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Tax Competition


Now That’s Rich
Republicans and conservative Democrats are eager to give hundreds of billions of dollars to the 120,000
richest people in America.

1. IRS Commissioner Speaks at Independent Sector Conference

Read the commissioner’s remarks at the Independent Sector (IS) annual
conference. IS is the leadership forum for charities, foundations and corporate
giving programs.

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NY Post: Abuse Rampant at Celebrity Charities

Sophie E. Smith (Temple) of our sister Nonprofit Law Prof Blog has a great discussion of various abuses
uncovered by the New York Post's examination of the tax returns of ten celebrity charities, including Tyra
Banks, Bono, George Clooney, Magic Johnson, and Larry King. It's Charity -- Hollywood Style: A Look
at the Books of 10 'Cause' Celebs, by Isabel Vincent & Melissa Klein.

Mississippi Lawyer Cops Plea After Not Filing Tax Returns for 13 Years

CCH Federal Tax Weekly, CCH Client Letter Toolkit (offers in
compromise; tax court small cases procedure)

Life cycle of a charity:,,id=122670,00.html

Political activities:,,id=181565,00.html,,id=175347,00.html,,id=175818,00.html
Willens: How M.B.A. Students Can Deduct Their Education Expenses

Bloomberg: Debating Taxes in the Presidential Race

News Analysis: Palin's Wardrobe Problem
In news analysis, Lee A. Sheppard concludes that Republican vice presidential candidate
Sarah Palin's clothing is not excludable from her income because the rules for exclusion
parallel those for deduction, and her clothing would not be deductible.

Paterson Aide Quits in Furor Over His Taxes
The resignation of Charles J. O’Byrne, who failed to pay taxes, strips Gov. David A. Paterson of his right-
hand man just as he faces a fiscal crisis.

It's a news release from the LDS Church about Proposition 8 in CA. page 4 child tax credit phase-out is

2009 Inflation-Adjusted Tax Tables
Quinlan, Patricia Mary. Casenote. Standing room only: federal taxpayers
denied standing to challenge President's faith-based programs in … (Hein v.
Freedom from Religion Foundation, Inc.,127 S. Ct. 2553, 2007.) 59 Mercer L.
Rev. 1409-1423 (2008).

Tax Profs Agree: Gov. Palin's Tax Returns Are Wrong

The Palin income tax returns have been released:

IRS Sends Compliance Questionnaire to 400 Colleges and Universities

Race Car Driver/"Dancing With The Stars" Champ Castroneves Indicted
for Tax Evasion


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[Guidance Overview] U.S. Labor Department Unveils Online Video to Help Small
Employers Select Appropriate Retirement Plans
Excerpt: "[The online video is meant] to help small employers and accountants
understand the various options for providing a retirement program for their employees.
'Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business' introduces employers to the
three most popular retirement arrangements. The video portrays real-life experiences of
four small employers that operate simplified employee pension (SEP), savings incentive
match plan for employees individual retirement arrangement (SIMPLE IRA) and 401(k)
plans. It focuses on the ease in setting up a retirement program appropriate for small
business owners as well as the advantages of sponsoring a retirement plan, including tax
breaks and as a tool to attract and retain a quality workforce." (U.S. Department of

IRS Employee Plans Video
Understanding Taxes
The Understanding Taxes (UT) program features over 1,100 pages of content designed to make
learning taxes interactive, relevant, and educational. Understanding Taxes makes real world
connections to classroom instruction. It is a great resource for high schools, community colleges,
and the general public for learning more about the history, theory, and application of taxes in the
United States.

Link and Learn Taxes
This web-based program is the core curriculum through which IRS Partners and Volunteers are
given quality baseline training in tax return preparation. This fun, interactive course teaches you the
basics to accurately prepare income tax returns for individuals AND obtain your volunteer
certification along the way-at your own pace!

More on the Tax Consequences of Kidney Swaps
Tax Treatment of Treasure Trove -- Cleveland Edition

Video: Brief Overview of the Fiduciary Responsibilities of
a Trustee
Excerpt: "Attorney Bill Ecklund provides a brief
overview of a trustee's fiduciary responsibilities,
including an eye-opening account of one trustee's
experience." (International Foundation of Employee
Benefit Plans)

FOX News Sunday | Chris Wallace -
Chris Wallace hosts the pubic affairs show FOX News Sunday (FNS). ... President' series with
an exclusive interview with Republican candidate Fred Thompson ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages
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More on Tax Treatment of Law School Public Interest Loan Forgiveness

Warren Buffett on Tax Reform

Attorney Denied Charitable Contribution Deduction for Donating Items From
Client's Case File
The Tax Court has held that an attorney is not entitled to a charitable contribution
deduction for donating copies of materials from his representation of Timothy McVeigh
in the Oklahoma City bombing case to a university, finding that the attorney had no
ownership interest in the case file.

California Publishes List of 250 Worst State Tax Deadbeats (Including

NPR on Deductibility of Sex-Change Operation

Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize: Avoiding an Inconvenient Tax

IRS: Why Expenses of Gender Reassignment Surgery Are Not Deductible
Medical Expenses


Becker: Compulsory Service by 18 Year-Olds Is "a Tax, and a Bad One"

Glenshaw Glass Is Back in Business
5-10-07 Can the Middle Class Make Ends Meet? Economic Issues for America’s
Working Families

     To view this hearing click here.

Recent Reports

September 17, 2007 - Securitization and Federal Regulation of Mortgages for Safety and Soundness

        Obama speech

        Congressional Research Service (CRS)
        Order Code RL32380
        Federal Prison Industries
        Updated July 13, 2007
        Nathan James, Analyst in Social Legislation, Domestic Social Policy Division
        [full-text, 26 pages]

        Education at a Glance 2007: OECD Indicators [18 September 2007],3343,en_2649_201185_39251550_1_1_1_1,
        [full-text, 451 pages]

       Can Patriots Coach Belichick Deduct His $500,000 Fine?

       National Center for Education Statistics (NCES_
       New! Mini-Digest of Education Statistics 2006 [6 September 2007]
       [full-text, 75 pages]

"Minimum Wages, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Employment:
 Evidence from the Post-Welfare Reform Era"
   IZA Discussion Paper No. 2610

        University of California, Irvine - Department of
        Economics, Public Policy Institute of California,
        National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER),
        Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

       Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System -
       Division of Research and Statistics

Full Text:

ABSTRACT: We study the effects of minimum wages and the EITC in the post-welfare
reform era. For the minimum wage, the evidence points to disemployment effects that are
concentrated among young minority men. For young women, there is little evidence that
minimum wages reduce employment, with the exception of high school dropouts. In
contrast, evidence strongly suggests that the EITC boosts employment of young women
(although not teenagers).
We also explore how minimum wages and the EITC interact, and the evidence reveals
policy effects that vary substantially across different groups. For example, higher
minimum wages appear to reduce earnings of minority men, and more so when the EITC
is high. In contrast, our results indicate that the EITC boosts employment and earnings
for minority women, and coupling the EITC with a higher minimum wage appears to
enhance this positive effect. Thus, whether or not the policy combination of a high EITC
and a high minimum wage is viewed as favorable or unfavorable depends in part on
whose incomes policymakers are trying to increase.

"Do Food Stamps Cause Obesity? Evidence from Immigrant Experience"
  NBER Working Paper No. W12849

CRS Releases Income Inequality and the U.S. Tax System

The Staggering Cost of US Corporate Leadership Our annual Labor Day report (with the Institute for Policy
Studies) finds that average CEO pay is 364 times the pay of an average US worker.

       Read the press release
       Read the report (PDF, 1 MB)

YouTube on "What is Gross Income (that is, Section 61, G.I., Cesarini, etc.)"

Bush Proposes Tax Relief for Homeowners in Foreclosure

IRS Releases Summer 2007 Statistics of Income Bulletin

"College Grants on a Postcard: A Proposal for Simple and Predictable Federal Student
  KSG Working Paper No. RWP07-014
      Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project Discussion
      Paper No. 2007-01

        Harvard University - John F. Kennedy School of
        Government, National Bureau of Economic Research

Full Text:

ABSTRACT: The federal system of student financial aid is broken.
Information about aid eligibility is hidden behind a thicket of complicated paperwork,
and is also highly uncertain. Concrete information arrives just a few months before or
even months after students enroll in college - far too late to affect enrollment decisions.
Economic theory and evidence suggest that the costs of complexity and uncertainty are
high: many high school students won't even start on the path to college if they aren't
certain they can afford it. Capable students teetering on the margin of college entry are
thus discouraged from going to college by its price, even though aid is available to them.
This is a waste of human potential. This waste is unnecessary. Dozens of questions on the
federal aid application contribute virtually nothing to the determination of grant aid, so
the aid formula could be radically simplified while still preserving its distributive
properties. But simplification must achieve more than a shortened application form:
families need certain information about aid eligibility, and they need it early. Small
tweaks and Band-Aid solutions are likely only to add to the complex, confusing, and
uncertain situation faced by students and their families. We propose a drastic
simplification of the current system of educational grants and tax incentives. Our
proposal combines Pell Grants and the Hope and Lifetime Learning tax credits for
undergraduates into a single, streamlined grant administered through the Department of
Education, using information already collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Eligibility can be explained on a postcard, allowing students and families to anticipate
their grants many years before the college decision.
This set of reforms will improve the effectiveness of the billions already committed to
higher education, allowing aid to serve its intended goal: opening college doors to those
with the ability but not the means to pursue higher education.

"The Failure of Education Tax Incentives"
  NYU Law and Economics Research Paper No. 07-28

        New York University School of Law

       Skadden Arps


ABSTRACT: Federal aid to higher education has shifted over the last decade from direct
subsidies to tax incentives. There are three types of Pigouvian subsidies designed to
subsidize price:
Nonrefundable tax credits and a deduction for tuition reduce the price of tuition; a
deduction for interest on education loans lowers the cost of borrowing; and the tax-
exemption of the earnings on education savings plans increases the return to saving.
These tax incentives can be justified on either efficiency or equity grounds. If they
increased investment in higher education, they would enhance efficiency by correcting
for positive externalities. If they helped to eliminate disparities in the distribution of
education consumption, they would increase equity. The paper develops models to test
predicted taxpayer response to the most important education tax incentives. It concludes
that the structure of the incentives is such that there will be no change in behavior in
response to the subsidies. Those for who demand for education is most elastic (low
taxpayers) cannot use the incentives, those for whom demand is somewhat elastic
(middle income taxpayers) will not use the incentives, and those for whom demand is
inelastic (wealthy
taxpayers) will reap the benefits in the form of increased consumption. The design of the
credits also precludes a distributional change in education investment.

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