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									     The Gilreith information below came from Doris Melton of 234 McDonald
 Rd. Sweetwater, TN 37874 and is another branch of
the Hamic Family. At the end of their generations is
            our Email correspondence.
                   Descendants of Alexander Gilreath

                                    Generation No. 1
1.        ALEXANDER l GILREATH was born about 1695 in Virginia, and died in Bute
          County, (now Warren County) NC. He married???.
                   Child of ALEXANDER GILREATH and??? is
2.         i. WILUAM2 GILREATH, SR., born about 1730, Bute County, (now Warren
           Co.) NC; died 06 May 1795, Bush River, Newberry County, SC.

                                     Generation No. 2
          2. WILLIAM 2 GILREATH, SR. (ALEXANDER l) was born About 1730 in Bute
          County, (now Warren County) NC, and died 06 May 1795 in Bush River,
          Newberry County, SC. He married MARY ARRINGTON about 1731 in North
          Carolina. She was born about 1731 in North Carolina.

          Notes for WILLIAM GILREATH, SR.
          William lived in NC about 35 years before moving to SC in 1787. He lived in
          Granville (later Bute, now Warren) then Wilkes County, NC in 1775. In 1787 he
          moved to Newberry, SC, leaving the older children in NC. His occupation was a
          farmer, but during the Rev. War he was a Waggoner. His will was dated 2 Oct.
          1794. After William's death his two youngest sons, George and Jesse, moved to
          Greenville, SC where they bought adjoining farms and remained the rest of their

          Son. John in 1776 in Bute Co., was the executor of the estate of Benjamin Jones,
          his father- in- law. John had a will dated 19 December 1802.

          Son: William served in the Rev. War and went to SC with Col. Benjamin
          Cleveland after the war, later returning to Wilkes County, NC. He was wounded
          in the Battle of King's Mountain. His will was dated 6 September 1834.

          Children of WILLIAM GILREATH and MARY ARRINGTON were:
          i.     JOHN] GILREATH, born about 1752, Bute County, NC; died before
                 December 1802, Wilkes County, NC; married. JOHANNAH JONES,
                 about1772, Wilkes County, NC.
          ii.    WILLIAM GILREATH, JR, born 28 Apri11753, Bute County, NC; died
                 about1835, Wilkes County, NC; married. SARAH.”SALLY” JONES, 30
                 December 1779, Wilkes County, NC; born North Carolina.
     3.    iii.  ALEXANDER GILREATH, born15 November 1755, Bute County, NC;
                 died 13 November 1853, Wilkes County, NC.
          iv.    NANCY GILREATH, born about 1757, Bute County, NC; married
                 EDWARD TURNER.
v.      JESSE GILREATH, born about 1759, Bute County, NC; died about1830,
        Greenville Co, SC; married (1) SALLY MENDENHALL, about 1779;
        married (2) MARY JANE BRUCE, About1798.
vi.     SARAH GILREATH, born about 1761, Bute County, NC; married. ?
vii.    NATHANIEL GILREATH, born about 1763, Bute County, NC.
viii.   JAMES HALL GILREATH, born about 1764, North Carolina.
ix.     GEORGE GILREATH, born about 1965, Bute County, NC; died after
        1840, Greenville County, South Carolina.
x.      MARY GILREATH, born about 1767, Bute County, NC.
                               Generation No.3
November 1755 in Bute County, NC, and died 13 November 1853 in Wilkes
County, NC. He married ELIZABETH SOUTHER 07 June 1781 in Wilkes
County, NC, daughter of STEPHEN SOUTHER and MARY BUSSEY. She was
born 11 March 1762 in Wilkes County, NC, and died About1847.
Alexander was the first of the Gilreath family to move to Wilkes County, NC
arriving there by 1776. Alexander served as a Sgt. in Wilkes County, and Iredell
County, NC in the Rev. War. He was under Capt. Luke Lea and Col. Cleveland's
command guarding Tory prisoners in 1779 and in combat under Capt. Richard
Allen in 1781. In 1778, he received a land grant on Hunting Creek, Wilkes
County, NC near Stephen Souther. Alexander ended up with 550 acres on Brushy
Mountain near the crossroads still marked as old Gilreath on some current maps.
Alexander was buried on the ridge the old Gilreath Place near New Hope Baptist
Church. In 1832, he applied for a pension for his service in the American.
Revolution. Described as an "esteemed man" of the Brushy Mountain section of
Wilkes County, Alexander was characterized in one court record as " a temperate
man who lived well". He was elected Justice of the Court, Tax Collector,
Constable, member of the school board and Postmaster of Gilreath, the first post
office in the area. In 1818, he deeded one acre of his land for a meetinghouse, "for
the Public Worship of Almighty God... to be free for preaching by any Christian
Denomination." The church was called Liberty Meeting House in 1847 and is
now New Hope Baptist Church.

Son: George was a veteran of the War of 1812; he was a Corporal in Capt.
Ambrose Carlton's Company of NC. George had 10 male and 3 female offspring.
Some were: Larkin, George M., John, David, Barnabas, Alexander, Homes,
Lorenzo and William R. He moved to Anderson County, in 1840.

Son: Larkin moved first to Cumberland County, KY by 1820 then on to Carroll
County, MO where he died in the late 1850s. Some of his children: Alexander,
Noah, and James.
     Son: James Harvey also moved to Cumberland County, KY and there he died
     shortly after 1860. James married at least twice. His first wife was Annie and his
     second wife was Kissah. Their children were: William A, Demeriti ( ou)s and
     Son: Noah was the only son of Alexander's to remain in Wilkes County.

     His children were: William (sheriff of Fentress County, TN 1858-6?), Burrell,
     George A., Leander and Noah Jr. and four unnamed children. (Noah also had nine
     slaves.) Noah's son Burrell died of wounds from the Civil War. His son, George
     was a Captain in the Civil Was who died at Gettysburg 3 July 1863. Leander was
     also a Confederate soldier in the Civil War.

     Daughter: Lucy and husband Robert Martin moved to Alexander County, NC
     Daughter Elizabeth and husband Abraham Sudderth moved to Cherokee County,

     i.       MARy4 GILREATH, born about 1782, Wilkes County, NC; died Wilkes
     County, NC; married JAMES MARLOW, 30 July 1834, Wilkes County, NC.
4.   ii.     WILUAM JEREMIAH GILREATH, born about 1784, Wilkes County,
     NC; died 03 July 1849, Gaddistown Community, Union County, GA.
     iii.     GEORGE GILREATH, born about 1786, Wilkes County, NC; died
     Morgan County, TN; married SALLY WALLIN/WALLIS, 07 August 1807,
     Anderson County, TN.
     iv.     RHODA GILREATH, born about 1787, Wilkes County, NC; died
     Cumberland County, KY; married RICHARD COOK, 08 November 1806,
     Wilkes County, NC.
     v.      LUCY GILREATH, born13 November 1793, Wilkes County, NC; died 03
     July 1877, Alexander County, NC; married ROBERT G. MARTIN, 16 December
     1815, Wilkes County, NC.
     vi.     LARKIN W. GILREATH, born about 1796, Wilkes County, NC; died
     Carroll County, MO; married SARAH???.
     vii.    JAMES HARVEY GILREATH, born about 1798, Wilkes County, NC;
     died about1860, Cumberland County, KY; married (1) ANNE ???; married (2)
     viii.   NOAH GILREATH, born about 1801, Wilkes County, NC; died. February
     1854, Wilkes County, NC; married ELIZABETH ALLEN.
     ix.     ELIZABETH GILREATH, born about 1806, Wilkes County, NC; died
     Cherokee County, NC; married ABRAHAM SUDDERTH II,
     20 April l843, Wilkes County, NC.

                                    Generation No. 4

     ALEXANDER l) was born about 1784 in Wilkes County, NC, and died 03 July
     1849 in Gaddistown Community, Union County, GA. He married (1) ???. She
     was born about 1784, and died about1824. He married (2) MARY??? about1824
     in Georgia.

     William Jeremiah was probably married twice. There was a sworn statement by
     George during Alexander's estate settlement that Jeremiah and Mary were married
     25 years. This makes their wedding date 1824, which causes Rebecca to be on the
     borderline and no one is sure to which wife she belonged. Mary is the only
     spouse mentioned in his will. Jeremiah was a blacksmith. He and his family
     moved to Union County, GA about 1845. He had a will in both Wilkes County,
     NC and Union County, GA. His sons are listed as Green Alexander, John
     Lafayette and Lewis William his daughters were Lucy and Rebecca. Jeremiah left
     land in Wilkes County, NC and Union County, GA to his wife, Mary. Mary was
     named executrix and son, Lewis, was executor of his estate. Jeremiah died of
     fever. Mary Allen Gilreath was living with her son's (John L.) family in Union
     County, GA in 1850 & 1860.

     Daughter: Martha and family moved to Cherokee County, NC by 1850. Two of
     their sons served in the 52nd GA Infantry. Martha's husband Joseph sold to her
     father, Jeremiah his wife's (Martha) share of her family estate.
     Son: John Lafayette enlisted as a Pvt. in Co "D" Findley's Reg. GA Militia in Oct
     1864. John was paroled in Kingston GA in May 1865. John died in July 1901.
     Their children were: Mary, Sarah, Lewis W., James A, Henry D., Alexander, John
     M., Marcus J., and Nancy. In the1860 Union County, GA census John was listed
     as a farmer with $500/$150 value and owned slaves. John's nickname was Lee.

     Son: Lewis William enlisted as First Lt. in Company "G" 52nd Reg. GA Inf. at
     Blairsville in March 1862. He was discharged with a disability in May 1864 but re
     enlisted, as a Lt. in Oct 1864 in Findley's Reg., GA Militia. He was paroled on
     May 1865 at Kingston GA. Their children were Eliza A, Elizabeth J., Mary R,
     Martha, Lewis A, Lensia, and Margaret.

     Children of William GILREATH and??? are:
     i.     MARTHA5 GILREATH born about 1819, Wilkes County, NC; married
     JOSEPH MARLOW, 14 July 1829.
5.   ii.    GREENWOOD ALEXANDER GILREATH born August 1821, Wilkes
     County, NC died about October 1862, Union County, GA.
     iii.   REBECCA GILREATH, born about 1824, Wilkes County, NC; married
     JOEL 1RIPLmarried, 05 December 1831, Wilkes County, NC.

     Children of William GILREATH and MARY??? were:
     iv.     JOHN Lafayette 5 GILREATH born 22 June 1827, Wilkes County, NC;
     died 01 July 1901, Union County, GA, buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery.; In.
     ELIZABETH H. INGRAM, 29 December 1853, Union County, GA; born about
     1837; died About1918, Union County, GA, buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery.
     v.     LEWIS WILLIAM GILREATH, born 27 April 1828, Wilkes County, NC;
     died 02 April 1911, Gaddistown Community, Union County, GA, buried Gilreath
     Family. Cemetery.; married ELLEN M. GADDIS, 13 February 1851; born 13
     February 1828, South Carolina; died 27 January 1924, Gaddistown Community,
     Union County, GA, buried Gilreath Family Cemetery.
     vi.    LUCY EMALINE GILREATH born about 1832; married WILLIAM A.
     TWIGGS, Lumpin County, GA

                                 Generation No.5
     ALEXANDER 3, WILLIAM 2, ALEXANDER 1) was born August 1821 in Wilkes
     County, NC, and died about October 1862 in Union County, GA. He married
     MARTHA REBECCA DUNCAN 05 January 1843 in Wilkes County, NC,
     daughter of JONATHAN DUNCAN and SARAH SHINN. She was born July
     1822 in Wilkes County, NC, and died About1907 in Walton County, GA.


Green's middle name is probably Alexander. Green joined the Army Company G
52nd GA Inf. in March 1862. He contacted measles in Kentucky. The last time
Green was seen he was lying by a fence when the camp was over run by soldiers
in October 1862. Green was never seen again. CSA record shows 10 Oct 1862
"Absent without leave. Left in KY sick" Rebecca stated he was left behind during
Gen. Bragg's retreat from KY.

Son: John served as a Pvt. in Company H 5th Reg. TN Mounted Info (Union
Army). In 1910 John and his family were living in Cherokee County, NC. He
returned to Union County, and is buried in the Zion Baptist Church Cemetery at
Suches GA.

Daughter: Hannah probably died young.

Son: Harvey Lonzo served as a Pvt. in Company A 1st Battalion GA Info (Union
Army). Harvey and his family are listed as having lived in Arkansas and
Kentucky before settling in Oklahoma by 1900. Harvey was killed in a shoot out
with his son- in- law in July 1901. He is buried in North McCalister Cemetery in

Son: James M. and family lived in Dawson County, GA in 1910. His second wife
was a widow when he married her. Son: Andrew J. was a Baptist Minister.

Son: Jonathan Jeremiah and his second wife are buried in Smarr, GA near Macon.

Son: Joseph and his family lived in Union, Lumpkin, Walton, Hall and Oconee
Counties in GA and DeKalb Co in Alabama. Both are buried at Wahoo Baptist.
Church in Lumpkin County, GA Daughter Mary and her family remained in the
Union County, GA
                          JOHN ALEXANDER GILREATH

     i.     JOHN ALEXANDER6 GILREATH, born10 November 1843, Wilkes
     County, NC; died 30 September 1938, Hall County, GA buried Zion Church
     Cemetery Union County, GA; married MARGARET ELIZABETH PALMER, 30
     December 1866, Union County, GA; born about 1849, GA
            ii.    NOAH W. GILREATH born 24 July 1845, Suches, Union County,
            GA; died October 1867, Lenior Station TN (CSA).
            iii.   HANNAH GILREATH born about 1847, Suches, Union County,
            GA; died before. 1860, Union County, GA.
     iv.    HARVEY LONZO GILREATH, born18 August 1848, Suches, Union
     County, GA; died 08 July 1901, a shoot out with his son-in- law in McCalester Co
     OK; married SARAH ANN PARKS, 18 December 1865, Benton, Polk County,
     TN; born about 1850.
     v.     JAMES M. GILREATH born 12 April 1849, Suches, Union County, GA;
     married (1) NANCY OVELEAN P. WARD, 28 June 1868, Union County, GA;
     born about 1851, GA; married (2) MARYANN HOLLOWAY, 17 October 1894,
     Dawson County, GA.
6.   vi.    ANDREW J. GILREATH, born 03 March 1851, Suches, Union County,
     GA; died 08 March 1939, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN and buried in
     Chattanooga Memorial Park.
     vii. SORENIA ELIZABETH GILREATH, born06 March 1853, Suches, Union
     County, GA; died Walton County, GA; married MARION PASSMORE, 28 July
     1872, Clay County, NC; born March 1850, North Carolina.
viii. JONATHAN JEREMIAH GILREATH, born18 March 1854, Suches, Union
County, GA; died 06 February 1930, Atlanta, Fulton County, GA, bur New
Providence Church Cemetery Monroe County, GA; married. (1) ISABELLE
ZIMMERMAN, 22 March 1879, Clay County, NC; married (2) MARGARET
HUTSON, 08 May 1887, Lumpkin County, GA; died buried. Smarr, GA.

ix. JOSEPH MARTIN GILREATH, born 03 April 1857, Suches, Union County,
GA; died 29 December 1943, Lumpkin County, GA, bur Wahoo Church
Cemetery married. SARAH CAROLINE WARD, 03 Novembe r 1878, Union
County, GA; born June 1859, Union County, GA; died 14 November 1916,
Lumpkin County, GA, buried at Wahoo Church.
x. MARY ETTA GILREATH, born27 August 1859, Suches, Union County, GA;
died 02 February 1948, Lumpkin, GA buried in Mount Olive Baptist Church
Cemetery married. GEORGE WILKES MILLER.
Generation No.6
     ANDREW J. GILREATH and second wife SEREPTA STEELE daughters Mary
                  and Nancy and adopted boy Robert A. Smith

     JEREMJAJl4, ALEXANDER3, WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER l) was born 03 March
     1851 in Suches, Union County, GA, and died 08 March 1939 in Chattanooga,
     Hamilton County, TN buried Chattanooga Memorial Park. He married (1)
     SARAH JANE H. GUINN 07 September 1874 in Murray County, GA, daughter
     of JOHN GUINN and ELIZA KEY. She was born 23 October 1848 in
     Tennessee, and died 07 May 1920 in McMinn County, TN and buried in
     Westview Sweetwater TN. He married (2) SEREPTA STEELE about1880 in
     Alabama, daughter of LOUIS STEELE and KATHERINE BLEVINS. She was
     born 15 October 1851 in Alabama, and died 18 February 1945 in Chattanooga;
     Hamilton County, TN buried Chattanooga Memorial Park.

     Notes for ANDREW J. GILREATH:
     Family legend has Andy working in Chickamauga, GA. Kenneth Gilreath said
     that his Aunt Janie remembered "Uncle Andy" disappearing for several years.
     Her father (Marion Gilreath) and grandfather (Joseph Gilreath) found Andy by
     accident in DeKalb County, AL near Rainsville (in the corner of Alabama near
     TN & GA). He had a wife in Alabama (Serepta, nicknamed Repsy), but no one
     knew about Sarah and William in TN. The Alabama Census lists Andy in
     DeKalb County, AL in 1880, Sulphur Springs, DeKalb County, AL in 1900, and
     Chattanooga County, GA Alpine District in 1920. Aunt Janie also said he worked
     construction and a Baptist preacher. Sarah lived in three-story log house in
     Monroe County, TN. In the 1900 Monroe census, Sarah is living as a servant in
     the household of Nancy (?) McSpadden. According to Patricia Daharsh (formerly
     of Florida and granddaughter of William Gilreath) Sarah went to people's homes
     to nurse ones with debilitating illnesses. William would stay with her parents,
     John and Eliza Key Guinn, while she was gone. Andy's 2nd wife, Serepta died of
     a "coronary occlusion". Andy and Serepta's grandson, Bill Hamic, recalled going
     to their farm in Chattanooga, He said Andy was short but trim with short leg from
     having it broken and was a blacksmith. Andy appeared to be educated and was
     well read. He would talk to Bill about being a drummer boy in the Civil War.
     Andy told him that he was scared during battle and that it was so noisy. Bill's
     Granny, Serepta, was tall and slender and very energetic. He said she was a great
     cook and made great teacakes.

     Daughter: Nancy's husband, Steve Hamic taught school in GA, AL, and TN. He
     spent 23 years teaching at Chattanooga High School. Nancy and Steve's children
     are Gladys, Andrew and Julian.

7.   i.     WILLIAM LAFAYETTE' GILREATH, born 1I June 1875, Chickamauga,
     Walker County, GA; died 28 August 1921, Pelham, Mitchell County, GA buried
     Pelham City Cemetery.
ii.    MARY M.' GILREATH, born September 1880, Alabama; married.
WILLIAM RICE HAMIC; born 19 August 1879, Rising. Fawn, GA
iv.    NANCY GILREATH, born 01 April 1883, Alabama; died July 1975,
       Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN; married. STEPHEN HAMIC; born
       02 March 1882, Rising Fawn, GA; died July 1963, Chattanooga, Hamilton
       County, TN.

                  Chattanooga Memorial Park

Generation No.7
     ALEXANDER l) was born 11 June 1875 in Chickamauga, Walker County,
     GA, and died 28 August 1921 in Pelham, Mitchell County, GA buried
     Pelham City. He married (1) ELIZA OZINE LONG 15 September 1893 in
     Monroe County, TN, daughter of MILLARD LONG and MARY
     DICKERSON. She was born 20 January 1877 in Loudon County, TN, and
     died 22 February 1967 in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN. He married
     (2) MAMIE
                           ELIZA OZINE LONG

8.     OLEO COUNCIL 15 November 1911 in Pelham, Mitchell County, GA.
       She was born 19 May 1883 in Waukulla County, Florida, and died
William's middle name was for Lafayette GA. William lived with his
grandfather, John Guinn in Polk County, in 1880. According to Eva Robinson
Melton he attended Hiwassee College, then taught in the County, school south, of
Madisonvil1e. His two oldest daughters attended the school where he taught.
William and his family moved to Etowah to work in a factory. In 1909, they
moved to Dalton GA to work in another factory. His daughters Ethel and Maude
worked in the factory too. In the 1910 census, William, Eliza and family were
living in Whitfield County, GA, Dalton City district. William was listed as a
weaver, cotton mill. William left his family in GA in 1910. His wife and children
moved back to Monroe County, TN. William met his second wife in FL and
moved with them back to Pelham GA. He came back once to see the baby Jimmy
Washington. His mother wouldn't let him in and held the baby up to the window
so that he could see "Wash". In the 1920 TN census Eliza and son, Robert, were
living as a boarder with Frankie Cooper family on the Main St. of Sweetwater in
Monroe County, She listed herself as a widow. In the 1920 GA census William
and his new family were living in Mitchell County, GA, Militia district at 1194
Pelham Palmer St. He was listed as a traveling salesman, produce. He returned to
Monroe County, in 1920 when he got word of his mother's impending death. He
came alone; the reason given was that his 2nd wife, Mamie Oleo was 8 months
pregnant. William was shot to death by the brother-in- law, Charles McNutt, of his
second wife, Mamie Oleo. According to Patricia Gilreath Daharsh (formerly of
Florida, now Johnston Island in the Pacific), McNutt did not serve any time for
the murder, but had to deed his house to William's widow and help her
Oleo lost the house to back taxes and McNutt and his wife, Maude, moved to
Florida where they eventually divorced. William had several occupations:
traveling salesman, sewing machine repairman (in Bainbridge GA), potato curing
house manager and teacher. According to Patricia, William was working for the
railroad when he met Oleo in Pelham and they married a few months later.
Patricia was told by her Aunt Omie that William had saved a little "nest egg" and
bought a store in Palmetto FL. Eventually they moved back to Pelham.
According to a registration card he was short, stout, green eyed and had black
hair. Eliza L. Gilreath was living in Rossville, GA at the time of her death
according to her Social Security record. It also has her death as the 15th rather
than the 22nd as on her tombstone. According to her obit she was living with her
daughter Naomi Gilreath Calhoun. She had been a member of Union Grove
Baptist Church. She died in a Chattanooga hospital. According to the 1930
census Eliza (53) was living as a widow at 44 Maple St., Roseville, Walker
County, GA with Emory (29) and Elbert (24) and her mother Mary Long (80)
Living nearby was Robert (22) and wife Carrie (20) at 105 Maple St.

Son: Jimmy died of spinal meningitis. (Margie, Daughter of William and Oleo
also died of spinal meningitis and her mother, Oleo, also got it but recovered.
They brought doctors in from Tampa, according to Patricia)

Daughter: Maude went to work at the hosiery mill after her father ran off. She was
12 years old and for 10 cents a day she unraveled the extra yarn on the toes and
cut it off after the socks came off of the looper.

Daughter Ethel had two children (Hula Mae b.1918 and Henryborn1919) by
Tilman before he ran off. In the 1920 TN census H. T. (Tilman), Ethel and their
children were living with his parents, G.S. and Miranda Sames Watson. George
S. was 48 and born in SC, as were his parents. Miranda was 43 and born in TN,
but her parents were born in SC. George and Miranda were married 22 March
1890. After Tilman left, Ethel continued to lived with his parents in a house
behind the Monroe County, Bank. She took care of his parents until they passed
away. Then she married Arthur Gibson. She died at St. Mary's Hospital and was
buried at Highland Memorial Gardens (Section 1) on Kingston Pike in Knoxville.

Son: Emery got a job at a livery stable after his father took off. He was a "taxi"
driver with a horse and buggy.

Son: Elbert died exactly two weeks after his wife, both at 2 o'clock. According to
Elbert's obituary he was a carpenter and a former employee of Richmond Hosiery
Mill. He was a Sweetwater native, but lived in Chattanooga the past 60 years.

Daughter: Naomi was married six times, but Eva Melton only knew the first and
the last. Her daughter was by her first husband she and her second husband
moved away. Her daughter was so homesick, Naomi left her husband and came
home. Her last husband, Harry Calhoun was a policeman. He owned some real
estate and they had a very nice house on Lookout Mo untain in Rossville GA. Her
patio overlooked Chattanooga. According to her obituary, Naomi worked at the
Peerless Woolen Mill and was a member of Rossville Baptist Church.
     Son: William Robert was a Madisonville native who has resided in Rossville for
     the last 50 years, according to his obit. He was retired employee of Mountain
     Farm Bakery and a member of Tiftonia First Baptist Church and a veteran of
     WWII, serving in the Navy.

     Children of WILLIAM GILREATH and ELIZA LONG are:
8.    i. MAUDE ELIZABETH 8 GILREATH, born16 December 1894, Monroe
     County, TN; died 18 October 1987, Monroe County, TN buried. West View
     Cemetery, Sweetwater TN.
     ii. ELLA MAY GILREATH, born 20 September 1896, Monroe County, TN; died
     06 May 1899, Monroe County, TN.
     iii. ETHEL LUCILLE GILREATH, born17 January 1898, Monroe County, TN;
     died 20 September 1982, Knoxville, Knox, County, TN buried Highland
     Memorial Gardens; married. (1) H.TILMAN WATSON, 03 January 1916,
     Monroe County, TN; born about 1897, Tennessee; married (2) ARTHUR H.
     GMSON, Aft. 1926.
     iv. EMORY Lafayette GILREATH born30 October 1900, Tennessee; died 09
     February 1970, Niota TN.
     v. ELBERT EUGENE GILREATH, born14 February 1903, Tennessee; died 10
     May 1974, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN; married LOU ELLA WHITE;
     born about 1902; died 26 April 1974, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, TN.
     vi. NAOMI GILREA married, born22 March 1904, Monroe County, TN; died 23
     August 2000, Rossville, Walker County, GA, Chattanooga Memorial Park;
     married (1) HARRY CALHOUN; married (2) WILLIAM "BILL" WOODS.
     vii. WILLIAM ROBERT GILREATH born 12 April 1905, Monroe County, TN;
     died 02 February 1973, Rossville GA, Chattanooga Nat'l ; married CARRIE
     CARSON; born about 1907, Alabama.
     viii. JIMMY WASHINGTON GILREATH, born October 1909, Monroe County,
     TN; died 10 April 1911, Monroe County, TN buried Dalton GA.

     Children of WILLIAM GILREATH and MAMIE COUNCIL are:
     ix.     SARAH MYRTLE8 GILREATH married, born 28 December 1912,
     Florida; died 02 January 2001, Orlando, Orange County, FL; married JIMMIE
     x.      WILLIAM LEROY GILREATH, born 10 February 1914, Georgia; died.
     08 January 1968.
     xi.     OMIE MAUREEN GILREATH, born 20 May 1917, Georgia; died 05
     May 1996.
     xii.    WALTER BLAIR GILREATH, born 25 October 1920, Georgia.
     xiii.   MARGIE MADELINE GILREATH, born 07 May 1922, Georgia; died.
     22 July 1926.
                                  Generation No. 8

December 1894 in Monroe County TN, and died 18 October 1987 in Monroe
County, TN buried West View, Sweetwater, TN. She married (1) ALFRED
HIGGINS About1911. He was born about 1892, and died in left about 1912. She
married (2)
WALTER CHARLES ROBINSON 27 June 1915 in Gaines School Monroe
born 12 October 1884 in Monroe County, TN, and died 05 May 1962 in McMinn
County, TN buried West View, Sweetwater, TN.

Right before Mary Bell was born, Alfred told Maude he was going to see his
mother who lived in Cleveland. No one ever heard from him again.
Daughter: Mary Bell's second husband died at home while waiting to go to the
funeral home to make arrangements for Mary Bell's funeral.
Walter and his first wife, Rena, lived on the "Vineyard place" on Sands Rd. Rena
was Bertha Evans Leonard's husband's aunt. Rena died of Tuberculosis. Eva Mae
Robinson Melton said that the Leonard's treated them like family and would
invite them over to pick vegetables, help can them and give them candy. Walter
and Rena lived near the old Greenbrier School in the Lee's Chapel Rd- Greenbrier
Rd area of Monroe County, Greenbrier School was closed in the 1930s.1o the
1920 census Walter and family were living on "Niota and Meigs Rds". He was a
farmer and his father Charley was living with them. While in Michigan Ed, Aline,
Minnie and Ed's three daughters had a very bad car accident in which Ed's baby
daughter was killed.

Son: Willie died of bold hives.

Daughter: Olivine divorced John Hutsell around 1962. She married Paul Martin in
Michigan. Her third husband John Buckner left her well off financially when he
died. Her fourth husband Gordon also left her an inheritance. Olivine has a stone
in McMinn Memorial Garden next to John Buckner.

Son: Ed was killed while crossing a highway on foot in Michigan.

Son: Curly was a mechanic on trucks in Michigan. He had a daughter die of spinal
meningitis. Daughter: Aline's second husband, Eddie, was French-Canadian.

Daughter: Minnie's name is on both Boots and Homer's markers at Sweetwater
Memorial Park
     Daughter: Mary M. died of "Broncial Pneumonia" with the contributory cause of
     "Lagrippe" (flu).

     i.      MARY BELL9 HIGGINS, born18 July 1912, Monroe County, TN; died
     About1977, McMinn County, TN, bur Athens Memorial Gardens; married (1)
     EARNEST FRISBEE; born about 1911, Tennessee; died Buried Mt Harmony
     McMinn Co.; married. (2) LUTHER BIRD, Pontiac, MI; died about 1977.

     Children of MAUDE GILREATH and WALTER ROBINSON are:
     ii.     ARTIE LUCILLE9 ROBINSON, born 18 August 1916, between McMinn
     County, and Union Grove; died. 01 November 19%, McMinn County, IN,
     Sweetwater Memorial Park; married. JAMES SMITH, 17 September 1932,
     Marshall Hill Church, McMinn.
     iii.    WILLIAM C. EDWARD ROBINSON, born 21 September 1919, between
     McMinn County, and Union Grove; died. 07 November 1969, Detroit, MI buried
     Sweetwater Memory Garden; married. (I) MARY HUMBARD, Georgia; married.
     (2) MILDRED PARKS, Georgia; married. (3) JOSEPHINE WRIGHT, about
     1934, Georgia, Buried Browder/County, Line Cemetery.
9.   iv.     EVA MAE ROBINSON, born 14 January 1922, McMinn County, IN.
     v.      ERNEST ROBINSON, born 28 November 1923, between McMinn
     County, and Union Grove; died. 15 February 1995, McMinn County, IN,
     Sweetwater Memorial Park; married. (I) HELEN CLARK, 22 September 1944,
     Monroe County, IN; married. (2) GENEVA GRAY, about 1947, Monroe County,
     IN; born about 1927.
     vi.     MINNIE ROBINSON, born 15 February 1926, between McMinn County,
     and Union Grove; married. (1) JAMES "BOOTS" CROWDER, 24 August 1943,
     Georgia; born about 1917; died about1972, Sweetwater, Monroe County, IN,
     Sweetwater Memorial Park; married. (2) CHARLES HOMER MCCONKEY,
     about 1976; born about 1921; died. 09 February 2001, Sweetwater, Monroe
     County, IN.
     vii.    WALTER "CURLY" ROBINSON, born01 November 1930, between
     McMinn County, and Union Grove; married. BARBARA GUODE, 13 January
     1954, Georgia.
     viii. ALINE ROBINSON, born 06 March 1932, between McMinn County, and
     Union Grove; died. 15 July 1962, Detroit, MI buried West View Sweetwater IN;
     married. (1) CHARLES HOMER MCCONKEY, 06 April 1952, Loudon County,
     IN; born about 1921; died. 09 February 2001, Sweetwater, Monroe County, IN;
     married. (2) EDDIE MORISSETTE, about1955, Michigan; born 03 December
     1930, Michigan; died 22 March 1989, Clio, Michigan.
     ix.     MARY MAGDALINE ROBINSON, born 18 April 1935, between
     McMinn County, and Union Grove; died. 19 January 1938, Monroe County,
     buried West View Cemetery. Sweetwater, Monroe County, IN.
     x.      OLIVINE ROBINSON, born21 November 1938, between McMinn
     County, and Union Grove; married. (1) JOHN HUTSELL, 01 June 1956, Athens,
     McMinn County, IN; born about 1895; died. McMinn County buried Riceville;
      married. (2) PAUL MARTIN, about 1966, Michigan; married. (3) JOHN H.
      BUCKNER, About1975, Georgia; born about 1921; died. About1983, Monroe
      County, buried McMinn Memory Garden; married. (4) GORDON
      STANSBERRY, about 1986, Athens, McMinn County, IN. Buried McMinn
      Memory Garden.

      Generation No.9
      JEREMIA~, ALEXANDER3, WILliAM2, ALEXANDERI) was born 14 January
      1922 in McMinn County, TN. She met (1) SHORTY JOHNSON. She married (2)
      JAMES ARTHEL MELTON 06 November 1948 in
      Detroit, MI, son of CHARLEY MELTON and MAE McKINNEY. He was born
      19 February 1919 in Bradley County, TN, and died 01 November 1974 in
      Sweetwater, Monroe County, TN, buried Sweetwater Memorial Park.

      Notes for JAMES ARTHEL MELTON:
      Arthel grew up on a farm and wanted a farm of his own. He drove a truck for a
      feed company as a young man. Then moved to Michigan to work two jobs in car
      plants to make enough money to buy a farm (now 234 McDonald Rd). While
      farming it he bought the adjoining farm (now 270 McDonald Rd). Eva worked in
      a sock factory, cooked at the Copper Kettle, cooked at Atkins Restaurant then
      worked at the Sweetwater Valley Convalescent Home. Arthel died from brain
      cancer. Eva's son Raymond died from complications from diabetes, cirrhosis of
      the liver, heart failure etc after having surgery to replace a vein in his leg to
      restore circulation. Raymond and Joanne had two children, Tim and Lori.
      Daughter: Mary Frances had one child, Carolyn Mae Croft. She had seve ral
      stepchildren by both J.C. and Howard.

      Child of EVA ROBINSON and SHORTY JOHNSON is:
      i. RAYMOND WILLARD ROBINSON, born10 September 1940, Sweetwater,
      Monroe County, IN,; died 23 December 2000, Knoxville, Knox County, .IN, U.
      T. Hospital., buried Sweetwater Memory Garden; married. JOANN JACKSON;
      born about 1949, Covington, KY.

      Children of EVA ROBINSON and JAMES MELTON are:
10.    ii.   JIM DALEIO MELTON, born 13 September 1953, Sweetwater, Monroe
      County, IN.
      iii.    MARY FRANCES MELTON, born 13 May 1950, Detroit, Michigan;
      married (1) J.C. CROFF, 30 December 1972, Cleveland, Bradley County, IN;
      married. (2) HOWARD MILLSAPS, 28 January 1989, Monroe County, IN.
      Generation No. 10
      WILLIAM2, ALEXANDER l) was born 13 September 1953 in Sweetwater,
      Monroe County, TN. He married DORIS ELIZABETH ECKEL 07 April 1972 in
      Bryson City, NC, daughter of CARL ECKEL and RUTH WOODY. She was born
      25 September 1952 in Knoxville, Knox County, TN, Fort Sanders Hospital..

      Notes for JIM DALE MELTON:
      Jim graduated from Cleveland State Community College with an Associate of
      Applied Science 1981 and Tennessee Wesleyan College with a Bachelor of
      Applied Science 3 Aug 2001.

      Daughter: Laura and Mark were married at Grisgby Chapel in Farragut TN. Laura
      graduated from Sweetwater High in 1991, Hiwassee College in 1993 with an
      Associate of Arts in Business Administration, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
      in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and U. T .K. in
      May 1999 with a Masters of Science in Human Resource Development. She
      taught Business classes at Oliver Springs High. Now she is teaching night class in
      business at Pellessippi State. Mark grew up in Wisconsin and Indiana. He
      graduated U. T .K. in Aug. 1999. Mark is working in land management at TV A.

      Daughter: Sarah and Kevin were married at Buckner Memorial Chapel on the
      campus of Hi was see College, Madisonville TN. Sarah and Kevin graduated from
      Sweetwater High School. Sarah graduated from Hiwassee College with a
      Associate of Arts in Communication in 1996 and then from U. T .K. with a
      Bachelor of Science in Communication in 1998. She got her masters degree o f
      Education in Counseling and Guidance from Lincoln Memorial University 14
      December 2002. She is the Director of Talent Search at Hiwassee College. Kevin
      works for the Loudon County, News-Herald in Lenior City.

      Daughter: Sabrina graduated from Sweetwater High in 1998. Graduated from
      Hiwassee College with Associates of Science Degree in Recreation and Tourism
      Management 6 May 2000.

      Children of JIM MELTON and DORIS ECKEL are:
11.    i.    LAURA ELIZABETH ll MELTON, born 05 September 1973, Knoxville,
      Knox County, TN, Fort Sanders Hospital..
      ii.    SARAH ANGELA MELTON, born 24 August 1976, Knoxville, Knox
      County, TN, Fort Sanders Hospital.; married. KEVIN KILE, 16 May 1998,
      Madisonville, Monroe County, TN; born 15 October 1976, Knoxville, Knox
      County, TN.
      iii.   SABRINA LEIGH MELTON, born 21 December 1979, Knoxville, Knox
      County, TN, Fort Sanders Hospital.
                                     Generation No. 11
       WILLIAM 2, ALEXANDER l) was born 05 September 1973 in Knoxville, Knox
       County, TN, Fort Sanders Hospital.. She married MARK ROBERT DEGNAN,
       JR 13 June 1998 in Farragut, Knox County, TN, son of MARK DEGNAN and
       MALINA KULIK. He was born 06 March 1976 in East Chicago, Lake County,

       Child of LAURA MELTON and MARK DEGNAN is:
       i.     JILLIAN ELIZABETHl2 DEGNAN, born09 July 2002, Knoxville, Knox
              County, TN at U. T. Hospital.

An Internet post I received:
I would appreciate any info on Stephen Hamic, his wife Nancy Gilreath and their
children. In the 1920 Chattooga Co. GA census, Stephen was born in GA in 1883, Nancy
in AL in 1884, Andrew W in AL in 1903, Gladys E. in AL in 1906, and Julian M. in AL
in 1909. Apparently the family moved to Chattanooga TN because Stephen, Nancy and
Julian collected Social Security there. Andrew went to Tempe AZ then Florida. I would
also appreciate any information about Nancy's parents Andrew J. and Serepta Gilreath.
Especially Serepta's maiden name. Thank you so much for your time. Doris Melton

I show Andrew J. Gilreath married first, Sarah Guinn, daughter. of John and Eliza Guinn
in Polk Co., TN and married second, Seretpa Repsy in DeKalb Co., AL ...(I also show
that this family record is questionable but might be worth checking out) ...
Posted by: Amy (Cleland) Gilreath

January 2003 E-mails

On March 16, 2001 you wrote:
I would appreciate any info on Stephen Hamic, his wife Nancy Gilreath and their
children. In the 1920 Chattooga Co. GA census, Stephen was born in GA in 1883, Nancy
in AL in 1884, Andrew W in AL in 1903, Gladys E. in AL in 1906, and Julian M. in AL
in 1909. Apparently the family moved to Chattanooga TN because Stephen, Nancy and
Julian collected Social Security there. Andrew went to Tempe AZ then Florida. I would
also appreciate any information about Nancy's parents Andrew J. and Serepta Gilreath.
Especially Serepta's maiden name. Thank you so much for your time. Doris Melton
I have a photo of the Rev. Andy Gilreath, wife Serepta, his daughters Mary and Nancy
who both married Hamic brothers and an adopted nephew Robert A. Smith. Would be
glad to share info and photo
Ronnie Warren
Birmingham,                                                                       AL
Hello Ronnie,
I am so thrilled to get your email. I have been working on the Gilreaths since 1986. I only
found out about Serepta and their children in 2001. I would LOVE to have their picture.
How would you like to send it? You have my email and my address is 234 McDonald Rd.
Sweetwater, TN 37874. How are you related to them? I have attached a picture of their
tombstone in case you don’t have one. It was taken one my wedding anniversary Apr 7 th
in 2001. It’s in Memorial Garden in Chattanooga. I have to go to work, but I am really
looking forward to getting the picture and I can not thank you enough. I will be glad to
exchange any info with you. I may have plenty of time tomorrow as we are suppose to
get snow! That is if my electricity doesn’t go off. Have a good day. Doris

Doris, I got the photograph from the Painter family collection in the possession of
Vincent Denardo of DeKalb County. Sarah Painter Moon, the last living child of Jackie
and Roxie Phillips Painter, had many photos of family and friends living in the Valley
Head and Hammonville Communities of DeKalb County, AL. She left them and all her
possessions to Vince. Roxie's mother was a Warren (my g grandfather George
Washington Warren's sister) who married Ellis Phillips. See Photo. While looking for
Sarah A. Warren Phillips and husband Ellis Phillips photo, I found the Rev. Andy
Gilreath Family Photo. I copied most of the photos and information Sarah had collected
over her life time. My Warrens are related to the Gilbreath Family so when I saw this
photo and the writing on the back I thought it might be Gilbreath just spelled different.
As my research lead into another related family, this Hamic I found that Andy Gilreath's
daughters had married Hamics.
On the back was written Andy Gilreath and wife Serepsi daughters Mary Gilreath and
Nancy Jane Gilreath boy unknown. Rev. Andy Gilreath was the minister at Look Out
Chapel Methodist Church.
I found them in the census with the boy listed as a nephew Robert A. Smith Mrs.
Gilreath's name spelled Sarepta and now on her stone Sapreptah.
I will send you the written section from my history next if you want.
Ronnie Warren
Birmingham, AL

Dear Ronnie,
Thank you for the pictures!!! I am printing out some copies as I am writing this email.
My connection to the Gilreaths is rather odd. It is actually my husband, Jim's mother's
family. His mother's mother was Maude Gilreath who married a Robinson. Her father
was William Lafayette Gilreath who married Eliza Long. They had 8 children and then
he left her and went to Florida and remarried. His 2nd wife's brother- in- law shot and
killed him in 1920. The first family never saw him again after he left TN. William L.'s
father was the Andrew J. Gilreath in the picture. Andrew's first wife was Sarah J. Guinn
of Madisonville, TN. After William was born Andy left and started his second family in
GA, AL and finally Chattanooga TN. Like I said it took me from 1986 to figure all of this
out. Luckily I found a really nice fellow named Kenneth Gilreath in GA that helped me
unravel it all. I do not know why these men left their first families and I am not going to
jump to any conclusions or accusations, so feel free to discuss them as I am not touchy
about it. It helps that it is not my own family I guess. I just want to record the truth in my
records. I feel a glossed over family history is worse than no family history. I can't tell
you how much I appreciate you helping me with this family and I love the pictures. I
think your great for taking the time to write and send the picture. Would you be interested
in a copy of what I have on the Gilreaths? If you want it send me your snail mail address.
I understand it is not your immediate family, but I thought you might like to have it to go
with the picture. Would you mind if I sent copies of the pictures to Kenneth?
About a year ago I met Bill Hamic, grandson of Andy & Serepta. He used to visit his
grandparents a lot. He said he was going to send me some pictures, but he never did. He
and his wife live in VA, travel constantly. The last time I tried to email him, the message
came back.
Thank you again for the picture. Doris

There sure were a lot of Reverends in those families. Here are obituaries of the Hamic
brothers (W. R. and Stephen both Revs.) who married the daughters of Rev. Andy
Gillreath. Also W.R.'s wife Mary Gillreath Hamic one of those daughters
I would appreciate anything you have on the Hamic, Gillreath, Bible, or Stephens
James R. Warren
532 Edgeknoll Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35209

Dear Ronnie,
Thank you for the obits of the Hamics. It has only been recently that I found out about the
Hamics so I don't have a lot gathered on them. I will go through my files today and pull
out anything I have on them and send it to you along with my chart on the Gilreaths. I
know someone who may have more than I do and that would be Kenneth Gilreath. I will
send him your email address so he can contact you if he knows something on the families
you listed. Preachers seem to run in families. My mother's family is from Sevier Co and
all lf them had at least one preacher. I have a copy of Andy's death certificate and I will
include that too. I am attaching some pictures of Gilreaths. I don't know how interested
you are in them, but if you don't want them you can always just delete them, right?
John Alexander Gilreath is the brother of Andrew J. Gilreath and the girl beside him is
Ruby Seabolt Pass, John's granddaughter.
William Lafayette Gilreath is the son of Andrew J. and his first wife Sarah J. Guinn.
Eliza Ozina Long was the wife of William Lafayette, the children are the children of her
grandson Earnest Robinson, Lynn, Pam, Jane, and Bobbie Jo.
Sarah J. Guinn Gilreath's tombstone in Westview Cemetery, Sweetwater, TN
Rebecca Duncan Gilreath was the wife of Greenwood Alexander Gilreath, they we re the
parents of Andrew J. We later found out her full name was Martha Rebecca.
Joseph Martin and Sarah Ward Gilreath, he was the brother of Andrew J.
I hope you can find some of the info I'm sending of help to you. Doris
I have been looking through my files and came across and email address that might be
useful to you. Dora Hamic wrote me a few times about the Hamics and Gilreaths. I
haven't corresponded with her since Sept 2001, but she might be a help to you. Her
husband, John, and his brother, Bill, are the grandchildren of Andrew and Serepta. You
may already know them as they must be related to you. Anyway the address is Doris

Doris this doc fills in a lot of Hamic info
Ronnie Warren

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