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VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                 OCTOBER 2009

Keeping ICE Out of the Workplace: An Update in I-9 Compliance

By Keelin Curran                      By Elena Burt                         to employers, an increase from the
Member                                Associate                             503 notices issued in all of 2008.
Stoel Rives LLP                       Stoel Rives LLP
                                                                            Given this shift in enforcement
                                                                            policy and the changes in state and
                                                                            federal legislation, how does an
                                                                            employer avoid a visit from ICE?
                                                                            Ensure Proper I-9 Verification
                                                                            Employment is one of the stron-
                                                                            gest magnets drawing unauthor-
                                                                            ized individuals to the United
                                                                            States. In 1986, Congress attempt-
                                                                            ed to weaken the magnetic pull of
                                                                            employment by passing legislation
                                                                            requiring all employers to verify
                                                                            the identity and employment au-
                                                                            thorization of each newly hired
                                                                            Please see> ICE, P3
By now, most healthcare em-           On April 30, 2009, the Department
ployers have heard of E-Verify.
But many remain uncertain as to
                                      of Homeland Security (DHS) an-
                                      nounced a shift in its enforcement
                                                                               Inside This Issue
whether E-Verify applies to them.     focus from work site raids in which   Keeping ICE Out of the
                                                                            Workplace: An Update in I-9      1
And for good reason – the final       undocumented workers are the tar-     Compliance
rule requiring certain federal con-   get to employers of undocumented
tractors and subcontractors to use    workers. Immigration and Cus-         Letter from the Publisher
                                                                            and Editor
E-Verify has been embroiled in lit-   toms Enforcement (ICE) agents
igation and its implementation de-    were given specific instructions to   Healthcare Finance:
                                                                            Retirement Plan
layed no less than four times. Add    “obtain indictments, criminal ar-     Management: Part 1 - Fund It,
state legislation mandating the use   rest or search warrants, or a com-    Fix It or Forget About It?
of E-Verify to the mix, and you       mitment from a U.S. Attorney’s
                                                                            Healthcare Administration:
have a nationwide patchwork quilt     Office to prosecute the targeted      What Employers Should Know       6
of E-Verify requirements – enough     employer, before arresting em-        About Employment Screening
to make any employer dizzy. Yet,      ployees for civil immigration vio-
                                                                            Health Insurance Carrier
now more than ever, it is critical    lations at a work site.” This shift   Financial Information:
for employers to understand and       in enforcement policy was illus-      California Accident and Health   7
comply with the I-9 requirements      trated on July 1, 2009, when ICE      Insurance Premiums Market
                                                                            Share Report Through 06-30-09
that apply to them.                   issued 652 Notices of Inspection
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     February 2009                                                Human Resources                              January 2, 2009                January 19, 2009

        March 2009                                                    Rural Hospitals                         February 2, 2009               February 23, 2009

          April 2009                                              Insurance Carriers                            March 2, 2009                  March 23, 2009

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    November 2009                                             Urban Medical Clinics                            October 1, 2009                October 19, 2009

    December 2009                                                    Urban Hospitals                         November 2, 2009               November 23, 2009
                                                                                                  Volume 1, Issue 1
<ICE, from P1                         to the list of those required to use     •   Ensure documents appear gen-
                                      E-Verify as a result of a recent             uine, pertain to the employee
Employers comply with this re-        federal court decision upholding a           providing them, and are on
quirement through the use of the      regulation requiring covered fed-            the current List of Acceptable
Form I-9, which they must ensure      eral contractors and subcontrac-             Documents;
is timely and properly completed.     tors to use E-Verify. In light of this
Within three business days of the                                              •   Re-verify applicable docu-
                                      decision, all employers should re-
date employment begins, an em-                                                     ments prior to expiration;
                                      view whether they are federal con-
ployer must review documents          tractors or subcontractors subject       •   Store Form I-9s for three years
selected by an employee from the      to the E-Verify requirement.                 or one year after employment
current List of Acceptable Docu-
                                      Although many healthcare entities            ends, whichever is later;
ments, and complete the form by
verifying that the documents pre-     receive reimbursement for servic-        •   Consider adopting an I-9 com-
sented appear genuine on their        es to Medicare or Medicaid benefi-           pliance policy and designat-
face and relate to the employee       ciaries, reimbursement alone does            ing an “expert” to complete all
presenting them.                      not require healthcare employers             Form I-9s;
                                      to use E-Verify.
Understand E-Verify’s Manda-                                                   •   If errors are discovered, con-
tory Application                      But change may be coming. At                 sider conducting an internal
                                      the federal level, two competing             I-9 audit;
In 1996, an electronic component      bills requiring all employers to use
was added to the I-9 verification     E-Verify or a similar electronic         •   Follow procedures uniformly
process. E-Verify is a free, in-      database have been reintroduced              and document steps taken; and
ternet-based system used to elec-     in Congress. Bottom line – some          •   Stay apprised of the applicable
tronically confirm employment         form of mandatory electronic veri-           requirements, including E-Ver-
authorization. According to DHS,      fication for all employers is likely         ify, and consult counsel with
an independent research firm          on its way.                                  questions.
found that 96.9% of all queries run
                                      Tips for Employers
through E-Verify result in employ-
ment verification within 24 hours.    Until then, healthcare entities can      Keelin Curran is a member of Stoel
The remaining 3% of queries result    reduce the likelihood of an ICE          Rives LLP. Contact her at (206)
in electronic responses that either   visit by following the below steps:      386-7537 or kacurran@stoel.com.
require employers to take addition-   •   Properly and timely complete         Elena Burt is an associate of the
al steps to verify work authoriza-        the current version of the Form      firm. Contact her at (206) 386-
tion or to terminate an employee          I-9 for all new hires;               7681 or ecburt@stoel.com
based on the system’s inability to
verify work authorization.
Although initially only available
to employers in five states on a
voluntary basis, E-Verify is now
available to employers nationwide.
And it is no longer strictly volun-
tary; many states have enacted
legislation mandating the use of E-
Verify. To complicate matters, cit-
ies and counties in numerous states
have passed ordinances mandating
the use of E-Verify for certain em-
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group of employers will be added
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Retirement Plan Management: Part 1 - Fund It, Fix It or Forget About It?
By Ward M. Harris                      aligned with the best interests of       Liability Issues: The actuarial pro-
Managing Director                      their corporate customers.               fessional has historically played a
McHenry Partners
                                       The primary issue for most em-           prominent role in this arena, related
                                       ployers is how the DB plan can           to plan design, administration and
                                       help build and grow the employ-          operation, including calculations
                                       er’s primary business. Successful        and regulatory reporting. In today’s
                                       DB consulting relationships begin        environment, specialty-consulting
                                       with the business needs of the em-       support for DB plan design and li-
                                       ployer. Actuarial and investment         ability management are critical el-
                                       consulting can follow to meet the        ements in plan sponsors’ ability to
                                       critical business objectives, but        make informed decisions.
                                       success is more likely if there is a     Asset Issues: Investment services
                                       coordinated, collaborative strate-       in a DB environment call for skills,
                                       gic plan.                                experiences and tools very differ-
                                       Decision Model                           ent from the typical 401(k) or retail
                                       In trying times like these, many         investment advisor or consultant.
Background                             options are available to plan spon-      Relatively few professionals have
                                       sors. You can fund, fix, freeze or       the requisite resources to support
Defined benefit plans were de-
                                       even terminate your plan. Each           DB business and liability issues
signed to provide certainty and sta-
                                       decision path carries both risk and      from the investment perspective.
bility in the delivery of retirement
income for workers. The impact of      opportunity. The skill, care, dili-      In an ideal world, the administra-
the Pension Protection Act along       gence and objectivity of your advi-      tion and investment professionals
with the recent market melt-down       sors can have significant and long-      you use would be full partners able
have combined to place incredible      lasting effects upon your plan, your     to understand and help address
pressures on the entire pension        corporation and even your own            business issues. Is that the world
system. Many plans have gone           professional and personal success.       you live in?
from over-funded to under-funded       The first step in an orderly ap-         Next Time: “Retirement Plan
status. Strategies and tactics long    proach to weighing your decisions        Management: Part 2 – Ward’s Top
recommended and considered safe        is to decide who you want to rely        Five List of Pension SNAFUS”
no longer seem to perform as ad-       upon and in what roles or areas
vertised.                              of expertise. There are basically        Ward Harris is Managing Direc-
Mid-market pension plans face          three perspectives on any pension        tor with McHenry Partners, a na-
many challenges, among them: 1)        plan decisions: business issues, li-     tional investment consulting firm.
Actuarial and investment profes-       ability issues and asset issues.         He has over 30 years experience
sionals often don’t understand or      Business Issues: These are the C-        in investments for corporate and
fully appreciate the full impact of    Level topics tied to business sur-       not-for-profit organizations, Ward
their counsel to clients; 2) Advi-     vival and success. These deal di-        has served clients in consulting
sors and brokers may receive com-      rectly with P&L and balance sheet        and management roles at Union
pensation that is inconsistent with    impacts of pension plan decisions.       Bank of California, Schwab Insti-
best practices and good advice;        The employer’s own staff, legal          tutional and Rogerscasey, Inc. He
and 3) Investment and administra-      counsel and consulting generalists       can be reached at 1-800-638-8121
tion vendors’ business models and      are the most important resources         or ward.harris@mchenrypartners.
financial interests may not be well-   for this area of effort.                 com.
Over 7,000 healthcare leaders on the West Coast receive
Healthcare News publications each month. As a healthcare
organization, doesn’t it make sense to target recruiting to
the people most qualified to fill your jobs?
To learn about ways the California Healthcare News can
help recruit your new leaders contact David Peel at
dpeel@cahcnews.com or 425-577-1334.

 California Healthcare News
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What Employers Should Know About Employment Screening
By Jeff Sears                            tious as they identify candidates             ment screening. Increasingly,
Director of Sales                        for their open positions. Why? In             the policies are being “built by
Intelius Screening Solutions
                                         2009 alone, resume falsification              committee.” Meaning, HR and
                                         has skyrocketed. For example, a               staffing leadership are working
                                         recent survey conducted by the                closer with their business-unit
                                         Society for Human Resource Man-               counterparts to define strategy
                                         agement (SHRM) found that 52%                 and policy requirements. By
                                         of job seekers admitted to “making            doing so, HR and staffing pro-
                                         some sort of false claim on their             fessionals are gaining greater
                                         resumes.”                                     buy-in on their policies and
                                         The good news is healthcare re-               programs and are seeing them
                                         cruiters can and are taking action            embraced more often organiza-
                                         to overcome these challenges. By              tion-wide.
                                         following simple employment               3. Brush Up on Industry Regula-
                                         screening best-practices, health-             tion To Ensure Legal Compli-
                                         care organizations can reduce turn-           ance: HR and staffing practi-
                                         over, cut costs, increase efficiency          tioners in leading healthcare
With the Summer season drawing                                                         organizations spend time stay-
                                         and improve hiring compliance,
quickly to a close, I find myself re-                                                  ing current on the latest regula-
                                         while reducing risk significantly to
flecting on what an interesting year                                                   tions to ensure their organiza-
                                         their organizations and those they
this has been for healthcare organi-                                                   tions are compliant. Screening
zations as it relates to employment.                                                   your employees as governed
In the 2009 monthly employment           Intelius’ Best Practices for Health-
                                         care Employment Screening                     by industry, state and federal
report published by the U.S. De-                                                       regulations reduces the risk of
partment of Labor, healthcare was        1. Commit To Screening – It’s                 litigation and potential fines
one of only two industries that ex-         Proactive, Cost-Effective Risk             that could have a detrimental
perienced employment growth for             Management:         Employment             impact on your bottom line.
the month of July – adding 20,000           screening is a simple and cost-
                                                                                   Following these simple screen-
to its ranks nationally.                    effective step any organiza-
                                                                                   ing best-practices can go miles in
While some might think statistics           tion can take to mitigate risk
                                                                                   avoiding costly hiring mistakes.
like this paint a rosy picture for          against unqualified or unsafe
                                                                                   Working with a solution provid-
healthcare, HR and staffing profes-         individuals becoming part of
                                                                                   er, you’ll be able to quickly and
sionals are still faced with difficult      their workforce. For what can
                                                                                   cost-effectively streamline your
recruitment challenges including:           be as little as 1-2 hours pay per
                                                                                   processes to cut costs, improve
high employee turnover, managing            new hire, healthcare organiza-
                                                                                   compliance and mitigate organi-
the massive influx of resumes from          tions can instill a first line of
                                                                                   zational risk – and who knows,
a growing national unemployment             defense quickly to protect their
                                                                                   you could even make your orga-
rate (9.7% in the month of July)            staff, patients and customers.
                                                                                   nization a little more productive
and increased resume scrutiny on         2. Define Your Employment                 along the way.
every potentially qualified candi-          Screening Policy – By Com-
date identified in the recruitment          mittee: Leading organizations,         Jeff Sears is the Director of Sales
process. In times like this, HR             in all industries, have defined,       for Intelius Screening Solutions.
and staffing professionals need to          documented and instituted for-         Email Jeff at jsears@intelius.com
be extra diligent and overly cau-           mal policies around employ-            or visit www.hr.intelius.com.
                                                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 1

           Health Insurance Carrier Financial Information

 California Accident and Health Insurance Premiums Market Share Report Through 06-30-091
 Company                                                                         Premiums              Market
  Code2        Carrier Name                                                     YTD 06-30-093          Share4
   62825       Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health Insurance Co.                      $1,906,690,694            24.6%
   79413       UnitedHealthcare Insurance Co.                                       $827,129,224            10.7%
   60054       Aetna Life Insurance Co.                                             $795,225,316            10.3%
   61557       Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Co.                $549,891,425             7.1%
   66141       Health Net Life Insurance Co.                                        $527,594,339             6.8%
   62308       Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.                               $312,893,982             4.0%
   65978       Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.                                      $298,917,744             3.9%
   64246       Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America                               $190,580,054             2.5%
   60380       American Family Life Assurance Co. of Columbus (AFLAC)               $161,431,525             2.1%
   70785       Pacificare Life and Health Insurance Company                         $144,100,252             1.9%
   62235       Unum Life Insurance Co. of America                                   $131,179,741             1.7%
   69019       Standard Insurance Co.                                               $108,480,069             1.4%
   70025       Genworth Life Insurance Co.                                          $106,116,509             1.4%
   61271       Principal Life Insurance Company                                     $101,730,916             1.3%
   80314       Unicare Life & Health Insurnace Co.                                   $98,311,461             1.3%
   70815       Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co.                                $95,820,954             1.2%
   73288       Humana Insurance Co.                                                  $93,627,132             1.2%
   65498       Life Insurance Co. of North America                                   $83,191,660             1.1%
   65099       John Hancock Life Insurance Co.                                       $76,396,798             1.0%
   68241       Prudential Insurance Co. of America                                   $54,601,827               .7%
   65676       Lincoln National Life Insurance Co.                                   $53,341,820               .7%
   62049       Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Co.                                $50,313,891               .6%
   65315       Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston                                  $49,736,647               .6%
   68381       Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.                                  $41,699,605               .5%
   68322       Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Co.                               $38,966,633               .5%
               Estimate of All Others4                                              $852,029,782            10.9%
               Estimated Total   4
                                                                                  $7,750,000,000          100.0%
Notes: 1Per National Association of Insurance Commissioner (NAIC) filings. 2Company code as assigned by the NAIC.
 Premiums are reported gross of reinsurance assumed and reinsurance ceded. 4Estimates by the California Healthcare
News based on unadjusted Total Premiums Written in California from the 2008 Life and Annuity Market Share Report as
published by the California Department of Insurance (www.insurance.ca.gov).

                                                                Prsrt Std
                                                               US Postage
                                                             Olympic Presort

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             Solutions for the Workplace
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