct area
       2. Present a sales tax exemption card.
                                                                                  for answering. Representatives are
House Bill 1584 (effective 7/1/99)                                                available from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm,
   Tourism Tax:                                                                   Monday through Friday at (405) 522-
   •   Exempts not for profit institutions of higher education from the           5500.
       payment of tourism tax.
                                   (continued page 4 • “Business Legislation”)
  October 1999 • Oklahoma Business Bulletin

How Can I Reach the OTC?                                                                    Withholding...
                                                                                            • continued from page 1
    In the age of technology, contacting the Tax Commission is as easy
as picking up the phone, dialing for a fax, or even turning on your                          submit a voucher with each
computer.                                                                                    remittance. New voucher
       Taxpayer Assistance 521-3279 or 521-3160                                              forms (Tax Commission
       business tax issues • gross production • sales tax issues                             form OW-9-A) are currently
            business registration • income tax assistance                                    being produced for this
     franchise taxes • motor fuel questions • withholding taxes                              purpose and will be mailed
 (During peak times, your call may be placed on hold. Please wait for                        to employers who will be
                     the next available operator.)                                           filing by the new schedule.
                                                                                                  Employers whose
                                                                                             average monthly Oklahoma
        Toll Free Number (Oklahoma only)                                1 (800) 522-8165
                                                                                             withholding is below
        Telefile (Sales Tax - no taxes due only) 1 (877) 829-2002
                                                                                             $10,000 will continue to file
        FaxBack (Forms by Fax) . . . . . . . . 522-0465
                                                                                             using Tax Commission form
        Forms Request
                                                                                             OW-9. Both the OW-9 and
                 Business Tax Forms . . . . 521-4667
                                                                                             OW-9-A are available for
                 Income Tax Forms . . . . . . 521-3108
                                                                                             downloading from the
        Audit Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .521-3251
                                                                                             agency website at http://
        Ad Valorem Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 521-3178
        Collections Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 521-3281
                                                                                                  Employers participat-
        Legal Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 521-3141
                                                                                             ing in the Quality Jobs
        Motor Vehicle Division . . . . . . . . . . . 521-3221
                                                                                             Program who are affected
     (All numbers are 405 area code unless otherwise indicated.)
                                                                                             by the new legislation
                                                                                             should contact the Account
     If you have a computer and internet service, visit our site at
                                                                                             Maintenance Division of We have downloadable forms, along
                                                                                             the Oklahoma Tax
with many other key information elements.
                                                                                             Commission at
     The opportunity for you to e-mail questions or comments to
                                                                                             (405) 521-2842.
agency personnel is also available on the site. While we try to answer
all e-mails in a timely manner, please be patient during peak filing
                                                                                             who wish to
periods. When possible, please include name, address, and a phone
                                                                                             file by elec-
number if you would prefer us answer by phone.
                                                                                             tronic funds
                                                                                             transfer (EFT)
Business Legislation...                              • continued from page 3                 should call (405) 522-0214.

Senate Bill 396 (effective 11/1/99)
   Uniform Procedure Act:
   •    Provides that upon payment of the tax, penalty, interest and
        costs, or upon the expiration of ten years after the date of
                                                                                           • continued from page 2
        recording and indexing of a tax warrant by a county clerk                          audit notification letter you
        in this state, the lien created therein shall be released and                      receive at the beginning of the
        extinguished, unless prior to the expiration of the ten years                      audit will contain the name,
        the tax warrant is reissued.                                                       address and phone number of
Senate Bill 452 (effective 8/27/99)                                                        the Auditor Supervisor directing
   Cigarette & Tobacco Tax:                                                                the audit. If that does not occur
   •    Makes it illegal to stamp or sell cigarettes or tobacco products                   you should contact Scott
        in Oklahoma that were originally packaged for export outside                       Greenawalt, Chief of Field
        the United States. The market for these types of goods is                          Audit, at (405) 522-4019 directly
        sometimes referred to as the “gray market”.                                        to get your problem resolved.

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