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									                                     SANTA BARBARA COUNTY
                                  SPECIAL DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION

                                   July 28, 2008 at The Meadows, Solvang

Name                                       Position                  Representing
Azoury, Kamil                              General Manager           Goleta Sanitary District
Barget, Joe                                General Manager           Vandenberg Village CSD
Arnold, Chuck                              Director                  Montecito Sanitary District
Bower, Rick                                Manager                   Goleta Cemetery District
Braitman, Bob                              Executive Officer         Santa Barbara LAFCO
Fox, Tony & Guest                          Director                  Vandenberg Village CSD
Moorhouse, Jeff                            Director                  Carpinteria Sanitary District
Murray, Craig                              General Manager           Carpinteria Sanitary District
Ventura, Lou                               Director                  Embarcadero Muni. Improvement District
Wyckoff, Robert & Guest                    Director                  Vandenberg Village CSD
Cunningham, Jack                           Director                  Goleta Water District
Emerson, George                            Director                  Goleta Sanitary District
Fox, John                                  Director                  Goleta Sanitary District
Geyer, Craig & Guest                       Trustee                   Goleta Cemetery District
Gibbons, Tom                               Director                  Santa Maria Valley Water Conser. Dist.
Meyer, Larry                               Director                  Goleta West Sanitary District
Paxton, Susie                              General Manager           Embarcadero Municipal Improve. District
Rosen, Bill                                Guest
Schlottmann, Cathy                         Director                  Mission Hills CSD
Stone, Thomas                              Attorney                  Associate
Souza, Daryl                               Director                  Santa Maria Valley Water Cons Dist
Bob Geis                                   Guest Speaker             S B Co Auditor-Controller
Warfield, Ken                              Director                  Isla Vista Recreation & Park District
Warnstrom, Susan                           Director                  Mission Hills CSD
Wilson, Larry                              Director                  Montecito Water District

Vice-President Larry Meyer called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. All present recited the Pledge of
Allegiance to the flag of the United States. Attendees were introduced.

Approval of Minutes: Motion, second, unanimous, to approve the Minutes of May 19, 2008 as presented.

Guest Speaker: Robert Geis, Santa Barbara County Auditor-Controller: Mr. Geis noted the variety of
technical services provided to special districts. Thanks to questions from Andy Caldwell, it costs over $.5
million to provide special district services which result in approximately $100,000 in revenues. It was noted
he can not audit an agency if his department serves as a bookkeeper or compiles the financial statements.
Mr. Geis acknowledged it is increasingly difficult for many districts to find auditors and that Sacramento is
considering legislation to rectify that. The Auditor-Controller’s office provides payroll and accounts payable
services for some districts. There will be a new account reporting system coming out soon.

The biggest task of his office is property tax allocation. They also do property tax forecasting. The property
tax revenue increase this year was 7 percent. The forecast for next tax year is 4.5 percent overall with deficit
growth in the north county. The forecast for the year after is perhaps between 0 and 2 percent.
Santa Barbara County
Special Districts Association                 Minutes                                  July 28, 2008

Mr. Geis said their strategic plan is available on their website. From click on
the link to the Auditor-Controller. This fiscal year the County will be furloughing employees to cut costs. It
is critical that Measure A, ½ cent sales tax continuation, pass in order that the County and cities can continue
maintaining the road infrastructure. The County is looking for $19 million to finance a north County jail.

Mr. Geis said that currently the residents of Montecito have it pretty good. Through their special districts
they already have their own fire, water, and wastewater functions, plus their own planning commission. He
also noted the County is trying to have some fun in Isla Vista, like solving parking and other community

Lawbriefs: Mr. Thomas Stone presented Lawbriefs Bulletin No.18 regarding the recent California Supreme
Court decision concerning Proposition 218 and the application of “special benefit” and proportionality. The
Court held that a reviewing court should exercise its independent judgment in deciding whether benefits are
“special” or “general” and whether assessments are proportional to special benefits.

Mr. Stone noted there will be more paperwork for district to meet the Proposition 218 proportionality tests.

Next Chapter Meeting: Vice-President Meyer noted our September scheduled meeting date conflicts with
the CSDA annual conference.
       After discussion, motion, second, unanimous, to change the September meeting date to the 5th

Treasurer’s Report: The following was not available at the meeting: the checking account has $2,577.55 and
the savings account has $3,419.78.

LAFCO Report: Cathy Schlottmann reported the Enos Ranch annexation to Santa Maria was completed.
The litigation regarding the beach communities’ annexation to the Carpinteria Sanitary District has been
settled. The next meeting will be August 7th. That agenda will include the dissolution of the Orcutt Fire
Protection District.

Special District Selection Committee Bylaws: John Fox noted the 11th draft of the proposed bylaws is
available. There was brief discussion of holding a meeting for their consideration.

CSDA Update: John Fox noted the annual CSDA conference will be held in September in Irvine. Also the
CSDA Board ballots are out. John Fox urged consideration of Susie Paxton.

CSDA Legislative Committee: George Emerson stated that many rumors are circulating regarding the
budget solution and Proposition 1A.

Adjournment: Vice-President Meyer adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m. The next monthly Chapter meeting
will be held Monday, August 25, 2008 at The Meadows Restaurant, Solvang, California.

                                                          s/ Cathy Schlottmann
                                                          Cathy Schlottmann
                                                          Secretary, SBCSDA

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