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					The American Recovery and
 Reinvestment Act (ARRA):

“What’s in it for Nonprofits?”
Purpose of presentation today

   1) Bring Nonprofits up-to-date on the status
     of ARRA
   2) Describe what information is out there and
      how to get it
   3) Get feedback from nonprofits about getting
      involved in stimulus programs
   4) Recommend ways to keep informed of
      emerging opportunities
   Understanding                                       ARRA
                                          Direct, Formula    National
                                          and Competitive   Competitive
                                           Funding to Ark     Grants

                                                            In all areas of
                 State Funding

   21 programs
                                 9 programs

  Energy and
                           Cities and Counties
                                2 programs
  30 programs

                                  Safety and
Housing and Labor
  27 programs
                                 18 programs

 Medicaid/Human              Transportation
    Services                  4 programs
  29 programs

                                  Water and
Fiscal Stabilization
To be announced
                                 23 programs
 Established programs getting funded – Don’t
  get enticed by the talk of big funding. Most of the
  ARRA funds go to specific programs like
  unemployment benefits extension or to expand
  existing programs. But, don’t give up; there are
  some opportunities for nonprofits.

 Experience is vital – Generally, the ARRA
  program is not a place to test out new and untried
  ideas. It is not a place to expand into programs
  you have not done previously. Look at ARRA as
  giving you a chance to improve on your strengths
  and pursue your mission.

 Opportunities for creativity – There is a strong
  impetus for using ARRA funds to expand and
  extend existing programs. But, the President said
  that he hoped that it would also lead to innovate,
  act creatively, and improve programs. These are
  all attributes that nonprofits have historically
  brought to solving community issues.
 One-time funding - ARRA is one-time funding for
  two years. Don’t expect continuation grants.
  Don’t hire permanent staff unless you know how
  you will pay them after the grant period.

 Not a last minute thing – Applications often
  require you to have a DUNS number or to be
  registered as a federal or state contractor. These
  take days and sometimes weeks. You may need
  to know how to navigate through grants.gov. You
  may need letters from the mayor, county judge or
  the state. You may need to find matching funds.
  All of these things will take time.

 Timing is critical – Many deadlines for grants
  have already passed. Other opportunities are still
  being announced. You need to get ahead of the
  curve. Know what funding programs are
  expected to be announced in your field of interest
  and start preparing. When grant programs are
  announced, preparation time will be short.
 Think partnerships – Many programs are funded
   directly with cities, counties, the Community Action
   Agencies, school districts, and state agencies. Find out
   if you can partner with your local entities.

 Federal dollars have strings – If you have never
   administered a federal grant, ask someone who has
   overseen a federal grant previously. The recordkeeping,
   reporting and other requirements can be overwhelming.
   Know what you are getting into before you apply.

 Keeping informed – You can sign up for daily notices of
   new grant opportunities at grants.gov. Or, you can sign
   up for email alerts for nonprofits at the ACE website. If a
   funding program interests you, call the state contact for
   the program. You can find them listed at

 ACE can help – ACE is prepared to help nonprofits with
   review of their federal grant application and with capacity
   building technical assistance. Stay tuned for more
• Where application deadlines have
  not passed and nonprofits are
  eligible applicants

• Where application deadlines have
  passed or nonprofits are not
  eligible applicants but opportunities
  for partnership are possible.

• Other funding opportunities


To increase the number of nonprofits
   applying and accessing federal
  stimulus dollars through ARRA.

             Special thanks to the
     Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
 for their funding support of this initiative.
•   Information referral:
    Provide data and information about the
    Federal Stimulus process that is
    relevant to nonprofits.

•   Federal Grant Review:
    Provide federal grant review for
    nonprofits that apply for upcoming
    federal RFPs.

•   Capacity Building Support:
    Provide capacity building support
    (minimal consulting) for organizations
    that want to apply for federal funding
    but may not be ready to apply for
    federal funding.
 ACE received $250,000 grant for two years
 ($125,00 each of two years) to:
1)   Training Statewide for nonprofits in operational capacity building
     (ie: governance, management, financial management, mission,
     planning, and programming)
2)   Technical Assistance for nonprofits state-wide---it takes the
     training a step further for direct assistance
3)   Information, partnerships, and resources to engage nonprofits in
     the economic recovery process (ie: expanding ARRA Access
The award 1) recognizes the critical role nonprofits play on our
    economy state-wide and communities locally. Nonprofits keep
    essential services going in many cases; 2) engages Arkansas
    leaders (government agencies and community leaders) in a
    state-wide dialogue about the important role nonprofits play; 3)
    provides critical, direct training and technical assistance to
    nonprofits in ALL four regions and central Arkansas. Nonprofits
    in our state are experiencing great challenges due to the
    economic situation nationally and locally. It is especially
    important now that the state and nonprofit sector provide
    support, resources, assistance and collaboration that strengthen
    the work of all nonprofits.

For more information, contact Hunter Goodman at
New Futures for Youth received $800,000
  from DHS to support capacity building

   – Will match it with $200,000
   – Intends to award grants to faith-based and
     community organizations in each of two years.
   – Little Rock target area
   – Generally about job creation and economic
   – Not for operating support
   – Will establish criteria for selecting grantees.
   – Their plan must be submitted to and approved
     by DHS
   – ACE will send out information as it is released
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