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					Winter 2006-2007                                                                                         Volume 40.1

                          NORTHERN INDIANA
                                                                               Volunteer Spotlight
        From Your Chapter President                             All of us on the RMA board would like to send a quick
                                                                “Thank You” to former board President, J Arnold. J
  RMA Northern Indiana Chapter has two programs in the          unfortunately had to resign from the board as an excellent
  works for this year, with plans to do a third (see page 2     work opportunity required him to move out of town.
  for more details regarding all upcoming events). Our
  first program on 1/24/07 will be a panel discussion about     J, along with the previous chapter president, was
  the residential and commercial real estate economy in         instrumental in reviving the RMA Chapter in Northern
  Northern Indiana. A timely topic, this should be a great      Indiana. His leadership, sense of humor, and insight will be
  event to attend! Please plan to be there.                     greatly missed.
  Our second program, in March, will discuss white collar
  crime and its implications for banking and business,                2006-07 (Northern Indiana) Chapter Officers
  today. Keep an eye out for emails and mailings on this.         Drew Dunlavy – President
                                                                      Organization: Lake City Bank
  We have a vibrant local board with many new
  participants, this year. Everyone has taken an active role          Phone: 260-490-1374 x2851
  in helping RMA “kick it up a notch,” as Emeril would            Erika Halliwill – Vice President
  say. I can’t express my appreciation enough for their               Organization: JP Morgan Chase Bank
  great help.
                                                                      Phone: 260-427-8396
  Finally, if you, or your institution, are not members of        Eric Steenman – Treasurer
  RMA, please call any of us on the board. There are                  Organization: Lake City Bank
  numerous benefits to being a member, not the least of               Phone: 260-490-2864 x2864
  which is the opportunity to increase your expertise in risk
  analysis via tools, training, and publications.                 Peter Kronberg – Secretary
                                                                      Organization: Wells Fargo Bank
                                            Drew Dunlavy              Phone: 260-461-6622
                                          Chapter President       Kristin Corneliusen – Education Chair
                                                                      Organization: Wells Fargo Bank
                                                                      Phone: 260-461-6312
                                                                  Joe Cavacini – Communications Chair
Please welcome our newest board members!                              Organization: Decatur Bank & Trust
                                                                      Phone: 260-485-2516
- Erika Halliwill with JP Morgan Chase Bank
                                                                  Parry Leavell
- Parry Leavell with Wells Fargo Bank                                 Organization: Wells Fargo Bank
                                                                      Phone: 260-461-6363
- Laura Getz with JP Morgan Chase Bank                            Laura Getz
                                                                      Organization: JP Morgan Chase Bank
- Mindy Hurley with the CDC of NE Indiana                             Phone: 260-427-8779
                                                                  Mindy Hurley
A full listing of the 2006 – 2007 RMA board for
Northern Indiana is located in the column on the right                Organization: Community Development
of this page                                                                        Corporation of NE Indiana
                                                                      Phone: 260-427-1127
                                                                   CREDIT RISK CERTIFICATION (CRC)
                                                                   What a difference certification can make, especially
     •   January 24, 2007                                          when it represents RMA's stamp of approval.
         Topic: The State of the Residential and                   The Risk Management Association is proud to
         Commercial Real Estate Market in Northern IN              introduce our Credit Risk Certification Program. To
         Location and Time: Red Room at the War                    take the RMA-CRC examination, you must have at
         Memorial Coliseum, sign in at 11:30am                     least three years' experience as a credit professional.
         Price: $30 for RMA members, $35 for non-
                                                                   You can also benefit from the rewards of earning your
         RMA members (includes parking and lunch)
                                                                   RMA-CRC if you have 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years or
                                                                   more as a lender, credit officer, credit analyst, or credit
     •   March 13, 2007                                            risk manager. More information is available on our
         Topic: White Collar Crime                                 Web site:
         Location, Time, and Price: to be determined

                                                                   Behaviors That Limit Career Potential
                         CHECK IT OUT!
                   RMA Audioconference                             Good communication improves relationships, increases
                                                                   trust, and builds support. Unfortunately, the reverse is
                         Series                                    also true: Poor communication weakens bonds,
  COMMUNITY BANK:                                                  alienates others, and destroys relationship. These poor
  - February 13, 2007: Lending/Credit Issues for the               communication behaviors limit your effectiveness:
    Next 18 Months. (3066097)                                          Avoiding. Some people hide their anger or
  - April 17, 2007: Loan Loss Reserve Analysis/                        frustration until they are ready to explode. Better to
    ALLL Methodology. (3066107)                                        discuss small issues before they escalate. Remain
                                                                       open to compromise and ask what you can do to
  - June 12, 2007: Regulatory Crossfire with Senior
                                                                       improve working relationships.
    Regulators from the FDIC, Federal Reserve,
    and OCC. (3066117)                                                 Defending. Rather than addressing others’ concerns
                                                                       with objectiveness and the willingness to understand
                                                                       other points of view, defensive people deny any
                                                                       wrongdoing and refuse to consider how they may be
  - January 9, 2007: Fraud. (3025227)                                  contributing to problems. Better to listen with an
  - February 6, 2007: Best Practices in BSA and                        open mind. Ask others to share their perceptions and
     AML Compliance. (3025237)                                         ideas for solutions, and you will more quickly arrive
                                                                       at resolution.
  - March 13, 2007: Best Practices in Commercial
     Real Estate Portfolio Management.                                 Generalizing. It’s easy to avoid discussing sensitive
     (3025247)                                                         topics by resorting to sweeping generalizations such
  - May 8, 2007: State of the Commercial Real                          as “You always…” or “We never….” Better to
     Estate Market. (3025257)                                          avoid bringing up past conflicts that can throw off
                                                                       current discussion of the topic.
Time: All audioconferences will be held at 1:00 p.m. Eastern           Blaming. Criticizing others and passing the buck are
Time (10:00 a.m. Pacific Time).                                        not effective communication strategies. Better to
                                                                       view conflict as an opportunity. Analyze the
Fees:                                                                  situation objectively, assess the needs of all involved
▪ RMA Members: $400 for all five audioconferences or                   parties, and devise solutions together.
    $120 for each selected audioconference (per telephone
▪ Nonmembers: $600 for all five audioconferences or                Adapted from “Top 10 Worst Ways to Handle Conflict”
    $180 for each selected audioconference (per telephone                                                   Elizabeth Scott
    line).                                                                                (Communication Briefings, 12/06)
  (Multiple listeners are permitted free on the same line.
  Include as many officers as can fit around your speakerphone.)

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