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     Since 1986, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation             High Schoolers Learn about
(SMIF) has been a catalyst for economic growth in 20
Minnesota counties. Our work focuses on building a                    Building Bridges
prosperous region with vibrant communities, innovative
businesses and a skilled and valued workforce.
     Under the leadership of CEO/President Tim Penny,
SMIF is providing resources in emerging workforce and
business opportunities that have the largest growth
potential and impact on the future economy in southern
     Over the past 24 years, SMIF, together with
hundreds of partners, has supported nearly 500
businesses with loans and technical assistance, totaling
                                                                      Students exhibit their model bridges during the Civil Engineering
more than $22 million and securing more than 6,500 jobs.
                                                                      Technology course at Maple River High School.
It has benefited hundreds of communities and
organizations through grants, training, and asset-based
                                                                           A recent grant to South Central College (SCC) is
community development initiatives totaling more than $21
                                                                      helping high school students learn about career
                                                                      opportunities in Civil Engineering Technology (CET) .
     SMIF remains committed to making “investments that
                                                                           During January and February, more than 100 Maple
break new ground” to create economic prosperity in
                                                                      River Geometry students learned about bridge types and
southern Minnesota.
                                                                      design; then used computer simulation software to test
                                                                      and build their own from balsawood. The final learning
Our Investment in Blue Earth County:                                  happens when they share what they learned - education
                                                                      requirements, jobs available, typical salaries and major
                $8,897,038                                            employers in the field - with their classmates.
                                                                           SCC Instructor Jay Stencel said: “This is a method of
      24 LOANS                        290 GRANTS                      bringing engineering into the classroom and we’re doing it
      $1,278,939                       $7,618,099                     through an engineering competition.”
                                                                           Since the program began at Maple River, other
                                                                      schools have shown an interest and Stencel hopes to be
                                                                      able to offer it to other districts in the area.
                                                                           “We know this grant made a difference to at least 110
                                                                      students at Maple River High. We were able to show
                                                                      them how math is applied in designs they see every day.
                                                                      When something like geometry comes to life and you see
                                                                      the light bulb go on for a student--that is a powerful thing.”

                                                            04 2010
Business                                                                        The following is a sampling of the organizations and
                                                                            programs supported in Blue Earth County by the
Innovative ventures shaping our economy                                     Foundation:

    Since 1986 SMIF has provided financial support and                          AmeriCorps Community Partner Sites, Mankato
technical assistance to more than 500 businesses,                               MN State University Mankato, Campus Kitchens - Outstanding
impacting more than 6,500 jobs. Our foundation has long                              Collaboration & “20 in 20”
supported southern Minnesota businesses that innovate,                          Greater Mankato Area “Success by 6” Early Childhood Initiative
                                                                                Greater Mankato Diversity Council
particularly those who use this region’s resources to
                                                                                Greater Mankato Growth “Community Growth Initiative”
develop high-tech products.                                                     Greater Mankato United Way “First Steps Home Visiting”
    Here in Blue Earth County, SMIF supports business                           Lake Crystal “Community Growth Initiative”
growth by providing a variety of financial and                                  Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial “Early Childhood Initiative,”
management tools, including the following highlights:                                     “GMAW Training”
                                                                                Mapleton “Entrepreneur Community Growth Initiative”
    J.R. Portrait Design, Mankato. 2010                                         Minnesota State University Mankato “Young Entrepreneurs
    Andrews Family Chiropractic Clinic, Mankato (formerly                            Boot Camp” & “Renewable Energy & Emissions Lab”
         Mapleton Chiropractic Health Clinic). 2004, 2006, 2009                 Region Nine Development Commission “Wind Energy
    Region Nine Small Business Development Center, Mankato.                               Initiative”, Mankato
         2007 – 2009                                                            South Central College, North Mankato, “Farm in the City”;
    Greater Mankato Growth HiPo Partner. 2008 - 2009                                 “C.E.T. Camp”
                                                                                South Central College, North Mankato, “Engaged Learners over
    Ameristar Manufacturing, Mankato. 2009
    Herdstar LLC, Mankato. 2008
                                                                                U.S. Highway 14 Partnership, Mankato
    Krengel Technologies, Madison Lake. 2008
    Innovative Utility Solutions, Mankato. 2008                                 BookStart Recipients:
    Naturally Bamboo LLC, Mankato. 2008                                         Amboy Library
                                                                                Mankato Area Public Schools
    Racecraft Inc., Madison Lake. 2007
                                                                                Mankato Family YMCA
    Sports Institute, Mankato. 2007
                                                                                MN Valley Action Council Head Start, Mankato
    CAB Construction, Mankato. 2001, 2007
                                                                                Maple River Preschool, Mapleton
    iStreamit LLC, Mankato. 2006                                                Region 9 Childcare Resource & Referral, Mankato
    Mankato Screw Products, Inc. 2006
    Pro Fabrication, Inc. Madison Lake. 1999, 2004                              Picture-It-Painted Recipients:
                                                                                Amboy Area Community Club
    Beauford Country Store. 2001, 2003
                                                                                Betsy-Tacy Society, Mankato
    Crystal Graphics & Design, Lake Crystal. 2001
                                                                                Franklin Elementary School, Mankato
    DayPort Incorporated, Mankato. 2001                                         Harry Meyering Center, Mankato
                                                                                Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center
Workforce                                                                       Leisure Education for Exceptional People, Inc., Mankato
                                                                                Twin Rivers Center for the Arts, Mankato
Skilled workers prepared to drive growth
                                                                                Young Explorer Learning Center Recipients:
     Since 1986 SMIF has provided more than 1,700                               Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School Readiness
                                                                                Mankato Area Adult Basic Education
grants to better our communities and our workforce. Key
                                                                                Mankato Area Public Schools ECFE
areas include early childhood development, engaging                             Minnesota Valley Head Start, Homeless Homebase Program,
elders, new immigrants, and experiential learners.                                  Garden City Township & Mankato
     SMIF will continue to serve as both a catalyst for
collaboration and a facilitator for leveraging resources in
these areas.

                                                                  04 2010
nship & Mankato
     SMIF will continue to serve as both a catalyst for
collaboration and a facilitator for leveraging resources in
these areas.

                                                                   04 2010

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