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									                                                               Edgar Dreyer
                                                              Bloomfield, CT
                                                         NEW YORK UNIVERSITY
                                                          International Business
                                                                 GPA: 3.2

Dear SIOR Foundation,
Thank you for awarding me the SIOR Foundation Scholarship through the Hispanic
College Fund! With this award, it will allow me to continue my academics and develop my
educational foundation. As you may know, I am currently entering my senior year at
New York University Stern School of Business, majoring in International Business and
Accounting – CPA Track. The program I am currently enrolled in allows me to receive my
Master Degree by September 2010. The curriculum enables us to take graduate course
level as our undergraduate major courses. NYU’s challenging curriculum has allowed me
to further my knowledge of industries that most interest me, for example, real estate
finance. Recently, I was extended a full-time offer, after my studies are complete, to join
PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Real Estate Business Advisory Services group. The
position is a consulting function that values, appraises and analyses real estate assets to
assist our clients. The summer internship I just completed has truly set the foundation,
for what I hope to be, a long career in the real estate industry. This interest in real
estate stems from my parents and my diverse business background. My father is a
construction manager and my mother is a real estate investor aside from her career as
director of a higher education institute. They have instilled in me a path to learn the real
estate industry early in my life. I cannot thank you enough for the support you give to
students like me who strive to succeed in the real estate industry. Your contribution to
my education is a tremendous aid to financing my college financial aid and further
reinforcing the outlets of support I will have as I progress in my real estate career.
Thank you once again. Please feel free to contact me with any events or ways in which I
can be a part of the SIOR Foundation.
Edgar Dreyer
                                                     Miriam Bermudez
                                                      Inglewood, CA
                                              LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY
                                                         GPA: 3.44

Dear SIOR Foundation,

I'd like to thank you for your generous contribution to my education for the third time, at
Loyola Marymount University (LMU), in Los Angeles, CA. I am so grateful that I will be
able to attend this university and experience its unique faculty, student body, and
ambience. I am a first generation graduating Hispanic student that resides in Inglewood,
CA. Being the first to graduate from high school in my family has been a great
accomplishment for me! However, I know that I have merely crossed a river and have
yet an ocean ahead of me. My roots lie deep in the heart of Guatemala and Mexico.
Through the teachings of both of my parents, both my brother and I have learned the
principals of being a person of good character and high ethics. I have been brought up
with the ideals that everything is possible if you work hard for the things you desire the
most and have faith in God. I am truly grateful that the SIOR Scholarship Program was
so generous to give me $3910 towards my college education. Despite the huge cost of
attendance at LMU, I know that this $3910 will come in handy. Despite all the conflicts,
I have been able to give back to my community and help mentor students and tutor
them in various subjects. I am currently involved in the Lions for Learning, which is a
tutoring program ran by LMU students to help local elementary schools. I have learned
that one should always have time to help others. Thank you for helping me.

Miriam Bermudez
                                                     Jose Chavana
                                                       Laredo, TX
                                             UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN
                                                       GPA: 3.32

Dear SIOR Foundation,

As a I enter my 3rd year in college in reflect on your continous involvment helping fund
my education. It would not be enough to say that you have helped me only fund my
college expenses, but in addition given me the confidence to pursue other goals that I
would not had imagined before I began my college career. As a Finance and Japanese
double major, I never before considered myself capable of devouting my studies to two
different concentrations of study at one time. Yet, as I embark to study abroad in Japan
for one semester, I can certainly say that without your trust in my ability to succeed I
could not be recommending my younger sinblings to follow my footsteps in achieving
once unthinkable successes in my family. Now that I prepare for a case competition to
be held in Boston representing my University among dozens of other schools, I see how
every opportunity that people give me to showcase my new confidence and skill set are
all tied together from the SIOR Foundations initial contribution to mold me into the young
adult that I am today. I thank you for the better outlook of my future.

Jose Chavana
                                                        Claudia Proctor
                                                           naples, FL
                                                   INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE
                                                    Business Administration
                                                           GPA: 3.8

Dear SIOR Foundation,

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the scholarship. Thanks to your generous
support I will be able to complete my bachelor. Living up as a single mother of two
wonderful children has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but it has
more importantly made me realize the value of a college education. I will be finishing my
business administration bachelor next year at Hodges University. My plan at this stage is
try to find a job in this field. I used to work in the mortgage industry. Due to the toughest
economy that we are living I lost my job. Therefore, I have hoped that after obtaining my
bachelor degree I may able to find a job in this area. Also, I will be graduating with a
minor in international business. Once again thank you so much to be a part of this great
opportunity, it is very valuable everything that you have done for me and my children.
Thanks to your generosity my children will benefit and I am happy to be able to show
them how valuable is education, and how many organizations help students to obtain
their goals.

Claudia Proctor

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