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Divorce Attorney St. Louis Missouri - Download as PDF


Divorce Attorney St. Louis Missouri document sample

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									Is the Pro Se Clinic For You?                 How to apply for the
                                              Clinic                                   REPRESENTING YOURSELF
Are you…
                                              Pre-Registration is required.               IN FAMILY COURT
    • Wanting answers to general              Walk-ins will not be admitted.
      legal questions about                   If you are interested in this Clinic,
      Divorce and/or Motions to               register by contacting Lavina Boykin
      Modify a Dissolution of
                                              at (314) 552-2395 or Michelle Henry at
                                              (314) 552-2390.
                                                                                       St. Louis City
    • Married contemplating
                                              The Clinic is located at:                 Pro Se Clinic
                                              The Family Court – Juvenile
    • Married and paying child                Division
      support or ordered to pay               920 N. Vandeventer Avenue
      child support and you want              St. Louis, MO 63108-3530
      to establish a regular
      visitation/parenting time               Classes held:
      schedule?                               The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of
                                              each month.
                                              4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Through the Pro Se Clinic’s
assistance to pro se litigants, we
hope to promote our State’s                         If you need assistance or an
                                                    accommodation in order to
policy of supporting children                          participate in these court
having frequent and meaningful                                 services,
contact with both parents.                                  please contact:
                                                         The Record Room
                                                                  at                     Family Court – Juvenile Division
                                                      920 North Vandeventer Ave.         920 N. Vandeventer Avenue
The Pro Se Clinic is funded by the Domestic          St. Louis, Missouri, 63108          St. Louis, MO 63108-3530
Relations Resolution Fund and monitored by                or by telephone                       (314) 552-2395
the Office of State Courts Administrator.              VOICE (314) 552-2055
452.552 RSMo                                             TDD (314) 531-6158
What is the Pro Se Clinic?                                                    Necessary Information for
                                         • Basics of Divorce (required
                                           for clinic participants            the Clinic
The St. Louis City Pro Se Clinic is
a new program that will provide            contemplating divorce)
                                                                              When you come to the Clinic,
basic information regarding              • Custody and Parenting Plans        bring the following information
divorce, motions to modify a                                                  with you:
dissolution of marriage and              • Court Procedures, Evidence
custody law through group lectures         and Review                            • Picture I.D. or Driver’s
and activities. Staff will also                                                    License
distribute appropriate Missouri
Supreme Court pro se forms to                                                    • Each person’s full name,
participants. Lawyers and Staff                                                    social security number,
                                      Each Clinic will be facilitated by
will answer general questions                                                      current address, and
                                      Attorney Jay D. Fisk and Court staff.
about preparing the forms, will                                                    occupation
assist with completing the forms,
                                                                                 • Date and place of marriage
and will review completed packets
when participants believe they are    Eligibility for the Clinic                 • Full names and dates of
ready to file.                                                                     birth for each child
                                      Participants must be at least 18
The Clinic will consist of            years of age and residents of
                                                                                 • Copy of birth certificate for
education classes which are           St. Louis City.
                                                                                   each child
available to self-represented
litigants on a voluntary basis.
Attendees will also complete the
Litigant Awareness Program.           Pre-registration is required.
Each session will be approximately       Call (314) 552-2395
3 hours in length.

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