Business Visa in India by jbr53612


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                               INVITATION LETTER
The Consulate Officer,
Indian Embassy,
Tokyo Japan.

Subject : Request to Grant Business Visa

Dear Sir,

I am Deepak Kumar a permanent resident of India and working in the field of Software
in Bangalore. My client Mr. Taro Yamada is already running a software company in
Japan as mentioned below.

Mr. Taro Yamada
Director LANDEC Corp . Inc. (
15-13 Sanbonmatsu-cyou Atsuta-ku Nagoya-City Japan
Tel : 052-889-1472 Fax 052-882-1473

Seeing India’s growing potential in software domain, he is also intending to explore the
possibilities of getting the outsourcing done from India and opening a software company
there. He is planning to come to India and meet us there in Bangalore on 7th & 8th of
August 2004.

So you are request to please grant him the Business Visa to visit India and explore the
outsourcing possibilities in India.

Tanks and Regares,

Signature :       Deepak Kumar
India Company address

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