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					                                      Santa Cruz County Youth Soccer League
                                      Board Meeting at Louden Nelson Center
                                                  June 3rd 2008

Members present: Dave Cole, Shawn Abernathy, Michele Wright, Anne Fliesler, Larry Johnson, Robert Rhoades, Bob
Veach, Tami Rudd, Kris Kirby, Daryl Von Haunalter, Larry Busch, Michael Gottsegen, Ralphy Ruiz
    I.       Introductions/ Guests: Paolo Carbone, Bronwen Davis
    II.      Approval of the Agenda: John Hope Referee mentor under Old Business. Sean move, Michele 2 nd. App
    III.     Approval of the Minutes of the May 6 meeting: Note that Dave Cole was the abstaining vote on AC for
             SV. Correction of spelling of Shawn Abernathy name and Marcy Meyer’s name.
    IV.      Calendar Business
          A. Calendar Items for 2008: D1 and D3 teams need to be in the system by June 13th.
          B. Coaching courses update: Shawn would like to throw out 8 dates and let coaches grab them

    V.        Old Business
              A.. TOP soccer update: link on web site with registration and fact section. COE is cooperating. Tammi
              offered participation at SC Classic. Robert will ask District for $2500 grant
              B. update on the U9 Developmental League: Bob V. meeting last night. Looks like 6 U-9 and
              maybe 6 u-9 G teams. Start first 2 weeks 9/6-9/13 at Cabrillo. Preseason jamboree 8/13 at
              Depot and end with jamboree at Soccer Central. Asking for $100 fee per team. May be paid
              by clubs or teams to cover costs. Santa Cruz club has offered to run program. Looking at
              applying for grant from Soccer Foundation.
              C. Outcome for the Breakers U14G bubble team and the U10/U11G team. Approval for the
              age change for the U10G to play U11G this fall. Breakers want to have a U-11 team and they
              will remain U-11 next year. This will give them experience on the larger field. Michele notes
              that the team will not be able to register until the team and team name is approved and on the
              Abronzino site. U-14 G will be a tournament team, but Abronzino may approve them

              D. New Coach approvals and Assist Coach approvals:
               Approval of Gary Redenbacher as Assistant Coach:Passed, with Dave Cole not voting. Michele
              questions our approving coaches without appropriate license as this late date. Shawn notes that there
              are many classes going on. Michele made a motion that all coaches that are currently licensed at an F
              level are approved and those who do not have at least an F are not approved, Bob proposes that we go
              by coach list approved by the . Clubs. Kris 2nd. Shawn proposed to accept coaches as proposed,
              Michael 2nd. approved. (List below)
              U11G- Brian McNulty (Asst. Coach)
              U13G – The Sting - Gary Fish - Redenbacher (Asst. Coach) - repeat submission & Jose Gonzalez (Asst.
              U13B – The Inferno - Gary Fish -Redenbacher (Asst. Coach) - Repeat submission
              U13G – The Riverhawks - Doug Browne (Asst. Coach) & Joe Barton (Asst. Coach)
              U15G – Mark Keys (Asst. Coach) : will not be a coach, will be a manager
              U16G – The Pride - David Payne (Asst. Coach)
              U17 G – The Mirage - Enrique Reyes (Head Coach Approved) No AC
              U10 B – Greg Olson (Head Coach Approved) No AC
              Santa Cruz:Pending F Licenses . Approve all subject to having the correct license. Approved
                  Mark Hockett Jaws-96 GU12 LICENSE
                 Rob Holombo Sharks-96 Blue BU12 LICENSE
                 Sandor Rodriguez Sharks-97 White BU11
                 Pete Rode, Sharks-98 Blue, BU10
                 Raven Graham, Sharks-98 White BU10
                 Marco Martinez, Sharks-99 White, BU09
                 John Crivello Jaws-90 GU18 LICENSE
                 David (Doug) Browne Jaws-93 GU15 LICENSE
              Aptos: Assistant Coaches
                  U9 Boys - Rob Quinn
                  U10 Girls - Alejando Hernandez
                  U10 Boys - David Corboy
                 U11 Boys - Katera Estrada Rutledge, Frank Giuliani
                 U12 Girls - David Burke
                 U12 Boys - Bill Peck
                 U13 Girls - William Hooder & Chris Klein
                 U13 Boys - none
                 U15 Girls - Paul Murtha
                 U17 Boys - Thomas Knight
                 U18 Girls - Layne Lykins Jr
                 U18 Boys Eagles - Leo Ruiz
                 U18 Boys Force - none
         Breakers: Discussion: C. Corrigan was voted off MC Board. Paolo
       states she has coached for Breakers for 1 year and has been okay.
       F. Bernal is coaching in MC D3. Bob says he is functioning as a
       trainer in MC. Motion to approve F.Bernal with stipulation that
       he will have no more than 3 teams. Shawn 2nd, Approve
              U-14G White Colleen Corrigan as an assistant coach to Wes Bare
               U-16B Eric Johnsen Coach, Dave Siracusa Assist. Coach
               17B Francisco Bernal as a Head Coach with Kevin Mcclosky as an
              U-18B Francisco Bernal as head coach and Armando Martinez as assistant coach
             MidCounty: no additions

VI.       New Business
        A.  Board Member Communication protocol: Emails should be limited to business. Larry B brings up
            there is a chain of command. Go thru this board first before contacting District 2 personel.
            Grievances should be discussed at this forum. All Clubs need to send a representative to meetings or
            will be fined $100. Emails are intended for Board Members only. Privacy notices should be put on
            emails. Emails have been forwarded to nonboard members and sections deleted. Robert brings up that
            CYSA is working on a format for email voting. We will review at the next meeting.
        B. Shawn : next course 6/27, preF 7/26, looking at PCA courses: how to offer. Wants to do PreF one
            each week in the month of August. Do we want another e/d course before the season starts? Do we
            want a goalkeeper course. Aptos is interested for August. Still trying to get a D course scheduled.
            Paolo suggests getting in touch with Bob Joyce to coordinate. Will try to do National D: look at first
            weekend in August. Shawn is giving preference to County coaches. He is working off club lists.
        C. John Hope/ Referee mentor: deferred

VII.         Board Member Reports
             A. President: Got IRS letter that we are in good standing. Teams should not enter into written contracts
             with coaches and trainers. Robert needs to see written contracts before they are signed. Coaches and
             trainers are at will employees, contract employees. 1099 forms should be filed. How many clubs need to
             have access to “read only”League One database? Please email Robert who in each club really needs
             access? Michele brings up that she is trying to get disclosures from trainers.
             B. Vice President: no report
             C. Secretary: no report
             D. Registrar: 3573 players. SC numbers are way up, Aptos is down at 698, D1 and D3: 2 adults on the
             roster, does the 2nd adult need to be licensed? We are not looking at this now, but for next year. Larry
             Biggam suggests that we strongly encourage teams to have assistant coaches.
             E. Treasurer: Tami, disbursement of funds, giving $5000 to field fund, $5000 in account, then $200 to
             each club per team that participated in the tournament, less Tami’s team. The remainder to each club
             based on registration last year. Kris 2nd. approved
             F. Delgado Adv. Div 3 Rep. No meeting last month. All info by 6/13, then Melinda will generate a
             report. Using the website out of Redwood league. 7/18 is the seeding meeting and Delgado wants team
             money $225 per team. Larry Johnson will write the check.
             G.Coaching Director: F course with 30 people in attendance. ED had 13.
             H.Communications Dir.: Give information to Dave. Looking for coaches who want to help with TOP
             soccer. There is a coaching clinic 7/13 in Sac
             I. District II Cup Coordinator: vacant
            J. Tournament Director: First meeting. Many applications. U-16B is lacking. May drop this age group
            and add another U-14G Bracket. Next meeting 6/30
            K.Referee Coordinator: ill. MC has more kids signed up 12 adults/ 21 kids. The Ref situation is grim
            with the Breakers this spring. We have more teams than we have ref/ fields. Michael said that in the
            Delgado meeting, SC and Benito has been identified as having ref problems. There are 75 D3 teams.
            Robert suggests that licenses need to be in place before teams are built. Paolo suggests that games be
            centralized so Refs do not like to drive between fields. Robert suggests that refs be mentored. Bob says
            we have a District ref mentor who was helpful last year. Paolo will ask Tom to come to our next meeting
            L. Club 1 (SCC): Tami reporting
            M.Club 2 (MC) no report
            N. Club 3 (Aptos) another ref class schedule July/Aug. Mentoring refs, has grant thru Neumans Own.
            All ref will have same uniform Cost $40. ?
            O. Club 4 (SV/SLV) absent
            P. Club 5 (PV) No report
            Q. Club 6 (Breakers) No report

            Meeting in August 5th, 7 PM at Louden Nelson

            Addendum: Matters handled by email voting
Kris made a motion to get the following approved so Aptos is in compliance of the SCCYSL rules. Anne
2nd. Motion approved by majority email vote.
1. Please approve Lowell Staveland as the coach for boys U12
2. Please approve David Lee as the coach for boys U13
4. Please approve Thomas Knight as the coach for boys U17

Kris made a motion that Marc Kirby be coach of the u10g and the
u15g teams in Aptos. Anne 2nd. Approved by majority vote

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