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									Volume 5 Summer 2010 Issue

                                    The Full Plate
Well summer has finally arrived and that’s always a good thing. However, it does bring warmer temperatures
into the plant as well. Please remember to keep yourself hydrated and cool. Most areas of the plant have fans,
but if you find yourself in an area that doesn’t, there are portable fans that can be moved around.

We’ve survived the closing of Value Added and the layoffs that followed. We are currently experiencing
more volume in the export business which will add a few more jobs to the plant. Hopefully the business will
continue grow at a sustainable pace. These are very uncertain economic times as many countries are
experiencing huge deficits. Not only does it effect our country but also the stock market as well. Please take
the time to check your own financial situation and make any necessary adjustments.

We are going to have some visitors to the plant in the next few months. In mid June, Paul McKeon who is the
head of Building Products for Pilkington is scheduled to be in the plant. In mid July, Dick Altman President of
North America will be here to address the employees at the monthly communication meeting.

We have a new USW Staff Representative, Catherine Houston from San Leandro. Catherine spends most of
her time in the Central Valley and was the force behind bringing the North Valley Labor Federation meeting
to our hall in April. Catherine is a vocal supporter of many USW activities through out California. Don’t be
surprised to find Catherine at our Union meetings. She was in the plant a few months ago and I’ll bring her in
as often as she has time. She can also be reached at 510-457-5175.

There have been questions about Skill Base Pay and training. Please fill out a Training/Assessment Request
Form for any of your training or assessment needs. They are available in the Union office and the personnel
office. If you need any help on this, please stop by the office. Always make copies of your signed papers.

Felix Diaz, an 11 year production employee passed away on June 6th. May your thoughts and prayers go out
to Felix’s family.

Jim Gulbronson, President

                                  Furnace Repair & Layoff Information
 The last thing we have heard on a repair is that Lathrop is third in line. The latest projection is 2013.
Union Plus offers many benefits that are available to any Union member. Please check out the web site at
www.unionplus.org for more information and enrollment. There are discounts on credit cards, mortgages,
moving, legal services, education services, travel, computers, clothing and much, much more.

                             2010 USW Phillip Murray Scholarships
Once again Local 418 had winners of the USW District 12 2010 Phillip Murray Scholarships. Lorianne
Pettis, daughter of John Pettis and Andrew Gulbronson, son of Jim Gulbronson each won a $1,500
Scholarship to further their education. Both recently graduated with honors from Sierra High school in
Manteca. Lorianne will be attending Fresno State, undecided on a major and will also be a cheerleader.
Andrew will be attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, majoring in Civil Engineering.

Previous winners of the scholarships were, Jennifer Hiemstra, daughter of Jerry Hiemstra in 2007 and Laura
Burks, daughter of Bonita Burks in 2008. Jennifer will be a senior majoring in theatre at Oklahoma City
University in Oklahoma and Laura will be a junior at Fresno State majoring in communications and then
heading to law school.

Don’t forget about the USW Glass Conference Lawrence Bankowski $1,000 Scholarship
for graduating high school seniors. Entry forms are in the union office.
                                                       Page 3

                 Health Care                                                    The VP’s Desk:
                                                                      Change, change, change, seems like every
Insurance coverage will be changing next year as
                                                                month we are seeing another change. Some of
some of the Health Care Reform bill provisions
                                                                these changes are good, some not so good.
are enacted. None of this comes without a price.
                                                                Shipments are up, that is good. Tonnage and
We usually don’t get renewal costs until the fall.
                                                                quality are up, that is good. Overtime is up, that
Contractually we already know there will be a two
                                                                for most is not so good. Absenteeism also up, also
percent increase in premiums.
                                                                not good. As a group we will continue to meet the
                                                                demands put in front of us. We will continue to
It’s a bit early to know what changes will be done
                                                                address the need for more positions on the factory
by January 1, 2011 but some things will change.
                                                                floor. We will continue pressing to get your
Will coverage continue to age 26? Will the
                                                                training needs addressed. And we will continue to
lifetime coverage be eliminated? Those and other
                                                                do so within the confines of the current labor
answers will be coming this fall.
As soon as any information is given to us it will be
                                                                   As this article is being written we are on Day 2
handed out to everyone.
                                                                of yet another bid. I have lost track of how many
                                                                bids we have had in the last 12 months. But each
                                                                one is for a reason; this particular bid is adding 2
Has your eye prescription changed? If it has,
                                                                positions and taking the end cap crews to 7 day
don’t forget to have your safety glasses updated as
                                                                operation. As we go through the summer let’s not
well. Please see Greg H. to get a form you can
                                                                get distracted by all these changes and forget
take to Harder Optical in Manteca for new safety
                                                                about safety. We have had some close calls
                                                                recently and luck was on our side. Let’s not rely
                                                                on luck because at some point it is sure to run out.

                                                                Ted Williams
                                                                Local 418 Vice President

                                                                                Union Meetings
                                                                Up coming Union meetings on Wednesdays are

                                                                       July 14th, Aug 11th, Sept. 15th,
                Union Web Site
The Local does have a web site and it can be                     The September meeting will be on
located at www.uswlocal418g.org
                                                                 the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
                                                       Page 4
                                                                Workers in education, training, and library
                                                                occupations had the highest unionization rate at
      North Valley Labor Federation                             38.1 percent.

                                                                Among states, New York had the highest union
Local 418G hosted 35 local labor leaders on
                                                                membership rate (25.2 percent) and North
Thursday April 1, as the newly created North
                                                                Carolina had the lowest rate (3.1 percent).
Valley Labor Federation elected its Director
Marcie Bayne. The NVLF formed through the
partnership of 3 labor councils in the 6 county
area. The goal of the NVLF is to develop a
comprehensive plan for all state, regional and
national political and labor programs.
                                                                                   Staff Office
                                                                          1820 Galindo Street, Suite 240
The Local is also helping out NVLF by allowing
                                                                               Concord, CA 94520
them to use the hall office as a call center for the
                                                                                 (925) 798-7050
primary election. TEMSA, a Union of paramedics
                                                                              (925) 798-4945 (Fax)
in the valley, is also using the office for
negotiation of their first contract.
                                                                          Catherine Houston– Staff Rep.
                                                                          Yolanda Morales – Secretary

                                                                                USW Local 418G
                                                                                  P.O. Box 342
                                                                               Lathrop, CA 95330

Upcoming Holidays for 2010                                      President       Jim Gulbronson 649-8647
                                                                Vice-President Ted Williams     649-0749
                                                                Tom Devencenzi Financial Secretary
July 5, 2010 (Monday)
                                                                Dennis Kanary Treasurer
Sept. 6, 2010 (Monday)
                                                                Dave Schreiber Recording Secretary
November 25, 2010 (Thursday)
                                                                Dennis Long     Trustee
November 26, 2010 (Friday)
                                                                Janice Upchurch Trustee
Dec 27th-31st 2010 (Monday-Friday)
                                                                Arnaldo Ochoa Trustee

                                                                            Buy American Made
                                                                Buying American made goods is the best way to
More public sector employees (7.9 million)                      protect jobs, which some day may be your own.
belonged to a union than did private sector                     See unionplus.org.
employees (7.4 million), despite there being 5
times more wage and salary workers in the private               Shop America first!! www.shopunionmade.org
                                                     Page 5
PAYMENTS FROM THE RSVP 401k                                   • Withdrawals from the RSVP are subject to
(WHILE EMPLOYED)                                              ordinary income taxes.
The primary purpose of the RSVP is to provide                 • Amounts withdrawn before age
you with a long-term savings program. There are,              59 1⁄2 are also subject to an IRS penalty tax equal
however, certain circumstances when you may be                to 10% of the amount withdrawn in addition to
eligible to withdraw money from your account.                 federal income tax (unless the withdrawal is for
While employed with PNA, you may receive                      deductible medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of
money from your account in one of the following               your adjusted gross income).
ways:                                                         • Hardship withdrawals, unlike loans, cannot be
• After-tax withdrawals                                       repaid once they are distributed.
• Age withdrawals after age 59 1⁄2                            Hardship withdrawals are only permitted for the
• Hardship withdrawals                                        following reasons:
                                                              • To purchase or construct a primary residence.
After-tax Withdrawals                                         • To prevent eviction from or foreclosure on your
Although the RSVP no longer allows after-tax                  primary residence.
contributions, participants who have an after-tax             • To pay for medical expenses that are necessary
account balance may withdraw all or a portion of              and are not covered by health insurance.
that amount at any time. You can choose to either             • To pay for the next 12 months of post-secondary
receive the payment by direct deposit or have a               school education for yourself or a member of your
check sent to you.                                            immediate family.
                                                              • To pay for funeral expenses for lineal ascendants
Age Withdrawals After Age 59 1⁄2                              or descendents of you or your spouse.
After you reach age 59 1⁄2, you may withdraw
some or all of the vested value of your RSVP                  Withdrawal Amount. The minimum amount for
account without qualifying for a hardship                     a hardship withdrawal is $1,000. You may also be
withdrawal. You can choose to either receive the              eligible to request 125% of the actual hardship
payment by direct deposit or have a check sent to             amount to offset your tax liability for an early
you.                                                          withdrawal. The hardship withdrawal may be from
                                                              your own Before-Tax Contributions and earnings
Hardship Withdrawals                                          from these contributions that were made to your
Because of the tax advantages the RSVP offers,                account prior to January 1, 1989.
the IRC restricts before-tax withdrawals from the
RSVP prior to age 59 1⁄2. However certain                     Withdrawal Request. To request a hardship
financial hardships may allow you to take an early            withdrawal application, you must call 1-800-568-
withdrawal. A financial hardship generally means              4015 or access the Web site. You will need to
you are not able to obtain the money from any                 return the application along with the necessary
other source. Additionally, you must have taken               evidence of the hardship. If the hardship is
any available loans for which you are eligible                approved, your check will be mailed within 7
before requesting a hardship withdrawal.                      days.
• Your withdrawal cannot exceed the amount
required to satisfy the specific need,
• You must suspend your Before-Tax
Contributions to the RSVP for 6 months from the
time the withdrawal is processed, and
                                                        Page 6

PAYMENTS FROM THE RSVP (401k)                                    This information was taken out of the 401k
(IF YOU ARE NO LONGER EMPLOYED)                                  Summary Plan Description book. It is available on
A distribution is a payout of your vested account                the 401k web site. You may download the entire
balance, which includes your contributions, the                  booklet to your home computer. Please take the
PNA contributions and the investment earnings on                 time to read and understand all of the rules of the
these contributions.                                             401k.
• Retirement: You are eligible to receive the full
value of your account when you take either normal                Companies are not required to put all of the
(at least age 65) or early retirement from PNA. For              information in these books. If you have additional
purposes of RSVP account distributions,                          questions, you can contact the 401k center. If
employees are eligible to retire if they are age 55              you’re not satisfied with their answer, contact your
and have at least four years of service or if they               Union reps.
elect an early or normal retirement under any other
retirement plan provided by PNA or its affiliates.               We have had numerous questions on withdrawals
                                                                 and I hope this explains what you can and can’t
• Permanent and Total Disability: You are                        do. If you really need money, don’t put all of your
entitled to receive the full value of your account               savings in the 401k. Put in the minimum you need
should you become permanently and totally                        to get the maximum return, which is 5%.
disabled and, therefore, unable to continue
working.                                                         It is also important that you check your
                                                                 beneficiary on a regular basis. You may want to
• Death: Upon your death, your beneficiary will                  change it or sometimes as it has in the past,
receive the balance in your account, including                   computer files mess up and the beneficiary can be
both vested and non-vested amounts.                              changed to an older one. I haven’t heard of this
                                                                 happing recently but I know from experience it
• Other Termination of Employment: If you                        has happened.
leave PNA for any other reason, you are eligible to
receive a distribution of the vested portion of your             We also want to remind you that if you are laid
account.                                                         off, you cannot get a loan.

Distribution Options. If you do not make a                       If you are absent from work due to an unpaid
distribution request within 90 days of your                      leave of absence or layoff, your loan payments
termination of employment and the value of your                  will be suspended for the period of the leave, up to
account is less than $5,000, your account balance                a maximum of 12 months. Upon your return, the
will be paid to you in the form of a lump sum                    outstanding loan balance will be re-amortized, and
distribution.                                                    the term of the loan will be extended by the period
If your account is valued at more than $5,000                    of the leave, to the extent that the loan will not
when you leave PNA, you may:                                     exceed 5 years from the original loan.
• Request a lump sum distribution.
• Request a partial distribution if you are age 55 or            There can be serious tax consequences when
older – You are eligible to request one payment                  dealing with hardship withdrawals and defaulted
per calendar year.                                               loans. Please be prepared to pay the IRS should
• Defer distribution until a later date – This date              anything ever happen.
must be no later than April 1st of the year
following the calendar year in which you reach
age 70 1⁄2 unless you’re still working.

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