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									                                         Andy Kakembo

            Application/Web developer (10 yrs)          5 years insurance
            6 years banking sector                      7 years Asp.Net 1 to 3.5, C#, WCF, VS 2008
            Expert SQL Server (7 yrs)                   Extreme Programming (XP)
            Strong software development lifecycle       Strong design skills

Technical Skills

 Programming languages                               C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, ADO.NET – 7 years
                                                     WPF, Silverlight – 2 Years
                                                     Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, 5.0 & 6.0 (COM, COM+,
                                                     ADO 2.1 to 2.7.) - 5 years
                                                     HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML – 6 years
                                                     Natural – 10 years
                                                     DotNetNuke module development – 3 years

 Databases                                           MS SQL Server (replication, complex stored procedures,
                                                     SQL XML, capacity planning, optimisation, Entity
                                                     Relationship Modelling, performance analysis.) - 7 years
                                                     ADABAS - 10 years

 Testing                                             NUnit, CruiseControl.Net, Mercury Test Director (Bug
                                                     and issue tracking tool), Visual Studio 2008 Team

 Other                                               Extreme Programming (XP / Agile) , Visual Studio
                                                     2008 Team Suite, WCF, SSIS, SSRS, TDD, JSON,
                                                     OO techniques, web services, MS Enterprise
                                                     Libraries, MS Access & Excel VBA, Ajax, Visual
                                                     Source Safe, DotNetNuke (CMS) module
                                                     development, Telerik Controls, ADOBE Flash CS3,
                                                     SSADM, UML, iTextSharp, ADABAS / Natural, IP
                                                     Monitor, JCL, DCL, IBM MVS, IBM DOS/VS, DEC
                                                     VMS, Adobe Photoshop, Cluster Administrator, GIT

Business Experience

 6 years securities experience                       Controllers P&L, GL & Regulatory Reporting
                                                     Depot Reconciliation
                                                     Trade Settlement, Stock lending
                                                     Trade Booking

 5 years financial adviser experience                CRM
                                                     Policy management

 5 years insurance experience                        Certificate of Insurance qualified
                                                     Insurance Broking/Lloyds
                                                     Direct insurance
Key Achievements

  Led a team in the re-architecting and replacement of a monolithic windows app. Introduced PRISM (MS Composite
  Application Library), WPF with MVVM, WCF and PLINQO. Introduced custom and off the shelf Codesmith templates,
  installed and administered TFS and introduced XP (agile) working practices, including fortnightly release cycles, CI and
  an enthusiasm for building great business software.
  Designed, developed and delivered a .Net site used by all 26,000 U.K. schools to order key stage test materials using
  Agile techniques and automated testing.
  Designed built and implemented automated checking of Hansard data feeds from the House of Commons to very tight
  Designed, built implemented and managed a scalable n-tier dating site to tight deadlines using latest MS technologies.
  Designed, scripted and implemented easy to maintain transactional replication on SQL 2000 servers handling 150gb of

  Designed built and implemented roll out of GL reconciliation software to 130 controllers for CSFB New York.

Work History

Aug 2009 to Now
                     Pentagon Freight Services, Aberdeen – Freelance Analyst Programmer / Team Lead
                           PFS are gas and oil freight forwarders based in Aberdeen
                           Built and implemented various DotNetNuke 5 modules including :
                                 o DNN compliance module to search on the Office of Foreign Assets Control SDN
                                     list for restricted people, companies and vessels.
                                 o DNN SSRS interface for selecting and viewing reports
                                 o DNN agent vetting module
                           Architected and led a team in implementing a WPF warehouse management and shipment
                            tracking system
                           Built and implemented an SSIS solution for replicating data between SQL Express
                           Standardised SSRS development procedures for core reports.
                           Introduced the use of modular testable software using PRISM and Unity
                           Introduced, installed and administered Team Foundation Server
                           Introduced CI and agile working practices
                           Researched and scoped requirements for mobile device software

Nov 2008 to July 2009
                    Oakam Ltd, London – Freelance Analyst Programmer
                          Oakam are a small financial services company based in S.W. London
                          Extended Oakam’s Loans Servicing System using ASP/VB.Net 2008 & SQL 2005
                          Upgraded all Oakam’s key.Net software to the latest version of Visual Studio
                          Reorganised Oakam’s SourceSafe database to reduce risk of change.
                          Planned & managed the UAT for a large software release.
                          Supported financial controllers MS Access 2007 and Excel 2007 applications

May 2008 to October 2008
                    Euromoney PLC, London – Freelance Analyst Programmer
                         Part of the Daily Mail, EM is an international publishing, events and electronic information
                         Part of a team of 3 using .Net 3.5 to develop a loosely coupled SOA layer using WCF and
                          typed datasets, to abstract and standardize DB access for the 241 EM websites around
                          the world.
                         I set up the CI environment for the team using CruiseControl.Net & XUnit
                         I built and implemented a scalable management dashboard using ASP.Net, JSON, Telerik
                          Controls and FusionCharts.

February 2008
                     Time & Leisure magazine, London – Freelance Analyst Programmer
                            http://www.plentyFish.net : Re-factored online dating site for Time and Leisure magazines.
                             Built using ASP.Net, custom web user controls ADO.Net, SQL Server 2005, AJAX,
                             DotNetNuke and Nant build tool.
                            Created a Silverlight page flip module for DotNetNuke.
December 2007 to January 2008
                   Olay Newspapers, London – Freelance Analyst Programmer
                          Olay Gazette is a Turkish language newspaper based in North London with a 60,000 per
                           week print run.
                           I designed, built and implemented http://www.olayonline.com using bought and custom
                           built DotNetNuke modules written in .Net and SQL 2005. The custom modules include
                           straight through classifieds functionality that allows registered users to add their own
                           adverts which branch off to unique advertisers’ pages and optional voucher pages.

August 2007 to November 2007
                   Paternity leave

March 2006 to July 2007
                    The Stationary Office, London – Contract C#, SQL Server, Asp.Net Analyst Programmer
                           TSO is the largest publisher in the UK by volume.
                           Web service developer for http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk providing a C# bridge between
                            the company’s legacy document management system and the .Net2 web site. Designed
                            and built using test driven development with NUnit. Scalability tested using Visual Studio
                            2005 Team Test Load Agent. VSS used for code control. Heavily involved in RA, logical
                            and physical design and regular status updates to senior management. Peer reviewed and
                            provided optimisations for colleagues’ code.
                           Team, technical lead and lead developer for
                            http://orderline.qca.org.uk/international/2007/Login.aspx, a C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2005
                            site used by international schools to order educational material from the Qualifications and
                            Curriculum Authority. Heavily involved in RA and design using UML (use case, class &
                            activity diagrams) and ERM. Instigated pair programming and stand up meetings to spread
                            knowledge and maintain code standards. Designed HTML front end using w3c standards
                            (since superseded.)
                           Analyst, team leader and technical lead for the testing materials ordering section of
                            https://nctest.naa.org.uk/default.aspx, a C#, ASP.Net SQL Server 2005 site used by all
                            26,000 schools in the U.K. to order testing material for 2006/2007 from the QCA. Liaised
                            with and integrated solution with feeds from external software house. Peer reviewed
                            colleagues’ code.
                           Technical lead and lead developer for http://www.tsoshop.co.uk/vertex/OrderForm.aspx, a
                            C#, ASP.Net site used by www.vertex.co.uk to order stationery.
                           Designed and built web services to retrieve product info for the TSO bookstore, designed
                            and built several WinForms applications using C# including a House of Commons XML
                            data feed parser and a SQL Server / C# / WinForms Flags application for the Ministry of
                            Defence. I designed, built and implemented a tool to convert http://www.opsi.gov.uk HTML
                            to XHTML and developed extensively with XML / XSL-FO to produce Association of Train
                            Operating Companies (ATOC) PDFs.
                           Debugged the company CMS (ActiveText) using C++
                           Plugged ASP.Net authentication into http://www.statutelaw.gov.uk

November 2005 to February 2006
                   Time & Leisure magazine, London – Freelance Analyst Programmer
                          http://www.plentyFish.net : n-tier dating site for Time and Leisure magazines. Built using
                           C#, ASP.Net, custom web user controls ADO.Net, SQL Server 2000 and CSS. All RA,
                           design, build and implementation done by Andy.

                             http://www.timeandleisure.co.uk/ : On line presence built using C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net,
                              SQL Server 2000 and CSS. Includes a secure system to update a database of contact and
                              recruitment details over the web. All work done by Andy.

                             http://www.wimbledon-village.com/ : Business listing for Wimbledon Village Business
                              Association includes web based members admin functionality built using .Net technology
                              including custom server controls built in C# and web user controls. All work done by Andy.

November 2004 to October 2005
                  Millfield Group, Croydon, London - Analyst Programmer

                             Developed and maintained n-tier financial adviser web based application using C#,
                              ADO.Net, ASP.Net and SQL Server 2000.
                             Built FSA compliance functionality using C# for middle tier, SQL Server and ASP.Net
                             I designed, built and tested the migration for plans, clients,fees, retainers and splits, to
                              deadline and to a high standard.
                             I mentored and helped other migration team members with their work, coaching on SQL
                              design and strategy.
                             I involved and managed other team members not previously involved in the migration, to
                              help highlight problems downstream and hit deadlines.
                                 I partitioned migration workload and provided critical path analysis for management.

Sept 2000 – to October 2004
                    Intelliflo PLC, Wimbledon, London - Senior Analyst Programmer / DBA

                   My responsibilities at Intelliflo included writing specifications, design, development, delivery and
                   maintenance of internet based solutions. This involved liaising with clients to ensure business
                   requirements were met, organising testing and ensuring the smooth delivery of the solution.

                   The following is a summary of some of the projects that I worked on:

                        Intelligent Office (IO) is the U.K’s largest Internet based front and back office application. Currently
                         the application is live to 5000+ active users from 25 IFA firms. My responsibilities in the project

                                      o    Porting IO to .NET using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server 2000.
                                      o    Built dynamic user defined search functionality using C# and ASP.NET
                                      o    Lead developer for the stakeholder module of Intelligent-Office. Responsible for
                                           the design, development and delivery, ongoing enhancements and production
                                           support issues using SQL Server 2000, VB6, ASP, XML, COM+, Javascript and
                                           CSS. Adopted XP, specifically story boarding, daily stand up meetings and pair
                                      o    I designed and implemented the SQL 2000 reports server, using transactional
                                           replication to transfer OLTP data to our OLAP servers using subscriber custom stored
                                           procedures to denormalise data in real time. Architected the OLAP servers
                                      o    I monitored and performance tuned our SQL boxes using systems monitor, cluster
                                           administrator, SQL profiler, traces and custom T-SQL scripts.

June 1999 – Feb 2000

                   Credit Suisse First Boston, City, London – Contract Analyst Programmer

                                 I worked with CSFB financial controllers in New York to design and develop major
                                  enhancements to their general ledger reconciliation application using MS Access 97, VB6
                                  and Sybase 11.
                                 Designed and built a GL warehouse de-normalised in real time for faster and more
                                  responsive reporting.
                                 I managed the role out of the GL reconciliation software to 130 New York account owners.

Feb 1999 – July 1999

                   Otis Elevators plc, Clapham, London - Contract Analyst Programmer

                                  Support and enhancement of MS Access service monitoring application using VBA and
                                  BILLING REPORTS: Wrote Unix shell scripts and ADABAS/Natural programs to enable
                                   reporting of branch billing levels.Developed an in house application that recorded time
                                   sheets for employees and produced weekly and monthly reports. Technologies used:
                                   Visual Basic, SQL Server and Seagate Crystal Reports.

   Sept 1998 – Jan 1999
                    Morgan Stanley, Frankfurt, Germany - Contract Analyst Programmer

                                 REGULATORY REPORTING: I had sole responsibility for the requirements’ analysis,
                                  logical and physical designs, build, test and implementation of an Natural ADABAS /
                                  Access ’97 multi-user book-costs system used to produce regulatory reports and track
                                  unrealised profit. Worked closely with Frankfurt controllers and reported directly to
                                  European senior management.
                                 DEPOT RECONCILIATION: Enhanced and maintained the operations’ Access ’97 multi-
                                  user depot reconciliation system. Implemented archiving facilities and optimised Jet 3.5
                                  accesses using VBA, table redesign & SQL. Dramatically reduced data integrity errors and
                                  improved response times by 75%. I worked closely with the head of Frankfurt operations
                                  and others in the operations team.

   June 1995 to Aug 1998
                Royal Bank of Scotland Trust Bank, City, London - Contract Analyst Programmer

                          Contract A/P using Visual Basic (V4), MS Access (V2), VBA, SQL, Crystal Reports
                           (V3), PC Anywhere, Visio (V4), ADABAS 6.2.1, CONSTRUCT 3.3.1, Oracle 7.1.4,
                           VBA, NATURAL (V2.2.8.), PL/SQL, Windows 3.1, Windows NT4, HP Unix 9000,
                           IBMOS/390, IBM DOS/LAN.

                    LATE SETTLEMENTS SYSTEM: Enhanced and Maintained a MS Access (V2)
                      application producing claims for settlement amounts and interest on failed trades.
                      Enhanced the professional presentation of letters with signatures & provided an easy
                      to use monitoring tool for senior management using OLE 2 technology & VB4/Crystal

                          WORK MANAGEMENT: Developed a MS Office application to aid in the production
                           and monitoring of tenders for work. Using Visual Basic, OLE 2, MS Project, VBA and
                           Word Basic I produced an integrated tool for the quick and easy production and
                           monitoring of project proposals.

                          CLIENT MIGRATION and COMPANY MERGING: Designed and specified the
                           processes necessary to enable the merging of data following a company take over.
                           Led a team of five people in the build & QA phase of the project and produced regular
                           status reports for senior management. The team created over 80 new Natural modules
                           & made extensive JCL & schedule changes.

                          MAINFRAME PERFORMANCE: Designed & delegated mainframe Natural program &
                           batch schedule optimisation changes resulting in a 15% reduction in computer
                           resource usage. Built a PC tool to monitor mainframe CPU usage & I/O using Visual
                           Basic (V4.)

                          CREST SUPPORT: One of a four person team supporting the software and users
                           dedicated to the electronic settlement of UK trades. Provided quick solutions to back
                           office business and technical problems for all U.K. stock market trade types.

                          BARGAIN PROCESSING SUPPORT: One of a nine person team supporting the back
                           office bargain processing system; a rapid action team dedicated to maintaining a wide
                           range of back office functions, from the inputting of deals and instructions to the
                           printing of contract letters and the transmission of electronic messages using SWIFT

June 1994 to May 1995
                          SBC Warburg/Mercury Asset Management, City, London - Contract Analyst

                          DUTIES
                          BOOKCOSTS SYSTEM: Sole responsibility for analysing, designing, building and
                           implementing extensive enhancements to the book-cost’s system. Acted as first point
                           of contact for MAM portfolio services staff with book-costs problems.

                          VALUATIONS TEAM: Worked in a team of eight people supporting and enhancing the
                           production of customers’ valuations. This is predominantly a batch system, collating
                           and downloading holdings and trade information to an electronic publishing package.

July 1990 to May1994
                          Minet Holdings Limited (Lloyd’s broker), City, London - Contract Analyst Programmer

                          Analyst Programmer using LBMS’ Systems Engineering, NATURAL V2.2, ADABAS
                           5.1.8, CONSTRUCT 3.1, IBM 3081, DEC MicroVAX 3100-90, DOS/VS, VAX/VMS, MS
                           Office, Talking Windows.

                          DUTIES
                           NEW BROKING TEAM: Using Learmonth and Burchett’s Systems Engineer Analysis
                            and Design Methodology, and NATURAL CONSTRUCT, I completed tasks across the
                            lifecycle of this project from requirements’ analysis through file normalisation, test
                            scripting, building, implementation, and post implementation reviewing. Using Talking
                            Windows scripts and Word Basic, helped in the build of PC document production using
                            mainframe data.

  June 1988 to June 1990
                           Cornhill Insurance, Guildford, Surrey. - Contract Analyst Programmer

                           Programmer using NATURAL V2.1, ADABAS, PREDICT, TSO/ISPF, CONNECT, IBM
                            MVS, IBM 3090.

                           DUTIES
                           ENGINEER SURVEYING TEAM: This system linked up surveyors with Cornhill
                            branches and head office, enabling on-line entry of surveyor reports via laptop
                            computers. Liaised with surveyors to establish requirements and built and maintained
                            parts of the system using ADABAS/NATURAL.

Personal Details

Address      57, Voltaire Road, Clapham, London, SW4
Phone        07932 637 287
E-mail       mailto:andy@aKBox.net
Web          http://www.aKBox.net [get the latest version of this CV here ]

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