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									                                                                                   Northwoods Association
                                                                                    of REALTORS®, Inc.

                               Volume 5 Issue 1                                          Volume 5 Issue 1
                                                                                            May 2007

                             President’s Message-
                             Duanne Swift
                                          I see boaters, fishermen and sun-        Inside this issue:
                                          bathers enjoying the summer while
                                          I am working. I have to confess to a     President’s Message       1
                                          degree of envy.

                                          While driving in to work not too         Meet the Candidate        6-8
                                          long ago I heard a song on the ra-
                                          dio. I was flipping through stations
Smell the Roses this Summer               at the time and am not much of a         Calendar of Events        4
As business owners, REALTORS®             country music fan, but heard a song
are facing a good news-bad news           playing whose lyrics hit home. I
situation over the next few               don’t recall the artist but the title    Gad Report                5
months. The good news? It’s sum-          was something like, “Live Everyday
mer! The bad can be the same              Like You’re Dying.” Despite the
thing. Business will be picking up,       majority of everyone’s business oc-      MLS Stats                 12

to put it mildly, over the next few       curring over the next few months I
months, but I hope you will               hope you will take sometime for
                                          yourself this summer and enjoy the       GNMLS                     13
remember to save sometime for                                                      President’s Message
                                          Northwoods. When the time
yourself as well.                         comes for your eulogy it is unlikely
                                          that you will be remembered as a         NWAR Minutes              14
Like many of us in the profession, I      person who got every dime of
moved to the Northwoods to be             commission available. Maybe better
closer to the outdoors. I believed        to be recalled as a great parent or           The next regularly
that I could have it all, live in a       grandparent in the summer memo-               scheduled Board of
great place and make a living. While      ries of those you love. Have a great          Directors Meeting
there have been times I’ve ques-          summer.                                          Thursday
tioned the latter, all in all, a great
decision . However, I have found, as      Duanne Swift– Butternut Creek,                JULY 26, 2007
you may have as well, that it is          LLC                                       at the Board Offices.
more difficult to enjoy the summer                                                         NWAR: 8:30
months while serving the rather            TIP OF THE MONTH                             GNMLS: 10:00am
transient population. For many of                                                 Members are always Welcome!
us the hectic pace of summer and         WHEN UPDATING A VACANT LAND
                                                                                  If you would like a copy of the
the growing demands of our busi-         LISTING, BE SURE THAT YOU                minutes or agenda please email
                                         CHANGE THE DROP DOWN BOX IN              your request to:
ness take us away from some of
                                         THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER TO VA-  
the reasons we may live here in the      CANT LAND (IT DEFAULTS TO RESI-          PARTICIPANTS may also request
first place. As I look out my office     DENTIAL) BEFORE PROCEEDING.              copies of the GNMLS minutes and
window overlooking Brandy Lake           THIS WILL ELIMINATE THE UNNEC-           agenda by contacting:
on a Saturday or Sunday,                 ESSARY MANDATORY FIELDS        
                             Page 2                                           Volume 5 Issue 1

      Volume 5                             MEMBERSHIP UPDATE-
       Issue 1                                                                Second Notice of Orientation
                                                                                                                      Steve Peters– Peters
                                         First Notice of Orientation          Orientation is a National Asso-         Real Estate
A publication of the Northwoods                                               ciation and local requirement of
Association of REALTORS®
                                         Tom Suriano– Lakewood Realty         membership and contains the             Janelle Pagels– C21
                                         Completed                            requisite NWAR® ethics and fair         WTW
Officers of the Association                                                   housing training. New members
                                         Ron Jones– Coldwell Banker
Duanne Swift, President – 358-9490                                            are given two consecutive oppor-
                                         Mulleady MW– Completed               tunities to attend. Failure to at-
Cheryl Kelsey Pres-Elect -356-9897                                                                                    Installation is the final step
                                         Jon Davis– First Weber-MQA-          tend will result in a reassessment of   to becoming a REALTOR®.
Aprelle Rawski Sec/treas– 482-0521
                                                                              association dues and fees.              Applicants have two con-
Sandy Ebben, Past President - 365-3000   Completed                                                                    secutive opportunities to
                                                                              First Notice of Installation
Directors                                Jim Nieckula– RE/MAX First-MQA                                               attend a GMM and com-
                                                                              Tom Suraina-Lakewood                    plete installation. Failure
Nancy Kuczmarski– 365-3000
                                         Michael Sabec– C21 Pierce– Mercer                                            to attend will result in a
Anita Wilde- 356-9897                                                         Ron Jones– CBMulleady                   reassessment of association
                                         Diane Krieghoff– Eliason Realty of                                           dues and fees with the
Theresa Williams-356-2388                                                     Jon Davis– First Weber
                                         the North– ER                                                                continued requirement to
Adam Redman –356-3207                                                         Second Notice of Installation           be installed. The next
Jim Klaric-356-4457                      Karl Pippenger– RE/Max New Hori-                                             scheduled installation is
                                         zons– Phillips                      Sharon Goetsch-Gregory Realty
Rick Zoerb– 365-3000                                                                                                  May 21st , 2006 at the
Ex– Officios                             Brenda Flasch Jim Tait Real Estate– Mindy Ferg– Vacationland                 General Membership
                                                                                                                      Meeting at theWhite Tail
                                         MQA                                 Tiffeny Fourt– Re/Max Invest             Inn commencing at
Mike Mulleady, 356-4457
Joan Seramur, 356-9521                                                        Bill Kasch– Bilmar Properties           4:30pm

  The Northwoods                          Membership Transfers
  REALTOR® is a monthly
  publication intended to                 NAME                   FROM                                  TO
  inform members of                       Terry Johnson            First Weber– Eagle River                       Released
  events and REALTOR®
  requirements, educate                   Gerald Fudula            C21 WTW                                        RE/MAX First
  members as to important                 Kim Pehlke               RE/MAX North                                   Released
  issues, and provide a
  forum for communication.                Cynthia Cwik             RE/MAX North                    Released
                                          Bonnie Steinmetz         Bayview Real Estate              RE/MAX Invest
  If you would like to                    Nicole Godin             Coldwell Banker Mulleady RHI    Released
  submit an article or                    Richard Brashler         Coldwell Banker Mulleady-LOL    C21 Burkett-LOL
  purchase advertising to be
                                          Cheryl Eskridge          First Weber– Eagle River      Cheryl Eskridge Real Estate
  published in the
  newsletter please contact               Dave McMahon             Vacationland Prop-MQA           Do North Realty
  us at                                   Willie Tollard           C21 WTW                         RE/MAX First                    Tiffeny Fourt            C21 Pine Point                  RE/MAX Invest
  or at                                   Duane Lindstrom          Vacationland Properties-Mall    Released
  715-356-3400.                           William Jensch           Vacationland Properties-Mall    Released
                                          Terry Lingofelt          Vacationland Properties-Mall    Released
  Editorial Staff
                                          Christopher Rhyner       RE/MAX First                    Released
                                          Christine Kimball        Schmidt Haus Realty-MQA Schmidt Haus Realty– Presque Is
                                          Cheri Schmidt            Schmidt Haus Realty-MQA Schmidt Haus Realty– Presque Is
                Time is running out       Welcome 3 new NWAR® Offices–
                to make your RPAC
                contribution for this     Schmidt Haus Realty*– Presque Isle, Cheryl Eskridge Real Estate*-Conover &
                fiscal year!
                                          Lakewood Realty, LLC*- Mercer        * Denotes also joined the GNMLS
                The Northwoods REALTOR®                               Page 3

                                 May 21st Golf Outing,
                                 NWAR & GNMLS Elections
                                 & RPAC Auction-
                                 Whitetail Inn-St Germain
   Election polls opens at Noon
   Golfing– Shotgun Start at 12:30pm
   Polls close- 5:45pm
   Dinner –6:00pm
   Installation of new members & Election results– 6:30pm
   Auction starts at 6:45pm

                        REGISTRATION FORM
GOLF TEAMS: Please list the team members you will be
golfing with (if no preference leave blank):_________________
Name_____________________________________________ Number attending_________
Amount Enclosed: $_____________________
Bill to my credit card Visa or Mastercard: $22.00 per person Dinner Only (If
paying by cash or check– discounted price $20 per person Dinner only)
$88.00 per person Dinner & Golf (If paying by cash or check– discounted price
$80.00 per person Dinner & Golf)
Name on Card______________________________________________
Security Code (3 digits on back of Card_________
   Page 4                                             Volume 5 Issue 1

                                                MAY 2007
                     S    M                 T         W          T       F    S
                                            1    2 Orienta-      3       4    5
Calendar of Events


                     6    7                 8    9               10      11   12

                     13   14                15   16 PCS & CMA    17      18   19

                     20   21Elections       22   23              24      25   26
                          GMM & Golf

                     27   28Board offices   29   30              31
                   Page 5                                   Volume 5 Issue 1

GAD REPORT– Kevin Jenkins

                                       Did you receive a gift you’ll            The options are limitless, but
                                       never use or were just unhappy           the most important thing is
                                       with? Consider re-gifting it to          that you do contribute! If you
                                       RPAC!                                    need assistance with transpor-
                                                                                tation of an item, please con-
                                                                                tact either myself at (715)
                                       Think outside of the box, such as        367-0206 or RPAC Chair
                                       offering a pontoon boat party for        Adam Redman at (715)892-
                                       8, complete with dinner & bever-         7325.
Please consider supporting             ages , or sporting event tickets.
                                                                                As always, if you have any
                                       For those REALTORS® that are             questions about RPAC or any
Monday, May 21st is the date           chefs, consider offering 1 dozen         other issues, do not hesitate to
of the annual NWAR® Golf                                                        contact me by e-mail gad-
                                       cookies a month for a year or a
Outing & RPAC Auction.                                                 or cell
                                       gourmet dinner for 4
This year’s outing will be                                                      (715)367-0206.
held at the St. Germain Golf
Course and the dinner/
auction will follow at the        Meet the Candidates– GNMLS®
Whitetail Inn.

                                                    Mark Wagner-
This event is the largest RPAC
                                                    Broker– C21
                                                    Hilgart Realty Park Falls      Mark and his wife Laurie
                                                                                   have owned and operated
                                                                                   CENTURY 21 Hilgart Realty
                                                                                   in Park Falls, Phillips and
                Erik Johnson-                  With over twenty years ex-          Winter for 24 years. With the
                Broker– RE/MAX First–          perience in real estate and al-     addition of their daughter,
                                               ways on the go, Mark Wagner         Cari to the real estate staff,
                Minocqua                       never has a dull mo-                they will make sure all of
                Prior & Current MLS Direc-     ment. Born and raised in Park       your real estate needs are
                tor . Former MLS Secretary /   Falls, he is familiar with the      taken care of. CENTURY 21
                Treasurer. RPAC Golf Chair .   Park Falls and surrounding          Hilgart Realty, Inc. currently
                                               areas and is well known             employs 21 sales agents/
                                               throughout the commu-               REALTORS and clerical staff
                                               nity. The land of northern          and services the areas of
               Jerry Burkett-                  Wisconsin is one of Mark's          Price, Ashland, Iron, Sawyer,
                                               passions....he loves the chal-      Rusk, Taylor and the sur-
               Broker– C21 Burkett Realty–
                                               lenge of helping people's           rounding counties in the north
               Eagle River.
                                               dreams come true with a new         central part of the state.
               Past MLS Director and           home, a beautiful parcel of
               MLS President.                  land or simply a vacation get-
                         Page 6                                           Volume 5 Issue 1

 Meet the Candidates– GNMLS®

                      President Elect– Bill Fricke                       Secretary/Treasurer– Carolyn
                                  I returned to Northern Wisconsin           Carolyn is the owner broker
                                  where I purchased a small resort,          of RE/MAX Properties and
                                  grocery store, hardware store, of
                                  which I built up and sold all
                                                                             serves as a current MLS di-
                                  three. I spent my next 10 years            rector. Carolyn has also
                                  at Timber Ridge Country Club               served as a past MLS direc-
 I am a life long resident of     where I was made General Man-              tor. Carolyn has been an ac-
 Northern Wisconsin.              ager in charge of Golf Opera-              tive member of the NWAR
 Grew up on a resort in the       tions, (with PGA class A-4 cre-
                                                                             Professional Standards Com-
 St. Germain area, gradu-         dentials-Golf Director). I was
                                  responsible for golf course main-          mittee as well as various
 ated High School from
 Eagle River and entered          tenance, golf pro shop opera-              MLS committees. She previ-
 the Military Service Dur-        tions, club house including bar            ously has served as chair of
 ing the Vietnam War,             and restaurant, accounting and             the Fair Housing Committee
 where I served for 3 years       payroll, managing 60 employees.
 as a Med-Tec in Colorado         I have been a licensed Real Es-
 Springs. .                       tate Agent for 10 years and own
                                  Minocqua Real Estate Store.

                                                        GNMLS Directors

                                                                                             Beth Poast
Janel Pagels                                                                                 I have been with RE/MAX for just over a
I have just recently accepted a position as Manag-                                           year. Prior to my relocation to Rhinelander,
ing Broker at Century 21 Woods to Water Realty                                               I worked in Southeastern Wisconsin for
in Minocqua. This is a transition period for the         Bob Sandlin                         First Weber Group, and was a member of
office as they have changed ownership, company                                               Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors.
                                                         A member in good standing of        I have been in sales all my life, spending 25
names and locations all within the past 10
                                                         the NAR since 1981. Past Presi-     years selling steel in Milwaukee/Chicago
months. I will be moving to the Minocqua area in
                                                         dent NWAR 2003 to 2004;             and other parts of the Midwest. In addition
June with my family. I am married to Jason and
                                                         Chairman of the Professional        to my real estate career, I am the property
have 2 sons; ages 6 and 8 and a daughter who is
                                                         Standards Committee 2005 and        manager for Three G’s Resort on Lake
4. I have been in real estate in Wisconsin Rapids
                                                         2007; Certified Instructor: Wis-    George. I am on the board of directors for
for 10 years, the first five of those years as an
                                                         consin Pre-License Law since        the Rhinelander Area Chamber of Com-
agent and the past five as broker/owner of Pagels
                                                         1991, Owner/Broker-Midwest          merce, and on the Pelican Promotions Com-
Real Estate. I was an active member of the Cen-
                                                         Realty LLC. I am a firm believer    mittee (room tax committee for the town-
tral Wisconsin Board of REALTORS® and Cen-
                                                         in professionalism in our indus-    ship of Pelican). I worked with the Oneida
tral Wisconsin MLS; most recently holding a di-
                                                         try and in the enforcement of our   County Biking & Walking Committee to
rectors position for the MLS. I have been active
                                                         MLS regulations. No one in our      establish a bike route from the resort area of
in RPAC and have volunteered for the RPAC
                                                         Association stands above the        Pelican into Rhinelander. I love selling real
Auction Committee the past few years, have
                                                         bylaws and rules that govern our    estate, and feel that although I have only
served on the Education Committee for our Board
                                                         organization. We do not need        lived here for a short period of time, I have
and was always willing to lend a hand where it
                                                         more regulations. We need to        spent my entire life dreaming about the
was needed. I hold the ABR and GRI Designa-
                                                         enforce the regulations that we     Northwoods. I understand why people want
tions and am currently working on my last class
                                                         have! Vote for for the    to purchase property here and enjoy all that
towards the CRS Designation. I am looking for-
                                                         above.                              we have to offer here in our area, as it is
ward to my new adventures in the North Woods
and excited to meet my fellow REALTORS®.                                                     what I have dreamed about all of my life!
                         The Northwoods REALTOR®                                            Page 7

                                Meet the Candidates– NWAR®
                                                 Secretary/ Treasurer-Rick Zoerb

                  President-Elect– Aprelle Rawski

Aprelle is the Broker-Owner of Back Roads
Realty in Rhinelander. Aprelle is the current         Rick Zoerb is a sales associate with First
NWAR Secretary/Treasurer after serving as a           Weber in Rhinelander, and currently serves
past director. Aprelle has been involved in           the association as an NWAR director and Co-
several NWAR and MLS committees                       Chairman of the Public Relations Committee.
including this year’s:                                Rick is married to fellow REALTOR®, Dan-
                                                      ielle Zoerb. They have three children:
MLS R&D Committee                                     Heather, Ryan and Andrew. Rick has served as
Habitat for Humanity Chair                            a Director and Treasurer of the Rhinelander
NWAR Habitat Liaison                                  Downtown Association as well as Director
                                                      and President of the Rhinelander Kiwanis
NWAR Professional Standards Committee.                Club. Rick’s experience as the General Man-
Aprelle’s past experience as the Rhinelander          ager of the Claridge Best Western, Vice Presi-
Chamber President has been helpful in her             dent of Operations and Board of Directors
current leadership position.                          from 1985-1988 is an asset to the position

                  Denise Goldsworthy
                                                         Jim Klaric–
                  Eliason Realty–
                                                         Coldwell Banker-
                  Eagle River                            Mulleady—Minocqua

 Denise Goldsworthy is one of the top-
 producing agents of Eliason Realty of the             Jim Klaric is a current NWAR director and
 North in the Eagle River office. She prides           looks forward to serving another term.
 herself on being professional.                        Jim is also the current NWAR Strategic
 Denise has lived in the area for 22 years and         Planning Chairmain, serves on the Profes-
 is actively involved in various community             sional Standards Committee and is a mem-
 events, sports and her church. She is                 ber of the newly formed MLS task force as
                                                       well as serving on last year’s MLS R&D com-
 married to Mark, they have 4 children.                mittee. Jim also serves as the incoming Presi-
 Her motto is K.I.S.S.                                 dent of the local Habitat For Humanity
 Denise looks forward to bringing smooth               Committee and has had many years experi-
 progress to the NWAR.                                 ence as a director for the Illinois Mortgage
                                                       Broker Association.
                         The Northwoods REALTOR®                                                      Page 8

                                  Meet the Candidates– NWAR®
                      Kim Brixius– RE/MAX Properties North
                                                                                 I obtained my Brokers license in
                                                                                2002, received extensive training
                                                                                in Buyer Brokerage, recently re-
                                            In 1997, we finally found a home    ceived my GRI designation and am
                                            with some acreage in the New        working towards my CRS designa-
                                            Wood area where we enjoy            tion. I am a strong advocate of
  I was born in a close-knit agricultural   Northwoods living to the fullest    continuing education and also be-
  community in Kenosha County and           whether it is fishing, hunting,     lieve that a strong community or
  always harbored the dream of living       riding our horses, or just savor-   organization requires commitment
  in the Northwoods of Wisconsin            ing the Northwoods lifestyle.       and involvement by its members.
  where I could enjoy the woods, wa-
  ter and abundant wildlife to the full-                                        God has blessed me richly in my
                                            After breaking the chains of cor-
  est. When the city expanded its                                               Northwoods endeavors and I
                                            porate life in the Kenosha area
  boundaries, my husband Gary and I                                             thank you for the honor of this
                                            and heading for the North-
  felt it was time to make the move to                                          nomination. If chosen to serve, I
                                            woods, I also decided to go for
  the Northwoods and, after searching                                           will commit to give you my best
                                            broke and pursue my 2nd dream
  the entire Northwoods, we decided                                             and to serve you with honesty and
                                            of becoming a REALTOR®
  that Tomahawk was the perfect                                                 integrity.
  place for us to raise our family.

                                                                                  TAX DATA UP-
The board will be releasing the video-streaming feature
on Monday, May 21st.This feature is designed for com-                             DATE FROM
panies that are working with web site providers and/or                            ANDREW AT
virtual tour companies. There will be a how-to power                              REALTYSERVER
point posted on the board web site on Friday, May 19.
                                                                                  I will be releasing the
                                                                                  changes at a rate of
The new policy for this feature is that the video (movie                          about at about 5000 re-
clip) must be completely unbranded! No mention of
                                                                                  cords a day over the
agent name, contact info, brokerage name, brokerage
contact info, brokerage signs in the footage, no names                            next couple weeks. Do-
in a voice over. Violating this policy will result in a $100                      ing the release in this
fine for each occurrence after the first warning.                                 way should allow us to
                                                                                  avoid having everyone
Also– The GNMLS will be working with RealtyServer to
                                                                                  download and install a
add a check box for variable rate commission.The Par-                             tax patch.
ticipants will be notified when this is completed.                                Thanks,
                 Volume 1, Issue 1                        Page 9

Thanks to all the sponsors of the 2007 RPAC Golf Outing:
Primary Sponsor:First National Bank of Eagle River
Beer Cart: Oneida Title & Abstract
Putting Green Contest: Shoreline Title& Northwoods National Bank
$100 Hole Sponsors: M&I Bank -Northwoods Title & Cornerstone
Custom Builders
People’s State Bank Raffles for the Non-Golfers– 5-$20 gas cards

                               First National Bank Prizes

                               #6    Hole in One-

                               #2 Hole in One– 7 Day Cruise

                               #11 Hole in One– Set of New
                                   Golf Clubs

                               #14 Hole in One- $500
                                   Credit At the Golf Shop

           Phelps       Three Lakes      St. Germain
                       Page 10                                              Volume 5 Issue 1
                                      INTERFACE/INTERFACE EXPRESS SUGGESTIONS FORM

Your suggestions for improvements on our systems are always welcome, however with the large volume of calls and
emails received at the board offices every day not every call gets properly recorded. Therefore, in an effort to im-
prove this situation we will require all further communications with regard to MLS changes be in writing on the short
form shown below. The form will be submitted to the MLS Research and Development and considered for submis-
sion to the MLS Board of Directors. If you supply your name and email address you will be notified of the board vote
on your idea.

Please note that your ideas and suggestions have a far better chance of being passed if you actually attend a board
meeting and “present your case”. If you wish to do so, please check the appropriate box on the form and you will be
notified of the next meeting date.

This form is intended for Interface and Interface Express suggestions only. Any comments or questions with
regard to PCSPRO should be directed to RealtyServer, as this is separate product not maintained by board
office staff.
Today’s Date:
Which system are you referring to?  Interface (Distributed Version)  Interface Express

What problem did you encounter?

What is your suggestion to rectify this problem?

Would you like to present your idea in person at the next MLS board meeting?  Yes  No

If you would like to be contacted with the date of the next meeting, or of the board decision on your idea please print your name, number,
and the best time to reach you.


Phone #:

Email :

Decisions to go forward with this suggestion?                                         Please fax, mail, or email this form to:
MLS R & D           Yes          No                                                         Greater Northwoods MLS
MLS BOD             Yes          No                                                                  Patricia Fried
Contact agent with decision ________                                                                    PO Box 377
                                       Date                                                       Woodruff, WI 54568
                                                                                                    Fax (715) 358-2338
The Northwoods REALTOR®   Page 11
                          Page 10                              The Northwoods REALTOR®
 April 2007 Oneida County                         April 2007 Vilas County Sales–              April 2007 Price County Sales– All
 Sales– All Offices                               All Offices                                 Offices

Average Sale Price: $172,120                     Average Sale Price: $378,370                 Average Sale Price: $114,393

                                                 Average Days On Market: 243                  Average Days On Market: 266
Average Days On Market: 242
                                                 Total Cash Value                             Total Cash Value
Total Cash Value                                 (Residential): $17,035,030                   (Residential): $1,715,900
(Residential): $8,916,050
                                                 Total Cash Value                             Total Cash Value (Commercial): $0
Total Cash Value                                 (Commercial): $370,000
(Commercial): $1,066,900                         Total Cash Value
                                                                                              Total Cash Value (Overall): $1,715,900
                                                 (Overall): $17,405,030
Total Cash Value (Overall): $9,982,950

                                                                                               Units Sold 15
Units Sold 58                                     Units Sold 46

                                                                                               April 2007 Iron County Sales–
 April 2007 Forest County                       April 2007 Lincoln County                      All Offices
                                                Sales—All Offices
 Sales– All Offices
                                                                                             Average Sale Price: $114,060
Average Sale Price: $85,749                    Average Sale Price: $145,245
                                                                                             Average Days On Market: 91
Average Days On Market: 211                    Average Days On Market: 178
                                                                                             Total Cash Value
Total Cash Value                               Total Cash Value
(Residential): $600,242                        (Residential): $2,540,150                     Total Cash Value (Commercial): $0

                                               Total Cash Value                              Total Cash Value
Total Cash Value (Commercial): $0
                                               (Commercial): $510,000

Total Cash Value (Overall): $600,242           Total Cash Value (Overall): $3,050,150

                                                                                              Units Sold 5
Units Sold 7                                   Units Sold 21

                                          April 2007 Langlade County Sales– All Offices

  Average Sale Price: $93,245
                                                                    Total Cash Value (Commercial): $200,000
  Average Days On Market: 210
                                                                    Total Cash Value (Overall): $1,864,900
  Total Cash Value (Residential): $1,664,900
                                                                           UNITS SOLD 20

            2007                               All Sales– All Counties– All Offices                            2006
                                                                              Average Sale Price: $148,460
Average Sale Price: $188,786

Average Days On Market: 231                                                   Average Days On Market: 573

Total Cash Value (Residential): $36,742,922                                   Total Cash Value (Residential): $33,218,954
Total Cash Value (Commercial): $2,146,900
                                                                              Total Cash Value (Commercial): $5,677,482
Total Cash Value (Overall): $38,889,822
                                                                              Total Cash Value (Overall): $38,896,436

      Units Sold 206                                                                 Units Sold 262
                       The Northwoods REALTOR®                                                    Page 13


                          GNMLS President’s Message-
                          Jim Gabrielsen

                                            Those of you who have been using       2006-2007
                                            the new mapping feature have           GNMLS Officers
                                            probably found some wrong loca-
                                            tions. This is a Google problem.       &
                                            Please note that the map is edit-      Directors
                                            able, that is you can and should
Your R & D Committee and Board of           correct any wrong locations. Hav-      OFFICERS
Directors has been busy working with        ing a current map location can be      President– Jim Gabrielsen-
RealtyServer to continue to improve         another very useful tool.              Birchland Realty-339-2181
our MLS system. For example, some
                                                                                   President– Elect– Kathy
of you asked for, and RealtyServer has
now provided ability to attach video        We are beta testing some new           Dolch– C21 Pine Point-
streaming and virtual tours to your list-                                          365-6000
                                            reports that should be helpful to
ings. Please be aware that MLS Poli-                                               Sec/Treasurer– Pat Van
                                            both agents and brokers, which
cies require that no real estate signage,                                          Hefty– Big Fish Realty-
                                            should be available soon.
no broker/agent contact information,
and no branding of any kind may be
used in the tours – the policy is essen-                                           Past-President– Joan Ser-
                                            We have a new interface/interface
tially the same as it is for photos.        express suggestion form, which         amur– First Weber–
                                            can be found on the NWAR web-          MQA-356-9521
                                            site under “FORMS” and in this         DIRECTORS
We also now have the ability to scan in
                                            newsletter. We encourage anyone        Jim Mulleady Jr-
documents that pertain to the listing
                                            with a good idea to present it to us
and attach them, for example, the                                                  CBMulleady 479-1774
                                            on this form. All suggestions will
SPCR, Addendum “S”, a survey map,                                                  Connie Brayton-
                                            be considered.
or other pertinent information. Think
how convenient that will be to allow                                               Lake Country Realty-
agents to access that information.          Finally, exercise your right to vote   275-5222
                                            this month and elect good people       Erik Johnson– RE/MAX
                                            who will keep both the NWAR            First– MQA-356-3207
We will soon have available, a box to
                                            and the GNMLS strong!                  Carolyn Cwik– eProper-
check to indicate when you are offer-
ing a variable rate commission. If you                                             ties North– 453-1188
check the box, indicate the minimum         Jim Gabrielsen– Birchland Realty       Helen Wanca– Advantage
commission to be paid in the compen-                                               Realty– 627-7272
sation section and provide more infor-
mation in realtor remarks.
                         Page 14                       Volume 5 Issue 1
                      NWAR® Minutes approved and placed on record, by the NWAR® Board of Directors– April 25, 2007

                                   Northwoods Association of REALTORS® Board Meeting March 22, 2007
                                                   Board Offices Woodruff WI- 8:30 am

Called to Order: NWAR President Duanne Swift calls meeting to order 8:30 am

NWAR Board Members:

Present: Duanne Swift, Cheryl Kelsey, Aprelle Rawski, Sandy Ebben, Anita Wilde, Theresa Williams, Rick Zoerb, Nancy
Kuczmarski & Jim Klaric Staff Present: Kevin Jenkins & Dawn Kennedy

Absent: Mike Mulleady, Joan Seramur & Adam Redman

Guests: Bob Sandlin


M/S/C (Klaric/Rawski) to approve and place on record the consent agenda

Finance Committee Report (Rawski):
M/S/C (Klaric/Ebben) To approve and place on record February Treasurer’s report.

Professional Standards Committee Report (Sandlin):
M/S/C (Ebben/Kelsey) to review each professional standards newsletter prior to distribution. Opposed: Klaric & Zoerb Ab-
stention: Williams

New Business:
M/S/C (Kuczmarski/Klaric) to convert Schmidt speaker program certificate of $250 to any professional enhancement
M /S/C (Klaric/Kelsey) to reimburse and pay for member registration fee of $25 for REALTOR® & Government Day

Addition to the Agenda:
M/S/C (Klaric/Zoerb) that the NWAR Board formally takes the position of opposing the proposed transfer tax

Old Business:

M/S/C (Ebben/Zoerb) to adjourn meeting at 10:01 am
Minutes submitted by Secretary Aprelle Rawski-prepared by D. Kennedy

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