SGA BOARD 08092005 by MattySad


									                                 SGA BOARD MEETING

FYI: Absent: Claire, Kerrie out ill; Joe
Postponing other agenda items including: Halloween Party
Guest facilitator: Shelley Phipps (scribbly notes edited by Shelley)

Agenda Topic 1
    Professional travel funds for library classified staff
    Who: SGA Board
    Time: 2 hrs
    Outcome/Action Needed: Decide criteria for use of SGA prof. travel fund
    Background/Prep:
     1. Carla‘s memo (07/06) – assigns responsibility to SGA
     2. Travel meeting with Carla 8/20/05
             Clarified ―not for training‖ (immediate need)
             Could include YWCA, AZLA, teleconferences, web conferences (no
                travel), in-state

We are creating criteria that specifies when appropriate to request these funds-- example
who it is for, what it covers, when it‘s appropriate. For discretionary use by staff.
Not for ‗training‘ as library defines it. Training as library defines it is not discretionary
but necessary to do your job in immediate future. Example: Cabinet would (or should)
fund attendance at another institution to benchmark some process if this were required to
do your job—or accomplish a study which the Library is conducting.
It should really now be called Prof. Dev. Fund, not just ―Travel‖ Fund, since it covers
more than travel expenses.
Team leader will follow OUR criteria for eligibility for funding and are really only
approving if you can take leave on that day from your position. Can use Prof Leave or
Staff have to justify indicate why they want to attend, what they will gain from it that is
library-useful (present or future);
TL should not have to write a support statement as well, but would check to see if the
request met SGA criteria before signing off.

Develop Criteria for Professional Development Fund for staff
Covers (essentially decided/agreed upon these):

The Fund can be used by any classified staff member who is engaging in professional
development in areas related to any Library Team‘s work, (current and future) which
entails expenses related to the following:
Group 1
      Traveling Expenses anywhere – travel guidelines for coverage of expenses;
       (including travel, lodging, registration)
           o to Conference/Seminar (registration and UA covered travel expenses)
           o to training events or seminars that are not funded by/requested by the
             Library for my job (registration and travel expenses)
           o to Professional Association Committee Meeting where the requester is a
             member (travel expenses)
           o to optional attendance (i.e. not required by the Library) at user
             group/networking group meetings in your field (travel expenses)
Group 2
      Webinar offerings – from any organization
      Teleconferences – satellite – online group or individual learning sessions
Group 3
      UA and Non-UA Classes – related to working in the Library teams in the future
       and not part of a degree program (for fees and tuition not covered by QTR
       [Qualified (?) Tuition Reduction] and excluding materials (textbooks, etc.) for
       the class

Other criteria to decide upon (started to discuss but not decided)
   Money = $15,000 / if allocated on a per staff ratio 100 classified staff = $150
   (actually there are 111 actual staff (7 are less that 1.0 fte, but would presumably have
   equal access to this fund—or you could give them pro-rated access) so you really
   have $135 per staff).
       If 25 staff were to take a trip and be funded at the current rate of $850-- that
       would be =$10,500 (correction—that would be $21,250!!!); leaves $3,500 for
       everyone else (not true); How about the following scenario:

       If 12 people were funded for trips @ $850 (the current rate for out-of-state travel)
       that would use up $10,200 of the fund, leaving $4800 for everyone else or $48.48
       per staff member.

   Option: Fund what is on the list up to $850 per person (limit 5 trips) per available
   funds. When the fund is spent, it‘s spent; any surplus – SGA will decide what to do
   with it (no minimum $ amount)

   Option: Fund expenses assoc. with list that are over $100

   Could do first come first serve
   Apply by Sept. 15—and see where we are.

   (Note from Shelley: the ‗devil‘ is always in the details; I suggest you cost out
   different scenarios before you present to SGA—as you can see from the above—
   allowing the $850 to be used by as many as 12 people for an ALA trip will leave only
   $48 average for everyone else, or $96 for 50 of the xxx staff. Just be sure you can
   predict as much as possible before rushing in and making a lot of people unhappy.
   Remember—‗rights‘ to money (or lack of it) is the MOST emotional issues—when
   you bring them up in an organization.
         Other notes

           $9,000                      $1,000                            $3,000
           Trips =                     Classes =                         Webinars =
           x-limit                     x-limit                           x-limit

           $2000 in-
                                                                (include) staff development
           state conf.                                          opportunities related to work
                                                                done in the library teams;
                                                                including soft skills;
                                                                OR exclude?

Other Background Info:
   Administrative Travel Fund Criteria
    Library is member of the organization; these are the people who should officially
       represent us
    User groups reps – with our big vendors where the Library wants a representative
       (this needs to be verified—an 04/05 ‗policy‘ in the Cabinet folder says that this
       fund is only for where the Library must have official representation at
       membership meeting where voting occurs—I am not sure voting occurs at User
       Group meetings—but it might—check with VV or KH re: where do we fund User
       Group meetings from)
    Things we know you will need to go to (don‘t know what this means—this is not
       an Admin Travel Criteria)

    One-Time Funding
        This year Cabinet has not allocated a Training Fund per se but will fund training
according to the existing criteria from one-time funding.--Used to be training and
strategic funds

LFA Prof. Dev
SGA Prof. Dev

Suggestion for Next Steps:
   1. Decide on remaining criteria
   2. Proposal to allSGA
   3. Pilot – see what happens
   4. Get feedback; make changes as see fit

Agenda Topic 2
    Make decisions on current travel requests
   Did not have time to review them. Review after decide on criteria.
   Have til Sept. 7 to decide.

   Meet next Tuesday, August 16 at same time.

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