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									                                                              Mailed payments should be addressed to:
Paying Your                                                          SIUE, Bursar’s Office
                                                                     P. O. Box 1042
Fall 2010 SIUE Bill                                                  Edwardsville, IL 62026-1042

                                                              If using an overnight express or shipping service:
Attention Students! What you need to know before you                   SIUE, Bursar’s Office
register for Fall 2010…                                                Rendleman Hall, Room 1101
As you go on CougarNet to register for classes you will                #6 Hairpin Drive
first see an agreement entitled ‚Student Responsibility                Edwardsville, IL 62026-1042
for Payment of Educational Services at Southern Illinois
University.‛ Each semester before registering you’ll need     Installment Payment Plan - Students may elect for a $20
to accept this agreement online simply by clicking ‚I         charge per semester to use the Installment Payment Plan,
accept.‛ The University’s billing and installment payment     designed to make as convenient as possible the
plan have not changed at all. This agreement just spells      repayment of tuition, fees, and housing charges.
out in one document everything about paying for your          Students are considered to be using the Installment
education at SIUE. If you have questions, please contact      Payment Plan and the $20 charge is automatically added
the Bursar’s Office ( or 618-650-3123) or      to their account if their tuition and fees and housing
visit and select ‚Financial              charges are not paid in full by the end of the second week
Agreement.‛ The agreement is available on CougarNet           of class.
beginning February 15, 2010.
                                                              MBA, MMR, and ERTC Students – MBA, MMR and ERTC
 Payment Dates – Fall ’10 installment                         students’ tuition, fees and housing charges are due on the
 payment deadlines:                                           first payment due date of the semester. If these students
                                                              elect not to pay in full on the first payment due date,
    August 13                       October 22                their registration will not be cancelled. However late
    October 1                       November 12               charges of 1.5% will be assessed on unpaid tuition, fees
                                                              and housing charges. ERTC students are exempt from
                                                              late charges.
 *Student Workers’ first installment is due
       August 4, 2010.                                        School of Dental Medicine – The Installment Payment
                                                              Plan is not available for School of Dental Medicine
eBilling – Paper bills are not mailed to enrolled students.   students. Dental students, please call
Instead, students are notified via their SIUE email           (618) 474-7100 for payment policies and procedures, or
account that a new bill is ready for viewing on               (618) 474-7175 for financial aid information.
CougarNet. In addition, they are notified of their
financial aid and enrollment status. Also through             Billing Address – Although paper bills are not mailed to
CougarNet,, students can              currently enrolled students, it is important that students
authorize parents, guardians, and other third parties to      keep their address updated in CougarNet. Refund
receive the eBill email notification directing them to a      checks and the IRS Tuition Statement, Form 1098-T, are
Web site where they can view billing activity and make a      mailed to the mailing address unless a billing address is
payment. Students and authorized third parties should         provided. To view and update addresses, students can
access CougarNet billing information regularly since          logon to CougarNet and select ‚Personal Information‛.
amounts owed can fluctuate daily based on account

Payment Options – Payment can be made by mail, in
person, by web or in the Night Deposit outside the            Bursar’s Office - Room 1101, Rendleman Hall
Bursar’s Office. A convenience fee is added to Web            Hours:       Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
credit card payments. Make checks payable to SIUE and
send student name and 9 digit University ID number            Satellite Cashier Station - Room 1309, Rendleman
(begins with 800) with the payment.                           Fall hours:           Mon. and Thu., 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.;
                                                                                 Tue., Wed., Fri., 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Allow at least seven days for Post Office handling. For       Minimum Payment – A minimum payment of 25% of the
up-to-date information on payment options, visit              total Fall ’10 charges (in addition to payment in full of or call 618-650-3123.                    unpaid previous semester charges) is required for
                                                              financial clearance. If students are not financially cleared
for Fall ’10 as of the close of business on August 13, 2010,   disbursement by contacting Student Financial Aid at
their registration will be cancelled                           (618) 650-3880.

Withdrawal – If a student is registered for Fall ‘10 but       Illinois Tuition Subsidy – For Fiscal Year 2008, the
decides not to attend classes, the student must notify the     General Assembly and the Governor authorized the
Service Center at Box 1080 by September 3, 2010, or            aggregate amount of $1.4 billion to be appropriated
they will continue to be responsible for at least a portion    from the General Revenue Fund for operation of the
of their Fall semester tuition and fees. Deadlines differ      State’s public universities. For Fiscal Year 2008, each
for weekend and short-term classes. Please view Dates          resident undergraduate full-time public university
and Deadlines, Housing                student received an average tuition subsidy of $5,065
residents must also cancel their housing contract in           from the State of Illinois, which was applied to offset the
writing according to housing terms and conditions and          full cost of instruction.
housing cancellation deadlines.
                                                               Voter Registration Information – SIU encourages all
Late Registration – There will be a $25 late registration      students to participate in the electoral process by
charge if students register on or after                        registering to vote and voting. Students may register to
August 23, 2010. Please view Dates and Deadlines,              vote by mail or in person at the office of the county clerk, for the last day to register. If      in the precinct where they maintain their permanent
registering during this period, students must pay Fall ‘10     residency. Illinois Voter Registration applications are
charges in full or make a 25% minimum payment at the           available at the Service Center in Rendleman Hall. More
time of registration.                                          information, including addresses of election authorities,
                                                               is available at .
Authorization to Release Information – Due to the Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Bursar’s       For More Information – Contact the Bursar’s Office via
Office must have a signed Authorization to Release             email,; visit our Web site,
Information form on file to be able to discuss the   , or call:
student’s account with anyone other than the student.
This form must be signed by the student in front of a          Bursar General Information        (618) 650-3123
Bursar employee or witnessed by a Notary Public. On the        Campus Operator                   (618) 650-2000
form the student must provide a PASSWORD and share             Toll Free                         (888) 328-5168
that password with the person(s) they are authorizing.
Forms are available in the Bursar’s Office.

Post-Dated Checks – SIUE will not accept post-dated
checks at any time. Upon receipt of a post-dated check,
the Bursar’s Office will return the check to the maker.
Financial clearance will not be granted based on a post-
dated check.

Refunds – Refund of credit balances begin during the first
week of the semester. In some cases, class schedule
changes and/or changes in financial aid eligibility may
result in the student being required to repay a portion or
all of the refund. To ensure the timely receipt of their
refund, students must have their correct billing address
on file with the Bursar’s Office by the close of business
Tuesday for that week’s mailing.

Bank-Returned Checks – A $25 charge will be assessed
for each bank-returned check (BRC), including checks on
which payment has been stopped. Check writing
privileges and future registrations are suspended until
the BRC and penalty are paid in full. Check writing
privileges will be revoked if a second BRC occurs.

Loan Cancellations – As a borrower, students have the
right to cancel Federal Student Loans within 14 days of
            Office via email,; visit our Web
                                                        site,, or call:
Post-Dated Checks – SIUE will not accept post-          Bursar General Information     (618) 650-3123
dated checks at any time. Upon receipt of a post-       Campus Operator                (618) 650-2000
dated check, the Bursar‟s Office will return the        Toll Free                      (888) 328-5168
check to the maker. Financial clearance will not
be granted based on a post-dated check.

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