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					                                             INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORM 1 (Excel Version)
Save this document to your computer, by selecting "Save as" under the "File" menu above.

This file contains 2 worksheets. The instructions are on this worksheet and the FORM 1 is on the second worksheet
found at the bottom of this page on the FORM 1 tab.

Form 1 Worksheet
To access the second worksheet, select the FORM 1 tab below.
To enter information, click in a box and begin typing. You may tab to get to the next box.
Note: Row 10 is available if additional comments need to be added.

To Print
Once the Form1 is completed, print the second worksheet in a landscape format.
To do this make sure you are on the second worksheet, go to the "File" menu above, select "Print." Then click on "Properties."
Under the "LAYOUT" menu select landscape orientation.
Click OK and you will return to the original print dialog box.
Make sure to select ACTIVE WORKSHEET in the bottom left corner under the menu "Print What."

You may wish to print 2 copies. One for your records and one to use as an original document.
Get an authorized signature on the printed form and send to Transportation Service (TMB) via the driver, or campus mail if time permits.
Do not try to use the "Send" feature under the "File" menu.
Your entered data will not be sent and we will not have the authorized signature.
CLICK HERE for additional explanation on how to use and process the Form 1 (Excel Version).

All drivers should read the Use of Vehicles on University Business policy to ensure they understand and are in compliance with all regulations
concerning the operation and use of Vehicles for University Business or any other University purpose. Failure to comply with the policy
may result in disciplinary action.
49-42114 Fax 49-61374                       Reserved by Phone                               Fax              Date      11/13/10

Driver                                                                                               Phone

Dept.                                          Bldg.
         Fund                      RCO                    G/L Acct                   SIO                 Business Partner

From Transportation to

Official Trip
Start Date                                                 Time                                         am             pm
Return Date                                                Time                                         am             pm

Purpose of Trip

OFFICIAL MAP MILEAGE: Round trip miles                                       x                 Trips =                          0
Additional mileage *(taking vehicle home, detours, miles at destination)
                                                                                        Total Miles =                           0

              5 pass CAR                    8 pass VAN              One-way Airport
              7 pass VAN                    12 pass VAN             Other

DEPT. CERTIFICATION: This trip has been authorized under Pres. Form 17 (Rev), 17B or ODOS Travel Planning
Form. The driver is a current employee of Purdue University OR has been approved to drive by Risk Management.

Signed                                                              Signed
         Business Office                                                         Dept. Head, Dean or Director
    DRIVER CERTIFICATION: I understand that only persons named on this form who meet all university
    requirements are authorized to drive the vehicle. The vehicle will be used only for approved university
    business and will be driven in accordance with state and local laws and regulations. I am in compliance
    with all requirements established by the Use of Vehicles for University Business Policy.

    Signed                                                                 State of License             Expires             /


Ending Mileage
                                                       Veh. No.     Vehicle Type                        Maximo Veh #
Starting Mileage                                                             Parking/Tolls     = $
Total Miles                                      x                                             = $
              days @                                                                 per day   = $
                                                                                               = $
                                                                                               = $

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